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Naa-Pahlavi (Anti Pahlavi)
Naa-Pahlavi (Anti Pahlavi)

Burning Shah's poster - 1978 Tehran
Photo by Abbas

I have heard too much talk against the Pahlavi ('We live in 2001' & many other letters). Isn't time that anti-Pahlavi Iranians united & created a NaaPahlavi movement to undo all that the Pahlavi's did?

Bringing down Shah's statue - 1978 Tehran University
Photo by Abbas

The hardest part of problem-solving is usually identifying the problem. So now that these people have identified the Pahlavi's as the biggest reason for the destruction & pain of Iran & the main factor for every complex & Oqdeh Iranians ever had & will, then nothing would be simpler:

Just undo everything they did & Iran will become a happy country once again.

Shah's Downfall 1979
Cartoon by David Suter

Hospitals- Who needs them? God will cure everybody who follows HIS-government & walks HIS-way.

Schools & Universities- Government-of-God should not have non-Islamic schools, words of God should be enough. Either destroy them all, or better still turn them all into Islamic schools where future Mullahs are Trained. No females are allowed & all the male students should wear proper Mullah-dress from day 1. Besides, education could be dangerous. Pahlavi's did so much to educate Iranians, but they learnt about 'freedom' & were 'pushed' into Enqelaab. Non-Islamic education is Evil.

Banks- None should exist at all, The 12 Emaam didn't use Banks, did they?

Armed forces (Army, Navy, Police, Zhaandarms)- They must all be turned Into the army of true Islam, like it existed at the time of Emaam Hoseyn. Sell all their modern weapons back to the Infidel-west. They Should all be Mullahs 1st & fighters of God 2nd. They should only carry Islamic swords & daggers & be sent all over the world to do Rozehkhaani & teach the world usulleddin.

Modern transports (cars/trucks/trains) & all the roads & railroads - Get rid of them all.

I could go on & on, but I think you got the picture/idea.

Modern/western(Najes) Technology should NOT be used at all. All the 12 Emaam knew all there could be & had all-knowledge of the past, future, Universe, science & technology. They could've created Atomic weapons if they wanted too, yet they chose to have simple lives & not use technology. We must do the same to find true Islam & happiness!

Some people may think this is going 'backward' , but this is actually a huge forward jump!

The fact is that Emaam Zamaan will come when the whole world is corrupted & is turned into hell. This is one reason that IRI cannot take over the world, because the ruler has to be cruel & corrupt, so it cannot be IRI (God's Government following God's own words). So we need to find the bad-guys, which is very easy: the infidel superpower(s).

But, when the world is full of sin/cruelty/corruption, humans will destroy this planet & will Nuc each other & it will be hell on Earth. No Technology, no civilization & back to basic barbaric living which God must've intended for humans in the first place. Hazrateh Aadam didn't even have any clothes
on, let alone modern technology.

This is when IRI will be on TOP, having lived without technology for a very long time, they will be the masters of this new era. But unfortunately there won't be much time for IRI to rule the world, because it will be the end-of-time then!

Yes folks, we should all join & actively support the Naa Pahlavi movement.

But what are the reasons behind this anti-Pahlavi talk?

Could the followings be some of the factors?

A- I saw the film of an experiment in which a stuffed leopard was placed near a group of baboons in Africa. The first baboon who discovered it raised the alarm & the whole group became extremely
agitated & all stared shouting.

After a while gradually their leader built up enough courage to get close enough to find that there was no danger. He then, after making sure there was no danger, started bragging to others & went
& beat the leopard with a stick, while others were going mad with shouting & anger. As if he was saying look at me: I'm the best & have brought down our monster enemy.

Then, gradually more baboons started going closer & beat the leopard with sticks, in an orgy of drunk-from-power & bragging & shouting.

I can't help thinking about this film when I see revolutions & people attacking & destroying the statues of their ex-leaders.

Could this be a factor for all the anti-Pahlavi talk?

When the Pahlavi's were in power not only many did not dare to say anything against them, but many too often did nothing but most colourful Chaaplusi.

B- Many have 'profited' from the big-R either by corruption or just being part of the ruling/killing party. These people will have to always be anti-Pahlavi. The bigger the guilt, the louder the anti-Pahlavi talk. But because the country is in a worst shape than before, they need somebody else to blame to get themselves off the hook.

C- Many didn't think properly & now are dead sorry, but don't have the face to admit, or can't face the facts: that they made a BIG mistake & not only the country is in a worst shape than before, too much damage/crime/pain/loss has been done, people are Khurd/Shekasteh, & there is less 'freedom' than before!.

These too have to be anti-Pahlavi too because somebody has to be blamed & it can't be them. The bigger the guilt, the louder the anti-Pahlavi talk?

D- Many were put in Jails or Tortured, many of whom could have been killed under torture by IRI already. Many were also killed. So the families of these could be anti-Pahlavi. But what I read/hear tells me that far more people have been killed/tortured/raped by IRI, yet I don't see much anti-IRI talk. Is A above a factor for this, or is it that I'm not looking in the right places?

The whole country has gone through so much PAIN/loss for over 22 years & there is no freedom for nothing. Yet some people still point fingers at the Pahlavi's?! forget about Marg-bar-Aamrikaa, trying to find escape-goats, try to address the real issues instead & find the best way out of this Abyss.

Isn't it time that Iranians started to THINK & accept facts & be rational, rather than being angry/emotional black-&-white Marg-bar-X/Y full of HATE?

With all the things done to Shah, he still didn't show HATE in his last book & warned against it. If he was so evil, then how come he left without a major blood-bath?

For the record, I have no connection with the Pahlavi's. I just think the last 2 Shah did a lot of positive things for Iran. If a system/culture has been dictatorial for centuries, can we blame the leader for being a dictator? Just see what happened the minute he gave more freedom, it all went to pieces.

I can relate to ZibaaKalaam when he says that we should not reject people totally because they have done some bad things. Nobody is, or ever will be, perfect. But we should not be hot/cold, black/white, marg-bar/zendeh-baad & should try to see all the colours.


If the 'majority' had a clue what they 'wanted' & could THINK & put the 'country' first & could put aside their EGO/HATE/qeyRAT & could unite, the big Revulsion would have never happened in the first place. Let alone, the nightmare lasting for 22 years, while people still go around & rubbish
the 'Pahlavi' & blaming Shah for the culture being so cruel/stupid/ignorant/barbaric/dishonest, would we?

If they did anything to bring it to the 20's century, they get the blame "well it was too fast, people were not ready for it" as if people have the god-damned-right to be stupid/savage/backward.

Has anybody seen old pictures of Iran in early 1900, they all looked Na'sheh/bikhiyaal just sitting around doing nothing, or selling their own country to the Masters.

And when they got somebody brave & intelligent like Kasravi, they killed him.

What I find shocking is that some 'intellectuals' still go around saying that because of what Shah
did, the good/kind/compassionate Iranian people couldn't THINK & went in rage & voted for IRI.

There is NO mercy in Evolution, u either adapt or die off.

Maybe this is what happened to Dinosaurs, they couldn't get their act together & find a solution
& went around debating & fighting each other instead?


We have heard many tragic stories from big-R & SP's post is just one example.

Yes many of the Mardomeh-sharif & najibeh Iran turned into Vultures & Hyenas.

But we can't blame the Mardomeh-sharif & najibeh Iran, can we? So we MUST find a escape goat for our own stupidity & barbarity, right?

If he tried to educate us, we must say "it was too fast, people were not ready for it".

If he didn't we must say "he kept people in the dark" If we were too lazy to get off our ass & were too corrupt with bribery, so he had to show some muscle to get the country going on the right path, we must say "he was a cruel dictator".

And above all, we must say "Shah was so cruel that it made people go crazy & do terrible things"

And we must deny that in early days of Bahai, some were paraded in the city with lit candles inserted in holes made in their bodies, wellllllll before Shah was borne.

Yes Iranians used to be kind/compassionate/intelligent free-thinkers, but Shah changed all that.

Then we must say "pigs can fly too".

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