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Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama
Dr. Ali Sina
July 13, 2009

Mr. Obama,

I am an Iranian and I want to comment on your stance about the situation in Iran.  You said you don’t want to intervene in the affairs of my country.  Speaking on behalf of all Iranians we don’t want you to intervene either. To put it more emphatically we will not allow you or anyone to intervene.  Election is an internal matter.

What we expect is moral support.   Instead you made it clear that you do not give a hoot about the people and their vote and will do business with anyone who wins the power even if that is through cheating and by force.

You said that both candidates are the same because they both represent the same regime. Sir, if both were the same why would millions of Iranians risk their lives to favor one over the other?  You don’t have to be a seasoned politician to know this. All you need is commonsense and a bit of intelligence.

An unprecedented 85% of Iranians voted because they saw in Mousavi a glimmer of hope. Mousavi is only an excuse. He is a cut from the same cloth, a man coming out of the same nefarious establishment. However, the difference is that he has promised freedom of pen and of speech. That is all that Iranians need to topple the regime. They are looking for a crack in the dam of the Islamic Republic. Once that crack is made the dam can be demolished.

Furthermore, it will be a lot easier for America to negotiate with a moderate pragmatic president in Iran than a loony who thinks he converses with the Hidden Imam. We know you don’t care about human rights or even human life. Your stance as senator on letting the babies that survive abortion die made this clear. But shouldn’t you at least care about what benefits America?

When in 9/11, the Muslim terrorists killed nearly 3000 Americans, and while other Islamic nations, particularly your favorite Palestinians, cheered and danced in the streets, the Iranians were the only people in the Middle East that took candles in the streets and shed tears. I bet as American haters at that time you and your wife also were cheering and thinking that “American chickens have come home to roost.” That too is clear from all the apologies that you have made on behalf of America to all the terrorists of the world.

The Iranians do not want the foreign countries to intervene in their affairs. What they want is recognition that they matter and that the dictators that oppress them will not be recognized as a legitimate government. Instead you made it clear that you don’t give a damn about the people and that you are prepared to give legitimacy to any thug, as long as he manages to come to power, even fraudulently and by killing the people. 

This does not surprise me. You yourself came to power fraudulently. 

There are many similarities between you and Ahmadinejad.  Both of you have no experience, but have gigantic egos. Both of you have messianic complex. Both of you have never done anything worthy to show for and yet your campaign slogan was “Yes We Can.” Both of you are admired by Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega, the leaders of Hamas and every other thug on the planet.  Both of you are favored by the gullible people and the less educated folk that unfortunately are in big supply.  Both of you are pro Palestine, anti Israel and anti Zionism. But above all, both of you believe in the power of the Big Lie.
Adolf Hitler, in his Mein Kampf defined the Big Lie as so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously”.

Taking their lead from Hitler, Ahmadinejad and his gang of thugs thought that if they cheat, just enough to make him the winner by a little margin, it won’t be believed. But if they make his victory look like a landslide, no one will doubt it.

Your Big Lie is your claim to be eligible for the U.S. presidency.

Today, I am a proud Iranian. My people did not buy Ahmadinejad’s Big Lie. They are coming to the streets, facing bullets and batons, to stand for the truth.  Whereas the Americans sheeple have swallowed your big lie, hook line and sinker and the majority of them are still enamored with you, and despite the fact that you are making them bankrupt they still love you.  These people are going to wake up with a rude awakening.
Iran is in a great peril. Things can turn ugly overnight. A Civil war can erupt. With an emasculated America under your incompetent leadership, Russia can move in to bring “peace,” and never move out. It’s not just the Iranians who will lose; America will be also a big loser. The world will lose.  This is the worse time to have a rooky posing as president of the USA.

The world is in a great peril and the Americans have given the rudder of their country, in the middle of the worst storm, to a pretender who acts and thinks like a juvenile and who has no more grasp of reality than a teenager. It is so pathetic to see people call you “Mr. President,” when in reality you are only a sad joke.    
No Mr. Obama, you don’t know what you are doing. You lied. The truth is that YOU CAN’T, and it shows.

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