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Obama and Khomeini, Great Similarities!
Similarities between a US Socialist and an Iranian Islamist!

Ahreeman X
September 24, 2009

Totalitarianism in the Making!
L. Obama, father of Neo American Socialism
R. Khomeini, father of Neo Islamic Fundamentalism

A Psychological and a Socio-Behavioral Study

This document is a psychological and a socio-behavioral study about these two characters. Let us travel deep into the minds of this American Socialist and Iranian Islamist.

There are many similarities between Khomeini, father of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and Neo Islamism, and indeed Obama, father of the USSA (United Socialist States of America)! Let us state a few of them over here and then we keep adding on to them …

Like Father, Like Son
2 of a Kind: Father (Khomeini) and Son (Obama)!

L. Obama the Son
R. Khomeini the Father

Similarities between Obama and Khomeini

I. Playing God Syndrome
Obama’s Health Care Plan reminds me of Khomeini’s War and Population Control Tactic. He drafted the very young (Pre-Teens) and the very old (Seniors) to walk on and clear the Iraqi Minefields for the regular Persian army to invade! Khomeini did Hit 2 birds with one stone: clear the minefields and eliminate the expendable! Obama’s Death Panels and Czars are repeating the history! Don’t you just love Liberals and living in the land of Czars, living in the USSA (United Socialist States of America)?!

II. Elimination of Democracy
Another Obama – Khomeini Similarity is that Khomeini and Obama both came to power with promises of democratic changes, economic changes, corruption changes and public benefits for all. Khomeini used (during Bakhtiar Premiership) and Obama is using (now) the democratic environment to eliminate democracy, Khomeini with Islamism and Obama with Socialism! Chew on that one if you can!

III. Media Censorship
Once Khomeini came to power, the complete media had become State Run Media; however, American Media had sold Obama to the public and once Obama became in charge, the American Media has been faithfully praising him and covering his flaws. It is like pushing the Shiite under the Persian Rug to cover it up! Obama has the complete media in his bag (State Run American Liberal Media), yet he cannot even tolerate slight criticism or questions from FOX, Talk Radio, Internet and a Few Hard Copy Publications, so as his first step, he had assigned a Communication Czar to hopefully eliminate the Talk Radio by mass taxation!

IV. Islamic Studies
Khomeini went to Madrasah in Qom and Baghdad. Obama went to Madrasah in Indonesia. They both mastered in Quran education, knowledge of Hadith and Islamic Studies. Khomeini become a solid Islamist and Obama become a closet Muslim (once entering the politics and community organizing), because he knew that a Muslim could not hack it and make it in the American politics, so instead he joined Jeremiah Wright’s Black Militant Racist Church and for 20 years sat there and listened to his sermons!

V. Islamic Ceremonies
Khomeini changed all official Persian holidays to Islamic Holidays. After Khomeini, the Islamic Holidays (rather than Persian Holidays) have been gloriously celebrated nationwide; however, for 30 years, any trace of Persian Holidays have been wiped off the calendar and replaced with Arabo-Islamic Holidays! Recently, Obama had held a massive “Ramadan Feast” in the White House and invited many Imams and Mullahs to dig in the goodies and party on. He stated that he wants the Muslims to Share the “American Dream”! In this ceremony he said: “Islam is a Great Religion.” And “Islam is Religion of Peace.” At the same time, Christianity is becoming politically incorrect and Christians are becoming 2nd Rate citizens in America!

VI. Cultural Destruction
Khomeini had done his best to destroy the Persian culture, traditions, history, holidays, language and heritage. He had done his best to replace them with the Arabo-Islamic Sub Culture. Obama is doing his best to undermine the Judeo-Christian America and censor Christianity from the American life. Instead, Islam is becoming the Neo Politically Correct fad of the day! Obama is mainstreaming Islam in America and replacing the Christian values with Socialistic and Marxist values.

VII. Father Knows Best!
Khomeini clarified for the people that a “Supreme Spiritual Guardian” (Velayat Faqih) must oversee people’s actions and the people must follow his example. Obama believes that there are fundamental problems with America and a grand Change is needed; therefore, people must follow his example to find salvation!

VIII. Change of Constitution
Khomeini had changed the Iranian Constitution to an Islamic Constitution. Obama openly stated that the American Constitution is outdated and flawed and he is a firm believer that it must change. Obama is taking steps to do so.

IX. Narcissism
Khomeini stated: “I would’ve preferred to drink poison than to make peace with Saddam and Ba’athist Iraq.” It was all about Khomeini in every aspect of Iranian affairs. In UN, Obama stated: “US foreign policy has been wrong and shameful for decades but it is not his fault because it was before his time.” So Obama acknowledged that America was shameful and wrong before him, and Obama is pure and flawless, because this was before his time. Now that Obama is in power, everything will change and America will be a good nation with decent policies. It is all about Obama. He apologized for America’s past and clarified that from now on, America will change and become good due to his leadership!

X. Economic Illiteracy
Khomeini did not know anything about economy. When he came to power, Tooman 7 = $ 1 and now Tooman 1000 = $ 1. So go figure …. Obama also knows nothing about economy. Instead of tax cuts and tax returns during recession to jump start the economy, he increases the government spending by billions and trillions and guess who must pick up the tab? You guessed it right, the people!

XI. No Tolerance for Criticism
Khomeini mass eliminated his critics. No one dared to question Imam! Obama believes that he is the most educated, unflawed and intellectual president of United States. Before him, America was flawed but now he is here to upside down everything and create a new. He is the savior of America! No one should dare to criticize him!

XII. Megalomania
Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Khomeini played the role of a good spiritual advisor and an elder father to the masses. He clearly stated that he wanted to have nothing to do with the politics. After the revolution, he had changed and transformed to the Supreme Spiritual Leader (Theocratic Guardian) whom all the people had to follow! He had become the final word and the absolute leader of the nation. He become the final word in the government including the executive, legislative and judiciary branches! Before gaining power, Obama wanted to Change and he was preaching “Yes We Can”. Obama never clarified that by “Change”, he meant the absolute overthrow of the US Constitution and the absolute overrun of the US legislative branch by appointing over 30 Czars to run the government as he wishes! Obama never mentioned that he would go around and bypass the congress rather than through the congress to get what he wants! Obama believes that he is above the law and the people are his subjects. His behavior is more like a monarch!

XIII. Bankruptcy
Khomeini bankrupted the country via 8 years of war with Iraq. The war was his excuse for the sad economy. Obama is bankrupting America via mass government spending under the veil of the “Stimulus Packages”! He is spending money like there is no tomorrow. He spends the money and the wealth which has not yet created! Our Great Grand Children will continue paying for Obama’s spending spree! Obama is creating a debt unknown in the history of United States. So far Obama has spent more dollars than all past US presidents combine! The backup for US currency is nearly zilch. Dollar’s value is basically equal to scrap paper and still Obama prints money with no backup value. This is a catastrophe in the making.

XIV. Un-patriotism
Khomeini had a shady past, his Iranian birth and citizenship was in question. He never even once expressed his love for Iran, but always expressed his love for Islam! Rumor was that he was an Indian born and Arab grown foreigner. Obama also has a shady past. After 31 open legal cases in the courts against him, with the help of great lawyers and spending a massive amount of money, Obama delays these cases and until this day, he has failed to provide his American birth certificate from Hawaii. Obama is openly a socialist, internationalist, globalist and far from a patriot. Rumors are that Obama is a Kenyan born and Indonesian raised foreigner. He is a closet Muslim and a radical socialist destroying America from the within!

XV. Compulsive Liars
Khomeini was a compulsive liar. He contradicted himself on monthly basis. Everything he promised to the people before the revolution, he denied them all after the revolution! Obama is a pathological liar! He lied about almost everything, including his associations, his past, his goals, his agenda, his history and his beliefs before the election. Today, he is doing exactly the opposite of what he preached. Today, he is openly lying about the state of economy, inflation, unemployment, foreign policy, global agenda and the general state of the union. Obama lies as great of the lies as Hitler, Stalin and Khomeini.

XVI. Nation Building
Khomeini reinvented and rebuilt a new state or at least he tried! He transformed the Imperial Iran into the Islamic Republic of Iran. He tried his best to destroy all Iranian values and replace them with Arabo-Islamic values. Obama despises the past US values, history and constitution. In his arrogant and derange mind, he is the savior of America. Up to his point, America stood for everything which was wrong and now that he is in power, he has a duty to reshape America into a socialist, just and noble state, so the world will love America. It doesn’t matter if Americans would love America but it does matter to him for the world to love America!

XVII. Devine Savior
Khomeini had evolved into an Imam, in fact the first IRI Imam and the 13th Infallible Shiite Imam! He went beyond the Iranian borders and had become an Islamic icon. Today, his shrine is a major Shiite pilgrimage spot and he is worshiped by many as an infallible Imam! Obama is evolving to a Messiah and the savior of the Americans and even the world! He is building a legacy to become an unforgettable global leader who changed the world. He is beyond the American borders and he is now changing the world to a better place!

XVIII. Sociopathic Behavior
Khomeini was a sociopath. The only person he cared about was himself and his legacy in the history of Islam. He was careless about Iran and Iranians. He was reshaping (in this order) Iran, Middle East, Islamic World and the Globe. He never even allowed anyone to become nearly as popular as him and if they did, then he instantly eliminated them. He personally dismissed the first elected president of Iran (Abolhassan Banisadr). Obama has made it clear that it is all about him. He has conducted more interviews in his first 6 months of presidency than any past US president in their full 4 or 8 years terms! Obama is on TV and media covers more than Pop Stars and celebrities. He made sure that no one comes close to his popularity or else he would crush them and put them in their place, like he had done to Hillary Clinton! Even a dead pop star (Michael Jackson) was a threat because he stole the show from Obama for a few weeks! Obama has this urge to maintain a presence on TV Shows, Talk Shows, Magazine Covers and public eyes! This presence is much more important to him than actual running of the country!

XIX. The Ideological Father
Khomeini established himself as father of the Neo Islamism and reviver of the Islamic Fundamentalism. Obama is making it clear that he will be remembered as father of the Neo American Socialism. Welcome to USSA (United Socialist States of America) with a splash of Islam!

XX. Logos and Mottos
Khomeini was into creating logos and mottos. He replaced the Ancient Persian Emblem of “Lion, Sun and Sword” with a spider looking logo of Allah, the Arabo-Islamic God! Obama is also into logos and mottos. Even before his presidency, he created a look-alike presidential seal of America as his emblem and stuck it on the tribunes, tables and desks which he would preach behind them. He actively distributed his famous “Change” logos, posters and stickers around. His portraits and art posters are now distributed everywhere from schools all the way to churches! “Government of Islam” and “Imam, representative of the Prophet and Allah on Earth” were the mottos of Khomeini era. “Yes We Can” and “Change” are the mottos of the Obama era indeed with his big smiling face!

XXI. Dependant Followers
Khomeini had created a cult of dependant followers depending on Religion and government benefits and followers of the representative of Allah on Earth, Imam Khomeini. Obama is also creating a cult of followers and dependant voters depending on the welfare state and government to run their lives for them. In Obama’s mind, people are incompetent and government must create a nanny state to take care of them. In return, these dependant voters will vote for liberals and keep them in power to maintain the status quo and the Nanny State.

Future Prospect

When a delusional, sociopathic, megalomaniac is put in charge via the power of media, hysteria and hype; then the fundamental fabrics of a nation will become endangered by destruction and susceptible to change and transformation. A narcissist requires absolute admiration, worship and popularity. When this admiration changes to detest and this popularity transforms to unpopularity, then the narcissist does not seek for the root of the problem within himself, but he starts blaming the people due to their flaws!

Khomeini blamed the Iranians and Obama is already blaming the Americans for jumping off the worship wagon! After all, Khomeini was the same old Khomeini and Obama is the same old Obama. They did not change! So it must have been the people who deteriorated and now they do not worship them!

Reality check: Could it be that the people have wised up and opened their eyes to the reality of Khomeini and Obama?!

The popular chant of the Khomeini era was: God is Great, Khomeini is the Leader. Obama is a socialist with a splash of Islam; therefore, it is not farfetched to predict similar chants in the future America!

That was then:

Allah O Akbar
Khomeini Rahbar

This is now:

Allah O Akbar
Obama Rahbar

Allah bless America and Obama!

On the Bright Side

The good news is that in a democratic republic such as America, the president can be voted out every 4 years, but the bad news is that in a Theocratic Dictatorship such as IRI, it only takes a bloody revolution to overthrow the regime and establish a democratic system in its place!

And the list goes on …..

Dr. X

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