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Is Obama a Muslim?
Nicholas Ginex
March 23, 2016

Obama Real Picture in Turban and Islamic Garb
Barack Hussein Obama is dressed in traditional Islamic turban and garb as a Somali elder. Sheikh Mahmed Hassan is teaching Obama how to properly dress himself in an Islamic garb. This event has occurred during his visit to Wajir in northeastern Kenya, near the borders with Somalia and Ethiopia. The picture was taken when Obama went on a visit to Africa as a senator. Obama, whose father and his father’s family were Kenyan Muslims, visited Wajir in Kenya's north-east, close to the Somali and Ethiopian borders, and was dressed by locals as a Somali elder on 2006.

Is Obama a Muslim? This is the question which many Americans have been asking themselves! We will now dissect the issue, analyze it, and bring forward the facts. We will give you the facts and you will decide on your own that if in fact, Obama is a Muslim?

Another Muslim Terrorist attack on the west, this time in Belgium and another 30 second condolences from Obama while he was off to Cuba watching a baseball game with his Communist comrade Raul Castro who killed and jailed thousands of people; Obama did not have time to take a serious stand against Islamic Terrorism in the world. Obama still refuses to even call it Islamic Terrorism! Let us see why?

Obama Humor Picture in Turban and Islamic Garb

On April 6, 2009, according to President Barack Obama, “The United States is not and will never be at war with Islam.” He believes, “Islam is a religion that preaches peace.” For an educated man, Obama has had a poor schooling of the history of Islam. He appears to be unaware that after the death of Muhammad in 632 CE, in only 29 years, Muslim armies created an Islamic Empire that extended over an enormous territory, stretching from India to Spain and on the other side of the Mediterranean, captured all of North Africa, including Africa’s east coast down to Madagascar. History verifies that Islam is a religion that has grown by taking the wealth of other countries, will not tolerate the existence of other religions, and forced conversion to Islam not through peace and love but by the choice to either pay a tax to survive or be killed.

Obama is correct. The United States will never be at war with Islam because one does not fight a religion. However, the U.S. will definitely be at war with any Islamic country whose Islamic leaders use religion to terrorize and murder innocent people. In light of the number of Islamic terror attacks against U.S. allies in Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium in November of 2015, one question why the President of the United States refuses to declare war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Is President Obama willing to gamble the lives of the American people by not declaring war against ISIS? Does his strategy make sense to sit back as our allies defend themselves while he procrastinates until terrorist attacks become a common event in the U.S.?

Obama under the Banner of Allah
La Elaha Ella Allah, Muhammad Al Rasul Allah
(There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet)
Obama: Shoosh, don’t tell anyone about my true nature! Keep it hush hush. I must remain a “Closet Muslim”! 8 years of my presidency is the best evidence that I am a Muslim but some fools still deny it! For the sake of those fools, still keep it hush hush!

There are deep concerns by Americans who are beginning to seriously question President Obama’s actions because he appears more intent on defending and supporting Muslims than the American people. Let’s examine why such concerns are justified by enumerating the many actions by Obama that reveals he has a strong affinity for the Muslim people and the Islamic religion. After 14 people were killed and 17 wounded on December 2, 2015 in San Bernardino, California, Americans will be closely listening to President Obama to see if he will finally state that the terrorism is due to radical Islamic ideology. The letter to Obama listed below was built upon an article provided by the ‘X’ Zone Radio / TV Show hosted by Rob McConnell. It reveals that Obama has been a strong supporter of Muslims and Islamic values in America since he first came to serve as President of the United States. So much so, that Americans are rightfully beginning to question his determination to destroy ISIS and insure the safety of the American people.

Obama, It Was You!

President Obama:

This is why you didn't go to France to show solidarity against the Muslim terrorists:

● It was you who spoke these words at an Islamic dinner -"I am one of you."
● It was you who on ABC News absentmindedly said, "My Muslim faith."
● It was you who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.
● It was you who wrote in The Audacity of Hope that in the event of a conflict, “I will stand with them (Muslims) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Will you have America fight Muslims who support Islamic terrorism?
● It was you who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that. "I am a Muslim."
● It was you who bowed in submission before the Saudi King.
● It was you who sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.
● It was you who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us have to pay.
● It was you who purposefully omitted, "endowed by our Creator” from your recitation of The Declaration of Independence.
● It was you who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ's Sermon on the Mount while repeatedly referring to the 'HOLY' Qur'an.
● It was you who travelled the Islamic world denigrating the United States of America.
● It was you who instantly threw the support of your administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the World Trade Center.
● It was you who refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the White House.
● It was you who ordered Georgetown Univ. and Notre Dame to shroud all vestiges of Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast, you have NEVER requested that the mosques you have visited to adjust their decor.
● It was you who appointed anti-Christian fanatics and Muslim Brotherhood operatives to your Administration or Czar Corps. Naming just two of many appointments, you appointed Dalia Mogahed as your chief adviser on Islamic affairs even though she was a pro-Sharia supporter. You also appointed Arif Alikhan as assistant secretary for policy development at the Department of Homeland Security who participated in a fundraiser for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), which, is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.
● It was you who appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security and allowed Muslim organizations to infiltrate the government to influence policy.
● It was you who said that NASA's "foremost mission" was an outreach to Muslim communities. On February 16, 2010, you ordered NASA mission officials to shift from space exploration to Muslim diplomacy in an effort to give them employment. No other president has shown favouritism to a unique group of people by authorizing employment of Muslim men into NASA engineering and development positions.
● It was you who said at the 2012 Iftar annual dinner, “Muslim American clerics have spoken out against terror and extremism, reaffirming that Islam teaches that one must save human life, not take it.” Another distortion of the truth; Muslim religious leaders have not made their voices heard throughout America.
● It was you who authorized employment of Muslim men into NASA engineering and development positions. No other president has shown favouritism to a unique group of people.
● It was you who as an Illinois Senator was the ONLY individual who would speak in favor of infanticide.
● It was you who were the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the White House, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.
● It was you who curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.
● It was you who refused to condemn the Fort Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.
● It is you who has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of hypothetical human-rights abuses.
● It was you who when queried in India refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorist assaults.
● It was you who funnelled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.
● It was you who provided ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new commemorative.
● It was you who ordered more than $2.8 billion to help Afghans develop their economy and deliver services that people depend upon. Such assistance could have been given to African-Americans who need better education and jobs.
● It was you who directed our UK Embassy to conduct outreach to help "empower" the British Muslim community.
● It was you who funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in Grammar schools across our country.
● It is you who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewellery during Ramadan.
● It is you who departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for NOT participating in seasonal WH religious events.
● It was you who was uncharacteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim Brotherhood to depose Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, formerly America’s strongest ally in North Africa, but remain muted in your non-response to the Brotherhood led slaughter of Egyptian Christians.
● It was you who appointed your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian, who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.
● It was you who said this country is not a Christian nation.
● It was you who said at your first inauguration in January of 2009, “I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect.”
● It was you who at several of your White House annual Iftar meetings who praised Muslims for contributing to the fabric of American communities and our country. A distortion of the truth since the first wave of Muslims immigrated into the United States between 1880 and 1924 and the second wave occurred in 1952.
● It was you who at the 2011 annual Iftar meeting who stated another distortion, “Like so many faiths, Islam has always been part of our American family, and Muslim Americans have long contributed to the strength and character of our country, in all walks of life. This has been especially true over the past 10 years.”
● It was you who at the 2012 annual Iftar meeting that you stated several distortions to convince Americans that Muslims, “Throughout our history, Islam has contributed to the character of our country, and Muslim Americans, and their good works, have helped to build our nation -- and we’ve seen the results. We’ve seen those results in generations of Muslim immigrants -- farmers and factory workers, helping to lay the railroads and build our cities. Muslim innovators who helped build some of our highest skyscrapers and who helped to unlock the secrets of our universe.” Obama’s assertions of Muslim praise are fabricated lies.
● It was you in your Cairo speech that reveals your commitment to support Muslims by stating, “The enduring faith of over a billion people is so much bigger than the narrow hatred of a few. Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism - it is an important part of promoting peace.” Here again, Obama will not reveal that Islam has never promoted peace as verified by history.
● It was you who desires to transform America to accept Muslims by stating, “So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed. That experience guides my conviction that partnership between America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn't. And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”
● It was you who on September 25, 2012 at the UN General Assembly announced, "The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." This international threat to those that slander the prophet Muhammad is to be expected from a Muslim leader NOT the President of the United States.
● It was you who approved five former campaign operatives to Israel to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu’s bid for re-election. Your initiative was to weaken Israel’s support of a strong, able, and determined leader to preserve the security of Israel.
● It was you who traded terrorists; 5 senior Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay prison for Bowe Bergdahl, a deserter of the U.S. Army. This will increase the risk of loss of American lives.
● It was you who lied to the American people before and after the Benghazi terrorist attack prior to the November 2012 presidential election by stating you created a normalized foreign policy in Africa. To support this lie, you tried to minimize American military involvement during the attack in Benghazi, Libya by issuing a Stand Down Order and blame the attack on a YouTube video.
● It was you who facilitated and approved the Obama-Iran Nuclear Treaty and ignored Iranian Brig. Gen. Mohammad Reza Naqdi declaration that “Erasing Israel off the map is nonnegotiable.”
● It was you who approved the Obama-Iran Nuclear Treaty to give Iran $150 billion dollars that will infuse their economy and support terrorism. This treaty was approved by you even while Muslims in Iran were chanting “Death to America, Death to Israel, and Death to Britain.”
● It was you who denies being a Muslim. But you were born into a Muslim family, studied the Qur’an as a young boy, and learned to read, write and speak Arabic.

The unrealistic belief by Obama that Islam preaches peace may be due to his indoctrination of the Qur’an as a young boy in Jakarta, Indonesia. As shown by his actions to support Iran and integrate Muslims in America, his early indoctrination has greatly influenced his affinity for Islam and the Muslim people.

Many Islamic religious leaders interpret the Qur’an with a strict fundamentalist ideology. They indoctrinate Muslim followers to believe that Islam is “the Religion of Truth” and will “prevail over every other religion” (Qur’an 9:33). This kind of indoctrination produces a superior mindset in Muslims whereby they are motivated to induce all people to follow their beliefs. This ingrained superiority causes extremism to take root with the passages that exist in the Qur’an. Its passages incite: bigotry against Jews, Christians and other religious groups; hatred for those who worship a god other than Allah; violence and murder of those who slander the prophet Muhammad; and the death of apostates, homosexuals, or people of another faith.

The book, Obama, Islam and Benghazi is provided as a free read on the Iranian website, IPC.

Iran Politics Club Website

Obama, Islam and Benghazi Book

It provides a history why Islam is the source of discontent in many countries; reveals portions of the Qur’an that incite terror and violence; describes how Muslims are indoctrinated by Islamic religious leaders with the belief that We, Our and Us is Allah; presents details of the Benghazi attack, and contains thirty-seven questions that should be addressed by the Select Committee on Benghazi. Knowledge is a wonderful gift and much of it is presented in this book.

When will people around the world admit that Obama is indeed a Muslim-American? Americans need to determine if Obama has a greater allegiance towards Muslims than for Americans.

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