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Change in America brings Change to Iran and the Globe.

Sarah Palin is the Key to Regain and Revive America!
Change in America will bring Change to Iran and the Globe.

Ahreeman X
September 2, 2010

Sarah Palin’s Patriotic Look!
Sarah Palin wrapped in American Flag

Sarah Palin’s Populism

Sarah Palin is a populist. Her social, economical and political platforms are for the average man and woman. She is a true Reagan Fiscal Conservative. Sarah Pain is about reducing the size of the government, cut government wasteful spending, cut overall spending spree in all levels of government, balancing budgets, implementing tax cuts, getting government out of every aspects of our lives, promoting small businesses, reviving free markets, cut business regulations, encourage corporations to stay in America so they create jobs, energy independence, drill baby drill oil, national security, no appeasement with US enemies, no bending over to Islamism, no love affair with Islamists, creating jobs, control of the economy by the private sector and the people, ending corruption in DC, federal and state levels, restoring America’s Exceptionalism in the globe, Pro freedom of speech, Pro Morality, Pro Family,  Pro Gun Rights, Pro Military, Pro Business, Pro Progress, Pro Capitalism, Pro Patriotism and Pro America. Most important, she is pro Iranian Opposition and pro making no deals with and no appeasement policies towards IRI.

Sarah Palin is the true disciple of the Great Ronald Reagan.
Spirit of Ronald Reagan salutes and toasts to Sarah Palin.

In other words, she is pro everything that liberals stand for! She represents everything that the Obama’s Socialist Islamist Regime is against! She represents the populist Tea Party Movement and Reagan Fiscal Conservatism. She wants to clean DC, Government and both parties. Her only allegiances are towards America and Americans. Sarah Palin is Heartland America.

Sarah Palin and American Media

Sarah Palin is the only American politician in the history of America who is openly going against the Mainstream American Media; furthermore, mocks them! Sarah Palin refers to the Mainstream American Media as the “Lame-stream Media”! Mainstream American Media is liberal biased, they have always been liberal biased; however, as of 2008, they have officially affected the votes and elections by erecting Obama and selling it to the naïve American people as the anointed one and the Messiah!

Sarah Palin had named them Lame-stream Media because they are boring, have little rating and get their memos from the White House! As of 2008, Mainstream American Media has become the “State Run Media” and in the bag of the White House. Obama’s Regime tells them jump and they will jump. They report what the White House approves.

CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, New York Times, Chicago Post, Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, etc. are all liberal biased; furthermore, State Run Media. Under Obama’s Socialist Regime, State runs the media and media reports what the State wants them to report. In America, media does not report the news, but it creates the news.

Please distinguish between CNN and CNN International. The CNN International is watched and is popular around the world, it is even watched by some inside the United States, but CNN itself has low rating inside America simply because it is not trusted as a news media.

Sarah Palin is brave enough to go head to head with the liberal biased American mainstream media and she does not care! Why she does not care? Because she has the people on her side. As a populist, she does not care for or need the media to gain popularity, but she cuts the middle man and goes directly to the people to gain her popularity. She directly communicates with and distributes her message amongst the people. This is what Tea Party and Social Networking is all about.

In American media, there is only one version of the news and that is the liberal biased version! This brings us to the subject of our next topic: The “Alternative Media”.

Sarah Palin and the Alternative Media

At the present, the American public does not trust the American Media lies; therefore, there came the need for the “Alternative Media.” The only Cable News Network trusted by the American people and the only Free Media unit on cable television is the FOX News Network. According to the latest Internet polls, as of this moment, FOX has the viewership of 10 to 1 in comparison to the rest of the cable news networks. We are not even talking about the non cable news networks such as NBC, ABC and CBS News, because barely anyone in America watches them! Americans particularly in 2010 have decided to watch FOX because they simply do not trust the American Media. Americans watch FOX because FOX reports what the rest do not report! FOX is fair and balanced while others are liberal biased. FOX relates with the American people while others relate with the Government and Big Liberal Establishment.

Aside FOX, America trusts “Talk Radio”. Rush Limbaugh (20 million listeners) and Sean Hannity (10 million listeners) are the top two Political Talk Radio Hosts in America.  Glenn Beck Show is also very popular. Another exciting talk show host who also conducts shows on FOX News Network is Laura Ingraham.

Then comes a number of hard copy media, Internet Websites, blogs and what Sarah Palin refers to as “Social Networking Media” such as Facebook and MySpace which can be used as a mean for communication and distribution of information.  Sarah Palin uses Facebook as a tool to affect the popular opinion in America. She endorses political candidates running for gubernatorial, senate, house and other races. She organizes the public and Tea Party members, and indeed she spreads the message through the Internet.

Internet has become an alternative news media unit. A numerous blogs and websites are now operating under the radar and informing the people about the news. Please review some news worthy media units:

FOX News Network

Rush Limbaugh Show

Talk Radio Time

Sean Hannity Show

Glenn Beck Program

Laura Ingraham Show

Obama’s Need to Control the Media

Presently, Obama Administration is trying hard to bankrupt the Alternative Media in America. Government tries to use regulation and high taxation to get the alternative media out of the picture. FOX News, Talk Radio and Internet cannot be controlled by the White House; therefore, Obama’s Socialist Regime is hard at work to create various new Media Caesars to create loopholes, regulate, control and crush any opposing voice in America. Obama cannot digest criticism and will do anything to destroy the source of criticism.

The IPC Factor

IPC (Iran Politics Club) is presently the largest Iranian Website – Network online. Before IPC (pre 2000) there were the “Mainstream Iranian Media Mafia” in charge of the Iranian community’s media needs. The “Mainstream Iranian Media Mafia” were a combination of a number of rag tag Satellite Televisions, Radio Stations, Publications and Websites controlled by IRI, Monarchists and Liberals. Please review:

Iranian Media Mafia, Unavoidable Change is Coming!

The news contents reported and the programming of these media units were controlled, chaotic, tasteless, boring and primitive. IPC as an independent media unit had changed all that and had put forward an “Alternative Media Unit” as a choice for the Iranian Americans and the Global Iranian community.

Sarah Palin and Feminism

Before Sarah Palin, liberal FemiNazis were in charge of the feminist movement.  Feminists were ugly, anti family and anti men Bull Dykes who were pro single mothers, pro distribution of condoms in the elementary schools and pro teachings of homosexuality in the kindergartens!

Sarah Palin came along and showed women that they can be mothers, wives, career women, politicians, athletic, fashionable and feminists all at the same time! Sarah Palin showed women that they can be Conservative Feminists. Sarah Palin took the monopoly of the feminist movement by the liberal FemiNazis away from them! This is why they hate her with passion and they never back her up while she is trashed by the lame-stream American Media! In other words, Sarah Palin started a Neo form of Feminism!

Will Intellectualism and Fancy Speeches Save America?

Liberal Democrats say she is not intellectual enough. Radical Socialists refer to her as ignorant and other Hollywood Liberals call her an idiot. I say: Let’s hypothetically say that Palin is a moron and Obama is a grand intellectual! Where has all this intellectualism taken us? I tell you where:

Obama took charge in 2008. After 2 years of his glorious supreme intellectualism and superior above average intellect, the big government has taken over the banks, automotive industry, insurance companies and healthcare; planning to take over the complete media and freedom of speech; conducted disastrous foreign policy; appeasement policies towards enemies of America; creating trillions of dollars of debt; going on an outrageous spending spree; grand expansion of the size of the government; mass wasteful spending inside the government; high inflation; sky high unemployment; mass government corruption, Chicago style; mass poverty; massive foreign debt to totalitarian regime of China; destroying the  existing American oil industry, seize of off shores oil drilling and absolute energy dependence to the Arab Oil (whom their dollars had put Obama in the office); chasing myths such as global warming; making money off of “Green Products” scam; kissing up to global Islamism; appeasement policies towards IRI; bending over backwards for Ahmadinejad, IRGC and Mullahs; affirmative action policies towards domestic Muslims; kissing up to foreign Muslims; changing the directive of NASA from  an space agency to kissing Muslims’ behinds; and now supporting the building of a Mosque smacked right at the Ground Zero!

It seems like Hussein Obama goes against the will of the American people every step of the way. Hussein has been clearly ignoring the American popular opinion. This is why his popularity rating has been dropping from 68 % (2008) to 43 % (2010). The Authoritarian Socialist Regime of Obama, Reid and Pelosi do what they want to do disregarding what America wants to do! As of now the Radical Socialist Wing of the Democratic Party has taken over the American Democratic Party; therefore, the Democratic Party does not even represent the Conservative Democrats or the Liberal Democrats. Radicals own the Democratic Party and Hussein is their representative and spokesman! Is there any wonder why? Total transformation of America from a Capitalist country to a Socialist nation is the plot!

US Liberal Biased Media, Special Interest such as George Soros, Corrupt US Labor Unions and Arab Oil, each for their own agenda have combinely erected Obama and put this inexperienced Junior Senator from the corrupt city of Chicago with 2 months of experience in the Senate, right inside the White House! They gave this Boy, job of a Real Man or a Woman; furthermore, handed him the leadership of the most important nation on Earth and also the leadership of the Free World! Affirmative Action in the highest levels indeed! Review some harsh but funny facts:

Obama’s Islamist Cartoons

Obama’s Socialist Cartoons

Who Voted for Obama? Liberal Types! – Part 1

Who Voted for Obama? Obama Voters – Part 2

Adventures of Hussein Obama – Episode 1: Obama bows to Abdullah!

So Hussein, a community organizer and his rag tag corrupt gang of thugs from Chicago have become the newly erected president and cabinet of United States of America! The rest is history and after 2 years, so far they have managed to push this country downhill as fast as they could! They have created an astronomic debt, unique in the history of America. It seems like this Boy is not the President of the States but the Enemy of the States! Hussein is bound to drag America’s exceptionality and unique status in the world down to the level of a 2nd rate Euro-Pee-On Socialist Nation! Hussein is a certified out in open Socialist and a closet Muslim! So where have all this intellectualism taken us? Bankruptcy indeed!

Review the Obama agenda:

Obama and Khomeini, Great Similarities!

What does Obama Administration Means to US, Iran and the World?

Obama, America’s Islamist President

Obama (O-Bow-ma) and the Saudi King

Obama’s Eligibility Case before the Chief Justice

Obama's Policy Towards Iran

Obama and the Birth of Mobocracy in America

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Understanding Barack Obama: The Making of a Fuhrer

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Obama’s Sociopathic Indifference towards American People!

Domestic economic meltdown and foreign appeasement policies towards the enemies are the fruits of this administration. America is burning in unemployment, inflation and economic chaos but Hussein and Michelle Obama are spending their 6th domestic and foreign vacations (in 2 years) at Chicago and the Mediterranean Shores of Spain! They spend time consorting and frolicking with Kings and Queens of Europe while the average American Joe and his family are barely making ends meet and avoiding the banks to foreclose their farms! Hussein Obama is simply out of touch with the American people.

You can get the Brother and Sister out of the Ghettos of Chicago but you can never get the Ghetto out of them! Hand them the key to the White House and they will not just create trillions of dollars of debt, yet they will also go on a massive personal spending spree and taking a numerous vacations around the globe with the tax payers’ dollars while America is clearly suffering!

Liberals often try to play the Race Card and brand me as a racist! Playing the Race Card Game is getting way too old! I am the same person who also wrote this:

Dr. Condoleezza Rice, The Real Deal

What America Really Needs is …… ?

What this country needs is not intellectualism because intellectualism has taken us to financial corruption, economical chaos and lack of national security!

What this country needs is a woman with a load of executive experience as a mayor and governor of the largest state of the union (Alaska) in her resume. A woman who has ended corruption in her city and state; furthermore, challenged the closed and exclusive circle of the Big Boys Network! A woman who went against Democrats and Republicans both to stand by the Working Man and gain his confidence and trust.

What this country needs is a down to earth, honest gal from heartland America who puts her money where her mouth is! Not another corrupt politician from DC but a Real person with a Real heart and the Real means to achieve the desired Ends!

Sarah Palin’s America

Sarah Palin is heartland America as real as Apple Pie and Cheeseburger! She means what she says and she means business. She is not a politician but a populist. She has a history of fighting corruption and she will clean up DC. She will clean up both parties and the very institution of the Big Government Network in DC.

Sarah Palin is the most honest and popular politician since the Great Ronald Reagan! Sarah Palin is not one of Them but she is one of Us. Sarah is what this country screams for and what this country needs. If anyone can revive America, it will be Sarah.

Take a look at the primary elections and you will notice that her endorsement is worth gold! Everyone is seeking her endorsement because almost everyone whom she endorses wins elections!

Change in America will bring Change to Iran and the Globe.

Many Iranian Americans ask me why do I endorse and support Sarah Palin? The answer is pretty clear! We will do our best to deliver the majority of the votes amongst our 2.7 million strong Iranian American voting block for Sarah Palin. For more information on Iranian American population, review:

Iranian Population Inside and Outside Iran

Once elected, Sarah Palin will stand by the Iranian Opposition and take severe actions against IRI. We scratch her back and in returns she will scratch our back. It is clear as a glass! It is clear unless you are an IRI Lobbyist (NIAC, AIC, PAAIA, etc.), an IRI Media (, Payvand, etc.), an Islamist Apologist, a Liberal Reformist or some other Iranian American Liberal who wants to keep IRI in power and will vote Democratic and do anything to avoid any sort of sanction, hostility, invasion and liberation by the US Government towards IRI. For more information on IRI Lobby Groups and Media in USA, review:

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America! New Tactic: IRI Lobbying in USA!

Iran’s Oil Mafia Penetrating the US Political System - Hezbollah IRI Lobby in USA

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!

Read more articles in:

Movement Index

If you are an IRI Lobbyist, IRI Media pawn and Iranian American Liberal, then our words are not with you, because your priority is not to free Iran and save the Persian Culture, but your priority is to save IRI, save Islamists and avoid any action except appeasement policies towards IRI Islamist Regime. For whatever reason (personal, having family inside Iran, political or financial) you have become an Iranian American Democrat. Voting for democrats means that you have automatically excluded yourself from the Iranian Opposition. You are neither an American Patriot nor an Iranian Nationalist.

If you were an American Patriot, then you would have not participated in the destruction of America, Free Markets, American Exceptionality in the Globe and the US Constitution. This is exactly what Hussein Obama’s Regime is doing: Destroying America!

If you were an Iranian Nationalist, then you would have not participated in the destruction of Iran, bringing to power and keeping IRI in power via lack of solid sanctions and implementation of appeasement policies. This is what Democrats have been doing since Jimmy Carter (the Father) all the way to Hussein Obama (the Son)!

What would you donate to Jimmy Carter?

Thanks to Jimmy Carter, “IRI, Khomeini and Neo Fundamentalist Islam” have come to power; they were maintained and preserved by Democrats and now tolerated, appeased, valued and respected by the Closet Muslim US President, Hussein Obama! For more information on how IRI was born, read:

Reasons for the Birth of IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)

For complete analysis of the present Iranian situation, read:

Iranian Revolution has No Colors and Heroes! Analysis of the Iranian 2010 Situation

Inside IRGC: Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps

Our word is with true American Patriots and Iranian Nationalists. Our words are with Real Iranian American Patriots who love America and want to free Iran. A True American Patriot and Iranian Nationalist votes GOP and not just any GOP but Tea Party Conservatives. A true Iranian American Patriot supports and votes for Tea Party candidates on 2010 and for Sarah Palin on 2012.

For more information about Sarah Palin, read:

Sarah Palin is coming to clean up DC!

Why Sarah Palin for 2012 Election?

Sarah Palin Rocks America – Part 1

Sarah Palin Rocks America – Part 2

Sarah Palin Photo Albums

What are Your Goals?

* If you want to clean corruption, wasteful spending and end big government control in America and end the lifespan of IRI, then Sarah Palin is your gal.

* If you want to establish socialism in America, maintain and flourish Islam in Iran, and expand global Islamism in the world, then Hussein Obama is your Muslim Brother!

The agendas are pretty clear, the battle formations have been formed, the patriotic duty is obvious and the enemy is not only at the gates but residing inside the White House! Now, it is Do or Die Time! We must either cleanse America, save free markets, American freedoms, US constitution and take our country back or else prepare to leave America and live elsewhere!

What are My Goals?

Personally, I did not come to America to live under the Socialism and Islam! If I wanted to live under Socialism or Islam, then I would have gone elsewhere to live! 31 years ago I came here to live free in a free market economy, enjoying all American freedoms, unique in the globe!

And for your Allah’s sake, stop blabbering about the myth of “Moderate Islam”!

Exposing the Myth of Moderate Islam!

There is only one Islam and that is the Islam of Mohammed:

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!

Whatever the American politicians such as Obama, feed you about Islam is purely for political purposes, promotion of their own agenda and promotion of themselves amongst the Muslims! The historic reality of Islam is absolutely something else and it is well known to all “Thinking Free Minds”!

If I wanted Socialism, I would have gone to Europe.
If I wanted Islam, I would have gone to Middle East.
I wanted Freedom and that’s why I came to America.
Unfortunately, Socialism and Islamic Bull Shiite under the guidance of Hussein Obama had followed me here! I have already lost one country (Iran) to this garbage, so I will be damned if I lose another one (America) to the same Bull Shiite! This is why 2010 and 2012 are Do or Die Times!

Support Sarah Palin:

Sarah Pac

Support Tea Party:

Tea Party Patriots

Tea Party Express

Tea Party Org

Support GOP:

GOP (Grand Old Party)

2010 and 2012 will decide the fate of America. On these two occasions, we will not just vote in another election but we will fight for the survival of American Constitution, American Freedoms and American Way of Life. How far will you allow the Obama’s Authoritarian Regime to push you around? If you want your opinion to count, then vote! On 2010 and 2012 we will make history. Stand up and fight for America and American Way of Life.

Dr. X

* * *


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