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Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family
History & Photo Gallery


Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family History and Photo Gallery
Namazi Family Created the IRI Iran Lobby in America

Ahreeman X
February 10, 2018

Baquer Namazi Godfather of the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family – True Face

Baquer Namazi Godfather of the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family – The Façade

Who are the Namazi Family?

Namazi Family known as the “Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family” are one of the most corrupt and criminal, double dealing international crime cartel families of Iran in the modern history. The family are double agents betraying both countries (Iran and America) only faithful to lining up their pockets and filling up their bank accounts! The Namazi Crime Family is in too many trades including but not limited to oil trade, parts trade, other business trades, sanction bypass, illegal lobby, racketeering, money laundry, bribery, harassment, and fraud internationally in America, Iran and Europe. Namazi Family has the support of the various international oil cartels and multinational corporations behind them. Namazi Family has various American Congressmen from both parties on their payroll. Namazi Family owns Iran Lobby in America (illegal by law) and actively wheels and deals through Multinational American and International Companies and Corporations with Iran (illegal by law).

Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family is an International Organized Crime Cartel with branches around the world. Let us state only a few members:

Baquer Namazi: Godfather of the Mafia Family based in Iran
Siamak Namazi: Earl of the Mafia Family based in Iran
Babak Namazi: Earl of the Mafia Family based in America
Pari Namazi: Niece to Baquer Namazi based in Europe
Bijan Khajehpour: Husband of Pari Namazi, is an International Liaison

NIAC Massive Campaign to Free Namazis from the IRI Prison
NIAC is the main Iran Lobby Group in America
NIAC is the IRI Iran 5th Colum Espionage Nest in America

What’s All the Hubbub Bub?

These days, we have been hearing a lot of hoopla about the Namazi Family in the news. The narrative is that Iranian American innocent victims have been arrested by Iran, prisoned in Iran and the 81-year-old poor ailing father, Baquer Namazi might just die in prison! While the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) has been jailing Siamak Namazi the son, yet they have been allowing Baquer Namazi the father in and out of prison for poor health. This is all fine and dandy but there is only one problem! Siamak and Baquer Namazi are not poor innocent Iranian American victims in the horrible Iranian prisons; furthermore, Siamak Namazi is the Earl to the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family and Baquer Namazi is the Godfather of the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family!

I guess the media skips the above facts from you! Now let me tell you why this nonsense has been going on and no one speaks or writes the truth about it in the media.

Baquer Namazi (Right) Godfather of the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family and creator of the Iran Lobby in United States of America.
Siamak Namazi (Left) Earl to the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family and Head of the Iran Operations of the Namazi Crime Family.
Baquer and Siamak Namazi are not a couple of innocent Iranian American Prisoners in Iran but they are Heads of one of the most infamous Organized Crime Mafia Families of Iran.

Namazis played a key role as intellectual architects to create NIAC (major Iran lobby group in America); furthermore, they were major creators of the Iran Lobby in America. So, if lobby for the terrorist sponsor regime is a crime by the American law, then Namazis should be in jail. Well they are in jail but not American jail, yet the Iranian jail. So, what’s the difference? Let them rot in jail!

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America: Part 1

Observe NIAC (National Iranian American Council) massive campaign to release Namazis. NIAC is the most important IRI lobby group in America.


Trita Parsi also known as “Scarface Trita” is the head of NIAC (National Iranian American Council) the Main IRI Iran Lobby Group in America. Trita Parsi is an Iranian Hezbollah Agent who does lobby for the Mullahs’ Islamist Terrorist Regime in America. Trita Parsi has a number of Democratic and Republican Congressmen (Washington DC Establishment) on his payroll. If lobby for the Terrorist Sponsor Regime (Iran) is illegal, then how come Trita Parsi is not in jail? American people should ask this question from their congressmen?

Why the Media Lies about the Namazi Family?

Namazi Family is the money and power behind the Iran Lobby in America. The Iran Lobby started a massive propaganda campaign to release the Namazis from prison. The American Media specifically the Liberal Corporate Establishment American Media including but not limited to:

Liberal Corporate Establishment American Media
New York Times
Washington Post

And the Global Corporate Social Media and Giant Tech Corporations including but not limited to:

Global Corporate Social Media and Tech Giants

Are bombarded with Fake News, Propaganda, Articles, Bribes and Money from NIAC and Iran Lobby Groups to deceive the American public and hide the reality about the Namazi Family. What media portrays about the Namazi Family and what the reality dictates, is basically the distance from the Earth to the Moon!

You have heard and read all the media lies, now it is time to read the truth hidden from you by the media, government and politicians!

Why the US Administration does not speak the truth about the Namazi Family?

US Administration wants to use this episode to use the vise grip clamps on the IRI as a part of her sanctions and pressure campaign against the IRI. Namazis are just pawns in this international episode. The impression which US Administration and the media gives to the public is that Namazi Family to Iran are the same as Otto Warmbier to North Korea! The reality cannot be farthest from the truth!

Siamak Namazi Earl to the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family in charge of the Iran Operations of the Family, international oil wheeling and dealing, sanction bypass, illegal lobby and other criminal activities.

Comparison of the Namazi Family Case to Otto Warmbier’s Case

Otto Warmbier was a foolish student cruising the wrong country at the wrong time; furthermore, ignorant enough to steal a propaganda poster as a souvenir when he could simply purchase it! North Korean Regime is just waiting for an excuse to arrest Americans and exaggerate the case to make an international propaganda controversy, so they claimed that Otto was arrested due to “Committing Conspiracy and Hostile Act Against the State”! So, Otto spent time in jail, was abused and got sick. Eventually he was sent home to die in America. Even though the family must have prevented Otto to travel to such a hostile nation and also Otto was foolish enough to travel there, yet the North Korean Regime is directly responsible for fabricating a fictional grand crime, arresting, jailing, mistreating and death of Otto Warmbier.

Namazi Family’s case is totally different than Otto Warmbier’s case. Otto Warmbier was a foolish student who stole a poster but paid dearly for it with his life! You may call Otto Warmbier an innocent victim but the Namazi Family are far from innocent victims! Namazi Family are an Iranian Oil Mafia Family responsible for creation of the Iran Lobby in America and a life time of opportunistic crimes against the people of Iran and people of America.

AIC (American Iranian Council) Iran Lobby Group Conference
Bijan Khajehpour was the representative of the Namazi Mafia Family and Collaborator in this important Iran Lobby conference.
Left to Right with Flesh:
* Hooshang Amirahmadi AIC President, Iranian Hezbollah Agent and Lobby in America
* Bijan Khajehpour of Namazi Mafia Family and Iran Lobby Activist
* Trita Parsi head of NIAC back then AIC Director and Iran Lobby Activist

Let’s put it this way, if lobby for a terrorist sponsor regime (Iran) is a crime (according to American law), then the Namazi Family have committed mass crimes in America and they need to be in jail. On the other hand, IRI arrested and put them in jail because of the internal rivalries of the fractions of the regime.

Namazi Family Opportunism

Namazi Family had changed political sides as much as Americans change underwear! They dangled switching sides from pro monarchy to pro Mullahs, then from pro Moderate Hezbollah (Rafsanjani and Rouhani) to pro Reformist Hezbollah (Khatami and Mousavi) and back again! In fact, the only sides that the Namazi Family are on is the side of their wallets!

Why Democratic Congressmen Support the Namazi Family?

Some Democrats always support the Namazis because Namazis donate big bucks to the liberals to appease the IRI, ease sanctions and maintain the flow of the dollars, tech parts, arms parts, and oil open to Iran!

Why Republican Congressmen Support the Namazi Family?

Some Republicans always support the Namazis because of generous campaign dollars flushed their way by the Namazis. Also, they believe that Namazis are pro Reforms inside the IRI Regime, so the Reformist Mullahs are better than the Fundamentalist Mullahs!

Babak Namazi Earl to the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family and Head of America Operations

Why the US Administration Supports the Namazi Family?

Present policy of the US Administration is to put pressure on IRI by all means possible. They look for any gimmick to put Mullahs’ heads in the vise grip clamps. Namazis are the US Administration’s new gimmick and new opportunity to gain points on their nuclear deal with Iran and the American public. To free American prisoners, even if they are “International Scumbags” such as Namazis is still a winner for the US Administration.

Rex Tillerson is an old Fox. Tillerson is an international oil dealer and politician. He has been wheeling and dealing with Russians, Chinese, Europeans, and Iranians forever. It is obvious that Rex Tillerson knows who are Namazis and it is also obvious that he is doing this dog and pony show for political reasons and political scores with the American public.

Siamak Namazi speaks at the AIC  (American Iranian Council) Iran Lobby Group Conference in United States of America 2000

Donald Trump is not a politician and he is man of the people but he must play the role of a politician and politics is a dirty game! It is surely hard for me to believe that Trump is not aware of the Namazi Family History but in case he isn’t, then by now he will be, because Trump reads IPC and he surely reads what I write!

Siamak Namazi of Namazi Mafia Family, Iranian Lobbyist, and Iranian Hezbollah Double Agent is getting the autograph of Mullah Mohsen Kadivar of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Difference between Trump and Ahreeman X

Trump is the leader of our movement, the “National Populist Movement” which is the force behind the “American National Populist Revolution of 2016” and also the force which put Trump in the White House. Trump is right now reading this article and he is well aware that I am a solid National Populist who campaigned for him, promoted him in the Iranian American Community, promoted him through IPC, propagated his message and got hundreds of thousands of votes for him.

Ahreeman X Endorses Donald Trump for President

Trump National Populist Revolution

Trump Iran Visa Ban: Pros and Cons 1

Trump Iran Visa Ban: Pros and Cons 2

End US Diversity Visa Lottery Immigration Program

Trump has no doubt that I love him, support him and I am down with the cause. Trump is a decent man and very keen on the Persian community and Iranian Opposition. Trump is man of the people and not a politician in nature but he must play politics. This is why he is playing politics with this Namazi Family case.

I, on the other hand, am not a politician and I cannot stand politicians may they be Reza Pahlavi II or may they be John McCain! I say it like it is and I always speak the truth and say what I want to say without any concern for the circumstances and the results of what I say! I am the speaker of truth. Politics is what I despise and not like, so Ahreeman Don’t Play That!

Pari Namazi the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Princess
Pari Namazi, niece of Baquer Namazi and wife of Bijan Khajehpour is the notorious fixer, propagandist and a solid base of the Namazi Criminal Enterprise. Pari Namazi is the founder of the scandalous Atieh Bahar Company. Pari Namazi is in charge of the European Operations of the Namazi Mafia Family.

What Does Ahreeman X Cares About?

Ahreeman X only cares about the benefits of the Iranian Opposition to IRI and welfare of the American People. I am a Persian Nationalist so I love Iranian People and I am an American Patriot so I love American People. I am all about the people. I am a National Populist, what does it mean?

Nationalist = I love America
Populist = I hate the Establishment

I am a National Populist and always a Rebel against the Establishment, may it be the American Washington DC Establishment or may it be the Iranian Islamic Establishment of Mullahs.

Truth about the Namazi Family

Namazi Family have no allegiance to America nor they are patriotic towards Iran. Namazi Family were never pro Imperial Regime nor they are pro the Islamic Regime in Iran. Namazi Family do not believe in the Fundamentalist, Moderate or Reformist Fractions of the Iranian Islamist Regime. In fact, the Namazi Family has no solid belief in any political party, group or organization. Namazi Family does not care about what America or Iran stand for!

The only element dear to the Namazi Family is the American Dollars! They believe in money and a lot of it. They believe to gain wealth by all means possible. They played all sides of politics in Iran and all sides of politics in America to gain wealth and power. They played dirty politics, committed crimes, broken laws, swindled and conned both countries and every political fraction in both countries to gain money and power to build their own dynasty, a dynasty of criminals. Namazi Family are far from innocent victims but they are the infamous Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family!

Baquer Namazi the Opportunist with No Principles
Baquer Namazi had changed as many political ideologies as Americans change underwear! Baquer Namazi has no allegiance to any regime, country, fraction or ideology; however, he uses everything and everyone to gain wealth and power. In this photo Baquer Namazi back then (before 1979) the governor of the oil rich province of Khuzestan during the reign of Imperial Iran is kissing the hand of his Imperial Majesty, the Shah of Iran during one of his visits to the Khuzestan. Behind the Shah stands his Excellency Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda.  Baquer Namazi was primarily a Monarchist (before 1979), then Fundamentalist Hezbollah (after 1979), then Moderate Hezbollah (Rafsanjani Era), then Reformist Hezbollah (Khatami Era), then Moderate Hezbollah again (Rouhani Era) and in America depending on the politics of the day, he is a seasonal Democrat or Republican depending on who is in power and how many Democratic or Republican Congressmen (Washington DC Establishment) he has on his payroll!
Baquer Namazi is the lowest human form possible. He is an infection and a parasite on the body of humanity. Prison or even simple death is too good for him. Lengthy painful torturous death is more desirable!

Namazi Family Plays Both Sides

Namazi Family always has been playing the both sides! They are double agents.

* Baquer Namazi was Shah’s Imperial Iranian Regime’s governor of Khuzestan Province,
Then after regime change,
Baquer Namazi Created the Iran Lobby in America for the Islamic Republic of Iran!

* Namazi Family were pro Imperial Iranian Regime,
Then after regime change,
Namazi Family become core supporters of the IRI Iranian Islamist Regime!

* Namazi Family were solid supporters of the Moderate Fraction of IRI (Rafsanjani),
Then after change in balance of power,
Namazi Family become solid supporters of the Reformist Fraction of IRI (Khatami)!

* Namazi Family were pro Reforms (Khatami and Mousavi),
Then after switch of power in Iran,
Namazi Family switched back to Moderates (Rafsanjani and Rouhani)!

* Namazi Family were American Patriots and all about Star Spangled Banner,
Then when opportunity rose,
Namazi Family created Iran Lobby in America working for IRI Terrorist Regime!

* Namazi Family made dollars wheeling and dealing in America,
Then when Obama appeared in the skies of America,
Namazi Family attracted US Multinational Corporations to deal with Iran and made Iran rich!

* Namazi Family campaigned for Obama and always kept a few Democrat Congressmen on their payroll,
Then when Republicans gained power,
Namazi Family supported a few Republican Congressmen and kept them on the payroll!

* Namazi Family were solid supporters of the Democratic Party
Then when Conservatives swept the country,
Namazi Family took photo opportunities with famous Republican Congressmen and donated huge donations to their campaigns!

As you can see,

Namazis are both American as Apple Pie and Muslim as Mullahs!
Namazis are both lovers of the US Regime and the IRI Regime!
Namazis are both pro Shah and pro Ayatollahs!
Namazis are both pro Reforms and pro Moderates!
Namazis are both pro-Iranian Americans and pro-Iranian Hezbollah Assassins!

The reality is that the only factor which the Namazi Family believes is the Namazi Family Interests which is bundling accounts loaded with dollars through oil deals, corporate deals, international deals and dirty deals, any which way they can and at the cost of treason to America and misery of the Iranian People.

Namazi Crime Cartel Lobby in America
Bijan Khajehpour (left) and Siamak Namazi (right) have been conducting vast Iran lobby activities in America to establish the Iran Lobby Groups in United States. These activities were an important part of their grand plan to dominate and manipulate the Iran’s legal and illegal international trades of oil, gas, parts and other commodities.

Who is the Enemy of the Namazi Family?

* Namazis hate the Iranian Opposition to IRI because the opposition are blocking their business as usual! This means that they hate IPC and they surely hate me!

* Namazis hate the American People because the American National Populist Movement and Revolution of 2016 and putting Trump in the White House is against their intercontinental global wheeling and dealings!

* Namazis hat the Iranian People because Iranian Nationalism is a block on their way of getting rich off of selling the Iranian Oil and Iran by the pound!

Who do Namazi Family Love?

* Dirty Politicians in both Establishments of the Democratic Party and Republican Party

* Dirty Politicians in both Establishments of the Reformist and Moderate Fractions of IRI

* Dirty Oil Corporate Lobbyists both American and Iranian

* Dirty Liberal Corporate Media Establishment agents on TV, Net and the Print Media

Pari Namazi the Ruthless and Rootless Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family Princess
Pari Namazi has been conducting a vast European campaign to get his family out of prison because the absence of Baquer and Siamak Namazi is catastrophic to the business as usual international operations of the Crime Family! The prison terms for Baquer and Siamak Namazi in Iran surely were distractions, adversity and bad publicity for the Illegal Iran Lobby in America, Black Market Oil Trades, Sanction Bypass Deals and other International Dirty Deals conducted by the Crime Family!

Recent Events and Namazi Family Hoopla!

Lately Trump has repeatedly posted on Twitter about the fate of the two Iranian Americans held prisoners in Iran: Baquer Namazi an 81-year-old man, a former UNICEF diplomat; and his son Siamak Namazi. They were convicted by an Iranian court in October 2016 of collaborating with a hostile power (United States) after a closed trial. Their convictions and their 10-year sentences.

Babak Namazi spoke at a news conference in Vienna in April. His father, Baquer Namazi, pictured on his left, and his brother Siamak on his right, were convicted by an Iranian court in 2016 of collaborating with a hostile power (United States). Babak Namazi started a massive campaign of taking photo ops. With Republican and Democratic Congressmen, funding them and pushing them to release his family in Iran.

Babak Namazi (left) of the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family with his lawyer (right) conducting a massive campaign to propagate the release of his criminal father and brother from the IRI prison. Babak Namazi has a various number of Democratic and Republican Congressmen (Washington DC Establishment) on his payroll to aid him with his campaign. Babak Namazi is the head of Namazi Crime Cartel Operations in America. Sanction Bypass, Illegal Lobby, Illegal Oil Deals, Illegal Parts Trades, Bad Nuclear Deal and International Dirty Deals are amongst some of Babak Namazi’s specialties!

Iran acknowledged last May that it had discussed the issue of imprisoned Iranian Americans with the Trump administration officials at a meeting in Vienna, Austria on compliance with the nuclear accord. Another effort was made at a similar meeting in Vienna in December, The Wall Street Journal reported, but that overture and others were rejected.

Baquer Namazi the 81-year-old Iranian American man who was sentenced to 10 years in prison on spying charges by foreign authorities, was sent back to Evin Prison after undergoing a medical examination. Basically, Baquer Namazi has been in and out of the prison by IRI.

Lastly, the White House called for the immediate release of the sick U.S. citizen in Iran, Baquer Namazi.

Here are a sample of the recent Media Hubbub about this Bub, Baquer Namazi:

Iran Returns Ailing U.S. Citizen to Prison in New Sign of Tension

Family: Ailing US citizen in Iran forced back to Evin prison

Iranian-American man returned to prison after medical leave

Iranian-American imprisoned in Iran given 4-day leave after hospitalization

Elderly and sick U.S. citizen released temporarily from prison in Iran

Bijan Khajehpour of Namazi Mafia Family’s collaborations with Trita Parsi and NIAC in America to lobby for an end to Iran sanctions 2012 - 2013.

History of Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family

Baquer Namazi is the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family’s Godfather. Baquer Namazi is the patriarch of the family and formerly the governor of the Khuzestan Province under the Shah’s Imperial Iran. Khuzestan is where the major oil resources of Iran located.

After the Islamic Revolution, Baquer Namazi was never prosecuted by the IRI. Imperial Regime’s old officials would be prosecuted and executed by the IRI and that was the norm. I should know because both my parents were high officials in the Imperial Iran.

IPC Founder Index

Even though governor of a province is not that high in the official ranks, yet this is Khuzestan we are talking about! Despite Baquer Namazi’s relationship with the Imperial Regime, he was not persecuted by the Iranian Hezbollah (1979); furthermore, he and his family were allowed to emigrate in 1983 to the United States.

Baquer Namazi raised his sons Babak and Siamak in America, while his niece, Pari Namazi, married Bijan Khajehpour, another Iranian expatriate.

Namazi Family the Atieh Bahar Company Directors with Trita Parsi Iran Lobbyist at the Cyprus Conference 1999
From left to right in flesh:
* Baquer Namazi Godfather of the Namazi Mafia Family
* Trita Parsi Iran Lobbyist in America
* Bijan Khajehpour of Namazi Crime Cartel, an International Con Artist
* Siamak Namazi the snoopy rat, fixer upper, connection maker of Namazi Mafia Family

Atieh Bahar Company

In 1993, Pari Namazi and her husband, Bijan Khajehpour, founded a company in Tehran called Atieh Bahar Consulting (AB). Atieh Bahar offered a range of legal and industrial services to foreign enterprises, most importantly the access it provided to the IRI regime, and the advice it dispensed on how best to navigate the vagaries of the regime’s entrenched factions and competitive interests. Atieh Bahar basically put the foreign investor’s hand in the hand of the proper connection in the Mullahs’ Regime for a generous amount of money!

Atieh Bahar became the major foreign investment consulting firm in Iran, especially wheeling and dealing in oil business. Later on, it become a major benefactor and connection of the Iran Lobby in America with the IRI Regime. Eventually Siamak Namazi, who had worked from 1994 to 1996 at Iran’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, also joined Atieh Bahar. So, did his brother Babak Namazi, a lawyer. Atieh Bahar client list just kept growing more and more. Plenty of companies based outside the U.S. were more than happy to do business in Iran once they had the right connections.

Siamak Namazi even told Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper:

“If oil companies want to operate in the Iranian market they need to link up with a local partner, and this is where we step in and help them to find the right partner.”

Not only outside USA based Oil Companies but even inside USA based multinational Oil Companies started showing interest in Atieh Bahar and many worked with them.

With the surprise election of the “reformist” presidential candidate Mohammad Khatami in 1997, political and economic enthusiasm for better Iranian relations with the West grew dramatically.

Primarily, Atieh Bahar Consultancy had aligned itself with Rafsanjani’s faction early on by forging an especially close relationship with Rafsanjani’s influential son, Mehdi. From 1993 to 2005, Mehdi Hashemi was employed at the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), the state-owned entity that controls almost all oil and gas production in a country that has the world’s largest gas reserves and third-largest oil reserves.

Atieh Bahar needed to create new alliances and bide its time. Co-founder Bijan Khajehpour worked for a leading Iranian politician named Hassan Rouhani (now president of Iran) who had served under the Khatami government as Iran’s nuclear negotiator. Rouhani also was the president of a think tank called the “Center for Strategic Research” (CSR).

Trita Parsi (left) with his former employer and collaborator Bijan Khajehpour of Namazi Crime Cartel

Creation of NIAC IRI Lobby Group

In November 1999, when Khatami was still president, Siamak Namazi got together with a Swedish-Iranian expat named Trita Parsi at a conference in Cyprus. The conference, titled, “Dialogue and Action Between the People of Iran and America,” was convened jointly by the Centre for World Dialogue, a Cypriot non-governmental organization, and by “Hamyaran”, an Iranian non-governmental resource center for other NGOs, which was chaired by no other than Baquer Namazi, the Namazi Family patriarch. Namazi files and Parsi there presented an influential white paper (PDF), “Iran-Americans: The bridge between two nations,” which called for three steps to ameliorate US-IRI relations in advance of reconciliation.

The white paper led to the creation two years later, in 2001, of NIAC, a Washington, D.C.-based organization which Parsi founded and currently heads.

In 2008, NIAC made a strategic mistake, waging a not-so-quiet campaign against the Voice of America’s Persian service, a U.S. government-funded broadcast medium. Both NIAC and the Namazis were aggravated by the frequent appearances of Hassan Daioleslam, an Arizona-based Iranian exile, who lambasted NIAC as a regime mouthpiece.

Hassan Daioleslam Index

NIAC Appointed VOA Persian’s Leadership!

Siamak Namazi (PDF) called for Hassan Daioleslam to be banned from VOA in February 2007. NIAC chief lobbyist Emily Blout petitioned (PDF) Congress in September 2007 for an “independent review” of VOA Persian. After Hassan Daioleslam appeared again on VOA in 2009, Trita Parsi (PDF) remarked that its hosting of a NIAC critic “won’t change until the VOA leadership changes.” In other words, Trita Demanded the Obama Administration to change VOA’s leadership!

Trita Parsi was correct because right away the editor-in-chief of VOA Persian became Mohammad Manzarpour, a former employee of Atieh Bahar Consultancy!

Trita Parsi vs. Hassan Daioleslam

Despite the VOA Victory, serious damage to NIAC’s reputation was done, and much of it was self-inflicted. In 2008, Parsi and NIAC had brought a defamation suit against Hassan Daioleslam, alleging that he had made “numerous false and defamatory statements that characterize plaintiffs as agents of the Iranian government.” Parsi and NIAC lost the case in 2012, with the judge rejecting their self-portrayal as critics of Tehran. “That Parsi occasionally made statements reflecting a balanced, shared blame approach is not inconsistent with the idea that he was first and foremost an advocate for the regime,” U.S. District Court Judge John D. Bates (PDF) wrote in his judgment. “After all, any moderately intelligent agent for the Iranian regime would not want to be seen as unremittingly pro-regime, given the regime’s reputation in the United States.”

From time to time, Trita Parsi and NIAC still try to distract the readers by posting articles in critics of the IRI Regime! This way NIAC wants to lose track as an IRI Lobby group!

Trita Parsi appealed the court’s judgement. Unsurprisingly, then, NIAC and Parsi lost their appeal and were ordered to pay $183,480.09 in monetary sanctions in February 2015.

Bijan Khajehpour speech at NIAC Iran Lobby Group
Bijan Khajehpour of the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family is the husband to Pari Namazi niece of Baquer Namazi. Bijan Khajehpour is an international wheeler and dealer, Iran Lobby Activist and Agent, already been in IRI jail due to internal fractions rivalries of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran).

Bijan Khajehpour Prison Term

Trita Parsi was originally working for and working with Bijan Khajehpour (Namazi Family). Later on, Bijan Khajehpour was imprisoned because of the struggle raging in the regime between the Supreme Leader and the IRGC on one side, and the Rafsanjani camp on the other. While praising the Obama administration for not speaking up on behalf of those who resisted the stealing of the 2009 election, the so-called Green Movement, on the grounds that doing so would have only given the regime an excuse to murder and torture more people, Parsi rushed to the defense of his friend and former employer Bijan Khajehpour, “who neither participated in the protests nor had any involvement with the opposition” but was instead a “self-made man” and “top-notch consultant drawing the attention of multinational and local firms to investment opportunities in the country.”

Obama – Iran Deals

In 2013, Bijan Khajehpour’s former employer Hassan Rouhani (now president of Iran), the former nuclear negotiator, the Rafsanjani-style “pragmatist,” was elected Iran’s new president. The ever affable-seeming former UN ambassador, Javad Zarif, was appointed foreign minister. Suddenly the door looked like it was open wide to a new relationship with the West of just the sort the Iran Lobby had worked for so hard and for so long. Rouhani was avuncular, good-humored, and had made it his goal to open Iran for business, if only the nuclear issue could be dealt with.

As these pieces fell into place in the age of Obama, Parsi and NIAC found themselves in the unlikely position of power brokers. One prominent faction of the Iranian regime (Rafsanjani’s Moderate Fraction) saw them as convenient conduits for disseminating a pro-Iranian line in U.S. politics, while the “hardline” Iranian security services (Fundamentalist Fraction) have classified their activities as benign to the interests of the Islamic Republic.

Obama’s Regime meanwhile, had adopted many of NIAC’s talking points. Both Parsi and Atieh International, one of the companies in the Atieh Group, were fixtures on the sidelines of the Geneva and Vienna negotiations between the P5+1 and Iran. In fact, Atieh International held a joint briefing with NIAC at the Marriott in Vienna to discuss a most pressing topic renewed economic possibilities for the West once a deal was inked. The speakers were Bijan Khajehpour and Trita Parsi.

Trita Parsi Top Iran Lobbyist and Agent in Washington DC is excited celebrating the notorious and disgraceful Obama – Iran Nuclear Deal! Trita Parsi was consulting Hussein Obama the first Muslim president of America and he made about 30 trips to the White House during the accursed Hussein Obama years.

Namazi Family Relations with Obama Administration

As you can see, the Namazis had perfect relations with the Obama Regime. Hussein Obama the first Muslim president of USA was extremely keen on IRI and Islamic agendas; therefore, he was solid pro pursuing the appeasement and friendly approach towards the Mullahs’ Regime. Only if IRI would paint a moderate face on Mullahs’ ugly face, then Obama – Namazis’ objectives would become reality!

Hussein Obama in 2 occasions betrayed the Iranian opposition:

* 2009 Betrayal
In 2009, instead of supporting the Iranian Opposition’ Uprising, Obama supported the IRI by flirting with Ahmadinejad and taking sides with the IRI.

* 2015 Betrayal
In 2015, instead of supporting the opposition, Obama handed $ 150 Billion dollars to IRI, $ 1.5 billion in cash (plane loads) which this money was originally the people of Iran’s money (frozen from 1979) and not Mullahs’ Regime’s money!

Throughout the Obama years, the Namazi Family and their “Boy Toy” Trita Parsi were in perfect cooperation, harmony and agreement with the White House. Obviously even now, they are not doing bad either! White House changed residents and US Government changed hands in America but Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family remains owning its connections and US Congressmen on its payroll! Even in jail, they get their well-connected US Congressmen on their payroll to scream freedom for them!

So, basically the support of Namazis for the Moderate Hezbollah Fraction of IRI had landed them in jail by the order of the Fundamentalist Hezbollah Fraction of IRI! Namazis are not innocent American victims nor are they Iranian oppressed victims but they are con artists and criminals.

Future of the Namazi Family

In the future Democratic Iran, after the Nationalist Revolution of Iran and overthrow of IRI, all IRI agents and lobbyists abroad and in America who committed crimes against the people of Iran will be kidnaped and dragged back to Iran (Mossad to Escaped Nazis Style) to be put on public trials. Only after the just public trials and conviction, they will be appropriately punished and executed. This is the way these IRI Thugs will answer to the people of Iran for decades of their crimes against the people of Iran.

As a 4-decade old member of the Iranian Opposition, I would gladly accept the duty of kidnapping and execution operations of this holy mission!

Namazi Family as a solid part of the IRI agents and lobby operations in America, Europe and Iran are surely candidates for the future public trials and punishments in the future Free Democratic Iran.

I do not see a bright future for the Namazi Iran Oil Mafia Family!

As stated before,

The Only Good Hezbollah is a Dead Hezbollah!

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More Power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran

Dr. X

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