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Vote McCain - Palin Ticket, Save America and Iran!

Sarah Palin Rocks America!
Vote McCain - Palin Ticket, Save America and Iran!

Part Two
Ahreeman X
September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin during the campaign for governorship of Alaska.

Sarah Palin’s Character

Sarah Palin cleaned up her own local party (GOP), cleaned up corruption in city and state level, balanced budget, set proper ethics, cut wasteful expenditure, cut the size of government, created new jobs, revived the economy and revived Alaska. Imagine what she can do for America.

Sarah Palin energizing the people during the campaign for governorship of Alaska.

John McCain is an independent leader who took on his own party (GOP), reformed and cleaned up GOP, Congress and took on the whole DC Establishment. John McCain does not follow party lines, but he works with both parties and independents. John McCain works cross party lines. No one tells John McCain what to do except John McCain and he only takes order from the American people.

Over and over he has proven that he loves this country, sacrificed for this country and he is a true American Hero:

Why John McCain and Not Democrats for US 2008 Elections?

John McCain is the only candidate in this election who fought for America, sacrificed for America and paid the price for America so you would keep your rights and enjoy your freedoms.

John McCain 1973 POW Release Video

John McCain POW Years Video

John McCain Biography – GOP Convention

John McCain Biography - CNN

John McCain chose the best candidate as his running mate, an independent woman, a free thinker, a true reformist and a solid multi tasker to cleanup DC, reform DC and shake things up. Sarah Palin is a no nonsense woman and speaks from the heart. She identifies with the average hard working American. She is not there to please the liberal media or Hollywood! She is there to serve the American people.

Sarah Palin conducting a speech in Alaska

Why Reforms for America but not for Iran?

Reforms for America provides results because America is already a free and democratic nation. Reforms are possible in America under the Free Democratic Constitution. Reforms in America are good and progressive.

Reforms for Iran provides no results because Iran is a theocratic dictatorship. Reforms are not possible in Iran under the Islamic Constitution (Islam = Dictatorship). Reforms in Iran are bad, reactionary and only a block on the way of the Real Change.

Reformists in America are true Progressive Revolutionaries such as McCain and Palin.

Reformists in Iran are either part of the Islamic System (Khatami, Ebadi, Ganji) or selfish and self serving liberal pacifists who put their own personal interests above the prosperity of Iran.

Sarah Palin in leather!

Country First!

Sarah Palin can be described in two words: Country First!

Sarah Palin is getting addressed and updated by the officers and the troops.

Sarah is a great patriot. Sarah and her husband have 5 children, 3 daughters and 2 sons. Her older son is now serving the US Military in Iraq.

Sarah Palin saluted by the navy during an official visit.

Sarah Palin during her flaming speech at the 2008 GOP Convention.

Sarah Palin and John McCain ticket (Newsweek)

Sarah Palin the rifle shooter, the gun slinger and the hunter (Newsweek)

Sarah Palin, America’s Hottest Governor (Alaska)
82 % Approval Rating!

Sarah Palin on Vogue? Must be a prank!

Sarah Palin, the fur wearing, target shooting, gun slinging, hunter, fisher and survival artist.
Animal Rights and Environmentalist Wackos start bleeding your hearts out!

Sarah Palin and one of her daughters riding alongside the river. Sarah is a great outdoor gal.

Sarah Palin, a lifetime member of NRA

Where Do I Come From?

I am a Secular Conservative. This is where I come from as an American Patriot:

Ann Coulter, a Liability for GOP - The Secular Conservative Dilemma

Dr. Condoleezza Rice - The Real Deal

This is where I come from as an Iranian Nationalist:

Pan Iranism and Islam (Pan Arabism)!

A Vision for Iran of tomorrow – Nationalism

So go figure why you should believe me and vote for GOP or why you should believe Pro IRI and Liberal Pacifists and vote for Democrats?

Sarah Palin with her American Flag jewelry chest broach

Final Words

The places and with whom you hang around, defines who you are.
The people you associate with, reveals your personality.
The friends you keep, speaks of your character.
The person you vote for, unveils your nature.

On November 2008, we will decide the faith of America and Iran. It is absolutely up to you to destroy both countries or to revive both countries.

John McCain and Sarah Palin (GOP 2008 Ticket) are waving to the crowd.

If Obama gets elected and if we don’t elect GOP in to the office, then every prospect of American involvement towards a Change in Iran will be lost! We as Iranian Americans will play no role and have no say to make a Change in Iran. Morley, electing Obama equals a more powerful IRI staying in power for a longer time! Obama will guarantee the IRI to bloom and grow stronger.

Obama = Stronger IRI

Sarah Palin rallying, exciting, energizing and rowding up the crowd.

Would you vote for an inexperienced and unqualified man and allow Affirmative Action to dictate to you on whom to vote for? Ask yourselves, would Barack Hussein Obama be where he is if he wasn’t Black? Would you vote for a Rookie Senator (Barack Hussein Obama) and a 30 year DC Veteran, a Do Nothing and Pro Status Quo Senator (Joe Biden)? Or would you vote for a known agent of reform and change (John McCain) and a No Nonsense Heroine (Sarah Palin)? The choice is yours.

Sarah Palin is sending a kiss to the crowd.
Sarah: Don’t forget to vote for GOP!

As a patriotic American and a nationalist Iranian it is your natural duty to vote for McCain – Palin Ticket, save America and Iran. Let your voice to be heard. Let’s Rock both America and Iran by sending a New Message to DC.

Country First!


Ph.D. in conservatism,
Defender of patriotism,
The believer in optimism,
Dr. of passion and eroticism,
With a truck load of magnetism,
Disciple of charm and romanticism,
The one and only, yours truly, Dr. X;
Ahreeman X


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