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The Reformists – The IRI’s “Golden Puppets”
Yani Nikolai
August 13, 2008

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is by far one of the most deceiving political organisations this world has ever seen. Within its system, its three main political branches, the Hard-liners, the Conservatives and the Reformists all attempt to outdo each other for the running of the dictatorship in Iran. Although many claim the Islamic Republic’s political system is democratic, this claim can be easily rebuked in that the government’s underlying principles and constitution states that the country is an “Islamic State” that runs on “Islamic Principles”. The real leader of Iran is not the President but the Supreme Leader, despite which political party runs Iran; the Supreme Leader always has the last say; Therefore, it is a complete dictatorship of Islamism based on the law of the Quran (Sharia) despite the allowance of elections and political parties. All parties must also thoroughly follow the Islamic Republic’s code of Islamic conduct. Ahmadinejad’s Hard-liners have done little to cover up the true nature of the Islamic Republic, he openly practices the original principles that the Islamic Republic implemented from when it was first established and does not support the idea of ‘reforms’. The Conservatives such as Rafsanjani are not much different other than occasionally when matters get a bit difficult for them they try to conform to those who they believe might benefit them and their statuses in the future. The Reformists are what I personally refer to as the government’s ‘Golden Puppets’, which is what the intention of this article is to bring to light and explain the meaning of this phrase.

After the disastrous revolution that cost Iran every ounce of dignity and pride, the people of Iran were subjected to hard-line Islamic rule, under the dictatorship of Ayatollah Khomeini, this hard lining dictatorship lasted throughout the whole Iran-Iraq war whilst Khamenei was President. By the end of the war, many waves of anti-government movements were already starting to hit the 10-year-old regime hard and the massacre of political prisoners under the orders of Khomeini in 1988 aided as a catalysed against the government. Khomeini died in 1989 and Rafsanjani came into power that same year, Rafsanjani knew he had to stay with his Conservative values that did not coincide with the values of the Islamic Republic. However, at the same time he had to get the public on his side, so he acted on behalf of the government to stay in favour with the Iranian people. He did this by deceiving them claiming that the Islamic Republic can “relax” its harsh hard-line system and create a system that the ideals of the Islamic Republic stay intact yet the people could also stay satisfied with the regime. This is where the first waves of the so-called “reforms” started coming in, these so-called “Government Reforms” were to become more common whilst Iranians would evolve more rapidly.

Rafsanjani’s leadership ended up no different to that of Khamenei and of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Khomeini. This was proof enough that reforms cannot exist in an Islamic state, which its principles lay in the Quran and complete Anti-Secular Theocracy. However, this was not the end, to the surprise of everyone including those in Iran; Mohammad Khatami won the election in 1997 thus making him the first ‘Reformist President’. Khatami’s principles were said to lay in bringing about an “Islamic Democracy” in Iran, implement human rights, improving the economy and bring about more freedom of speech to the people. It was to be a complete lie; nothing had improved in Iran under the leadership of Khatami. The student riots of 1999 were a proof of this, the death of the Iranian born Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi was the proof of this, the continuation of executions based on bogus reasons were the proof of this and the continuing state of the declining economy was the proof of this. Khatami proved further that the Islamic state cannot be reformed. To add salt to the wound this man also pledged his allegiance to Khomeini saying,

“We declare to the world that we will continue to tread along Imam Khomeini’s path...We will persevere to do so".

This being the same hard-line Khomeini who destroyed the soul of our nation, the same man who created the Islamic Republic which Khatami became its 5th President. To even consider siding with Khatami despite what he said or what he may have intended to do is a “compromise with the devil”, even if in the impossible event; the Reformists in the future could actually implement freedom and democracy in Iran under the Islamic Republic; Iranians should not be so naive to accept this. It is still an Islamic theocratic state, it is an abomination to the name of Iran, the same theocratic state founded by a mad man and the same theocratic state that has its principles lay in the Quran (no matter what its interpretation) and the same theocratic state that advocates an Arab culture contrary to that of Persian. These “reforms” however are something that can never happen; an Islamic state does not have the ability to reform its principles. Islam is forever unchanged, and to interpret the Quran any differently would not be facing the reality of Islam’s true nature and from an Islamists point of view this would be blasphemous. As it is the Quran that dictates Islam, the government can still manipulate the law through its doctrine no matter what interpretation some individuals decide to use; therefore, corruption is enabled and inevitable. Lastly, the Quran could never be reinterpreted because its message is plain and clear, hence the reason that in 1400 years no one has been able to reform it. Amazingly, some foolish Islamists in Iran who wish to prolong the life of their beloved regime will go through any lengths to preserve it, even if it means backstabbing and deceiving a population of 70 million Iranians.

Reformists such as Shirin Ebadi, Zahra Eshraghi and Reza Khatami are nothing but the regime’s “Golden Puppets”. Over the years the regime has grown to see what changes are occurring in the minds of Iranians with the demonstrations towards emancipation and freedom of speech. The government is now aware that their reign will not last much longer; therefore, what was once their problem is now their solution. In the past, hard-liners disliked the Reformist ideology and principles towards running the country, but now they need the Reformists to prolong the life of the Islamic Republic. Reformists are nothing but demons with fake halos, they will brainwash the Iranian youths tricking them into believing the Islamic Republic can actually give them what they want, when in fact it is the same Khomeini government it has always been, but with a smile. Sadly, this is a way of baiting youths with no interest in politics or nationalism but just intend to keep their heads above water with some minor liberties. This brings me to my next point, under Khatami the government cleverly gave limited liberties to Iranians to catch up to western fashion and trends, by doing this many ignorant youths got their minds off the political situation and now had a new interest and demanded more.

People like Shirin Ebadi and Zahra Eshraghi are over the moon that their government may not be dying after all. All they have to do is say “if you vote for us and fight for us, we will give you more of what you desire”; a secular government could not do these things. For some young Iranians, keeping the IRI seems easier to do than to create a brand new government altogether almost as if it is far too much effort, especially amongst those who have no interest in politics or nationalism.

Their new hippie ideas of “No war but peace!” would only result in more problems i.e. the establishment of Reformists. This is why so many of those who are not interested in politics or nationalism are naively allowing themselves to be lured into Reformist’s lair and thus back into the grips of Islamic Republic; taking us secular nationalists with them. Nationalism needs to be educated to the Iranian youths; similar to when the communists educated their youths in the Universities before the revolution. Being proud to be Iranian is not enough; a person who loves his country should be willing to see what is best for his country, fight for his country and die for his country. National pride and Nationalism are not the same thing, anyone can have national pride, but Nationalism is the movement of fighting for your country’s best interests and putting your nation before your own life and before your own faith.

The priorities of the Islamic Republic are that Islam and the Ummah comes first, then Iran, even Khomeini advocated this. No matter what; the Islamic Republic will always have this stigma attached to it. It is further proven through the Reformists’ own members; they all have the brand of Islamism tagged to their backsides. For example taking the ones already mentioned; Shirin Ebadi does not fight for Democracy but for an “Islamic Democracy” and she always refers to herself as a “Muslim” not an “Iranian” or a “Persian”. It is also important to note that Mrs. Ebadi’s husband, Javad Ebadi, worked alongside Khatami as his advisor. Zahra Eshraghi (granddaughter of Khomeini) defines the word “idiot”; the woman says that Iranian women should be allowed to choose whether they wish to wear the Hijab or not but then goes on to say “Had my grandfather been alive today, I’m sure he would have thought differently about women wearing the hijab”. Not only does she support her grandfather and the Islamic Republic but obviously Miss Eshraghi knows nothing about her grandfather, his sayings, his teachings or his principles. Khomeini knew very well that many women were not wearing their Hijabs only back in 1979, if he was the understanding man that Miss Eshraghi claims he was, then what stopped him from giving women that choice to begin with? You must ask yourself what inspired him to make this law to begin with? Then there is Reza Khatami who is the brother of Mohammad Khatami and worked alongside him during his presidency; that says it all.

It is important to remind all readers that the Reformists are not part of the opposition they are part of the growing problem, they are but a branch of the one and the same Islamic Republic it has always been, we cannot “compromise with the devil”. The Reformists are Islamists; to reform an Islamist ideology does not make you any less of an Islamist, it also does not segregate you from the original principles of the movement, in this case the motivation to create the Islamic Republic. To the Reformists it is Islam that is important, they pledge to Khomeini as their founder of the regime and “Imam”, the same man who believed the Ummah was important and not Iran.

The government is using its Reformists to halt the progression of tension between themselves and the people and also to stop another revolution occurring. The Reformists are anti-nationalists, Iran does not matter to them, what is important is that Iran bares the name ‘Islamic Republic’ and must be mentioned whenever referring to Iran; thus putting Islam before Iran. The Reformists take their principles and ideologies from the Quran, from a book that can never be reformed and never has; they choose to use God’s dictation and not solid knowledge and judgement of man himself, like progressive and educated people. The Reformists are traitors to Iran and they are not fighting for our nation but for Islam, Ebadi never talks about the thousands of political prisoners in Iran today, Mohammad Khatami never talked about them; under his rule many were imprisoned and killed under the name of ‘Islam’ and “Reformism”.

Islam and the Islamic Republic can never be reformed; 1400 years of a male dominated religion cannot be changed by a group of fascist idiots today; many of who are delusional women. Iran and Iranians must open their eyes and fight for a complete overthrow of the government by whatever means necessary; Iranians must embrace the idea of Nationalism and be willing to die for their country. In thirty years of Islamist rule, Iranians have done nothing to overthrow the government out of fear, and look where fear has led them. We must embrace either a bloody revolution or embrace the West to intervene as soon as possible, it cannot be done through peaceful dialogue or simple demonstrations, this would just hand Iran to the Reformists and back to the Islamic Republic.

Yani Nikolai

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