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Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President
Part 1: Public Side - Article


Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President
2 Parts: Article and Photo Album
Part 1: Article
Ahreeman X
March 3, 2016

Sarah Palin in her Black Leather Rebel Outfit at the Donald Trump Rally, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump for President
Part 1. Public Side - Sarah Palin US Election 2016 Article
Part 2. Private Side - Sarah Palin US Election 2016 Photo Album

Liberal Biased American Media spews that due to Donald Trump Endorsement, Sarah Palin is back in the spotlight! The reality is that Sarah Palin has never left the spotlight! Sarah Palin has been present, active and alongside the people, enflaming and energizing the Tea Party and the True Conservative Movement of America. Sarah has never left to be back in the spotlight! American Biased Media has been intentionally undermining and ignoring her activities or else she has been center of the action and danger, year in and year out!

Sarah Palin, the Heart and Soul of the Tea Party

We need to understand what exactly Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Trump means? Sarah Palin’s endorsement does not mean winning or losing Alaska, but it means the majority of the Tea Party, Evangelicals and True Conservatives’ votes for Trump. Ted Cruz has won Alaska and in a way he flipped the finger to Sarah Palin, thus in the past (before endorsing Trump), she had endorsed him for the Senate; however, have in mind that this is not about Alaska and this is not about the past endorsement of Sarah Palin for Cruz. This is about supporting the “Will of the People”, which Sarah is on their side.

2 Rebels in solidarity hug each other
Sarah Palin in her Black Leather Rebel Outfit at the Donald Trump Rally, Tulsa, Oklahoma

People have Spoken

People have spoken and they have clearly shown despise for both the “Big Liberal Government” and the “GOP Establishment”, or at least the determination to change the Washington DC Status Quo as usual. Will of the people has been ignored for decades by both parties. True Conservatives have been voting for over 15 years to change the corrupt DC Establishment, their representatives have been giving them promises; however, once elected and moved to DC, they have forgotten about their promises and they have become a part of the establishment and a part of the problem!

Both Liberal Democrats and Republicans have been betraying the American people. Over 15 years of betrayal resulted in a boiling point which has passed people’s limit and caused today’s solid support of Trump. People have spoken clearly and this turn around, they want Washington DC outsiders as their representatives. This is why they have nominated and they are voting for Trump, Carson and Cruz. In other way, they are clearly stating that enough is enough!

Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump in Ames, Iowa

Will of the People

Trump’s success is the “Will of the People”. Sarah Palin supports only the “Will of the People” and that is why Sarah Palin endorsed Trump, campaigned for him and supports him.

Sarah Palin is the “Original Rebel” and the “Rouge Factor” who rebelled against the Washington DC Establishment of both parties. Sarah Palin is a populist and women of the people. She was one of the people who started it all. Sarah Palin’s Rebellion goes back to before 8 years of Obama. Sarah Palin is a Founding Mother to the Tea Party and the New Conservative Movement. It is only natural for Sarah Palin to support the “Will of the People” and obviously “The Will of the People” is Trump!

Corrupt and Liberal Biased American Media or as Rush Limbaugh refers to them, “The Drive-bys” have been slandering that Trump buys politicians and their endorsements; therefore, Trump bought Sarah Palin, Chris Christie and others. Liberal Biased Media has always been a puppet and mouthpiece of the Democratic Party and the White House; therefore, it is expected from them to spew out such rhetoric.

Sarah Palin Factor

Sarah Palin does not need Trump’s money. She has plenty of money due to writing and selling all of her books, conducting nationwide speeches and various donations to Sarah Pac. Of course Trump donations to Sarah Pac the same as all others are welcome and needed to support the True Conservative Movement; however, no one’s donation makes Sarah a puppet. If Sarah does not believe in a person or a cause, then God cannot even change her mind. So far, almost everyone that Sarah supported, was elected as a governor, senator, representative of the house or elected to the public office. Sarah only supports true conservatives and “Will of the People”. Sarah’s endorsements are not for sell. Sarah has never been a sellout and will never be a sellout.

It is amazing that some sources accuse or at least suggest that Sarah Palin is a sellout! Ted Cruz campaign or supporters such as Glenn Beck can state all the rubbish that they want but they even know Sarah best, because in the past, Sarah has supported both of them along with many more!

Sarah Palin Speech at the CPAC
Sarah Palin: Hey Liberals, you want some of this? Bring it on!

Sarah Palin, the Original Rebel

Sarah Palin is the original rebel. Sarah Palin is the heart and soul of the Tea Party and the Neo Conservative Movement. Sarah Palin’s endorsement is a blessing and a pleasure for Donald Trump and in a million years she would have not done it if she truly did not believe in Trump.

Trump is man of the people and Sarah is woman of the people, it is only natural for Sarah to support Trump. A fool can even see through this but the American Media, the Establishment of GOP, the Liberal Corrupt and DC Elite along with the heartbroken conservatives (due to Sarah not supporting Cruz for president) keep on bashing Sarah and accusing her of untrue garbage!

Sarah did not get in to this for money, power and fame. Sarah got in to this 8, 10 or 12 years ago to make a “Change”, to “Conserve” American Way of Life, to return power to the people and to save America. Sarah is the original rebel and the original populist who wanted to make “America Great”. It is comical and ignorant to call Sarah a sellout!

Trump – Palin History

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin did not meet yesterday! Trump and Palin go way back. Trump has been a great fan of Sarah and has been supporting Sarah and the Conservative Movement for a long while. This is nothing new at all.

It is time for the non believers, the haters, the special interest, the lobbyists, and the people with agenda to open their minds, shut their mouths and get a sniff of the reality. Sarah Palin was one of the original conservatives who started it all, she is the original rebel. Sarah would never ever sellout to any amount of money. Sarah puts her own money where her mouth is and that is the “Conservative Cause” and the “Tea Party”. Sarah has been exposing the GOP Establishment for years and she surely has been condemning the Big Government Liberal Elite for over a decade. To call Sarah Palin a sellout is oxymoronic; furthermore, flat out foolish!

Trump is voice of the American Anger. Trump is the voice of the millions who have been ignored for decades. Trump is the voice of the people who have not been voting for decades due to disappointment and disbelief of the system. Trump is the voice of the fed up America at the boiling point. Isn’t it only natural for Sarah Palin to support Trump?!

It is time for all of us to be realists and rationalists rather than emotionalists and tribalists! It is time for all of us to open our eyes to the reality of this new movement and new storm which is taking away the DC Establishment, both parties and the nation.


Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump in Iowa (CBS)

Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump in Iowa (FOX)

Sarah Palin opens for Donald Trump Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma (FOX)

Sarah Palin opens for Donald Trump Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma (RSB)

The Trump Storm

Trump Storm is blowing away the Big Government Status Quo and taking away America with it. Trump is an upcoming storm, go with it or be blown away. GOP Establishment such as Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan his kiss ass boy (Speaker of the House), Mitch McConnell the old fart (Senate Majority Leader) and other cronies should stop twitting, stop spewing division, stop fractions and factions. GOP Establishment or Semi Establishment should clearly realize that their time and era is over. People have put them there and people will get them out of here. People have spoken and Trump is the “Will of the People”. Put up, shut up and deal with it before you along with your whole ilk will be blown away by this storm which is called the “Trump Storm”! Sarah Palin did not jump the Trump bandwagon but she humbly obeyed the “Will of the People”, this is why she is a storm rider, actually she has been riding storms for all her life!

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Sarah Palin is the Key to Regain and Revive America!
Change in America will bring Change to Iran and the Globe.

Sarah Palin is coming to cleanup DC!

Why Sarah Palin for 2012 Election?

Sarah Palin Rocks America! 1
Vote McCain - Palin Ticket, Save America and Iran!

Sarah Palin Rocks America! 2
Vote McCain - Palin Ticket, Save America and Iran!

Sarah Palin Wants You!
Sarah Palin is the Heart and Soul of the Tea Party
Sarah Palin Wants You to Support Donald Trump for President
Let’s Make America Great Again

Trump Movement and Revolution

GOP Establishment, Liberal Establishment, DC Establishment, Biased Media, Corrupt Big Government and Status Quo, get a clue because the Trump Storm is coming, it will blow away your existence and you cannot stop it, sabotage it or delay it thus it has been delayed for decades and now is the boiling point. I have predicted this, years ago! The Trump Storm is coming, get with it, or take shelter and stay out of the way, because it will destroy everything and start anew. This is not another election, but this is a Movement and a Revolution, deal with it! Next page

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