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Obama and the Birth of Mobocracy in America
Dr. Ali Sina
February 18, 2008

Obama came to power via fraud. He is not a ’natural born’ U.S. citizen. The clear proof of that is that despite 31 lawsuits filed against him demanding he prove his eligibility for the U.S. Presidency, he has instead hired three law firms and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to avoid discovery and evade a judicial review.

The result is that not one of these 31 cases received a hearing on its merits. But why is it that judges have been unwilling to tackle Obama’s eligibility problem?

The answer is that most now suspect Obama is not eligible and are afraid of the political chaos that would result from such a discovery. They are afraid of what his supporters would do.  They know that if they overturn Obama’s presidency, his millions of fans will turn American cities into warzones.

Many people in the mainstream media also suspect that Obama is not eligible. Why are they not speaking out? It is because they know that if they do, they would be harassed by Obama’s fans and perhaps lose their jobs.

Many politicians from both parties have also been informed about Obama’s eligibility problems. So why do none dare even discuss it?

It is because they fear Obama’s supporters.

Obama’s fans are aggressive and often nasty. I receive hundreds of pieces of hate mail and insulting messages from Obama’s fans for speaking against their beloved leader. I don’t care and I ignore them. I am used to receiving similar messages from angry Muslims every day. But many politicians and people in the media do not have this luxury. They can’t afford to risk everything, be abused, or lose their jobs.

Obama’s opponents fear him. Why? Where does his strength come from?

It comes from his supporters, people who have become enthralled by his charisma, believe in his deceptive nirvana and have placed all their hopes on this ‘pied piper’. These people have become his foot soldiers, his “Truth Squads”, his ’Gestapos’.

This is from where dictators draw their strength. Hitler, Stalin, Khomeini, Mao, Castro and all the other narcissistic leaders and tyrants of history drew their power from the people.

Barack Obama - Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic?

These charlatans have a knack for swaying the masses and mobilizing them for their own ends. Narcissistic leaders love big rallies. It is from these massive raw explosions of admiration and adulation that they quench their insatiable narcissistic cravings. Big rallies also have another function: To intimidate one’s opponents. Who can dare to stand up against a man who has millions of zealot supporters? Khomeini called them ommate hāzer dar sahneh, “the ever present masses on the scene.” The English word “mob” is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase ‘mobile vulgus,’ meaning “the easily moveable crowd.”

Narcissistic leaders are revolutionaries. Columnist Amir Taheri compares them to cyclists who must keep pedaling or they will fall. Obama is doing just that. He has to keep the rhetoric alive and the emotions of his fans high or he will fall from their grace.

Narcissists insist on being in the limelight. Obama mobilized an army of votaries, stirring their emotions with his charades. These people were inflamed. They knocked on doors, distributed fliers and held neighborhood meetings to rally support for him. They made YouTube videos, posted on Internet forums, and sacrificed everything they could to make him president.

Now the elections are over, and the government must run through democratic processes. Democracy is the rule of law. In a ‘true’ democracy, people elect their representatives and leave them to run the government. In democracy, people do not directly intervene in the running of the government. Their participation begins and ends at the ballot box.

What happens when people constantly get involved in the process of the government? Then we don’t have democracy, the rule of representative government, but ochlocracy, the rule of the ‘mob,’ the mobile vulgus. In ochlocracy, “Might is right,” and bullies rule the political process.

Obama is not interested in being subject to the law and he did not come to power by being law-abiding. He came to power by side-stepping the law and by mobilizing the emotionally-charged, intellectually-disengaged masses, the mobile vulgus. But this is just the beginning. Obama does not intend to govern by the rule of the law either. He has a different plan for America. He wants to replace democracy with an ochlocracy, or mobocracy, as some people call it. He wants to use the mobs that brought him to power to undo democratic processes and establish his power permanently.

Remember that narcissistic dictators rise to power because initially the populace supports them. Their strength is in demagoguery. It’s always the impressionable, easily-moved masses of people that bring dictators to power.

The latest news about Obama comes from the New York Times, which reports  that Obama wants to:
“…transform the YouTubing-Facebooking-texting-Twittering grass-roots organization that put him in the White House into an instrument of government. That is something that Mr. Obama, who began his career as a community organizer, told aides was a top priority, even before he was elected.”

Melding Obama’s Web to a YouTube Presidency

This means any time Obama makes a decision and faces opposition, he will appeal to his “Twittering grass-roots organization” (a.k.a. the mobile vulgus) to inundate lawmakers with e-mails, phone calls, even threats, in order to intimidate them into compliance and submission to his decisions.

This is not how democracy works. This is the tyranny of majority. This is the definition of mobocracy. It is the recipe for dictatorship.

By directly communicating his ideas to his votaries, Obama can also bypass the media. It was the media that idolized him and sold him to the gullible masses. Obama is aware that his honeymoon with the media might be short-lived, that eventually they will ask him some tough questions for which he will have no answers, and that they can pull him down from his pedestal as easily as they put him up on it.

Obama is an empty suit, a buffoon. Unlike Hitler, who was an evil genius, Obama is a simpleton. His plan to close Gitmo, his order to Israel to open up its borders to terrorists from Gaza, his supine stance towards Ahmadinejad of Iran, a buffoonish president like Obama,  show the extent of his naiveté. Of course, human lives will be lost as the result of this man’s foolish decisions, but that is not what concerns a narcissist. The narcissist’s main concern is himself.

Obama knows how vulnerable he is, and how a shrewd journalist could make him look like a fool in front of the world. He wants to avoid such an embarrassing possibility. So we are not going to see a lot of interaction between Obama and the media. Instead, we will see a lot of rehearsed talks to large gatherings of his supporters who he can excite with his flowery speeches and who will make him feel good by swooning over him, Obama’s latest ploy includes charming Congress and his opponents, usually gathered in smallish groups with him (dinners, ball games, etc.).

What we are witnessing is the death of democracy in America and the birth of ochlocracy, the end of America’s representative government and the beginning of mob rule. Such mobocracies under the sway of charismatic leaders lead to de facto dictatorships and one-man rule.

Democracy has never been in a greater danger than it is today. America, the world’s first and most robust democracy has been hijacked by an impostor and the mobs of his supporters that have placed their emotions ahead of reason. Many of these supporters do not/will not shy away from acting like thugs to defend their Fuehrer. This is not democracy, but  ‘democrazy’.  This is Obama’s “change you can believe in.”

We humans have done many stupid things. Electing an imposter narcissist simpleton as U.S. President takes the cake. This phenomenon will be studied by future sociologists and psychologists as case study in folie a plusuier, or mass psychosis.  What is it that makes humans abandon reason and act to their own detriment? When we understand this, we will understand cultic mentality and the minds of Jim Jones’ followers. We will understand what makes the Muslims in general, and their jihadists in particular, tick. How tyrants like Hitler, Mao, Khomeini, Castro and Muhammad could ‘con’ millions of people.

Obama’s election will be remembered by generations to come as testimony to mankind’s gullibility and foolishness.  It is evidence that democracy is fragile. The only question is, how much is this lesson going to cost us this time?

Who is to blame for America’s current predicament?

Certainly the masses of people, but we cannot expect much from the masses. By their very nature, masses are ignorant.

It is the media that is mainly culpable. The media has failed and is still failing in its duty to report truthfully. Reporters have ignored the truth and have not asked serious questions for a number of reasons, including the fear that they will anger Obama’s fans.

The politicians are also to be blamed. They have not had the courage to stand up to the rising Fuehrer for the fear of losing popularity amongst their constituencies.

Certainly the judges can be blamed. They are failing in their duty to uphold the law and the Constitution.
All these people have committed treason. The only hope left to America is in its military, all of whom have been sworn to defend the Constitution.

America has no greater enemy than Barak Hussein Obama. He is especially dangerous because he is perceived as a savior by the gullible masses. In reality, Obama is merely a smooth talker who tells people (‘pillow talk’) what they want to hear..

Obama’s actions now speak louder than his empty words. Obama is on his way to permanent rule, maybe even dictatorship. This is what narcissists do if given the opportunity by their masses of admiring followers.

The darkest chapters of American history are being written now. 

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