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Piece of Meat - Part 3
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Piece of Meat
Part 3

L. Doggie has been starved for years; he wants the big piece of meat!
R. They want to give him, the small piece of meat, only to survive!

"After we see the problems of life we begin to think. We try to stand our own feet
& try to get to some kind of resolution. Religious people don't like it. Because it
means we are putting the whole system away. We believe in God most of us, but we
think like Voltaire."

That was what I had meant when I had said that Freydoun was a religious man. But
in Iran, as I now saw, words like 'religious' & 'pagan' had Iranians meanings.

Mehrdad said, "God is needed for life. But not those meaningless rules. People don't
worry about it. We have rules about young people being together. It is illegal, but
people do it. I have a friend. She is having troubles with her boyfriend. She is
not a virgin. By this same fellow. He is now going away; he is going to leave her.
And she is praying regularly. When the pressure is on, people turn to religion. We
need God. In a poor country with a lot of problems we need someone at the top."

Imam Khomeini (Roots of Superstition, Religious Infection and Islamist Disease!)
Graphic Design by Admzad

This is the worst time to seek refuge in religion, when one can't think rationally.
This is when they let go of any logic or sense they may have & go back to their
childhood, when they were brainwashed to believe in rubbish & shiit-tales. In Shiit
religion, this could mean turning into a badbakhto bichaareh 'begger', going to
some olaaq's tomb & throwing yourself on the ground & wail & cry & seek 'moraad',
bargaining with God, "you do this for me, & I'll do that for you". This would cause
even more problems. We are given a 'brain' for a reason. We should learn to use it
rationally to address issues/problems rationally.

An experienced psychotherapist says that one of the best way to deal with dark emotions
of grief/fear/despair is to pray. You don't even have to believe in God, just look
up in the sky & pray to "what is", say to the 'universe', "I accept what is & what
is to come". You will then feel much better.

Begging God & bargaining with God, is not a rational thing to do. We should find a
religion/philosophy that would 'work' for us & the society. At a very least, it should
not be based on lies & rubbish & hate & revenge & killing & stupidity. Those who'd follow
such a religion would not be filthy & corrupt, let alone its clergies. So we must
avoid any religion that has filthy corrupt clergies, or one that makes people behave
like stupid dumb cattle.

Why do you think the religious people place such stress on rules?

"They are the rule-makers. If you deny the rules you are denying the rule-maker.
If you put the rule-maker away you are against the Leader. If you oppose the Leader
you are against the Holy Prophet. If you are against the Holy Prophet you are against
the Holy Book, & the Holy Book comes from God. Someone against the God must be killed.
But who does the killing? Only the rule-maker. Not God."

This makes too many assumptions:
1- there is a all-powerful God, who micro manages the world.
2- God dictated His laws to a prophet.
3- the prophet of our religion is The prophet in 2.
4- Leader represents the prophet in 3.
5- Leader follows the Laws of God in 1 & nothing else.

But, in Shiit 4 & 5 are NOT true at all!
The Holy Book Islam doesn't recognize the 12 holy Imams of Shiit as Holy
representatives of its God. Prophet of Islam never mentioned that the 12 Imams
of Shiit would be his real successors, let alone being Holier than him.
One must be very careful who one calls God, or Prophet. Perhaps its best to ignore
all our religious brainwashing & start from scratch. Is there a God? If so, how
would it act, what should its religion be like, would it choose human prophets,
what kind of human prophets, how would such a prophet act/do/say, would there be
a holy book, what kind of book should this be & what should it say, etc etc?

Eg, if God wanted to choose a prophet today, what would be reasonable:

1- choose the most famous top athlete in the world.
2- " " " scientist " .
3- " a nobody uneducated shepherd in some remote part of the world.
4- " the leader of the most powerful nation.
Etc etc.

What should be in the Holy book:

1- how to wash yourself after going to toilet.
2- burn all non believers.
3- map of earth (land & water).
4- earth is NOT flat & it moves around the Sun.
5- laws of physics.
6- all the elements in the chemistry.
Etc etc.

Let's forget about God & religion, let's assume that you have a book you want people
read. How would you go about getting all humans on the plant to read it? Would you
find some uneducated man who can't read/write in some remote desert, whose language
most people won't understand, then try to dictate the book to him & ask him to
remember it & spread the message across the planet. Or, would you go to USA & find
a good publisher to publish your book in English, the most widely spoken language

Don't just believe what you've been told, ask for proof.

Eg, is there any proof that God micro-manages the world?
Meaning He makes all decisions & decides everyone's 'fate'.

Is there any proof that God will punish those who do evil?

To me, the fact that assholes like Stalin & Mao, lived ruled for such a long time &
were responsible for pain/suffering/murder of millions of people, proves that God
doesn't micro-manage or macro-manage the world, & he doesn't punish evil people.

Another proof is that millions of babies are born severely disabled & deformed.
Babies are innocent, there is no need to make them suffer. The all-powerful,
all-compassionate God would not punish parents by hurting babies.

Why should God allow the filthy corrupt monster mullahs to come to power, then let
them destroy a country & make millions suffer for over 25 years, while claiming to
rule in God's name? What kind of idiot God would allow this?

It seems very clear that God doesn't get involved in what people do or what happens
to them.

What kind of idiot God, after thousands of years, using thousands of 'prophets',
can't manage to get all humans to follow His religion, if it was His wish. The fact
that today there are so many totally different religions out there, can only mean
that either there is no God, or that God doesn't have a religion that He has wished
humans to follow for thousands of years.

This is a very personal & serious journey, & a very difficult one if one is brainwashed
too much in childhood. Most people take the easy option & just follow the religion
of their parents, accepting their brainwashing as 'facts'.

There were rules; everything was controlled. It wasn't only the chador & headdress
for women; or boys & girls not walking together; or women not singing on the radio
& TV; or certain kinds of music not being played. ... founder-editor of the Tehran
times had told the author in 79 that "they want to control, your way of sitting
here, & your way of talking".

They have to do it, because they took the power by force, have stayed in power
without people's wish, & had to kill thousands to force people into total submission.
To top it off, their religion is based on shit, & people hate their guts. They were
able to come to power because the old regime showed 'weakness', so they know what
'weakness' in Miran would lead to.

Author then talks about how Mehrdad's sister is unmarried, with little chance of
getting married, since too many men died in the war. She just return home from work
& stays home full of inward rage, & her unhappiness affecting the whole house & her

Author had seen young women in 1980, among the students, who'd camped outside the
seized US embassy. He saw one plump young woman coming out of a low tent, her face
bright with the idea of serving the revolution. Most of those young people, 'Muslim
students following the line of the ayatollah Khomeini', would now have been dead or
neutered, like all the other communist or left-wing groups. Author doesn't think that
young woman could've dreamed that the revolution to which she was contributing would've
ended in this way, with an old-fashioned tormenting of women, & with the helicopters
in the sky looking for satellite dishes.

I should say, some of the those 'young women' really benefited from their mullah pimps.
One best example is the holy-mother of Miran, the one who dresses & poses as if she
were the holy virgin mother herself. Yes, I'm talking about the famous whore 'Marry',
who spoke with American accent for the hostage takers, who now parades as a 'scientist'
& former vice president of KIR, Masumeh ebteh-KIR.

no one I met spoke of any kind of revolution as a possibility. That idea, so loved by
Iranians of an earlier generation,

It all depends who the author mean by 'Iranians', I know many educated Iranians who
didn't support it. Majority of the pee-pole who took part in the protests, were just
dumb cattle, following the KK idiots who were either paid to protest, or were brainwashed
by those who got paid to do it. Most of the young ones were just hormone driven
sex-deprived power hungry idiot bullies, who have either been killed or have sobered
up, like some we see in this book. It's amazing that even if they sober up, they still
give lectures & try to raise their EGO & blame others, rather than say how sorry they
are for having been so stupid.

had been spoilt now, as in the old USSR; 'revolution' was a word that had been taken
over by the religious state. No one ever spoke of the possibility of political action.
There was no means, & no leaders in sight. No new ideas could be floated. The apparatus
of control was complete. The actual rulers, though their photographs appeared everywhere,
were far away; government here, as someone said, was 'occult'. And still, in the general
inanition, there was a feeling that something was about to happen. It made people nervous.

One day .... Mehrdad, after seeming to say that people had learned how to live with
the restrictions, abruptly said the opposite. He said, 'everybody is frightened. I am
frightened. My father & mother are frightened. They are not sure what the future will
bring for them or for us, their children ....'

with this insecurity, certain fantasies had taken hold. The most extraordinary was that
Khomeini had been a British or European agent. ... There had been a meeting in the
French West Indian island of Guadeloupe, according to this story, & the Powers had
decided to foist Khomeini on the Iranian people. The Iranians were simple people; they
could be persuaded bu skilled propaganda to demonstrate for anything; people had joined
the demonstrations against the Shah not out of conviction, but simply to do what everybody
else was doing. The establishment of an Islamic state in Iran was an anti-Islamic plot by
the Powers, to teach Muslims a lesson, & specially to punish the people of Iran.

Well, how else would you explain the fact that every time KIR is in serious trouble,
Jack Straw wears his mullah hat on & goes to Miran to advise KIR what to do. How else
do you explain that every time the Masters want a better deal, to bleed Miran further,
they have their media interview Reza Pahlavi, & mullahs give in to their demands. Why
should mullahs be scared shitless of RP? Because they know who gave them the power &
who can take it away.

Why else, would the Powers allow their media to give air time to a hostage-taker
'terrorist' & call her a 'scientist' & allow the whore to say nice things about
the killer mullahs? This very same media gave the old regime hell, after the
decision was made to remove it.

Why else, UN seems to always support KIR, talking about 'dialog' but not about
the killing & torture records of the mullahs.

How else, could killer agents of KIR, move through Swiss & France, kill Iranians
living there who are against KIR, then safely return to Miran?

How else, could you explain the fact that many Western countries just recently gave
a hard time to the Miranian Leftist opposition groups in their countries, who posed
no threats to them.

I think Masters wanted Shah removed, but didn't want the left to take over Miran.
They wanted somebody cruel enough to brutally kill & destroy the communists in Miran,
something even Savak hadn't done. British had the mullahs in their payrolls for a long
time & knew how corrupt & cruel they were, so the Masters planned & paid for KIR to
take over.

The fact is that Masters had also planned for Afghanistan to become the Vietnam for
the Russians. So they couldn't afford the Left to take over in Miran. They wanted Muslim
fanatics there to fight the Soviets & having KIR in Miran would just make things a bit
easier. Besides, they made a fortune as a result any way, so it really worked for them.

Masters didn't want democracy in Miran & know very well that too much freedom in
Middle-East could only lead to chaos & rebellion. The domineering & hierarchical
culture, where you have to dominate to prevent others to dominate you, could not
handle 'democracy'. The cattle must have somebody on top kicking them to make sure
they behave.

Shah had cancer in 74, & both Masters & Soviets must have known about it, with so
many Miranians in their payrolls. This means the Leftist groups in Miran would've
tried to take over the power, using their young & brainwashed supporters. Masters
were already planning to lure the Russians into Afghanistan & wouldn't have liked
the Left to rise to power in Miran. Shah was also becoming too independent, & Miran
was causing problems in OPEC for the Masters. By choosing a killer mullah, Masters

-wipe out the Leftist opposition in Miran, something Shah didn't do;
-set a good role model for the fanatic Muslims in Afghanistan so they would rise
up against the Soviets;
-encourage Islamic uprisings in small republics in USSR;
-kill the currency in Miran, so Masters could soon buy everything at bargain prices
(like the Balkans);
-freeze all Miranian assets;
-cancel all Arms/technology contracts/deals Shah had already paid for;
-encourage all the rich to migrate to the west with their fortunes;
-set the scene for a long-term war between Miran & Iraq, to control them both;
to use all their old ammunitions; make a fortune by selling Arms to both sides;
-have the corrupt mullahs in the palm of their hands, who'd agree to any deal
(unlike Shah);
-etc., etc.

To me this is all further proof that Miranians are not revolutionaries.
The old regime was a saint compared to KIR, no matter how you look it.
But if you read my article about the X-CIA guy going to Miran, you see how Miranians
hate the mullahs & would like for US to bomb KIR out of power.

Gondeh guzi tabaq tabaq, sag haa bedoresh vaqo vaq.

... it was said that Iranians were not really responsible for the more dramatic
aspects of the Shia faith. The bloody scourging of Mohurram, the mourning month:
the idea was really imported from Europe, from the Catholics; it had nothing to
do with the original faith.
I talked about hits to Mehrdad. He said, "it's something habitual. Our enemies
are always responsible. Blaming others, not ourselves."

In fact some Sunni Arabs, if not all, say that Jews started the Shiit movement in
order to cause division among the Muslims. After Mohammed, one smart Jew started
telling Ali that "you are the one"& he tried to encourage people to follow Ali.

I do know that some Christians also beat themselves, even today. This was a very
common practice among the clergies/monks. Some even crucify themselves on a cross.
This is more common among the uneducated people in remote locations.

Next, author meets Mrs Seghir, who lived abroad, but was in Miran for a visit. Her
husband had died from cancer. He was a highly trained engineer, with an important
job with government. He'd become frightened after the revolution & the stress had
destroyed him. Author saw his photo on a table in her house.

the photograph was a handsome, good-natured man, immediately attractive & fine.
The photographs, in varying frame, were close together on the little oval table,
like the picture-holders among the elms & pines & oleanders & the fading flags in
the Martyr's Cemetery. And they too, in a way, were martyrs of the revolution.

My hearts bleeds for so many who deq-kardand, but were opposed to the Goh-khori.
Many who had worked & studied so hard to get somewhere, but saw their lives to rot
away & their hopes shatter, & their kids go to waste. They either died from heart
attacks or cancer. This is happening as you read this.

Mehrdad went to the kitchen to talk to Freydoun's mother, but came back, looking
distressed. He said, "I've been hearing miseries. Sometimes I think I can't bear

Many days before, author had asked Mehrdad what he felt about the war & he had
replied "I feel nothing about it." he hadn't meant that. What he had meant was what
he just said: "sometimes I think I can't bear it any more."

It is believed that when people can't bear their dark-emotions (eg. grief, fear,
despair), they act-out, which often results in more problems for them. They also
'medicate' themselves with work/drugs/sex/etc, which again causes more trouble for
them in the long run. Add to this, the fact that people get angry & irritated &
frustrated when their needs are not met, and you have a time bomb!

This is all going to work to Masters' advantage. They choose a ruler, then when
the ruler serves its purpose, plan & pay for a stampede to replace the old ruler
with a monster to beat the shit out of the cattle, make tons of money from this
new regime. Then when the cattle can't take it no more, rev-them-up for another
stampede, I bet they don't have to spend too much money next time.

Now, make sure you are sitting down, because you may get a shock from the next story.

There were rules & more rules. But young people, those who had known nothing but
religious state, were learning their own ways of disobedience. They had their bodies;
their bodies were their own. There were stories of a sexual revolution among the young;
& there were other forms of disobedience.

Freydoun was about 22-25, abut his younger brother was 17-20, who belonged to a
different generation. Freydoun was a philosopher, a doubter, intellectually curious.
His brother was into football teams & 'heavy metal' groups. He was also a Nazi! I
had to rub my eyes to make sure I was reading right! Allah-ho-Ahmaq, what a culture.
He said that as an Iranian he was Aryan; therefore he was a Nazi. He & his friends
had driven out the Jewish family who used to live next door. They had slashed the
tyres of the family car & broken their windows. The family left Miran. Yes indeed,
'compassion' only seems to exist in the Miranian poetry; it's fiction & not 'real';
it doesn't exist among Miranians. It's been bred out of them over centuries of rape
& invasions & killings & torture; following a shit religion that has thought them
to behave like dumb cattle.

Freydoun's brother & his friends were not frightened, their main sport was taunting
the Guards & challenging them to arrest them. His brother had often spent a day or
so in jail.

He was sallow & very thin, dressed in black clothes. He was polite & withdrawn.
Author saw him as "someone else deprived & poor & lost, without an idea of a future,
& more desperate than his brother or Mehrdad."

"The revolution had bred strange children."

Perhaps this is a good thing!

Khomeini had said that the revolution should concentrate on the young, & that
people over 40 were useless, but Miranians have proved that they were all 'useless',
so far. What that KK didn't know is the fact that to lead & rule people, you must
have a system or principles that could 'work' long term. This means it should be so
fool proof that the new generations could not find any faults with it. But, as you
know, every new generation will try to reject the values of the older generation,
so you can't base your rule on a shit religion, & expect it to last long.

So even if the Masters decide to keep KIR for too long, the shit will eventually
hit the fan, thanks to this feature of the 'young people'.

Mehrdad took the author to a new part of Tehran that was booming. It served the new
rich, people who had done well out of the Goh-khori. People who lived there were
traders & not 'productive people', they were cutting deals. Their daughters moved
with an ease & an allure: high-heels, slender legs, stylish short chadors.

"And the skin", Mehrdad said. One of the Guards has 'taken' one of the girls,
will 'talk' to her & let her go, when he is had enough laas zadan.

They went to a coffee shop & Mehrdad showed a girl who was 'drugged'. Her eyes
were blurred, unfocused, & her scarf had fallen very low. A Guard talked to the
owner, who went & told the girl to watch her chador.


Author now goes to Isfahan. He says that in 16xx, Iran & India were more concerned
about each other, than Europe. King James sent an ambassador to Jehangir in India
in 1618, but he had a hard time getting the king's attention.

Such glory here; a kindred glory in India. Yet in less than a hundred years after
Jehangir the mogul glory was over in India; & a hundred years after that India was
a British colony. Iran never formally became a colony. Its fate was in some ways
worse. When Europe, once so far away, made its presence felt, Iran dropped off the
map. Its great monuments fell into decay (& never became as well known as the
Indian monuments). And by the end of the 19th century its rulers were ready to
hand over the country, & its people, to foreign concessionaires.

... Iran was to enter the 20th century only with an idea of eastern kingship & the
antiquated theological learning of places like Qum. Iran was to enter the 20th
century only with a capacity for pain & nihilism.

There was glory in Shah Abbas's Persia, but the glory was flawed. This though,
was not an idea I could put to my host & guide in Isfahan. He was a retired diplomat;
he was full of his country's pain. His life hung between 2 poles. In the 1960s his
father had wished to turn him into someone of English education. In the 1980s, after
the revolution the idea of travel abroad: in the wider world the humiliation of
having an Iranian passport were too great. He lived on the remnant of a private
income; & he also did a little teaching. Revolution & war had damaged him & exhausted
his country; the old diplomat knew that. But he was a divided man still; he saw both
the revolution & the war as necessary, & his stories of pain were ambiguous.

When I first read this part, I thought what an idiot! How could anybody have English
education, been a diplomat for the old regime, be ashamed to carry KIRi passport, be
damaged by Goh-khori & war, but say that an-qollaab & war were necessary?!

But, perhaps being a diplomat, he knows very well how he could get killed for telling
the truth. Even if the KIRi killers didn't know he was talking to a foreign writer,
they could easily find out later & pay him a 'visit'.

This could apply to everybody author talked to, so they may not have told him their
real feelings & thoughts.

This book clearly proves that Miran would've been far better off without the Goh-khori
of 78, which would've resulted in:
-No war: Saddam would've not dared to invade Iran;
-good economy: the currency would not have gone down the toilet;
-education: many who died in jails/war, could've finished their education;
-etc etc.

This diplomat had a friend, who was a teacher, Europeanised middle-class Iranian
of the Shah's time. He was in his late 30s with 11 yo son in 78. Boy's name was
Farhad, non Arab/islamic. Soon after KIR takes over, the boy drifts away. In second
year of war, when he was 14, he rejected hjis family & their values, changed his
name to Maissam (Arabic/Islamic name), & one day went to mosque & volunteered,
without telling his parents. He was sent to the front.

The old diplomat said, "young boys like to play with guns. So they would take
them to the mosques & they used to show them the Israeli Uzi & other guns. These
boys were fascinated, & at the same time they chanted slogans & prayers while
someone related the story of the martyrs of Kerbala. ... The victory of blood
over the sword. Because the martyr wins eventually. And some of those young people
used to inform on those of their friends who were Mujahid or belonged to the
communist groups. They would ask them to bring news from their house & the houses
of their friends, as a sort of revolutionary act."

I find this absolutely fascinating, apart from being so 'akhundi' & Shiit Islamic.

With all the bullshit & propaganda that Masters & the KK opposition leaders of
78 spread about the old regime, about how cruel it was; the longer KIR stays in
power, the more obvious it becomes that the old regime was very 'reasonable',
compared to all the regime in Middle-East at the time or even now, & that it was
a 'saint' compared to what all the opposition groups of 78 did or could've done.

Any way, the maafi-mokh (Arabic for bi-mokh) became a Basiji.
In the beginning they didn't know how to clear the mines, so used to send hundreds
of the cattle basiji to clear them. They put on special brainwashing shows, where
they would make up an idiot with phosphorescent material, so he'd shine & look holy.
This was to fool the cattle that the idiot Imam Mehdi had been seen. They used to
insert a light bulb in his ass, but found it didn't work that well. They would
give the cattle basiji, a key, made in Japan, to put around their necks; & told
them it was the key to paradise.

The guy now says that, "but I should tell you that those boys 'wanted' to go".
He had some students who volunteered, & when the bus came to take them, he told
one student he didn't have to go. Student said, "I have to go, but I'm scared."

Yeh, sure, what the hell would a brainwashed 14 yo know about what he 'wants',
or what he should do. The system is supposed to educated kids & get them do
what's good for them. If dying as sacrificial lambs in mine fields is good, why
didn't the mullahs send their own kids to do it & go to heaven? So, when the KK
Khomeini said they should concentrate on the young people, he didn't mean to
actually 'care' for them, to make sure they get good education; but to brainwash
them into dumb cattle who would walk into mine fields, because they thought some
idiot, with a light bulb in his ass, looked like their idiot Imam, who never
existed, & whom the vast majority of Muslims in the world don't believe in!

In another article, you see how one basiji 'wants' to sell/give info to US embassy,
so he can get a visa to live in US, so he could have sex with young blond women.


Any way, after 6 years, & being wounded many times, the boy returned 'home'.
He was quite depressed & would sit crossed-legged in his room & look the
pictures of his dead 'friends'. Slowly, he recovered, changed hair cut, wore
European clothes. As a basiji, he had the privilege to get into a Uni, without
passing any exams. He started to listen to pop music, dropped his ey-rab.

The diplomat said, 'he thinks now he'll be a doctor. It's been a dream. He doesn't
talk about the war. I know that many of them - boys like him - were disappointed.
But as there were a special privileges for them as Basiji they now have a split

A split personality for Maissam-Farhad; & a split personality for the old diplomat
as well, because to be Iranian was to have a special faith, a special version of
the Arab faith; & the old diplomat knew in his bones - & it was part of his pain -
that, draining & inconclusive & terrible as the war had been, it had to be fought.

He said, 'if those boys hadn't done those sacrifices Saddam & the Iraqis would
have eaten up a quarter of Iran. An a way Khomeini can be regarded as one of the
makers of Iranian nationalism. He revived the old Arab-Iranian confrontation after
so many years.

The origin of Miranian split personality is too much double standards & shit in
the culture. Not only their religion is based on shit, hasn't 'delivered' the goods
for over 1400 years, it is not even practical in real life for today's global
culture. A religion that forces people to live with lies, in order to satisfy their
needs & dreams.

It is a culture that lectures: boro kaar mikon, magu chist kaar;
but everybody knows the fact that: kaar maaleh khareh.

AS for 'if those boys ...', I've already mentioned that the war shouldn't have
happened. As for 'Saddam ...', the Masters wouldn't have allowed him to take Miran.
They 'pushed' him into Kuwait, because they wanted to go after him to make some

As for the KK being the maker of 'nationalism', I know many Iranians who got so
disgusted by KIR that they threw away their KIRi passports & became citizens
of other countries, telling people they were not Iranians, they were Persians".
Even many of KIR supporters took foreign citizenships & didn't return to Miran.
Not to mention how the minority Iranians have been treated by KIR, the Kurds, the
Jews, the Bahais, the Christians, the Zoroastrians, the Armenians, the Baluch,
etc. He destroyed the 'nationalism' that the old regime had built.

In fact, I'd the say the whole damn war proves how stupid Shiit Muslims are. The
Shiits are only a very small minority among the Muslims, who call them names & don't
regard them as real Muslims. So it's logical for them to unite, but they've never
followed any logic. The vast majority of people in Iraq were Shiit, who were treated
like shit by Saddam, yet they agreed to fight for Saddam against their own Shiit
brothers. Same can be said about Miranians, whom their KK Imam called gaav/olaaq,
whose kids he tried to sacrifice on mine fields, whose lives he destroyed; yet the
idiots couldn't follow logic, they were used as stampeding cattle to replace the
old regime that really cared for them, to replace it with KIR, who'd kill/torture
them & treat them like shit.

Now author talks about how many things seem to 'taunt' the old diplomat: the Iraqis,
the Iranian pagan past, the past of fire-worship before pisslam, the way Islam had
come to Miran (with conquest by the Arabs, energetically propagating their new faith).
"But the past, was dead; it might have belonged to another people ... The Iran in
people's consciousness began with the coming of Islam, began with that defeat. It
gave a special edge to the faith in Iran, & a special passion to the people."

Miran is in trouble because it doesn't have real people, the majority are cattle
pee-pole. When Talibans ruled in Afghanistan, people all over the world thought
that the majority of afghans wanted them there. Yet after they were bombed out,
many afghans started to sing & dance on streets out of joy. Same thing will
happen in Miran. Only fools would think that majority of Miranians 'want' KIR
to rule them.

Besides, if the majority of people are nothing but dumb stupid cattle, they should
not decide the fate of the country. Any big factory is managed by the best educated
& capable man, not by all the uneducated laborers who can't read or write; or else,
it would soon fail, specially in today's global market.

The diplomat said that children, too, had a split personality. "It was how they
resisted whatever was too crushing & preserved some part of themselves."

He then told the story of a couple with a 9 yo daughter in a local Hizbullah
school. One day they received a summons from the principal & were frightened,
because they had no idea what their daughter might have been saying about them.
It turned out that the daughter had received a prize for being the best reciter
of Koran. They knew nothing of her 'talent'!

Children, too, had split personality, the diplomat said. It was how they resisted
whatever was too crushing & preserved some part of themselves.

He now told the story of a couple with a 9 yo daughter, who went to the local
Heizbullah school. One day they received a summons from the school principal &
were frightened because they didn't what their daughter might have said about
them. It urned out that she was a given a prize for being the best reciter of
Koran. The parents knew nothing of her 'talent'.

The diplomat said, 'it's a strange way to live now.'

Author went for a tour of Isfahan.

... Brick was perishable; & in some dirt alleys the bare brick back of fine
buildings seemed about to return to clay. In some such unsettling way a great
pain, physical & mental, lay bellow the civility of the old diplomat. Pain was
really the subject of his stories; & sometimes a story, though presented as the
experience of someone he knew, had a quality of folk myth, something fabricated
out of the general need, just as, at certain times in communities, jokes appear
& make the rounds, made up by no one but contributed to by everyone. Such a story
was the story about the 'piece of meat'.

An eye specialist was asked by a middle-aged lady in a chador to examine the
eyesight of a patient, a young man, who was in the local hospital. When the eye
Dr was taken to the hospital, he saw that the boy was just 'a piece of meat',
mutilated beyond rehabilitation, without hands or feet. Every day the lady came
to see the Dr & took him to see the patient. The Dr wondered whether there was any
point in fixing his eyes, when he could never return to any sort of life. But he
didn't want to wound the lady in chador. He asked around & found out that the lady
wasn't the boy's mother, she was only a neighbor. The boy's mother went to the
hospital every day, but didn't stay long. Eventually, Dr found the courage to ask
the lady why she wanted the boy, who wasn't her son, to see again. The lady said,
"my own boy, my own son, was executed because he belonged to an anti-revolutionary
group. The person who reported him was this boy here, this neighbor's son. I am
happy that my own son is dead. He was executed, & that was all. I want to keep this
piece of meat alive to take revenge. I want his mother to grieve for him every day."

This is an mazing story, which, to me shows how badly the culture had been damaged
& will remain damaged for a few generations.

It wasn't much to begin with, but it's now far worse. The split-personality is worst
than ever. Now they have to even lie about how they did the right thing in 78, while
all the pain & misery around them & every bone in their bodies shout that it was the
biggest Goh-khori of their lives.

Not long ago, in theory, it was believed that:
dar afv lezzatis keh dar enteqaam nist.

But when the KIR falls, we'll see the very opposite side of this theory in action,
many people tearing mullahs to pieces, limb by limb. They couldn't even scape to
West, because it is full of Miranians who hate them.

After all, this is a culture where theory says:
"boro kaar mikon magu chist kaar ,....";
but in reality, everybody knows that:
"kaar maaleh khareh" !

This could really change things for the Masters, because they've manipulated the
world opinion that Miranians wanted the KK mullahs, but now the world will see the
real truth. They have to make sure all the top mullahs, who knew the truth, are
quickly eliminated. But perhaps mullahs won't 'talk', because it would really destroy
their EGO & image. Just as Saddam will never say how he was erected by the Masters,
& how he was given the list of people he should eliminate.

It could even destroy the EGO of many Miranians who've been lying about what really
happened, because they will all look like shit. We'll see shortly how the Goh Ali
tries to justify what happened, so "he could have a lavish life & freedom." He
doesn't admit that idiots like him have always had a 'free Dom', because all
Miranian olaaq are born with a 'Dom'.

Now the author says that:
"The nihilistic revolutionary moment had passed. The revolution had taken hold;
there were no more enemies; the world had been remade ...",
even though the KK khr said only 30% had been done.

Yes, indeed, it had passed, like a large Goh passes through the guts, & out of the
kun. But it hasn't 'taken hold', & it never will, because it was based on shit &
terror. It will all become clear after the Masters decide to remove KIR. As for
the 'world .. remade', hell they've only managed to destroy Miran & get millions
of the cattle killed, the world is not stupid to let KIR to remake it. Not even
the majority of Muslims are stupid enough to follow Shiit.

Mehrdad talks about how students have to pass a difficult pisslamic exam to get
into Uni. Also, people who want to get a job with government have to pass a similar
test. He also talks about how students have to memorise the KK Imam's will. But to
me it's interesting how he talks about it, see for yourself: 'Khomeini's way of
speaking is complicated. Even a simple sentence has a complicated grammar. A 10
yo bold can see a sentence painted on a wall & know it's from Imam Khomeini. On
the whole it's nice, but to read 40 pages would've been tough."

Not only KK's name makes me angry, but I find everything about him disgusting: his
looks, his abaa, his shit voice, his pissy sleazy mullah laugh, his shit books, his
speeches, his Goh mullah grammar, etc etc. Yet, this idiot uses words like
'complicated' & 'it's nice"?!

Imagine what would've happened if the old regime had forced the cattle to pass
such a test about Shah's book or the history of the regime. The opposition groups
would've made up all sort of k*-she'r & tohmat, because the old regime was not cruel
enough to beat the shit of the cattle, like KIR has. If they seem to 'complain',
it's all a 'whisper', in reality they are scared shitless of KIR & overnight
changed what they wore, & what they thought/said/did. People claim that Savak
was too cruel, but it couldn't even control the opposition groups.

The KK mullahs didn't beat around the bush, they completely destroyed all
opposition in the first 2 years of coming to power, something the old regime
never did in over 30 years, so how could it have been 'cruel'? Yet, Miranians
became passive cattle over night & got themselves killed for KIR. This proves
how stupid Miranian cattle are & how easily they could be manipulated & brainwashed.

If Masters really wanted the old regime, they would've easily find ways to keep
it there, like they have repeatedly done all over the world for over 50 years,
just read the killing-hope book & see for yourself. In spite of all the troubles
& protests, the Masters ignored the old regime's repeated requests for help/advise.
It's stupid to say that Carter was new to the presidency & didn't know, because
the whole thing is run by a very powerful 'system' that plans & engineers
'political events' well in advance. There is no F*ing way that a bunch of Goh
uneducated clergy could take the Masters by surprise & be 'allowed' to get away
with it for over 25 years. If this is not a proof that Goh-khori was planned &
paid for by the Masters what is? Hell, the Masters bombed many countries in Asia
to hell, just to teach them a 'lesson', so others would learn not to mess with
them ever again.

The world had been remade. Where once Mehrdad's father had photographs of the royal
family on his wall he now had a silhouette of khomeini (done by Mehrdad: he liked
using his hands). The country had been turned inside out, eviscerated, by war &
revolution. Some people had come up; very many more had been destroyed; & no one
could say for sure that a larger cause had been served. All that could be said was
that the country had been given an almost universal knowledge of pain. There was
no general will to action now; with the exhaustion that had come with their pain
people were only waiting for something to happen. People like Mehrdad & his family
were living on their nerves. It might have been like this in the time of the Shah.
So that perhaps history here was curiously circular. Every great action - the war,
the revolution - had to be. And every great action led back in a chain to itself.

I beg to differ!
It was NOT like this in Shah's time, or else Goh-khori would not have happened.
It didn't have to be at all, if the Masters hadn't planned & paid for it.

Now the biggest Miranian Goh philosopher of the all times, the sleaze who made
money under both regime so that he could have a 'lavish living', tries to justify
his paying for the Goh-khori. This is the same Goh, whose wife is permanently depressed.

Author asked Ali about the rev against the Shah, 'could something else have happened?'
The lavish-living Goh said:

"People like him need liberty."

In what F*ing way does the asshole have liber-tea now?

"They were well off under the Shah, but they had to live like mice."

Not everybody was well-off, but they were far better off then than now.
Miranians had far more freedom in the old regime than they've had ever since, or
could've had under a Leftist regime. At least the old regime didn't kill/torture
by the thousands & wouldn't have sent millions to their death in mine fields.

"When they compared themselves with their counterparts in other countries they felt

This Goh is talking through his ass.
Most people didn't know any better, only some of the Goh oqde'i power hungry bully
domineering educated ones did. But none of such Goh were ashamed to carry Iranian
passports, unlike now, when even old diplomats are ashamed to carry KIRi passports.
More Miranians live in exile today, than ever before. Most of them carry foreign
citizenship, many of whom try not to advertise they are Miranians.

"It was people like him, not the poor, who made the revolution."

So he is capable of telling the truth, when it's to his benefit.
But this very same Goh will deny he ever said this after the fall of KIR.

"And there was the cultural side, the Islamic side."
Even someone in this book say how they'd never heard of the KKK, until the end.
Pisslam didn't have much of a profile in early oppositions. Most likely, if so many
idiot Miranians hadn't supported the Left, KIR wouldn't be ruling now.

Now the idiot goes back in history saying:
after the Allies occupied Miran in 40s, many Miranians migrated from villages to
big cities; In towns, the migrants outnumbered the older population that was 'secular',
the migrated 'cattle' had deep Shiit values & didn't like what they saw;

This is interesting, because the shit-cattle cattle moved to cities for money &
power & EGO, they wanted to move up. Most of them had many slave servants, from
small villages, whom they treated like shit. Most bragged about how lived in big
cities & looked down at their own families & friends they left behind. I know some
dehaati students who went to Uni in Tehran, who behaved like 'cattle' & were resentful
of it city people, but they completely changed after a few years & started to wear
after shave & date girls & move up in the society. So they would move up if they
could, but complain if they couldn't. They were selfish pigs, not holy compassionate
people seeking social heaven for all. They never had any problems treating their own
servants like shit.

Now the Goh says that Shah did his land reform in the 60s. The slaves who used to
see the old landowner as their savior, who used to lend them money, lost their saviors,
couldn't make ends meet, left their farms, & moved to the cities.

I can't imagine many true 'revolutionaries' objecting to land reforms. This Goh claims
he was revolutionary, but seems to say that people were better off being treated
like shit by their landowners & live like slave uneducated cattle, never being
able to have educated kids. After all, he is a mullah's son, who used to be landowner.
Many mullahs were big landowners & became resentful of the land reforms, because
they lost 'money'. Such people never cared or could care about people.

I bet not even the Goh Tudeh said anything good about the land reform. No matter what
the old regime did, its KK oppositions said bad things about it, because their leaders
were getting paid to do so. The name of the game was to take over the power at all costs.

Now he says that these shit-cattle were conservative & religious. Their sons grew up
in the cities & became educated. They went to Uni, taking advantage of scholarship
given by the old regime.

How could they move to the cities, send their tuleh-sag kids to school & for at least
12 years, when they 'couldn't male ends meet' in their villages? So he must be talking
through his ass again! They moved to cities because they could afford to do so, after
being poor for so long. They did it for money & power & position & Ego & poz & efaadeh.

Notice how none of the Goh oppositions ever says/said anything good about so many
students going to Uni for free in the old regime.

He says, "but this second generation was still under the Islamic influence of its

This is strange, because it was the communists who started the 'oppositions'. Even
KKK used to support the monarchy. It was the Left who started attacking the regime.
Maybe he is being paid to make pisslam look good.

"Ali thought it took 2 to 3 generations to change a village way of thinking. Iran
didn't have time for that. Things were moving too fast."

This is too 'deep shit' for me. Miran didn't have time for what?
It is like dumb cattle kids rebelling in schools, killing their teachers, saying
they are not ready for the education, it's too fast for them, they prefer to sleep
in their stables & have sex with their animals instead.

"This second generation had no earlier generation to compete with & as a group
became powerful. They got jobs in the government; they became teachers. Many of
them went to bazaar & became businessmen."

So, they became educated & rich, but didn't like it?! The ones who moved to bazaar
became the KK baazaari, who also paid money for the Goh-khori.

"Mentally they were Muslims. And since they were from poor families they had the
mentality of the leftist socialism. That is why the Mujahidin had a good appeal:
Marxism & Islam was their ideology. An irony: materialism & Allah."

Could people who regard a shit religion as the religion of Allah, who are considered
infidel by the real followers of Allah, be capable of any form of 'logic' in their
lives or thinking? I don't think so.

So the old regime educated the poor slaves, made them rich, but they didn't like
it? How could any idiot mix pisslam with Marxism? Easy, if you can be brainwashed
to believe in shit, you'd believe anything. No wonder the Masters wanted the Shiit
in power.

"These people, the first & second generations of people who had migrated to the
cities, had links with their farmer families who were left in the farms & little
towns & villages. These people were the leaders of the new movement. I knew so
many of them in Kerman. So when the revolution started the leaders were already
in the cities, & the masses they needed for revolt & demonstration were in the
villages & little towns."

It's a fact that the majority of Miranians were cattle, who were pushed to do
the stampede.

This Goh seems to imply that the shit-cattle were living happily ever after in
their stables, run by rich landowners who treated them like shit. Ali must've
used the term 'dehaati', not farmers, which basically means savage uneducated
cattle, which is how Miranians regarded them.
The old regime did really improve their lives.

Now he says that away from all this, in another world, were the Shah's people.
"They were the sons & daughters of the older city populations."

I take it that he is saying that women were far better off under the old regime.

"Many of them were wealthy & had been educated in European or American schools."

So was this Goh mullah-zaadeh. Even his Goh mullah father became rich in the
old regime.

"They spoke many languages: they could talk about Western philosophy & European

They were a credit to the country & culture. They were proofs that Miranians can
be educated. Hoveyda himself was a credit to the country. And look what the culture
did to him, it allowed a Goh mullah to murder him in cold blood.

"They were about 5% of the populations. The others, below, were the 95%, reading
Koran, Arabic - the real people, the masses."

And where did Goh like him fit in? Surely not with the uneducated masses. Hell,
I don't think many people know that Iran had 100% literacy rate! Because if 5%
were educated, & 95% could read Koran, then they all could read, right? He's
talking through his ass again.

"They had no communication with the 5%. they were 2 tribes living in one country.
Shah was surrounded by this 5%. especially later, when he married his last queen,
educated in France, with complete French culture."

By now, most Miranians know the fact that mullahs are the most MJ & KK humans ever
created, yet with all their lies & tohmat, they have never ever managed to throw
any mud on Shahbaanu that could 'stick'. She was too good for Goh cattle of Miran.

Wasn't the Goh Baazargan 'educated' in France?!

"They resented the Islamic tradition exactly as the other group resented the
Western tradition that was forced on them."

1- There was & isn't any Islam in Miran! Miran has ShitLam, not Islam.
2- It wasn't 'western' values, but 'logic/sense/science' that the old regime
tried to encourage the cattle to follow. It goes to show what an idiot this
Goh is to say this, when he himself was 'educated' in US.
3- Only proper education could lead to democracy, which is why the mullahs have
killed it in Miran.

Now he goes on saying how in 70s oil boom, Iran's wealth became 50 times of what
it was before. Hmmmm, no wonder Masters wanted a regime change, there was a
fortune to be made! The wealth went to the cities, but not the rural areas,
which pissed off the cattle who lived there. Well, at least the wealth went to
some people who were not part of the regime; even asshole mullahs & their sons,
like him, became rich. Now all the money goes to KIR, their banks in Swiss, &
their corrupt dealers, living in a separate exclusive part of Tehran. The cattle
have been far worst now for over 25 years. Even the currency is worth less than
a 100 times of what it was. How come they haven't done any stampede?!

I bet his ass must be on fire by now, lier lier your ass on fire,

Now he bullshits about "The Shah didn't allow political parties to take root."
Let me see, but KIR allows this to happen now?

"The Islamic organisations were acting as a replacement for political parties.
They also expressed people's ideas about the Shah & his group, that they were not

Pls, somebody, stick a water hose in his ass, he's going to burn soon!

The Goh mullahs burnt more than 300 people alive in a locked up cinema so they
could blame the old regime. The majority of people in Miran, even uneducated ones,
didn't trust the KK mullahs. You can see in this book what a negative opinion an
uneducated mother had of them well before 78. Mullahs tried to use any means in
their powers to bring down the regime. Honesty has never been a feature of Shiit

So, is this Goh saying that this is why the sons of the shit-cattle who'd migrated
to the cities, urged their cattle families to stampede in the villages? But this
Goh himself was rich, educated, & worked for the old regime!

This shit theory is too black & white. It completely ignores so many good educated
people who really cared for the country & were not any body's people, like those
who created so many good schools (alborz), like those who taught in Universities,
like dehkhodaa, etc etc. It doesn't explain why so many Miranians said that 'their
revolution was hijacked'. It doesn't mention so many educated people who had qaajaar
parents, who worked for the old regime & tried to care for the country. They were
not Shah's people.

I bet this Goh mullah-zaadeh was fully puffed up with EGO & pride & exaggerated
body language, while talking through his ass. He must like the felling of fire
in his ass. Well, good news, he'll have a hell of good time in Hell!

It just goes to show that a mullah's son will always remain a Goh 'mullah' regardless
of how many years he spends in US getting an 'education', the Shiit brainwashing can
never be removed, it is hard-wried in their mokh.

Now, almost 2 decades later, the Shah & his group had disappeared. The colour
photographs of the religious leaders were everywhere. They, too, required
absolute obedience.

--<people had more freedom under the old regime.>--

The country was full of Islamic rules, & the Guards & Basiji were there to enforce
them ...

--<It's not Islamic, it's pisslamic>--

There was a sexual revolution among the young, & a falling away from the too-strict,
too-pervasive faith. Of that falling away Emami, the talebeh, has said in Qum,
'our enemies know our weakness.' After all the pain, a new nihilism seemed to be

--<Masters move in mysterious ways, they give & they take away!>---

Ali said, 'the 2 tribes of Iran still exist. If there is no marriage between them,
I don't know where they are going.'

So, he is basically pissing on his own theory, because if the cause was the
existence of the 2 tribes, then it should've gone away. But, surely, most of
5% "Shah's people" must've been killed or they moved out of Miran, so if there
is still 2 tribes, they must be different tribes all together. Is he saying that
KIR & its supporters are now the 5% elite?!


Every culture has values & role-models that people try to live up to. In the West
people try NOT to: get emotional or cry, show feelings, show weakness. In Miran
people got o all sorts of ceremonies where they are expected to cry their eyes out,
& they are judged by how much they cry or beat themselves. Depending on the class,
they may even be expected to say different thing, like a mother, in her son's
funeral, may be expected to shout "why did you take him, take me instead". They
are even expected to show how they feel better after all the crying, saying 'vaay,
sabok shodam'. Young children, who see their parents crying for the first time,
often get distressed & start crying too. If you didn't cry, you'd regarded as
cold-hearted, zaalem, bi-vafaa, & a very bad person. Many Mullahs attend & MC
these ceremonies, one after another; each trying to out do the previous mullah in
making people cry harder & harder, by exaggerating the suffering of Hussein's kids
in Karbala. Even mullahs are judged by how much they make people, the more people
cry the better the mullah must be. Even their music & poetry is all about crying &
pain & suffering & misery. Many even cry listening to music.

Could it be that, one way or another, Miranians end up seeking shahaadat &
martyrdom? I don't mean by getting themselves killed, but always adopting a
'victim' mentality, showing or talking about how: I've suffered, fate has been
cruel to me, my kids died young, my kids don't care about me, my husband dies young,
my son/daughter in-laws are nasty, I lost my health, I lost my youth; oh poor me,
"didi cheh zalil shodam",
"bichaareh shodam", etc etc.

When they are asked 'how are you', they never say "I feel fantastic", they
automatically tend to show sadness & shyly say "not bad, bad nistam", thanks for
asking, always with some sadness & bitterness & resentment & misery in the background.
It's as if they attend so much 'mourning' & misery, where they have to 'act' sadness
& misery, that they get used it & it becomes part of them. Is it because this is all
they've always known, so it is the only 'model' they've had. To this day, when asked
'how are you', I automatically reply 'not bad'. This seems to be worst in women.
There always seems to be an under current of grief & misery & sadness in the air.

Could this be the unmourned grief of a nation, who's been invaded, looted & raped so
many times for over 1300 years, past on from one generation to another? But Shiit
Islam has given them constant mourning sessions for a few centuries, has it not been
enough? Or is it that these have been for somebody else, an outsider?

To make things worse, so many seem to get into this 'begging' gedaa'i habit or
attitude. They beg their God for favors. Even many lower class workers seem adopt
a begging gesture when asking for their pay. Even young kids show extreme
submissiveness to their teachers.

Could the split-personality be caused by their grief? They get so sick of the
misery & grief, that they act-out, burst out telling dirty jokes, or drink & dance
like crazy once in a while, as if they are living double lives. One can see this in
the music to, which goes on & on being very sad, then all of sudden it burst into
a wild dancing rhythm.

But things seem to be far worst now than before, as can be seen in this book. You
see far more pain & suffering in the Iran section of this book, than in other
countries. You can also clearly see this when you compare family pictures of people
taken before 78, with those taken after 85 with hollow 'dead' & sad eyes. Things
get even worst when you consider stories like piece-of-meat.

Could this be a factor in the short-fuse many seems to have, always quick to anger
& spitting the dummy out & shout & fight. Another factor being lack-of-logic &
stupidity that their religion forces on them, so they don't manage their lives
that well & often face misery or big problems.

The vast majority of Miranians were nothing but cattle, slaving for some rich landowner
"arbaab". They had no land, no house, no rights, no education, had to ask permission
for anything they did, & often had to use a middle-man to beg the boss/arbaab for
favors. The name of the game was hierarchy & domination, you had to dominate other to
prevent them from dominating you . their religion was based on shit, never allowed them
to think or question anything, & turned them into miserable stupid begging cattle.
Words like amaleh & dehaati are used as insults because such people never think or act
rationally or in a civilized manner, because they never learned to do so. Not only the
Mullahs never tried to improve things for the cattle, they often took advantage of
the situation & became rich arbaab themselves. KK Khomeini had many servants (17, IIRC)
in his house in Qom, before he was kicked out. But the problem was that if you tried
to be nice to the cattle, they'd regard it as weakness & would walk all over you. in
fact, the more cruel you were to them, the more they'd respect you.

As for the Shiit Islam, read Amir Taheri's book (see my Chossollah):
"The purpose of the Madrasseh is not to foster freedom of thought or to encourage
a spirit of inquiry....Shi'ism opposes Fikr(thought) & Zikr(reassertion). ...
The word Fikr(literally, thinking) has come to mean mentally deranged in Shi'ite
vocabulary.... The idea is to keep people's mind constantly occupied with prayers
& repetition of special formulas so as to leave absolutely no time for independent

When you add their tendencies to beg, cry, mourn, grieve, get angry & blow up,
not to use logic, & not to be rational, you get get miserable angry creatures
who run around like dogs all day with some form of pain & suffering, making one
mistake after another. Eventually they 'break' & are then always willing to throw
themselves at anybody's feet or grave, even the grave of somebody's olaaq if it has
a 'shrine' on it, to beg for shafaa or moraad or this/that, or just to cry.

Experts say that people get irritated & angry when their needs not met. It seems
Miranian culture is only there to piss people off. Not only the Shiit religion
forces people to be stupid, & it even prevents most of their needs from being met.
But the whole country/culture prevents their needs from being met, where so many
are nothing but dumb salve cattle & are treated as such by many of their own more
educated people; even the clergy call them gaav/olaaq. So they seem to tolerate &
tolerate & tolerate their daily suffering & grief & misery & shit, until they can't
take no more & blow-up in anger.

But as we've seen many times in Miran & Afghanistan, they could appear miserable one
minute, but kill with anger the next, if you let them. The key is to observe how these
seemingly miserable people, treat their own miserable neighbors, who too are begging
at a 'shrine'. These 'pilgrims', can be very domineering when they get a chance. They
also can get very angry very quickly & 'kill' over nothing, while crying about how
innocent they are & how fate has been cruel to them.

If you think about it, Masters created all the countries in Middle-East & one
way or another, have 'chosen' all the rulers in the region. Yet, no form of
'democracy' that could properly educated the cattle has ever been allowed to
exist. As if the Masters like their cattle to be dumb. And why not, it works.
Today, they could 'engineer' almost any 'political event' in Middle-East, because
the dumb cattle don't know any better. They couldn't do it in Switzerland; but
have so many local 'cowboys' in the 3rd world on their payrolls, that they can
get the cattle do anything they like.

I saw a good film, bowling for Columbine, by Michael Moore (MM).
MM says that Canadians think 'we are all in the same boat', they don't even lock
their doors; but USA is a culture of fear, media is constantly reporting crimes &
fear. In USA every man is for himself, it's about 'me me me', & 'the hell with you'.

Not only TV in Canada in not full of fear & anger, their politicians are more
into negotiation, & not going to war & bombing other countries. Not only Americans
are hostile towards each other, they are even hostile towards other countries.

In a Uni in Denver, MM asked what kind of God would Bush/Chaney invoke, because
he was taught in Sunday school that:
-we'd be judged by how we treat the least among us; &
-it is harder for a rich man to go to heaven, than it is for a camel to go through
the eye of a needle.

A man who was on trial with Timothy McVeigh told MM that if people(Americans) find
out how they've been ripped off & enslaved by the government, they would revolt,
with merciless anger.

MM also said that it scared him that people were allowed to see his films, because
it showed the 'system' was so confident that it had been so successful in dumbing
down the culture, that none of his films could change things.

But, the fact remains that people like Chomsky still live freely in USA, but
would've been murdered long time ago if they lived in any Islamic country.

I got a few questions:

1- How long till the shit hits the fan & people in Masters countries start to
wake up & see what's really happening? Could it ever happen?

We got people like Gore Vidal going around saying USA is not a democracy, but a
oligarchy. That US government told 3 big lies to its people, one being that they
'didn't know Japs were going to attack Pearl Harbor'; this was a lie, they did

2- What do the Masters have to show for it, other than their own deep pockets?
After all, the majority of people in their countries are not rich.

3- Doesn't the crime & poverty rate in US prove that US Gov doesn't really care
about its own people? Can such a Gov care about people in the poor countries?

MM says in one part of Michigan, 87% of people live bellow poverty line!
I heard over 20% of people lived below poverty line in USA in 2000.

MM says 165 people are killed in Canada by guns each year, 65 in Australia, 39 in
Japan, but 11127 are killed by guns each year in USA (30 people a day)!

US is not a 'happy' society at all. Gore Vidal says "America is like a giant
plastic bubble, where laughing gas is pumped into it all the time." They have over
40% divorce rate.

Some British friends, living outside UK, told me there was too much 'violence' in
UK, so they wouldn't like to raise their kids in UK. Simple violence, like people
fighting in pubs over nothing. Not long ago, 2 boys in UK, murdered a much younger
boy, which shocked the people all over the world.

OK, Masters have made a fortune out of the blood of millions of cattle in their
'empires' & 'colonies', either by direct-rule, or remote-rule; but aren't we all
really in this boat together?! What's the point of too much money, when you can't
take it with you? Can you really enjoy it when you are surrounded by millions of
hungry uneducated cattle dying from starvation?

Isn't social harmony better than personal wealth? Isn't it better for humans to
be the best they could be, while cooperating with each other to manage the planet
as best as possible & create a better world for all living creatures?
Or is it too idealistic & naive to think so?


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