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Piece of Meat - Part 1
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Piece of Meat
Part 1

L. Doggie is hungry, bowl is empty!
R. Mullahs and Hezbollah are having a Feast!

This is from a very good book by V S Naipaul, called:
beyond belief, Islamic excursions among the converted people.

He goes back to Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan & Malaysia in 1995; his first trip
there was in 1979.

I'll cover only the Miran part.
My comments are in --< ... >--

Miran's Self-Backstab! (Iran's Suicide of 1978!)
Graphic Design by Admzad

Islam is in its origins an Arab religion. Everyone not an Arab who is a Muslim is
a convert. Islam is not simply a matter of conscience or private belief. It makes
imperial demands. A convert's world view alters. His holy places are in Arab lands;
his sacred language is Arabic.His idea of history alters. He rejects his own; he
becomes, whether he likes it or not, a part of the Arab story. The convert has
to turn away from everything that is his. The disturbance of societies is immense,
& even after a thousand years can remain unresolved; the turning away has to be
done again & again. People develop fantasies about who & what they are; & in the
Islam of converted countries there is an element of neurosis & nihilism. These
countries can be easily set on the boil.

Islam spread by force & rape & pillage. People were forced to covert, one way or
another, to save their lives or for personal gains(less tax, more status/power).
In spite of all this, today, non-Arabs are looked down upon by Arabs when they
go to Saudi for pilgrimage.
Not to mention, even non-Sunni Arabs are looked down upon in saudi, the country
of Allah.

In KIRAN, he stayed in Hyatt hotel & saw some middle-class looking people having
tea/coffee/cakes there, with many women among them. But a man said to him ...

... said that the true middle class of Iran, the class that had taken a century,
& incalculable wealth, to produce had been destroyed or scattered. What I had
seen in the lobby of the Hyatt were the sad beginning of a new middle class.

who would most likely escape to West, once the Masters decide to remove the Mullahs.
I should add that many of the old upper-middle class, if still alive, have lost
hope & the joy-of-life they used to have. You can see death & despair in their
eyes. If they are honest, many would carry some guilt as well. But most blame
somebody else for their loss & pain.

Many, specially the old in-tell-egg-chew-alls, still use Shah as the culprit,
feeling no responsibility for their own stupidity & ignorance &, in some cases,
'guilt'. Some even blame the Mullahs for "stealing their ane-qollaab".

Thew will always use Savak, when losing the argument, but fail to explain how
come there were far more killing & torture in Miran, many years after the Shah &
Savak. But I bet the thing that pisses these Shah-blamers most, is the fact that
US$ used to be 7 toman in Shah's time. Not to mention the low rate of killing-torture
in Shah's time, compared to the new regime.

He tells the story of Mr Jaffrey, who moved to Miran from Pakistan to
live among the true believers, working for a English speaking newspaper. But the
damn students found his name in the US embassy, showing he was getting paid. But
this was for some writing he did for VOA & he wasn't a spy. But he was smart enough
to know his holy-brethren & escaped, just in time, to Pakistan.

Mr Jaffrey's dream of the 'jame towhidi' was to him so pure & sweet that he hadn't
begun to go into its contradictions. He loved his faith; he had travelled from country
to country because of it; he felt it entitled him to judge the faith of others. And it
was just there, in fact, in his fabulous dream of an impossible, antique completeness,
in his awareness of his own piety, which was like pride, his constant rejection of
the impure, that the tyranny of the religious state began. Other people had their own
ideas; they, too, felt they could judge the faith of others. Mr Jaffrey was suffering
now from the 'fanatics'. But in his own way he was like them.

Now he talks about how people have learned how to deal with the authorities & their
roadblocks & harassments.

Such were the ways of obedience & survival that people had learned here.
But parallel with this was a feeling that this kind of humiliation couldn't go on.
Though all the capacity for revolution or even protest had been eradicated after
40 years of hope & let-down, & people were now simply weary, after all the
bloodletting - first of protesters in the Shah's time, & then of the Shah's people
after the revolution, & the communists, together with the terrible slaughter of
the war - there was a feeling now, with that weariness, that something had to snap
in Iran. And, almost as part of wishing for that breaking point, stories were being
told now that Khomeini had really been foisted on the Iranian people by the great
powers; & that certain important mullahs were making their approaches to people to
ask for their goodwill when things changed, & the Islamic Republic was abandoned.

It's been said that trained Palestinians wore women chador & led the crowd from
the back, who started the 'shooting', which forced the soldiers to shoot back.
Masters thought of everything.
What do you think the mullahs would do if people went on protests today, pour golaab
(holy water) on them?

Besides, mullahs killed most of those who could work against them in the first 5
years, so there is hardly anybody left to do the job.
I bet Masters passed on many 'lists' to them, like they did to uncle Saddam, when
they put him in power.

As for the war, it wouldn't have happened under the old regime.
Stupid people will pay the price for their stupidity.

No amount of 'snapping' would or could change things in Miran. You name it & it has
already happened, yet pee-pole haven't revolted, because they never could & didn't.
Masters made it safe for them, then 'pushed' them to stampede the last time.
Masters also made sure that the old leaders in the Army let Khomeini enter Miran alive.
This is not 'conspiracy theory', & it is not 'theory' at all. If you really think
about it & carefully 'read' what is out there, it all makes sense. Just read the
killing-hope book & 'think' a bit.

Next story is about Arash, whose family moved to Tehran 2 generations ago. They
used to farm in the desert. Arash's grand dad became a military man for Reza Shah
in 1931, then ran a real estate business. Author was told "they were exactly
middle-class people". Arash volunteered to become a basiji in 1984.

In 1984, at the mid-point of the war, there was still the custom for religious
chanters to come to the front before every advance & whip the men up. The chanters
would chant, & the men would beat their chests rhythmically with one hand or - if
the war situation was serious - with 2 hands together.

The chanting filled the men with thoughts of death & martyrdom & going to paradise
& having freedom.

--< not to mention having sex with 70 virgins>--

After this the men were quiet for half an hour or longer, but never for more than
90 minutes. And then the attack began, usually at 2.30 in the morning. In the quiet
period between the end of the chanting & the start of the attack the men wrote
letters & wills, & fixed their shoes & made sure their underpants were clean

Very interesting.
I'd use the word 'kids', rather than 'men' here.

I did military service in early 70s & never saw such chanting being part of the
Army. It looks to me they were preparing the cattle for the slaughter, rather then
encouraging them to use their brain to win battles. The question is if dying for
Allah was so good, how come most top mullahs never sent their kids to the front,
or even better, how come they didn't go to the front. Hell, if I knew I could meet
God by dying, I'll do it today, what could be better, specially if I knew I was
going to heaven. Yet, not even the chanters volunteered to die for Allah.

It's interesting to me that none of these he-rows who paid so much for the stupidity
of their leaders, ever talks about the faults of the 'system', which was responsible
for such waste & horrors. They just talk about the friends they lost or how they
suffered, but nobody mentions that "none of this shit should have happened" & would
not have happened under the old regime.

What the author doesn't mention is the fact that most top Army leaders were killed
very early on, & were replaced by incompetent idiot corrupt & filthy clergies, who
pushed Miranian kids to the slaughter.

Have the top generals killed, turn the powerful army into a useless cattle herd,
then 'push' Saddam to move in for the kill, then for 8 years sell the both sides
expensive arms & make sure neither side wins.

Not to mention that the majority on both sides were minority 'brothers' in their
shared belief in the Shiit version of Islam. But, logic has never been important
in Shiit Islam. In fact, the vast majority of Muslims, the Sunnis, regards Shiit
Muslims as 'kafir' (unbelievers).

Bless the masters for being so smart!
Well, such is life, stupid cattle pay for their stupidity with their lives, always
have, always will.

We can't say Miranians didn't know, because Kasravi had warned them against the
filthy mullahs. In fact, Khomeini had him murdered, but the opposition leaders of
78 were so turned on by the prospect of taking over the power that they really didn't
care what happened as long as the 'Palang' was removed. They had seen the green light
& went for the kill.

Shortly you'll see an uneducated woman warning his son against the mullahs, yet he
didn't listen to her.

Now the story of Ali, a guy about 60, who made his fortune in early 70s as a
developer. He bought land in Kerman for 1 toman a square a meter & sold it for
400 tomans & made millions. He even had studied in US in the 60s &had become
passionate about politics. He felt ashamed that he had returned to Miran which
wasn't free.

So this idiot became ane-qollaabi, saying to the author: "now that we had the
money, the financial security, we wanted liberty. It was one thing we didn't
have". So he supported the an-qollaab morally & financially.

Here we go again, another idiot allowing himself to use "we" to speak for the
whole nation. Such idiots have real blood in their hands & are responsible for
all the killing & torture & destruction, not the average uneducated cattle, who
followed such idiots. He was educated & should've known better, he can't say "I
was following the rest of the cattle in front".

The idiot says "we expected a revolution based on heavenly laws & laws of nature".

But stupidity always make you suffer, even in Miran. So he, a rich man, was badly
treated by his beloved an-qollaab & was repeatedly kidnapped by his own holy
ane-qollaabi brothers & had to pay a lot of money.

But he learned how to live within the system & became rich again.

His work, his business, his almost angry wish to survive, had kept him healthy &
alert. The strain of survival showed more on his wife, compelled now to live an
unnatural imprisoned life. She had lost much of her hair; she still had a
graciousness, but it lay over a deep, wounded melancholy.

What he's saying is that her eyes have no light in them, they look dead,
completely empty of any hope or joy, feeling for a life & a nation having gone
down the drain, regretting what could have been.

I bet his kids are angry at him for his goh-khori.

His ideas of revolution, in the time of the Shah, had been touched with religion:
a dream of heavenly laws & natural laws. And he came from religious background.
His father & his father's father were mullahs ...

His father was a mullah in Kerman & became a teacher & then became a judge,
under Reza Shah, & prospered by speculating on land. So the old regime made
this mullah rich.

So Ali grew up knowing nothing but freedom, & as the son of a rich & famous
father was far more privileged than his mullah father had been as a boy. When
Ali was 18, his father gave him some money to go into business or University.
He took it & went to US & stayed there for 8 years. I'd just love to find out
about his sex life there, but the book doesn't cover it.

He returned to Miran at 30. Then the idiot complains about the lack of freedom
saying how in the taxi, he was encouraged to 'talk' & he couldn't, so "we learn
we have to live a double life".

What he doesn't say is that all Shiit Muslims have lived double lives for centuries.
In fact all Muslims live in some form of chaos & confusion, but this is far worst
among the Shiit Muslims. And, the most corrupt & filthy Muslims of all are the KK
mullahs, who have even made money out of turning women, their own holy 'sisters',
into prostitutes, all for money & profit. They are the kind of animals who'd lock
400 people in a cinema & burn them, so that they could blame the old regime for it,
while pretending to 'care' for people & promising them 'freedom'; but intending to
butcher anybody they can after taking over the power.

If you think about it, Koran has 2 very different sides to it. The first part, in
Makkah, is very peaceful. This is when Muhammad was hoping to get Christians & Jews
to join him too, but it didn't work. The second part is very hostile to non-Muslims
& talks about 'killing them all'. This is in madinah, where the truth came out &
the fighting started. So to this day, there is chaos & confusion among Muslims as
to whether Islam means peace or killing & revenge.

But he is honest enough to say "so when the revolution happened here we already
had the experience of living a double life".

Even though he doesn't say it directly, he is trying to say that
after all the killing & destruction, not only we had no 'freedom', but things
were far worst that before, at least the old regime didn't hang innocent people
24-hours a day".

Perhaps it would bother his conscious to say something good about the old regime,
it would make him look too stupid.

Then there was the oil boom of 1973. the income of the government, which had been
300 million dollars on 61, rose to 22 billion in 76.

I bet Shah's involvement in this must've been a major factor in Masters' decision
to remove him.

So prices go up & the mullah-zaadeh sold his land 400 times higher & became rich
thanks to the old regime. He then became a developer & decided to build a mosque.
An ayatollah gave him advice about the mosque & they became friends; he also saves
his life, later on, after KIR is erected. So parti-baazi lives on, just like
corruption, but far worst & at a larger scale than ever before.

After the goh-khori, some people Ali knew, supporters of the revolution, turned
against it after the first month. But, Ali, being too stupid, thought he should
give it a little more time. But another months passed & the executions started &
he began to doubt. "then they started charging into people's houses, confiscating
their properties. We had no security for our property or our children or our wife

One of Ali's best friends was second-in-command in a revolutionary court & Ali
claims that he went there every day trying to save people.

So it appears that this idiot still doesn't feel responsibility for his crimes &
is trying to make himself look good. What kind of a human would have a best-friend,
who executes innocent people on a daily basis?

"The court was going almost 24 hours a day. Khalkhalli was the master of that court".
It's amazing that he doesn't try to say bad things about the monster khareh-khaali,
whom HE helped & paid to bring to power, representing & 'damaging' his shit religion.

"We expected something heavenly to happen, something emotional. .... In the last
generation most of the Iranians who had studied abroad had French culture. We
were hypnotised by their stories of the French revolution. We all thought revolution
was something beautiful, done by God, something like music, like a concert. It was
as though we were in a theatre, watching a concert, & we were happy that we were
part part of the theatre. We were the actors now. Fro years we had been reading
about Danton & Robespierre. But now we were the actors. We never thought that those
killings would start afterwards."

This is just too unbelievable, a US educated Miranian, becoming rich under the
old regime, suffering under the KIR regime, talking such rubbish!

- he has no right what so ever to use the loyal "we".

- God has nothing to do with Allah of the Shiit Islam.

- God wouldn't create mass killing & torture & blood shed.

- Not everyone was this stupid. I didn't know much, but even I knew it was
wrong to strike & join the protests. Why? Very simple:

One day I saw a notice on the wall in the Uni saying "dear brothers & sisters do
not attend any classes"". Some didn't 'obey' & went to classes, but they were
severely beaten by metal pipes & were hospitalized. So I though, these groups
(left & Shiit Muslims) say Shah is 'bad' because he tells us we should go 'this'
way, but he puts us in jail if we don't. So these groups want to take over the
power, to 'improve' things. But they are saying you must go 'that' way, or they
beat the hell out of you even before they take over the power. Obviously they'd
be far worst after they do take over.

- Even the Goh Bazagan was Western educated, but he was too stupid not to have
known how corrupt & filthy the mullahs were & still following the Shiit Islam,
even after Kasravi had warned against it.

- As for the theatre & being actors, yes indeed, they were all stupid siyaahi-lashgar,
used to act as stampeding-cattle to convince the world that Miranian cattle wanted to
remove Shah.

- If he hadn't mentioned the killing of the French, I'd have said how stupid that he
didn't know about it; & that the French revolution was not beautiful at all; & that
even the French were disgusted by it & eventually ended up having an emperor; which
goes to show how stupid they were.

But the idiot knew about the killing & yet is stupid enough to say "We never thought
that those killings would start afterwards". Well, it's very clear that this idiot
had no brain what so ever at the time.

I could understand how people could be brainwashed & be stupid, but not learning
their lessons after over 15 years of nightmare & not admitting their mistakes &
not trying to undo what they did. This idiot is still carrying on, trying to speak
on behalf of millions, trying to justify his actions/inactions.

It took a year for the communists & the Islamics to move away from one another.
But the Tudeh, the communist party, had infiltrated every branch of the new government.
Then even went to the Friday prayers in the mosques. They showed themselves as people
of God. The communist party in those early days put itself entirely at the service
of Khomeini. They said, according to Ali, that they didn't want executive power;
they were content to be counselors.

I think when you deal with Miran, you learn not to get shocked at anything anymore,
because 'anything goes' in the Goh & dead culture of Miran.

Bolsheviks & KK Lenin & Stalin were responsible for killing & torture of millions
of their own people & destruction of their own country. But the stupid & Goh leaders
of Tudeh party didn't know?! Many of them even were on the payroll of USSR & were
simply their 'agents'.

It goes to show how stupid Miranian youth were to be brainwashed by communism. And
what should the old regime have done, let these idiots do anything they wanted
& destroy the country & sell it out to soviets?! Even USA didn't give much freedom
to their communists.

They'd have treated Miranian cattle no better, & will see this soon.

After 6 months of the revolution Ali was insecure & bitter. Life wasn't easy. It
was impossible to work. The new officials were hostile; they looked upon Ali as
part of the old regime. Some people in Ali's company started to agitate against him.
Two or three of them would come to Ali's office to 'question' him. He had to buy
them off. And at the end of the first year he was kidnapped.

Damesh garm, bikhiyaal & bikhiyaar.

Wow, it took the idiot 6 months to realize what goh-khori he'd done?

As for being mistreated, serves him right. If you eat shit, you have to accept its
bad smell/taste as well.

This makes it even worst. He became bitter, but doesn't seem to show much bitterness
now. Perhaps he doesn't want to look too stupid.

The book even says that there were 4 million people in Tehran & any of them could
come with a gun to demand money from him. Even local officials took his land from him.

This is clearly showing that Miranian cattle must be ruled by a powerful government,
which could force them to 'behave' in a civil manner, or else they'll take over &
then 'anything goes': loot, killing, bullying, war-lords, rape, etc etc. It would
take at least 200 years of proper education to remove this 'feature' of Miranian culture.

Not to mention millions who would sell their country to just anybody for $100, who'd
be happy to do anything in return. So almost any foreign power could buy a rent-a-crowd
in Miran to engineer any event they like, including 'electing/moving' anybody in or
out of government.

I bet he became bitter, not because so many were killed & tortured (or else he'd
felt bad in the first month), but he 'lost' money (US$ going from 7 toman to 1000)
& land & had to buy off local bullies & couldn't do good business.

Yet, he doesn't say enough bad things about the KIR regime & only looks for excuses
to justify his stupidity & 'responsibility' for the nightmare.

But we'll soon see how he even brags about having had a good time, which shows how
little he even 'cares' for the damn country & its people. So all his desire for the
'holy heavenly revolution' was to serve his EGO & his own interests, not to create
a better society .

Next, he talks about the local official who took his land in Kerman. The guy was 34,
short, fat, part of the Mujahidn group & 100% against capitalists. Ali claims that
he must've been beaten by Savak, as if this could justify 'their' goh-khori, & full
of resentment. The guy caused Ali a lot 'damage'.

But a few years later, the guy goes to Ali's office. He was poor & was kicked out
of office & had been in prison (read tortured)! He went to ask for a job. He kissed
Ali & asked for pardon. He was 45 then.

Ali told him:
every kid had toys, but there is one toy that is the special toy. I too have toys.
I've been used to living well, to enjoy myself, & every night, all through my life,
I've had lavish food. I'm still doing that. And that is my favorite toy. If because
of what you've done I didn't have my lavish living for one night, I'd never forgive
you. I'd never pardon you. But what you did was like a little fly walking on my skin.
It couldn't hurt me.

Need I any more? Isn't it obvious that this idiot had no interest in a better & just
society. He only wanted to serve his EGO & private interests & lavish-life. Notice
how he brags & is revengeful!

He didn't give him a job, because "people of this kind can never be straightened.
If they had the chance again, they'd hurt me again. So they should be kept away".

It's interesting that my own Islamic upbringing taught me that one should 'forgive'
(dar afv lezzatist keh dar enteqaam nist); but this idiot's fathers were mullahs, &
yet he seeks revenge. Even the KK Khomeini, the holy Miranian Imam was full of hate
& revenge.

So there seems to be at least 2 versions of Shiit Islam in Miran, one practiced by the
KK mullahs & many of their uneducated cattle supporters; the other practiced by those
who are more honest & compassionate. But in my opinion, this second version is a totally
different 'religion'. It is a combination of many 'good' & 'humane' values, coming
from old/other religions & poetry, etc ..., which is not practiced by the mullahs
at all. Also, its Farsi-speaking followers don't use the word 'allah' & use the words
like khodaa & parvardegaar for 'God'.

I just can't see the logic that some idiot bullies wanted to destroy the country
& turn it communist (or KIR) & kill millions; as it's been proved; but the old regime
is 'bad' because it used Savak to stop it.

All 'holy' revolutions have ended up having secret police to kill & torture & force
people into submissions, always have & always will.

Hell, even Arafat was corrupt & cruel to his own people & abused 'power'.
Power has always corrupted humans & turned them into monsters & always will.

But all the supporter of goh-khori of 78, still use 'Savak' to justify their
goh-khori. Not everyone who works for CIA, torture people. I've known a few men
who worked for Savak & were decent family men & couldn't hurt anybody. I bet CIA
had even played a major role in setting up Savak, but not even this makes it evil.
The problem in Miran was & is the culture & will continue to be so, unless the mass
cattle are properly educated. But this hasn't been desirable for the Masters so far.
In fact, the old regime in Miran did try to educate people, but the cattle interpreted
it as 'weakness' & tried to dominate & take over.

This idiot's father prospered in the old regime enough to send his tuleh-sag to US for
8 years, he himself even became rich in the old regime, yet he helped & 'paid' to
remove the old regime & destroy the country & lives of millions of people, without
even showing much regret now.

And now, back to the exciting saga of the mullah-zaadeh Ali.

One year into KIR, Ali is pushed from every side, by KIR, by communists within
the government, & by simple agitators. He was kidnapped 3 or 4 more times.

There was now a constant harassment from the Rev Guards. Even if you were cleanly
dressed, they didn't like it & would attack you.

"The reins of government went altogether out of the hands of government, out of
control. It was anarchy & terror. The reason was Khomeini himself. About 3 months
after the revolution I was taken by my ayatollah friend to meet Mr Khomeini. ...
the room was full of mullahs, 200 of them. And they all wanted money to take to
their students & religious organisations in their own towns. Khomeini said he
didn't have the money to give to all of them. Then he said, "go to your own towns.
Find the first man who is rich or the first man who has a factory or a huge farm.
And force him to pay you."

this language from the head of the government shocked Ali. And this was when he
realised that Khomeini was leading his people to chaos.

The lawyer said, "so he made disorder in the country & let them loot. He did what
they wanted."

Not only he didn't know what a KK Khomeini was, he still had ayatollah friends.
Not only all the killings so far hadn't made him regret his actions, his 'friend'
had taken him to KKK to introduce him as a developer who could help with the housing
problems. Meaning, Ali wanted to do 'business' with the KIR regime & make money, so
he had no regrets at all. He was only interested in money now. So what, that the
holy-revolution had destroyed the country, there was still money to be made to
have lavish-living.

A true Miranians, who was produced by inbreeding of generations of Mullahs! Not
even 8 years of 'education' in USA could change him.

I wonder if these guys trying to put the blame now on Khomeini, to remove all
responsibility from themselves. If so, it doesn't work. They should've known better.
How a mullah-zaadeh not know what animals mullah are? Surely they should've seen the
truth after the first month. It's as if they have no conscious what so ever. First
they blame Shah, then take part in the destruction of their own country, then go
around finding others to blame; as if still trying to justify their own goh-khori.

Nobody says: "goh khordim", things were much better in the old regime & we should've
helped to 'improve' it & work within it to improve the culture.

Just look at what the idiot says now:

"when he said 'follow the law', it wasn't the law of the country. It was his law,
the law in his own mind. ... he wanted complete chaos. That day in his house I
realised that this man is not a man of government. He was a revolutionary. He
couldn't control himself. Until the very last day he was making disorder."

There is something really wrong with his brain, after all he is a mullah's son.

"He was a revolutionary. He couldn't control himself." ?!
What the hell does this mean? First he says 'revolution' is good & holy, then he
calls this KK a 'revolutionary'?! Then he says "he couldn't help himself" as if
trying to defend a child: "oh, he is too young, he can't help himself, he saw
the cake & took it, he doesn't know any better ..."

Most rational people would not say such things about a goh & KK monster who sold
out his country & 'religion', who was responsible for millions being killed &
tortured, or die from heart-ache & depression & drugs & hanging & prostitutions,
etc etc. A KK who promised 'freedom', but afterwards said "freedom would lead to
prostitution", a monster who had hundreds burnt is a locked-up cinema so that he
could blame the old regime for it; I could go on & on.

Yet this selfish idiot now says "he couldn't help himself"?
There is no limit to Miranian stupidity, no limit at all.

I wondered whether this disorder, this constant 'revolution' (a word with
misleading associations), wasn't an aspect of Shia protest. But when I made
my point neither Ali nor the lawyer took it up. They were disillusioned men;
they spoke out of a great torment; but they were so deep in Shiism; it was so
much part of their emotional life; that they couldn't take this step back, as
it were, & consider it from the outside.

They are so deep in shiiiiiiiiiit that they can't see.

Some people say that Shiit has been underdog for centuries, claiming that the
ruler was evil & that Shiit should rule in the name of Allah, to bring heaven
on earth & run a heavenly government. Now that they've proven they've brought
hell on earth, they have to find a scape goat to be 'evil', because they can't be.
So they pick on US or Israel to be evil.

If you think about it, Shiit doesn't make sense at all, never did & never will.
How could God decide Mohammed to be the last prophet, yet choose Ali to be 'holy'
& 'Godly', while Mohammed was alive; & not ever tell this to Mohammed or mention
this in Koran?! How could God not mention that Ali's 12 sons will have Godly
powers & not tell Mohammed & not mention it in Koran?! How come Ali's first son,
sold off his claim to 'kingdom' to the 'enemy', but his second son didn't & was
killed in a very stupid way? Why didn't God warn him that he was walking to his
death? Did God wanted him to be murdered? Why let his entire family & innocent
kids be butchered? So that the filthy mullahs become rich out of it, doing ro'zeh
khuni? But his killers were true Muslims, didn't they know Islam meant peace, or
did they think it meant piss? But why stop after 12, what's so special about 12?
So that KK mullahs could claim to be Allah's representative & milk & bleed the
cattle? I could go on & on.

This is like some Christians regrading Peter as 'holy' & 'Godly' after Christ,
regard his sons as 'holy' for 12 generations, & create a separate religion of Shiit
Christianity! Many Christians have regarded Peter as a saint, but nobody has been
stupid enough to say Peter was holier than Christ. Stupidity seems to be the hall
mark of Shiit Muslims .

When you have no logic or basis for your claim, & want to take over the power,
you have no choice but to create chaos. And, you need to brainwash people to be
so stupid, not to ever question you or your lack of logic. You want to really
mess them up emotionally & physically to remove any sense & logic from them, like
make them cry all the times & make them get angry & beat themselves senseless.
And if anybody dares to questions you, like Kasravi, you have them murdered.

You also, want to cause so much suffering & pain to people, that they never
have time or energy for rational thinking/actions, let alone the desire or the
fire to rise up against you.

Speaking of 'protest', it's interesting that Islam has never had a proper
'protestant' movement, which in most Christian countries, resulted in local
languages being used for prayer & reading of the Bible. It was also started to
stop the corruption & filth of the clergies in Christianity.

This is why most Iranians do their prayers in a language they don't understand,
so it is just mambo-jumbo for them. And, mullahs still continue to be filthy & corrupt.

Shiit Islam was an Arabic idea & was originated by Arabs, very early on It was
imported to Miran a few centuries later. Arab tribal loyalties & conflicts must've
been a major factor in its creation. The civil war that started between Ali &
Aaysheh, the child bride of the prophet, was not about 'theology', it was a fight
for power. If God had chosen Ali to rule in His name as His holy Imam, nobody
could've beaten him or murdered him, nobody.

Because it is based on lies & Bullshit, Shiit can never work, so the mullahs have
to forever find excuses for why it doesn't work. In old days, it was easy, they
could just say "we'll turn Iran into heaven after we take over". But, they did
take over in Miran & not only destroyed the country, they even F* their own
religion in the process. This is why the KK khr says that the Goh-khori was only
a 'beginning', only 30% has been done! As if he's talking about % of people he
should've killed. Today, not only the mullahs have nothing to show but the pain
& suffering & killings & waste they have caused, they are even seriously hated
by the majority of educated Miranians.

This is why some KIR supporters, who have been living outside Miran for over 20 years
as US/EU citizens, have the nerve to say "nemizaarand", meaning the 'West' doesn't
let the KK mullahs create heaven in Miran. What kind of people would support the
KIR, but never go to live under it?! These people not only are so stupid to follow
the Shiit religion, & are so blind not to see the pain & killing & destruction done
to 'their country', & are not man enough to admit their mistakes; but they have no
conscience or vozhdaan. In short, they are fanatic Shiit Muslims.

People should learn to 'think' & act rationally, even when they follow a religion.
This means the religion should make some 'sense', & it should 'deliver', meaning,
it should at least result in a 'good' & functioning society, &/or cause some
'positive' results in people's lives. Shiit Islam is based on lies & rubbish, has
created cruel & filthy corrupt clergies, prevents people from using any form of
logic in their lives, turns people into dumb cattle, & really harms the society.
Miran is a classic proof.

Ali said. "Khomeini has set a bad example. Every ayatollah now can claim necessity,
as Khomeini often did, & break the law. .... He had an instinctive brain. He was
instinctively intelligent. An instinctive, animal intelligence. Because of this
he could command the people. He didn't have an educated intelligence. He didn't
become emotional. He was very cool".

Khaak bar sareh gohet!
If a 60 yo, US educated, rich Miranian can be so stupid, what hope is there for
the damn country?!
Khomeini was a instinctive M*-Jendeh. He wasn't 'cool', he was a binaamus, bivozhdaan,
khunkhaar Monster.

Ali could identify the Mujahidin & the Muslims, because he, too, was pretending:
he was pretending to be a Muslim revolutionary. 'My life was in danger, & I had to
make friendship with them regardless.' very soon Ali discovered a third group who
had infiltrated both the Mujahidin & the Muslims. 'They were people who simply
wanted to grab some money for themselves. But they acted Islamic.'

yes indeed, khar hamun khar bud, only paalunesh avaz shod, & vahshi tar shod.

People who learn to lie & cheat & do khaayeh-maali & patri-baazi, the day they
are born, will not easily change.

Their religion & lives have been a lie for centuries. They may bullshit about a
lot of things (eg: ensaaniyat, mohabbat, etc), but in reality, they are all lies,
EGO, urge to dominate others, urge to eat like khar, & urge to F* like khar. Mullahs
are very good examples of true Miranians today & have been the 'elite' of the culture
for centuries. You name it & they've done it, just to increase their own power &
wealth & sex-life.

Anyway, this hazrateh Ali was arrested many times & once was even held for 6 months.
He once read on the wall of his cell "the prisoner will eventually be released, but
thew prison-keeper will be forever in the prison", which he found 'encouraging. And
now he starts to 'brag' again: "even now, after 15 years, though I've been released
for so many years, & have been so free to go on so many journeys anywhere in the
world, & I've gone & enjoyed myself, even now, when I have certain things to do, &
I go to the prison area, although the place has changed, ..., I still see some of
the prison-keepers there. So they are the prisoners. Not us. They were the prisoners."

very interesting. Notice he is always ready to 'brag' about lavish-life & 'enjoying',
yet he was 'religious' & built a mosque & paid for the goh-khori so he could have
heavenly-freedom & heavenly-revolution.
Notice how full of 'compassion' he is for his own fellow revolutionaries. But now he
uses "us" to refer to himself, as in 'us' the pee-pole & 'them' the government
police/jailers. He always tries to take the upper hand & 'win' the game by any means
possible, he's not choosy who he makes 'friends' with neither, as long as he can
make money to 'enjoy' himself & have a 'lavish-life' to brag about.

Some of the Rev-guards in the prison were the sons of laborers who had worked for
him in the building project. They told him "in the past you wouldn't look at us.
You were so proud. Now you are behind bars here & we have to feed you. Allah ho
akbar! God is so great!"


This stuff is simply 'classic'. What a great book!

The boys go & tell their Dad about him & to their surprise, the fathers told them
to do everything in their power to help Ali, because in the past Ali had helped
them by giving them jobs. Does this mean that the older generation Miranians were
more 'loyal'? But even the KK Khomeini used to support 'monarchy', before his EGO
took over, which must've been caused by him seeing Shah as 'weak'.

But the boys, now the 'friends', helped him a lot & removed him from solitary cell
& put him with others in the political section & gave him so much fruit & candy
that he used to share it with others in the cell. Ali's privileges made some of
the prisoners jealous.

Some of the prisoners were Tudeh (although Tudeh leaders were cooperating with KIR),
some were Mujahid (although they were still friends with KIR), some were extreme
Maoist (I wonder if China paid them, like USSR did the Tudeh), some were
generals/colonels from the old Army, some were big landowners who links with
the old regime.

But strangely, there were 2 sexually corrupt mullahs who had flourished in the
old regime. One was a fortune teller, the other had a talisman for women who
couldn't bear children, so he used to take them home & have sex with them.


This is fascinating to me, because he seems to emphasize that the mullahs had
flourished in the 'old regime'. I bet this was the real reason for their being
in prison. Because, surely, more than 60% of the mullahs in Miran were & are
'sexually' corrupt. So they were not there for that reason.

One day some of the communist boys couldn't stand it & told Ali: "this is wedding
party for you. But wait. Wait until we take power. We don't bring your kind of
people to the court & to prison. We'll take the court & the executioner to your
street & to your house, & we'll try you in front of your house & execute you right
there." Ali told them "thanks be to Allah that you are in prison, & you will stay
in prison & cannot do anything to me."

I really think they would've done it too.
But in spite of their big-mouth & EGO & cruelty, the LEFT oppositions were too
stupid to know:

-Communists had destroyed every country they took over,

-Masters would never have allowed communists to take over in any country in
Middle-East or Asia. Their leaders must've known that Masters had given the
green-light to remove Shah. They should've known that Masters must've already
decided who they wanted to replace Shah, & it couldn't have been the leftists.
It couldn't have been any form of freedom-loving democracy, because the mullahs
& the leftists would've torn them to pieces. It must've been the killer mullahs.
It had to be somebody who was cruel enough to force Miranians into total
submission & corrupt enough for the Masters to have their wishes.

Ali was then released after his trial & things became quieter for him. There
were still many problems & life was never easy, but the kind of revolutionary
who had prejudged him as rich man & tormented him during the first 3 years was
not so dominant now in the court & government, because government had got rid
of many of the wilder people, & those remaining had become less hard with the
years. Power had corrupted many of them. Some of them had made a lot of money &
gone into business for themselves. And most importantly, Ali had learned how to
deal with those in power. Same-as-it-ever-was!

And after all of this there was melancholy in Ali's house. It showed in his
wife's face, which spoke of an unassuageable grief for what had really been
a lost life.

Amen! Well said!
In spite of all his bragging & lack-of conscience/vozhdaan, he & his family
would've been far better off under the old regime.

I think we should take into account that he's talking to an English-speaking writer
who's going to write a book, so his EGO must be doing some of the talking, trying
to raise his profile & make him look 'good'. But, he is 60 & should know better by now.

I don't mind somebody saying "goh-khordim, I/we didn't know any better, it was a
big mistake & we paid for it too. But we did try to undo our mistake by ...".

But, this 60 yo idiot, 8 years US-educated, not only doesn't show any regret or
remorse, he even brags about the holy-heavenly-revolution, saying "WE wanted
this/that", & tries to either blame Shah/Savak or even Khomeini, as if he had
no responsibility in the nightmare. Hell, he even paid money for the goh-khori
to happen, so how can he not be responsible?

He is nothing but a disgusting sleazy aab-zireh-kaah nun-beh-nerkheh-ruz-khor
selfish greedy son of a mullah.

Perhaps, his use of the word 'Allah' is a clue. Many good Miranians may say
allah-ho-akbar during their namaaz, but during normal conversation, they use
'khodaa' to refer to God. He doesn't strike me as a honest compassionate man at all.

But ultimately, even though I find such people 'responsible', but the real blame
goes to all the KK & MJ opposition leaders of 78 & the goh Mosaddeq. If there is
a God, they will all rot in hell.

It's interesting that Japanese worshiped their emperor like a God, because they
thought he had descended from Gods. Yet, 3 days after the first atomic bomb, the
emperor had not met with his council to decide what should be done. He also
actively encouraged his people to fight & commit suicide if captured, because
he wanted to 'bleed' the Americans to make a better deal with them, even though
he knew he'd lost the war. He cared more about some objects in his castle, that
were supposed to be 'holy', than his people. Yet, even though some Japanese became
communists, the majority backed their government & worked together to rebuild their
destroyed country, so now they have a reasonable country & government.

Miranian would've been far better off to work with the old regime trying to improve
things for themselves & their country.

Now, the story of Paydar, who grew up in poverty in north-west & was possessed
by the idea of revolution from an early age. He was tormented by his daily suffering
of his mother, who stitched clothes till late at night to support them. Father had
died when he was 12.

This "idea of revolution" is interesting to me. Miranian cattle were extremely poor
for centuries, no education, no health service, no dignity, no nothing. They were
mainly servants & nokar & amaleh & hammaal. You can see this very clearly in the
old pictures of common people on the streets. Yet, how come none of the gaav/olaaq
had any such ideas? I tell you why, because this is what happens when you educate
the cattle, they start demanding more, & before you know it, they want to take over
the power, but they always end up being more cruel & corrupt then those before them.
This is specially so, if they think the ruler is 'weak'. The KK mullahs would've
never dared to rise up against Reza Shah.

Another major factor in Miran was the fact that many top leaders of Tudeh party were
in the payroll of the Soviets.

Sure enough, Paydar joined the Tudeh party. "Tudeh hoped to ride to power on the back
of the religious movement, & in the early days of the revolution it was the policy
of the party to adopt an Islamic camouflage."

Well, why not, every man & his dog was happy to do anything for power; hell, even
the British have used the Mullahs to control Miran for over 100 years.

Tudeh was outlawed in 83, & 2 years later, Paydar, who was in hiding, was arrested
& put in prison & was badly treated by his holy Muslim 'brothers'. Allah-ho-Ahmaq.

But he started to 'think' in jail:

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