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Solution: Reform Our Mentality!
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Solution: Reform Our Mentality!
Solution: Reform Our Mentality!
Ahreeman X
August 26, 2007

Solution: Reform our Mentality
Wash the Islamic Infection out of our Persian Minds.

Why is it that we are where we are at the end of a one way street with our face to the wall?
Why are Iran and Iranians doomed?
Shall we begin the analysis?

This complete Reform episode is nothing but a charade to keep the masses to stagnate, on hold and postpone the revolution. There was a time that Khamenei and his group were Fundamentalists and Rafsanjani and his group were Moderates, and they battled each other. Then Rafsanjani's moderate movement joined the Khatami's Reformists. Now there is Khatami and his Reformists going one step further than Rafsanjani and supposedly fighting Khamenei's Fundamentalist group. Now we got Fundamentalists and Reformists fighting each other. Some from other camp move to this camp and vise versa. Rafsanjani on the other hand flirts with Fundamentalists now! And the game goes on …

This whole Mullah episode of Fundamentalist, Moderate, and Reformist is just another page in Iran's history to keep the public busy with superficial freedoms within the Islamic framework (Constitution) and boundaries. Eventually they will fight one another and some will kill one another until the next phase of this Mullah play will be fully played in the Islamic Theatre!

However this game is all good, and it develops the political knowledge and intelligence of the Iranian people, so when the next revolution occurs, they will not be fooled (again) by the lies of their leaders such as Khomeini in 1979!

My suggestion to Iranian people is that "Do not have so much faith in your leaders!" and "Do not make gods out of your leaders!" You see, we have learned this the hard way. Instead, "Have faith in yourselves." Educate yourselves, politically and mentally evolve yourselves, and only then, you can be sure to trust your own judgment.

Hero worship is part of the Persian culture, people of Iran have been worshiping Reza Shah, Iraj Eskandary of Tudeh Party, Mosadeq of Jebhe Meli, Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, Ayatollah Khomeini, Rafsanjani, then Khatami and now somewhat Ahmadinejad!

Start believing in your brain, and you can trust your brain if you exercise it and evolve it; therefore, you can make wise choices and stop worshiping Heroes and creating Legends. You are the same people who ran in the streets before 28 of Mordad and cheered for Mosadeq, two days later you were running in streets and yelling from the bottom of your longs: "Javid Shah" and praying for the Shah! You are the same people that saw the picture of Khomeini in the moon and made him the 13th Imam, but later on you became opposition to the Islamic Republic and the Mullahs for not letting you to play with them! You went to your own directions (Mojahed or Fedayee)! You are the same people who were flirting with Rafsanjani (yesterday) and now you are in the Reformist's camp. And you will be the same people who are worshiping Khatami, Akbar Ganji and Shirin Ebadi now and then tomorrow you will praise the next Dayus who comes along with a better proposition for you! Is this opportunism, Iranian style or what?!

No, I think mostly it is not opportunism! Many of our people are opportunists and they belong to the political party of the Wind! "Wind Party" is a special party, which its members go towards the direction of the wind! We go wherever the wind blows! One day we are Monarchists, other day we are Republicans! One day we are Communists, the next day we are Muslim! This is the part of our Islamized Persian Heritage. What I am saying is that many of us are just politically naive and uninformed, I go even further and state that even the opportunist ones of us are also not politically well developed and well educated! Why you ask? Because if they were mature, then they would have just simply stuck with the most logical factors for the basic human needs, which are to believe in the:

Freedom of choice, freedom of individuality, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of political affiliation, freedom of assembly, freedom of thought, freedom to wear anything they want, say anything they want, listen to any music that they want, have sex with whomever they desire, any time and any where they want, own a gun or a rifle and go shooting any time they want, and simply do whatever they want as long as they do not cross someone else's boundaries of freedom. They would have simply chosen democracy, which is perfectly developed for the human race and taste. Our people cannot digest democracy simply because they are still not fully mature!

Some of us were born in a democracy, grew up in a democracy, pick and use all the fruits of democracy, yet we do not appreciate it, because it never cost us anything to achieve it! It just simply came too easy. Democracy came to us for free. Democracy was handed to us as a gift, so we did not cherish it! However we will appreciate it when we lose it! On the other hand, some of us were grown up and lived in a bureaucratic and authoritarian society, which later on had escaped from it. Those of us who had experienced the dictatorship of any type, such as the Theocratic regime of the Islamic Republic, or the Extreme Dictatorship of the Elite, such as the military dictatorships of the Latin America, or Dictatorships of the Proletariat (Communism), or even the extreme Nazi, Fascist or Monarchist regimes, Those of us who fought for our freedoms, those of us who lost our freedoms, and those of us who regained our freedoms by migrating to a democratic country and now living in a democracy, do realize and appreciate that how valuable is the fruit of democracy. Those and only those, do realize the value of the precious democracy, because without it, you are not fully human, you are just a half man, a semi animal, an imitation of a man or a woman living under the oppression of a dictator or an elite group of clerics or communist or military or other thugs.

Humanity and democracy go hand in hand, cause human was born free and needs to be free. As long as society has laws and regulations, this freedom does not become Anarchy. This freedom is the reason that people from all over the world, escape and immigrate to the free market countries, to democratic countries, to western countries and to center of the freedom, United States of America.

This is why people make reforms, make revolutions, fight for their freedom in the third world countries, even in the second world countries. This is why humanity cannot be chained and gagged. This is why the human's culture of democracy, like a wind is sweeping the whole world, including Iran! The key word is "Justice."

There are some of us who do not believe in democracy, this is not a surprise, there have always been people such as this throughout the history, but look where this took them, directly to no where land! Democracy is humankind's historical destiny, one cannot fight an up stream battle against the human nature. The believers of any kind of dictatorship are either naïve, immature, not well progressed, not politically well developed, or they simply have the mentality of little dictators in their nature and blood! The second group often had grown up in societies with the parents who worshiped heroes and dictators. They believe that only a dictator or an elite group of intelligence or cleric or leftist or … can be wise enough to rule the government, and people are just mindless and brainless objects who should be controlled! Monarchists, Mojaheds, Muslim, Marxists and other "M" Ideologies' lovers are amongst this group! Fascism does not grow overnight; yet it develops throughout the decades and centuries of oppression, and in Iran's case, throughout the millenniums of injustice! This mentality goes generation to generation, and eventually poisons the very brain of the society. Societies with this kind of mentality, eventually realize that they have lost their freedom to some sort of oppressive regime and they should reform or revolt. Yet often they do not see the roots of the problem, and the cause of the problem.

The root and the cause of the problem is hero worship, growing up in an environment and with the parents and a family who believes in the Dictatorship. Eventually these people revolt and change the system, yet they will bring up another hero and another dictator to power, and after a few years they get tired of being oppressed by this new dictator or group of dictators, so they make another revolution and bring on the next thug lord! This was the norm in Latin America until a decade ago, yet Latin America mostly became democratic, this is the norm in Middle East, Africa and this is the norm especially in Iran

Until we do not develop our minds and educate ourselves and expand our brain capacities from a single cell, looking through the "one way sign" towards life (Reptilian Brain), we will be falling in the darkness of superstitious, religious, proletariat, imperial, left or right type of a dictatorship. Then we will bitch and whine about how this regime is an oppressing entity and we want democracy!

Only by changing our mentality of a little dictator in each Persian, we will achieve this task, only by changing ourselves we can change Iran or anywhere else in that manner. The ones living in a democracy do not appreciate their freedom until they lose it, or until they go to other lands with oppressive regimes and to experience first hand, the true meaning of the brutality! The people in oppressed lands do appreciate democracy and are trying to gain it!

Let's do not forget that the only way we can reach the goal of achieving democracy for Iran is to change our mentality of hero worship and dictatorship first, and only then we can write prescriptions and methods for how to change Iran. Thug is a thug, may he be a Shah, an Imam, A Comrade Chairman, A Fuhrer or any other type of Dayus!

At the end of the day, Fundamentalist, Moderate and Reformist are all Muslim. Islam is Islam and the only Islam is the Islam, Religion of Peace!

The "Injustice" is what gets me. The only folks worth fighting for are the Working People, the only cause worth fighting for is Democracy and the only people I admire are my Comrades. I promise you that until there exists injustice in Iran, I will be with you and amongst you to fight The Injustice. There is no "If" or "But", yet I have made this, my life's mission.

Forget leaders and heroes. Have faith in only yourselves. The only way which we can change Iran and break this Chain of Dictatorship, is to primarily, change our own mentalities.

Always remember:

"Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!"

More power to all Freedom Fighters of Iran
With the hope of freedom and democracy for Iran

Say it loud and say it with pride:

No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.

Dr. X

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