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Why Sarah Palin for 2012 Election?
Ahreeman X
February 28, 2009

Sarah Palin Wants You


I am going to be very blunt and straight to the point. I am going to avoid political correctness and state the facts. We are way beyond the political correctness and today we are fighting for the survival of our way of life, freedoms, democracy and capitalism in America!


Why Sarah Palin for 2012?

With all due respect to all the fellow GOP veterans which I will mention below, I shall openly and boldly state the facts to diagnose the problems and therefore to seek the proper solutions. No disrespect is intended, only bluntness!

Sarah Palin and Bald Eagle, Pure Proud Patriotism

At the exact moment which I took the first glance at the GOP candidates: 3 bald old men (John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson), a shriveled up prune (Ron Paul), a Mormon (Mitt Romney) and a priest (Mike Huckabee) versus the liberal candidates: a cool black man (Barack Obama), a good looking white man (John Edwards) and a woman (Hillary Clinton), I knew that we (GOP) had lost the 2008 election! Why you ask? Because Americans are a nation of historically ignorant, politically uninformed, shallow and superficial folks who follow the fad of the day and get their information from the Mainstream Media. In this country, Media makes you or breaks you. American Media has been making the liberal candidates and breaking the GOP candidates for decades. This is not fiction but a fact.

Americans think with their hearts and not with their minds. Looks means everything. Last year, liberals had all the charismatic and good looking candidates but GOP had all the mediocre old fogies! Looks means everything in America. Media is already against us (GOP) as is, then why make it worst by selecting our worst looking or socially isolated candidates?

This is why we need a charismatic person with good looks and a powerful speaker who can charm America for 2012, simply because Americans are more emotional rather than rational, and they vote with their hearts rather than their minds! This is why we (GOP) must prepare Sarah Palin for 2012. That is of course if we are planning to win the White House for 2012!

Why GOP Lost the 2008 Election?

In 2008, Christian Conservatives, True Republicans, Fiscal Conservatives, and Reagan Republicans did not vote for McCain because they did not believe that he represented the core of the GOP and the fundamentals of the party. This is why GOP had lost the elections. Today we must return to Reaganomics, Fiscal Conservatism, Small Government, and core beliefs of the GOP. We are beginning our grassroots movement today to win 2012. We will start this movement not to win elections but to save America from Socialism and becoming a Grand Welfare State! From today, we will think 2012.

Bush was a bigger spender and globalist than Democrats. This is why we must nominate a true Fiscal Conservative, a Reaganomist, a Reformer and an Agent of Change to lead GOP. This is why I will stick with Sarah Palin for 2012. We must prepare Sarah Palin for 2012.

The Winning Remedy!

To win the White House on 2012, we must offer something new. We can’t follow the Democrats and we can’t follow the failures of the past.

With all due respect to Michael Steele,
If we nominate an old bald Black man as our candidate, we will lose the race on 2012.
We have already tried an old bald White man (John McCain) for 2008 and we lost!

With all due respect to Bobby Jindal,
If we nominate an unattractive Indian man as our candidate, we will lose the race on 2012.
We have already tried an unattractive White man (Richard Nixon) and we lost the race to John F. Kennedy!

As I stated before,

What does Obama Administration Means to US, Iran and the World?

America is a nation of shallow and superficial people. No matter how great are your slogans:

Country First
We are the Party of God
Morality and Ethics

At the end of the day, America’s Religion is Sex and Violence.
At the end of the day, Looks, Charisma and Power of Speech means everything.

There is no doubt that John McCain and Richard Nixon were more qualified than Barack Hussein Obama and John F. Kennedy, but at the end of the day Obama and Kennedy were young, charismatic, good looking and powerful speakers. In America, that is all that it matters.

There is no doubt that Sarah Palin was much more qualified than Barack Hussein Obama, but people did not love Sarah Palin and voted for her due to her qualifications! People loved Sarah Palin because she is young, she is charismatic, she is independent, she is Hot, she loves Guns and she can talk.

Sarah Palin for 2012

What have I told you? Sex and Violence!
Sarah Palin is Hot and Sarah Palin got Big Guns.
This is the ideal woman for America. This is how you sell a candidate to America.
The rest is bologna: God, Country, Apple Pie, Patriotism, Qualification, Morality, Jesus, bla bla bla …

The Race Card and The Age Card!

Some play the “Race Card” and accuse me of being a racist! These days, anyone who opposes Obama’s administration and the Liberal Congress and seeks qualification based on the merit rather than affirmative action is a racist! Set aside that Obama himself had played the Race Card during the elections! Allow me to remind you that I am the same person who wrote this about Dr. Condoleezza Rice:

Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the Real Deal

Some also attack me that I play the "Age Card", but then again I have a lot of respect for Senator McCain. Again, allow me to remind you that I am the same person who wrote this about Senator John McCain:

Why John McCain and Not Democrats for US 2008 Elections?

The fact of the matter is that I am not a racist, ageist, sexist or chauvinist but I am a Realist.

Why am I a GOP Member?

I am a logical and a scientific man. I am not a religious man of faith. I deal with facts, reality and logic. Allow me to clearly state here that I am a veteran GOP activist; however, hypothetically if tomorrow there will be existing a powerful right wing secular political party in America, I will join them!

Everyone knows that I am no fan of Christian Fundamentalists and Religion in General. I truly have a moral dilemma and ethical issue to be in the same political party with Christian Fundamentalists and Religious Folks; however, I despise Liberal Left! I rather eat Shiite and die than to be comrades and pal around with Bleeding Heart Liberals. For more information, review:

Ann Coulter, a Liability for GOP

So it all comes down to:

Enemy of my enemy is my friend!
Enemy (Christian Fundamentalists) of my enemy (Liberals) is my friend!

In America, I have to either vote conservative (GOP), liberal (Democratic) or throw my vote away (3rd cheesy parties), simply because we do not have a strong 3rd party and we surely do not have a powerful secular right wing party! This is why I am a GOP member.

The American Social Satire!

In America you must basically be married and you must be a Christian to run for any important public office, specifically presidency! This is why years ago, I came to terms that no matter how handsome, charismatic, educated, qualified and powerful of a speaker I am, yet I will have no chance to run for any important political office in America, simply because I am an Evolutionist, Scientist and a man of logic rather than faith!

Of course if I lived in Europe, it did not matter, because marriage and religion are personal issues and Europeans care about qualifications rather than personal issues, but Americans by majority are the most shallow and superficial people in the world; therefore, Europeans mock us for our standards of marriage and religion to become president!

As in results, in Europe (France), people have elected a qualified conservative such as Nicholas Sarkozy of UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) for presidency, but in America, we have elected an unqualified pop star such as Barack Hussein Obama, a Socialist Liberal for presidency. Why? Because rather than looking at his qualifications, we cared more about his looks, his blackness, his charming speeches and the fact that he is married and supposedly a Christian! We even overlooked his questionable past which is still in debates:

Was he born in America, as a mandatory condition to become the president?
Was he converted to Islam in Indonesia or is he really a Christian?

We as a nation of shallow superficial folks, have overlooked the above issues as long as the man is married and he is a Christian! It’s all a show and the Show must go on …. Welcome to America!

For more information, please review:

Barack Hussein Obama Cartoons

I, the Marketing Advisor

So these are the reasons which years ago made me figure that due to my philosophical, scientific and ideological beliefs, I will have no future in American politics; therefore, I decided to do my best as a political advisor.

What I can do is to be a wise advisor for those with brains who are willing to listen and learn so they can succeed in American politics. It is simple as that. I am a great marketing advisor. My job is to sell things to people. I will sell anything and anyone to Americans. This is what I do!

The Main Issue

The main issue here is originality and charisma which leads to popularity in America.


We must be original. Democrats have already elected the first Black man in to the office of presidency. We can’t go copy Democrats and try to elect our own Black man, because their Black man is younger, has charisma, is handsome and is a great speaker. Our Black man (Michael Steele) is none of the above!

Democrats have also elected the first Ethnic Minority Male for presidency. In addition that Obama is Black, he is also an Ethnic Minority. We can’t go copy Democrats and nominate an Indian American (Bobby Jindal) to run for presidency, because once again Democrats’ candidate will beat us in charisma, speech, popularity and surely looks in 2012.

GOP must be original if they want to win the White House in 2012. Originality means to nominate and allow America to elect the first female president. Most likely Hillary Clinton will not run for 2012, because Obama made sure to eliminate her threat by appointing her as Secretary of State. Besides, for the time being, Obama is Democrats’ Boy Wonder and Fad of the Day. Obama will be the Democrats’ candidate for 2012 and the only way to beat him is to be original.

Sarah waves the Big Gun but speaks with Finesse!

Putting Sarah Palin as the first American female president right in Obama’s face will be the great tactic to win the strategy (White House). Eventually Obama’s cabinet of thieves and tax dodgers along with the liberal congress will bankrupt America. In 2010, if we will be smart and we go back to our fiscal conservative values (Reaganomics), then we will have a shot to win both the House and the Senate. In 2012, we can win the White House with a female nominee.


Allow me to make it clear that this victory will not occur with just any female Republican, but it will occur only with Sarah Palin. Why you ask? Because Sarah Palin has charisma. No one says that Sarah Palin is a great intellectual, highly educated or a genius, but everyone agrees that she is charismatic.

She overcomes her shortcomings in various fields, by using her charisma. Sarah Palin is a maverick, independent minded, reformist, charismatic, attractive, powerful speaker, no nonsense woman.

Another smart and slick remark by Sarah Palin!
Sarah cuts throat but with delicacy and style!

Sarah Palin waves her big gun but charms the audience with finesse! As I stated above, she is hot and she got a big gun. That’s what America loves.

Sarah Palin’s Stands

Next comes her stands on issues. She will get the Christian vote because she is a Christian. She will get the Pro Life vote because she is pro life, but most important, she will get the People of Principles’ vote because she is a Moral woman with principles. She will get Reformists’ vote because by 2012 everyone will realize that Obama is all talks but Palin already cleaned up Alaska and she is able to cleanup DC and America. Then comes the family values and women’s votes. How can women not elect another woman as independent minded and as anti corruption and anti male chauvinism as Sarah Palin? Only the extreme left, FemiNazis, Environmentalist Wackos, Derange Pacifists, Anti Gun Crowd and Liberal Anarchists will not vote for her.  Please review:

That Wacky Tacky Hillary Clinton – The Hillary Clinton Show

By majority, American women will vote for her to cleanup DC and to cleanup Male Chauvinism in America. Please review:

Sarah Palin Rocks America

By 2012 the masses would realize that Obama and Democrats’ environmental policies had caused America not to become energy independent, yet more dependent to Foreign Oil. They will comprehend that Sarah Palin’s “Drill baby Drill” and “Nuclear Energy” is the only solution to become energy independent.

Sarah Palin’s Communication Skills

The bottom line is that she has the looks and she can talk, but mostly she can communicate with the average Jane and Joe. She speaks the working woman and the working man’s language. She is the working class America. Sarah Palin is Heartland America. This is why she is GOP’s only hope and choice to win the White House on 2012.

Sarah Palin’s Shortcomings

Sarah’s shortcomings are her lack of knowledge in foreign policy, general global information, global cultures and languages, and higher education.

She maybe not highly educated but she is street educated and self educated. There is no doubt in my mind that she can overcome her lack of higher education by self educating herself about the various subjects.

Sarah maybe not an intellectual but she is intelligent and she has this great will and power to learn. She is a fast learner so we must teach her everything she needs to know about the global politics, geography, history, and other affairs. We have 4 years to prepare Sarah Palin to challenge Obama on Intellectualism, World Knowledge, Global Politics and various other issues. This will occur with proper crew, management and advisors around her. Sarah already has the executive experience; all she needs is the right advisors.

New Crew for New Candidate

Let’s face the reality. Sarah Palin’s 2008 people were lacking everything from management, arrangement, administration, organization, all the way to global knowledge and intellect. They had their positive points, they were devoted to her and they worked hard, but the bottom line is that they have failed.

In this business (politics), when you fail, your candidate loses and it will be a great blow to the movement. Obviously the crew was not successful because Sarah Palin lost the elections!

Sarah Palin’s people were so messed up in organization and communication fields that Bill O’Reilly could not even get her on his show, and believe me he tried to do so but the organization and communication was almost non-existent.

To win the 2012 election, Sarah Palin needs fresh crew with fresh ideas. Sarah Palin needs great management, organizers, advisors and brains behind her or else this will be another loss!

It is essential for Sarah Palin to draft a new constructive crew because a new constructive candidate will be needing a fresh constructive crew to jump start the movement, work on her for 4 years and prepare her to win the 20212 election.

This winning ticket and crew must be well educated, well cultured, well informed and knowledgeable, professional organizers, administrators, managers, advisors and hard working ethical people.

To win the White House, you cannot draft Joe Shmoe, Billy Bob and Matilda May from down the corner! Sarah Palin is a woman who has been around and she is extremely ambitious, so she knows exactly what I mean! If you desire to win the 2012 election, then you need a brand new crew of professionals or else it will be another 2008.

The Grassroots Movement

Our movement shall be the movement from the Heart of America, the Heartland America and from the soul of the average Jane and Joe. GOP is the party of Working Class Patriots; therefore, GOP is the True Face of America. If we can only connect with the Working Class of all types, all genders and all ethnicities, then we got it made. Unlike Democrats who pretend to be the party of Working Class, yet they are the party of Welfare Recipients, Bums and Wealthy Suburban Hypocrites, the GOP is truly the party of the Working Class American Patriots.

Sarah Palin with the US Troops

This movement must start from the bottom and builds to the top. This movement must be devoted and hard workers. The advising crew must be talented, professional and aggressive. All and all, this will prepare Sarah Palin for 2012. Even amongst GOP, many big shots are trying to undermine her, talk down to her, underestimate her and not giving her a fair chance.

In my opinion, she can do it. Not that she can do it but she is the only choice and the only chance that we have for a shot at the presidency on 2012. GOP members and leaders who disagree with this statement are still living in LaLa Land and obviously the failure of 2008 did not teach them anything.

Today the party is in disarray and well divided.  You got the Christian Fundamentlists, the Fiscal Conservatives, the Moderate Republicans, the Social Conservatives, the Traditionalists and the Progressive Conservatives and all and all, they dance with the beat of their own drums! Everyone offers a new remedy for the party and everyone believes that their remedy is the cure!

Sarah Palin is very modest and she clearly stated that if God knows there will be an opening and an open door for her to enter the race for 2012, then please do not allow her to miss this opening (Greta Van Susteren program on FOX). I on the other hand am neither a modest man nor a man of faith. I deal with facts and logic. I deal with numbers and statistics. I deal with science and harsh reality.

2 + 2 = 4, and we have no other candidate who will be able to win the White House on 2012, other and better than Sarah Palin. I stated my logic above and the rest of GOP leaders’ rhetorics are basically nonsense.

The Goal

My goal is to win the 2012. How about you? Democrats are planning to hand amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, give them welfare, healthcare, housing, benefits, citizenships and to give them the right to vote, create dependant voters out of them, bus them to voting stations and win elections. Officially 10 million but unofficially there are 20 million illegal aliens living and working in this country. By drafting this plan, Democrats will change the balance of power forever and GOP will be the losing party for decades to come.

GOP leadership is distracted with various decisions, discussions, disarray and continental divide! They are even lacking the sense to choose and prepare the proper candidate starting now to win the 2012. The unified strong vision is lacking in GOP. Reaganomics are abandoned in GOP. Keep the present course and even your God will abandon the Party of God, the GOP!

For those who are willing to listen to the logic and open their eyes to the reality, the choice is very clear. It is either Sarah Palin for 2012 or another disgraceful loss! Which will it be?

With or without the unified GOP, we must jump start this grassroots movement and we must and I insist that we must prepare Sarah Palin, mentally and physically to get ready to rumble primarily inside the GOP and eventually outside the GOP.

There is no doubt in my mind that with hard work and proper training she will be a roaring tiger or as she stated, a Pit Bull with lipstick, ready to take on the challenge.  We have the right candidate and we have the right movement. Our hearts is in the right place. We are the true patriots of this nation. We must draft the proper tactics to win our strategical goal which is winning the White House on 2012.

The other side of the coin is that if we lose (once more), we will allow the “Generational Theft” (Senator McCain) by the democrats to continue and down the road our children and grand children to pay the debt which Liberals had created for them.

Liberal legacy of the Big Government has already bankrupted the Social Security and Medicare, now they are working on Healthcare, National Budget and eventually bankrupting the whole nation!

A government which cannot even run the post office, wants to stimulate the economy! The only stimulation will be coming from the sounds of joy from Liberals’ climatic orgasms occurring by the gigantic “Spending Package” which they had passed with yours and my money!

Liberals have been silent for many years, now they are having a “Spending Orgy” and a “Drinking Party”. They will not stop until they bankrupt America and put us in the poor house. Their plans will drag America from a superpower status to a 2nd rate world power. Today we are begging China to lend us dough, buy our bonds and bail us out, and tomorrow we will beg the Saudis to do such! This will be the legacy of Democrats and the 2nd Carter Administration (Obama’s administration) for America.

My friends, today we are fighting for the survival of our way of life, freedoms, democracy and capitalism in America! This is Do or Die time!

The only block to stop this catastrophe is Us the People. We the People can put a stop to this by the power of our Grassroots Movement.

Sarah Palin and the Sacred American Flag, cherish it and wear it.

Obama’s Movement of Vegetated Minds and Juvenile MTV Viewers are planning to strip you from your guns, rights, freedoms, choice and minds! They want to turn America to a 2nd rate Socialist nation! What Democrats are planning to do with amnesty is a step short of What occurred in Venezuela. I bet with you that Obama is having erections and dreams about Chavez and Death of Democracy in Venezuela. Obama would love to draft these tactics in America.

Sarah Palin: Come n’ Take it!
Liberals, why don’t you try taking her gun away?

Some say this is fiction, but I have news for you: Liberals are already working on this Socialist plot of Social Engineering America, Unification of Minds, Elimination of Economic Classes, Artificial Equalization of People, Destruction of Free Markets and Death of Capitalism and Democracy in America.

Are we going to watch or are we going to fight?
The Choice is yours?

Country First
Freedom of Choice, Sweet Freedom ……


Dr. X

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