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Sarah Palin is coming to cleanup DC!
Ahreeman X
April 12, 2009

Sarah Palin is coming to cleanup DC.

Sarah Palin wants you!


Before I begin, allow me to state that many people often ask me:
Why do you support Sarah Palin?"
I gently reply:
Regime change in Iran requires a regime change in America and who is the best person to deliver the desired results, other than Sarah Palin?
Later on, I will explain this issue in depth but for now let us begin this piece with the latest shenanigan by the American Mainstream Liberal Media.

Country First – Heck Yeah

Campaign clothes, legal fees, episodes with daughter’s looser ex boyfriend, etc. etc. etc. One episode after another is hitting the “State Controlled Socialist Media” AKA “Mainstream Liberal Media”. After all we used to live in USA but now we live in USSA (United Socialist States of America)!

The Sarah Palin smile

There is an open season on Sarah Palin! Do not get a sudden surprise when you will hear about future episodes on Sarah Palin’s pink lingerie or red underwear, vast discoveries and researched journalistic “Master Pisses” about Sarah Palin’s possible yet unconfirmed Swinger and S&M sanctuaries and lifestyle discovered by the superb investigative teams of the CBS, NBC, CNN or the New York Times news! In the liberal world, the media does not report the news but they create the news by digging deep in to their rectums!

Sarah Palin at a rally

The Garbage (Liberal Media News) will Flow on!

All types of garbage will flow from this moment on until 2012. Why you ask?

Because they know that Sarah Palin is a threat to their corrupt, thieving, conniving, and miserable lives. They know that even a slight possibility of her running for 2012 means DC House cleaning, the same as she had done the Alaska House cleaning! Fear of Sarah Palin’s house cleaning has been set deep in the bone marrows of not just liberals, but even corrupt republicans of the DC Status Quo lovers! They know she means business.

Why Sarah Palin for 2012 Election?

The Sarah Palin look

Obama, the Thief!

Obama’s Administration and Cabinet are a bunch of tax dodgers, thieves, corrupt, kickback lovers and criminals. The thugs of Illinois and the Chicago Mob are now occupying the White house!

Obama is the master thief! Before presidency he was the recipient of all types of kickbacks from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Tony Rezco, Arab Oil, etc., but today as the president, he is the “Grand Thief” with his hands in your pockets, on a spending spree. He is spending your tax money like there is no tomorrow! He is spending Billions like it is chump change! Every single pork barrel and earmark project which was sitting and dusting in the liberal congress’ shelves, is now being funded by your money and becoming a reality and a fraudulent project by the 3 Little Piggies (Obama, Pelosi and Reid)! Obama has passed the largest spending package and wasteful bundle in the history of America. He is spending your money like a bandit. The national debt is over “11 Trillion dollars”, to be exact:  $ 11,152,772,833,835.89 (April 7, 2009). Can you even picture this amount in your mind? In the history of America, this is unheard of! If this is not thievery then I don’t know what is? This is not thievery, but it is a “Generational Theft”.

What does Obama Administration Means to US, Iran and the World?

Obama is stealing your children and grand children’s money! Obama is spending the wealth which has not been created yet!

Obama’s tax dodging, thieving, kickback loving, bribe stashing, deal making, money spending, bureaucracy creating, government bankrupting, wheeling and dealing administration’s absolute control of the executive, legislative and almost judiciary branch of government is practically turning America to another Venezuela. Obama is the American Chavez. Now he is bending over for Iran and North Korea.

Obama, the Apologist!

He is going around the world apologizing for America! Nazi war criminals in Nuremburg did not apologize for killing 6 million Jews as much as Obama had apologized for America to the globe! He is travelling around the world and constantly apologizing for America! If one did not know better, he would have not guessed that Obama is the American president, but he would have mistaken Obama for an Anti American Black Panther or Nation of Islam member!

Obama has apologized for various issues from Bush’s actions, Slavery of Blacks, Wars with American Indians and taking over their lands, mistakes in American constitution, crimes of Christopher Columbus, all the way to my father’s limp penis and his incapabilities to have sex without Viagra and the way that this could have damaged America’s reputation around the globe! Obama is going around the world apologizing for America being America! This “Boy Wonder” is becoming World’s Sweetheart by undermining and bad mouthing America! The more he trashes America, the more Europeans and the Muslim World will love him, but also the more Americans will hate him! At the end of the day it is American voters who must vote for him and give him approval rating!

Why on earth would an American or in that manner any president go around the world and puts down his predecessor? By bashing Bush, he assumes that he becomes a bigger character! The reality is that by bashing Bush, he is belittling himself and America! Various global political leaders are wondering why does Obama belittle Bush, because the presidential campaign is over?!

In the history of America, never ever the popularity rating of a president has become dropping so fast in such short time after taking over the office! Of course, we the opposition, knew this weasel, prop screen reader, master actor, and “Boy Wonder”, but even the people who voted for him are now beginning to open their eyes to his reality.

The Greatest Destroyer (President) of America

In the history of America, we never had such an amateur president and such corrupt administration, actively damaging America’s foreign policy, undermining America, surrendering to the enemies, wheeling and dealing with Terrorists, endangering the national security, not protecting the borders, stealing people blind, going on a record spending spree and indeed destroying America!

Detroit is a perfect example of how Social Liberalism operates and how it can destroy a beautiful functioning city into a graveyard of business, industrialization and jobs! Now they want to Social Engineer America the same as they have done to Detroit!

Obama’s Anti American Regime!

Obama is constantly nagging about the Evil Corporations, but there are problems with his Evil Corporations Theory!

Today is 2009, not 1909! Today the Corporations are you and I. We the stock holders are the corporate owners. The public owns the corporations. If you tax the corporations up the butt and regulate them irrationally, then they will leave America. This would destroy jobs for the American workers. This would destroy the economy!

So when Obama is talking about the Evil Corporations and defending the Labor, have in mind that the Evil Corporations are you and I, the stock holders which Obama is about to destroy! If Obama harms the Corporations, then he will harm the American labor because if you damage the corporations, they will layoff the labor or leave America, so the labor will end up not having jobs and we the stock holders will lose our shirts like we are already doing!

Every time Obama opens his mouth, the stock market drops a few points!

When Obama taxes the small businesses and forces health care down their throats, then they will stop hiring and close down shops!

We, the American people are the corporations and the small businesses. When Obama declares war on them, then he declares war on American Business and he declares war on America!

Who is Obama protecting?

The Tax dodgers, the welfare recipients, the affirmative action leeches, the bums, the lazy, the corrupt and the dependent people to the Socialist State! Obama is creating a Welfare State and a Grand Government to take care of the people and to control them.

Obama will destroy the American business, so the government can take control of the free enterprise and controls every aspect of your lives!

Obama’s Regime or Administration?

It seems like Obama does not have an administration but a regime! He is in fact committing a Regime Change and a Constitutional Change to the fundamentals and very fabrics of United States of America! Obama is turning the USA to USSA!

Obama’s Regime” AKA USSA (United Socialist States of America) is:

Anti Progress because of his environmentalist wacky stands.
Anti Business because of his distributing of Wealth delusions.
Anti Industrialization because of his Anti Corporation stands.
Anti Small Business because of his Health Care shenanigans.
Anti Energy Independence because of his Anti drilling, coal mining and nuclear plant episodes.
Anti National Security because he is flirting with IRI and North Korea.

And surely
Anti American because he is running around the world bashing America, undermining our history, military and power, glorifying Europe and the Muslim World, and then trashing America!

Obama the Traitor!

North Korea launches a missile.
Palin screams and warns that these missiles can reach Alaska.
Obama works to seize the national anti missile defense system project and cut its budget.
Obama is working hard to leave America unprotected!
What type of president would do this?

What is Obama Apologizing for?

What type of commander in chief trashes his own nation?
What kind of Ship Captain sinks his own ship?

Lo, Hussein Obama,
What the hell are you apologizing for? For Bush Administration liberating 50 million people (25 million Iraqis and 25 million Afghans), so they are no more under the balls of Saddam and Taliban?

Why are you sucking up to Europe and polishing European Balls via Silk Handkerchief and then undermining America?

Obama talks about Europe’s “leading role and leadership in the globe” and then he bashes America and apologizes for America!

If it wasn’t because of America, not just Europe but the whole world would have been under either the Nazi German or the Russian Soviet boots today! The world is free because of America! What the Hell are you apologizing for?

Why is Obama Bowing to King Abdullah?

When you want to destroy America, then create a covert enemy from the within! What better enemy than an Anti American Administration and President? This was the perfect plan orchestrated and achieved by the Islamic World, Islamists and the Arab Oil!

Obama bows to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Is there any wonder? Obama bowed down to Malek Abdullah of Saudi, like a Negro Plantation Slave bows down to his master! He went so low that he almost kissed King Abdullah’s hand! The leader of the free world is bowing down, kissing hands and kissing ass! Obama practically gave blow jobs to Europeans and Arabs in various summits!

Obama bows down to his Arab Master, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
Later on he denied that he bowed. Here is the video and the photo. So do you believe Obama or your lying eyes?  For God’s sake, he is practically kissing Abdullah’s hand! If this is not a bow, then I will change my name from Ahreeman to Mohammed Ali!

Obama is a type of a pathetic soul. He bows down to his waist line to an Arab chauvinist pig and then he takes American people for fools and he lies all about it! Obama says that he did not bow but he slightly adjusted his height to Abdullah’s level as a sign of respect! You know what? Respect my sweet butt! Obama fully bowed down to his waist and if he would have bowed a little bit more, then he would have kissed Abdullah’s feet! It looked like Obama kissed the Arab’s hand! Obama lies about something that the whole world saw on the video! He must really take Americans for fools!

So should we believe Obama or our lying eyes?!

One for the Arab Oil

One of the greatest factors for winning the presidential race of 2008 was Obama’s massive campaign finance and funds (highest in the history of America). One of the major benefactors was the Arab Oil! All the wheeling and dealing was done on Internet, under the table (Chicago Style) and in secret accounts; therefore, no records exist! This “Boy Wonder” was basically put in office by the Arab Oil to maintain the flow of oil from Arab lands to America and maintain the steady price of oil for the Arabs.

Which is the Patriot?
The woman wrapped in Star Spangled Banner or the man with the turban?
Left. A True American Patriot from the Heartland America.
Right. An Ex Muslim and a Present Socialist whom up to this date, he denies being both!

His policies of Anti Drilling our own oil, Anti Nuclear Plants building and Environmentalist policies are to guarantee America to remain dependent to the Arab Oil. America’s Dreams of Energy Independence had died with Obama’s gaining control of the White House!

Obama in traditional Arab Somali turban, robe and shalwar!
Obama, a Kenyan born Indonesian citizen whom after 31 open court cases, he still fails to provide his American birth certificate! How can Obama be the American president without providing the proof that he was born in America? How can the liberal judges let his one slide?

When Arab Oil funds a candidate, then they expect the Arab Oil to flow smoothly for at least 4 years and delay the American Energy Independence for at least 4 years. This would kick back the Energy Independence plans for at least another 10 years. In addition Arabs would expect Obama’s Administration to undermine Israel and maintain the present Chaotic Status Quo in the Middle East for at least 4 years.

Barack Hussein Obama Cartoons

That Wacky Tacky Hillary Clinton!

One for the Arab Oil. They have finally shoved one in the White House! Obama is the president of Arab Oil, is there any wonder that he bows down to Malek Abdullah? He just bowed down to Abdullah and almost kissed his hand, but in the future he may even lift up Abdullah’s robe, get down and dirty and do a full Deep Throat on the Arab Master! Who knows? Allah is Passionate!

Modern Plantation Negroes = Black Socialist Liberals

In today’s America we have two types of Black Folks. We have hard working decent Black Folks who are where they are due to their own talent and hard work, and then we have the Modern Plantation Negroes AKA Black Socialist Liberals who are where they are due to affirmative action, welfare, handouts, government benefits and their Master (Government)!

So it comes down to “Good Black Folks” versus “Modern Day Plantation Negroes”!

Examples of Hard Working Good Black Folks:

Dr. Condoleezza Rice - The Real Deal

Michael Steele

Lloyd Marcus

Modern Plantation Negroes AKA Black Socialist Liberals are dependent slaves to the Master (Government). The Government loves to keep the Ghetto Negro as an obedient Modern Plantation Negro with absolute dependency to the Master (Government). After all, dependent slaves provide votes to elect Democrats in to the various political offices!

Not to worry, Democrats will never run out of slaves. If there will not be enough Ghetto blacks, then they will import millions of Mexican illegal immigrants, illegal aliens and drug dealers. Then they will grant them amnesty and create a new generation of dependent voters (guaranteed Democratic voters)!

Can We End Affirmative Action Now?

A Black man is in the highest office of the land. This Black man, his political party and his Elks are still playing the Race Card! Mr. Obama, if America is racist, then how come you are the president? Mr. President, can we end the Affirmative Action (Reverse Discrimination) now?

How do Liberals Rule America?

Keep the minorities as slaves and dependent to the government, so you can control them and rule America. Now that’s the plan!

The Administration of Liars!

To lie is a tradition with this administration! Joe Biden is the greatest exaggerator and liar of them all! The man is practically creating stories out of his rectum! Not that he always brags, exaggerates and lies but he often gets caught lying! He even plagiarized his presidential candidacy speech (do you recall)?!

Biden’s latest shenanigan is his wondrous story on how he was the advisor and the enlightener of Bush! According to Biden, he was spending hours and hours with Bush, giving him bits of wisdom! Here is a piece:

Bush: I am a leader.
Biden: But look at your back, no one is following!

Now this conversation and in that manner all of these hours of conversations never took place in reality, but only in the imaginary world and the imaginative mind of the Lying Joe Biden! But can we really blame Joe Biden as the Vice President, when the President himself is a compulsive Liar?

Audacity of Frauds: Mohammed, Hitler, … Obama!

Understanding Barack Obama: The Making of a Fuhrer

I am Sick to My Stomach!

A Few months into Obama’s reign and rule in America, I am so sick to my stomach that I have to go to the hospital and pump all the Lies, Arrogance, Cheats, Deceives, Power grabs, socialism and other Bull Shiite out of my system, so if you don’t hear from me again, I’ll be in the ER pumping my stomach! But then again, I can’t afford to take a month off in the hospital, thus we have work to do. We have work to do to establish and enhance this grassroots movement. We have to get Sarah Palin elected for 2012 or else may as well mourn the death of Capitalism, Democracy and America!

Why am I with Sarah Palin?

Now you may ask: Why is Ahreeman with Sarah Palin? It is a valid question and it deserves a valid answer. This is why:

Liberalism is the best friend to Islamism!

Liberalism and its appeasement policies, tolerance for terrorism, tolerance for IRI Lobby in USA, wheeling and dealing with the Islamist Regime, negotiations and flirtations with Tehran, normalization of the relations with IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and jumping in King Size Bed with the Islamists, will not free Iran.

Trita Parsi in the Congress, a Dark Day for the Iranian Community

12 Years of IRI Lobby in USA

Iran’s Oil Mafia Penetrating the US Political System

If you, the same as me are fighting to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran, then you are perfectly aware that Democrats are the best friends to Islamists. At most, liberals are friends with Islamists and at least, they are pro peace, cooperation and appeasement with the Islamists.

Hey don’t be shy; do you want some of this? I knock you out cold!

The only way that we will end the reign of terror in Iran is to bring a true Patriotic Conservative GOP government in to power in America. Who can be a better American patriot and a Fighter for Global Democracy than Sarah Palin?

Right on Ahreeman, I agree with you!

To make a regime change in Iran, we must make a regime change in America! It is simple as that!

Sarah at your service, ready to get the job done!

For more information, read:

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America!

Hezbollah and IRI Lobby in America

Voices for Peace Iranian Video, a Hezbollah – IRI Production

Hezbollah IRI Lobbyists in USA (Trita Parsi - NIAC) Sue Author

Iran Politics Club Movement

Why Sarah Palin?

At the present time, no one is more appetizing than Sarah Palin to become the nominee for the GOP in 2012.

Why Sarah Palin for 2012 Election?

3.5 years ago, no one would believe that one day, a junior senator from Illinois with no executive and political experience could become the next president of United States in such short time! This will prove that “Things can Change”! It takes only a few years to build a solid movement and the right candidate for the job!

Sarah Palin Rocks America!

Today’s Sarah Palin is further ahead of the game than Obama of 4 years ago! Why you ask? Because Sarah Palin has already experience running a state government; furthermore, clean up corruption in a state! She has a great amount of experience and a large amount of will power to clean up and truly reform Washington DC, the Federal Government and America. Sarah is the gal for the job.

Sarah is coming to Town!

The time will come for this “Boy” to move along, so a Real “Man” or a “Woman” can take over; reestablish Democracy and Lead America back to glory before the absolute destruction!

The bottom line is that Sarah Palin is coming to town and the Washington DC Career politicians, corrupt weasels and other Shiites are shivering and getting fevers! “State Controlled Media” (Mainstream Liberal Media) will be doing its best to trash her in the upcoming days, months and years.

Liberals are perfectly aware that Obama promised Change, yet he brought Socialist Dictatorship and Corruption (Chicago Style) to DC. Sarah Palin’s record can speak for itself. Keep on bad mouthing her, but I got news for yous:

This Redneck, uncultured wench from the backwoods of the boonies is coming down to the lower 48 to clean up the town and kick your butts back to Chicago, San Francisco and Boston! Watch it Liberals, Sarah Palin and her Eskimos are coming to town. The Death is coming to town and the End is Near!

Sarah Palin explodes the crowd!

So Hussein Obama, Nancy Old Pussy, Harry Reid, Barney Fag, and other DC Libs, enjoy your hootenanny at the expense of the American Tax payers’ dough in DC while it lasts, thus the Wicked Witch of the North and her Eskimos are coming to town to cleanup and kick the Shiite back to Liberal Corrupt lands!

The Gal with the Gavel!
It’s The Cleanup Time. I’m coming baby; I’ll be the judge, the jury and the executioner. Run liberals run!

Liberals, do shiver, fever and panic in fear, because the barbarians are at the gates. A few months in to the office, yet the honeymoon is over! The Mongolian Army is already at the gates of the White House. The harbinger of Truth has brought the news. The Uncivilized and Uncultured Barbarian Herd and armies of Sarah Palin and her Eskimos are already at the gates of DC. They are coming to save America from absolute Socialist Dictatorship. It was fun while lasted, but now, …. the Obama Honeymoon is over!

Tea Party April 15, 2009

State Controlled Socialist Media” AKA “Mainstream Liberal Media", Obama, Liberal Congress and the Liberal Politicians don’t get it but the rebellion has already started! The Tea Party movement was originally inspired by Rick Santelli of CNBC, a household name in business and economy news. Rick Santelli screamed and shouted to the president Obama to allow people to hold an Internet referendum to see if we really want to subsidize and pay for the losers’ mortgages. On February 27th, 30,000 people gathered at 50 tea parties from Philadelphia all the way to Green Bay, Wisconsin to celebrate a tradition which has first made popular in 1773 at Boston. British colonial empire had raised the tea tax and American patriots decided to rise up rather to pay the tax! On 1773, patriots threw the British tea into the Boston harbor rather to pay the outrageous taxes. More rebellions followed and eventually a full blown revolution started which all and all they led to the war of independence and finally on 1776, United States of America was born.

Today the British colonialists are not in power but an irrational, unprofessional and Anti American “Boy Wonder”, Hussein Obama and his Regime are in power and they along with the Liberal Congress are taking the shirt off your backs and sucking the blood out of your veins!

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday we had the British Colonial Empire to fight for our freedom but today, we have Hussein Obama the Socialist Dictator’s Regime to fight for our freedom!

Tea Party Movement is full blown. It is all over the net. On YouTube and other video sites more than 70,000 so far have viewed “American Tea Party” proclaiming “freedom ain’t free” by Lloyd Marcus. Video of a Tea Party from the earlier time has over quarter million hits. This is a clear message to Obama, Liberal Congress and DC, but do they get it?

Obama, can you hear us now?

Rick Santelli – Rant of the Year

American Tea Party - Rick Santelli and Lloyd Marcus

Tea Party Anthem by Lloyd Marcus

Remember 9/11 by Lloyd Marcus

Can’t Afford the Sunshine (Anti Illegal Immigration) by Lloyd Marcus

Ronnie Stayed the Same (Tribute to Ronald Reagan) by Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Marcus Site

Do not forget the April 15 Tea Parties and Protests. Show your resentment for Obama’s Administration and Say No to More Taxes. It is time for the silent majority to wake up. We will organize and we will protest nationwide. FOX News will cover the whole event nationwide. Throw the Obama Taxes in the harbor and say No to More Spending.

Hussein Obama, it is not your money, but you are spending our children and grand children’s money. You are spending the wealth which has not created yet, and you are leaving trillions of dollars of debt for our future generations!

Obama, can you hear us now?

Tax Day Tea Party

National Tea Party Official Site

America Screams (FOX)

Tea Party, a New Movement is Brewing (FOX)

Watch the American Tea Party protests live at:

FOX News

On April 15, we will make a stand. We will rush the streets of America in solidarity against “Taxation without Representation”. Stand up to Obama’s Socialist Dictatorship now before it will be too late. Do not allow America to become the sequel to Nazi Germany and Communist Russia (USSR). Today he is taking over the banks, fires CEOs and runs corporations; tomorrow he will censor and close down Talk Radio and tax Internet. You say it cannot happen here? Well that is what they said in Germany before Hitler and in Russia before Stalin. Stand up now because tomorrow it will be too late. Say no to Socialist Dictatorship of Obama.

Heck Yeah, Tea Party rules. I’ll be the first one there to knock some sense in to liberals’ heads!

All we have are Talk Radio, Internet and a few publications, the rest of the media are state controlled and propaganda mouthpieces for Liberals. So protect whatever we have left. Protect the Voice of Resistance.

Yes my friends, it is time for this “Boy” to move along back to Chicago and leave running the nation to a real “Woman”!

All you have to do is put Sarah Palin amongst a crowd of patriots and they will explode!
All she says modestly to them is: Thank you for supporting me to serve you!

Fear Liberals Fear
Bleed Liberals Bleed
Run Liberals Run
Run and Hide
The Wicked Witch of the North is coming to skewer your butts in to Shish Kabobs!
She is a fine chef!
Kabob Making Sarah they call her!
Sarah Palin in coming to Cleanup DC.


Dr. X

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