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Obama Shadow Government
In Trump Administration


Obama Shadow Government in Trump Administration
Ahreeman X
March 7, 2017

Obama Shadow Government Never Leaves Washington DC Cartoon
And you thought Clintons would never leave?!
Obama is conducting a systematic sabotage of Trump Administration. Obama Operatives in Security Services and Government Derail Trump Administration in every chance!

Obama Sabotage of Trump Administration

In the history of America it is unheard of that an Ex President after the end of his term limit, remains in Washington DC and runs a “Shadow Government” to sabotage the incumbent President’s administration!

Hussein Obama via his fellow saboteurs in FBI, CIA, NSA, other security services and other government offices are acting as resistance to Trump Administration. Leader of the resistance is Hussein Obama.

Hussein Obama has unlimited funds because George Soros and many other Global Corporations are behind him. Hussein Obama also has unlimited Thug Army of Lampoons, Paid Protestors, Rioters and Disrupters such as Move On Dot Org, Black Lives Matter and Anarchists paid by George Soros! These thugs are hired to disrupt free speech in rallies, universities and public places. They are hired to destroy public and private property. They are hired to burn things and rush the streets like Stalinist Bolsheviks to beat up Trumpists, beat up cops, destroy property and disrupt government business. They have turned the American Universities to McCarthy Era Style Institutions which censor free speech and oppress opposing ideas!

De Nile is not only a river in Egypt but Liberal LaLa Landers are also in Denial! Liberals simply cannot digest that Trump has won the election and now he governs! The amazing Liberal LaLa Landers living in their Bubbles in LaLa Land, are totally out of touch with the average American People! Industrial Revolution has passed them by and they missed the boat, yet they are still in Denial!

Obama Shadow Government in Trump Administration Cartoon
Obama Security Services Operatives refuse to accept Trump Administration. They tap Trump phones, leak national security information and sabotage the cabinet every chance they get! CIA, FBI, NSA, Global Corporations, Corporate Media, Hollywood and George Soros all in cahoots against the “Will of the People” who elected Trump!

George Soros is the Money behind Hussein Obama

George Soros and his 1001 Foundations provide unlimited global funds for many Anarchist, Socialist, and Globalist Organizations such as Move On Dot Org to derail the Trump Administration.

George Soros, Global Corporations, Saudi Arabia and Arab Oil Cooperation

George Soros, the same as Global Corporations, Saudi Arabia and Southern Persian Gulf Little Arab Sheikhdoms is also the money behind Obama, Clinton and Congress Democrats’ Agenda.

Everything Trump does is for American energy independence, business independence and American jobs. Everything George Soros does is to keep America dependent to global corporations. Everything Arabs do is to make America dependent to Arab Oil!

Finally in 2016 the American People said no to Globalism but George Soros, Arab Oil and Global Corporations refuse to hear it!

It is time for George Soros, that old fart to die and stop making money at the cost of the American People’s misery! George Soros is about Global Corporations with Globalist Economical Agenda making Billions at the cost of the American jobs!

Nancy Pelosi Killed Democratic Party Cartoon
Thanks to the leadership of Nancy Old Pussy and Old Fart Democratic Leadership of:
Nancy Old Pussy (Nancy Pelosi)
Hillary Rotten Clitoris (Hillary Rodham Clinton)
Chucky Doll Schumer (Chuck Schumer)
And if these were not bad enough they went and erected a retard for the chair of the Democratic Party!
Retarded Tommy Perez (Tom Perez)
Democratic Party is on life-support but instead of troubleshooting on what they did wrong to lose the election, they are still derailing and sabotaging Trump Administration, and refusing to admit that Trump has won the election! Liberals in LaLa Land are in Denial!

George Soros Incites Violence

George Soros incites violence by paying every thug for hire leftist group and gang in America and outside America like MoveOn.Org and Black Lives Matter to promote his Corporate Globalist Economical Agenda.

American people know your mortal enemy, George Soros:

George Soros Anti American Global Empire

George Soros

George Soros Site

George Soros: Open Society Foundations

George Soros Twitter

George Soros Wikipedia

MoveOn.Org - George Soros Funded


MoveOn.Org Twitter

MoveOn.Org Facebook

MoveOn.Org Wikipedia

Black Lives Matter – George Soros Funded

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Twitter

Black Lives Matter Facebook

Black Lives Matter Wikipedia

American People vs. Global Corporations

George Soros, Global Corporations, Arab Oil, Global Corporate Media, Hollywood & Congressional Democrats’ Globalist Economical Agenda is in direct antagonistic conflict with the Trump Nationalist Economical Agenda which is the “Will of the American People!

Treason or Sabotage?

It is obvious that every month liberals will come up with something, anything to derail Trump Administration. One week it is General Michael Flynn; one week it is Jeff Sessions the Attorney General and so on.

Obama – Russia Connection

In fact Hussein Obama was the one who was chummy with Russians! It was during Obama administration that:

I. Russia invaded Ukraine and Obama done nothing about it!

II. Russia was granted rights to purchase 20 % of United States Uranium by Clinton and Obama.

III. US Missile Defenses were wrapped up, packed up and moved out of Eastern Europe by Obama and Clinton.

IV. Secret Flirtations and promises from Obama to Dmitry Medvedev (past Russian President and present Prime Minister) were recorded off camera and shown on National TV!

It is more logical that Obama Administration and Russians colluded to sabotage Trump Administration and not vise versa!

The only logical task for Trump to do is to cleanup CIA, FBI, NSA and Security Organizations form Partisan Liberal Mid Level employees and operatives who are still working with Obama, leaking secret documents, tapping Trump Phone Lines and do anything in their power to sabotage Trump Administration. We cannot afford to have 2 governments in USA, one Trump Administration and one “Shadow Government”!

Sinister Hussein Obama
Leader of Resistance and Sabotage against Trump

War between American People and Global Corporations

It is hard to believe that this is happening in America and it is not a plot from a Sci Fi Spy Movie!

Well, it is obvious that this is war and it will be war for 8 years between:

Global Corporations Globalist Agenda
Trump National Economic Agenda

It will be a war between:

American People
Global Corporations

Hussein Obama, Shadow Government, Congress Democrats, GOP Establishment, Hollywood, Fake News Media and unlimited funds of George Soros have already chosen the side of the Global Corporations.

What side are you on?

Many Democratic Congressmen and GOP congressmen realize that if they go against Trump, the people will not reelect them on 2018; therefore, they will vote to pass Trump agenda but the establishments of both GOP and Democrats will fight Trump tooth and nail because they do not answer to the American People but they answer to their bank accounts provided by Wall Street and global corporations, also by many insider tradings!

Future of the Democratic Party

What will the Democrats do when after 8 years of Trump and massive job creations, Blacks, Hispanics, Gays and Unions refuse to vote for them and they end up voting GOP, thanks to Trump?!

What will the Democrats do when after 8 years of Trump; there will be no more illegal aliens dependant voting base for them because they will be all deported?

What will the Democrats do when all the welfare recipients, food stamp enthusiasts, Welfare Queens, Disability lovers and Housing Project Dwellers will either get jobs provided by Trump or else get knocked off of Welfare due to Trump Welfare Reforms?

What will liberals do after 8 years of Trump when Trump has done creating millions of jobs and by then Unions, Blacks and Hispanics will not vote democratic?

What will Liberals do after 8 years of Trump when Trump secured the borders and got rid of illegal alien criminals and welfare recipients, so they cannot vote Democratic anymore?

What will Liberals do after 8 years of Trump when gays, lesbians and Transsexuals will notice that they have been duped for decades in to believing that Democrats actually give a flying fandango about gays?

What will they do once they realize that the only real supporter they have is Trump and the Trumpist National Populist Movement?

Democrats and GOP Establishment, Media and Hollywood all and all are garbage. Trump is the leader of the People’s Movement. The National Populist Movement and Revolution has been established and now we control this country. All they can do is now to do their best to derail Trump and the Movement of People, so they can remain in power like they have been for a century.

Nancy Pelosi the Senile Old Bag

The days of Corporate Globalist Media, Big Government Socialist Liberals and Pathetic GOP Establishment are over. Both Democrats and GOP Establishment are done with and they know it. Today they have nothing else better to do just to bitch, moan, sabotage and create narratives and fantastic tales about Trump out of their rectums! Repeating the same narrative over and over and over like Nancy Old Pussy!

Liberals are becoming Cartoon Characters!

Take a good look at the liberals and their old tired ass leadership:

Nancy Old Pussy (Nancy Pelosi)
Hillary Rotten Clitoris (Hillary Rodham Clinton)
Chucky Doll Schumer (Chuck Schumer)

And if these were not bad enough they went and erected a retard for the chair of the Democratic Party!

Retarded Tommy Perez (Tom Perez)

What the Hell is Wrong with the New DNC Chair, Tom Perez?

Is Tom Perez retarded? Oops sorry, I mean Mentally Challenged?

I mean GOP goes and nominates and elects a young and energetic chick “Ronna McDaniel” as the chair (recommended by Trump) but like it is not bad enough that the complete DNC leadership are already on the wheelchair, senile, in nursing home, dead or dying, yet they go and elect this Slow Poke Ramirez, retarded, numb nut, bald headed bastard with speech problem called Tom Perez! This guy is on his way to retirement home or asylum or home for the mentally challenged! How can he run DNC? This guy looks like a left over from the 1960s!

Compare the New Chairs
Ronna McDaniel the GOP Chair and Tom Perez the DNC Chair
Ronna McDaniel is young, energetic and all about Fixing the Rigged System and Making Change!
Tom Perez is another old and tired liberal with the same old bitter, spiteful, envious, race card playing, class warfare agitating, high taxing, and welfare collecting Socialist Agenda!
Note: Does Tom Perez look just a little bit off, degenerated and retarded to you?!

No wonder Democrats are totally out of touch with the American people. They haven’t learned anything from the 2016 elections! They live in their own bubbles in Hollywood, New York and Nursing Homes!

Two Old GOP Establishment Farts!

GOP Establishment is no better! Look at:

2 Old Farts

McCain the Pain (John McCain)
Lindsey Graham Cracker (Lindsey Graham)

All and all sabotaging and derailing Trump agenda every chance they get! These people are losers and out of touch with Americans!

Liberal Agenda is to Derail Trump Agenda

Over and over and over Democrats erect the same old farts and old bags to their leaderships who make the same old mistakes and conduct the same old policies! The same old tired ass liberals with the same old socialist propaganda, making the same old remedies and handing them to their Anarchists, Marxists, Socialists, Muslims, illegal aliens, welfare queens, food stamp bums and other loser voters!

All liberals do is to bitch and moan about Trump and try their best to derail his administration.

Maybe liberals should stop the sabotage and take a good look at themselves to find out why they have lost the election, instead of sabotaging the will of the people which is Trump!

Liberal Hypocrisy is out of Control!

Democratic Party is not party of Kennedy anymore but it is the party of Socialists and Extreme Leftists.
How pathetic it is that Democrats suppose to be the party of working people, Blacks, Hispanics and Gays, but:

Liberals have been destroying the large inner cities of America and forcing Blacks and Hispanics to live in crime infested, low education schools, and unsecure ghettos for over 60 years or life!

Liberals have been importing Illegal Aliens for decades to put them on welfare and food stamp and to gather more dependant voters for Democratic Party at the cost of Blacks and Hispanic US Citizens losing their jobs to illegal aliens due to lower wages!

Liberals preach about Gay, Lesbian and Transsexual rights but Hillary Rotten Clitoris goes and receives millions of dollars of campaign money, only 20 million from Saudis and millions from other Muslim Arab nations who throw gays and transsexuals off the tall buildings, burn them and execute them!

Liberals preach about women’s rights but then again the major financiers of Hillary’s campaign were Muslim Arab nations led by Saudis who treat women as 2nd rate citizens with no rights! Women get stoned, beheaded and raped in Muslim Arab nations and treated like commodity and cattle.

Liberals are careless about Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Transsexuals, Women and Minorities. They only care for them to vote Democratic, so Liberals can remain in power in DC.

Read more:

Welfare States of America: WSA

Welcome to 16 Years of Trump and Trumpism!

To piss off liberals, I always tell them:

If you got problem with Trump Presidency voted in by the American People, then

Welcome to 8 years of Trump Administration
and then
Another 8 years of Trump Junior’s Administration!
Because he is already planning to run for politics!

Hey liberals, I got news for you:

Welcome to 16 years of Trump and Trumpism, Making America Great Again!

Burn liberals, burn ….

This is called,

Movement of the People, the National Populist Movement finally running the country after decades of pillage, thievery and anarchy by the GOP and the Democrats. FAQ both GOP Establishment Neo Cons and Democratic Establishment of Socialists!

The Two Thumbs Up Team
Ronna McDaniel the GOP Chair with Donald Trump
Ready to troubleshoot, Fix the Rigged System and Make Change to Make America Great

Welcome to the New America!

Government of the People, by the People and for the People

Get a load of

National Populist Movement and its leader Trump, man of the people.

Suffer liberals, burn and bitch for 16 years like we suffered during that Muslim Baboon, Hussein Obama’s Admin!

Now it is our turn and you cannot do Jack Shiite about it!

Loves and Kisses

Your Family Doctor

Dr. X

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