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Black Reaction of Shahollah and
Green Reaction of Hezbollah
Black Reaction of Shahollah and Green Reaction of Hezbollah
Ahreeman X
May 29, 2007

Future Generation of Iran
Let us pave the way for the Future Generation.
A Shahollah and Hezbollah Free Iran.

… and Freedom for All.

L. No Shahollah - No Monarchy
R. No Hezbollah - No Islam


If an organization believes in:

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom,
Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

Then this organization can neither collaborate, cooperate nor support a known group who stands against these fundamentals. The history proves that:

Shahollah (Pahlaviism) has no respect for Freedom.

Freedoms of Speech, Assembly, Press, Political Parties and much individual freedoms were non existent during the Fascist Pahlavi Regime. This is why the masses commit to a revolution to end the Pahlavi Regime. Now unfortunately due to the reasons explained here:

Reasons for the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran

The masses of Iran ended up trading the Disease of Pahlavis with the Death of Islam. We traded a the Fascist Totalitarian Dictatorship of Pahlavis with the Syphilis of Islamic Republic!

Make no mistake, just because Shahollah was kicked out of the power and today stands against the Hezbollah, this does not automatically brand them as opposition! Shahollah is only fighting to regain his old status and return to power. Reaction is Reaction, with the turban or with the bow tie!

When we speak of the Iranian opposition, we are speaking of all the political forces, which are struggling to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran. Shahollah had never stood for these goals before and they are still not standing for these goals today and they shall never stand for these goals in the future. Shahollah is there to replace one dictatorship (Islam) with another (Pahlavi).

Shahollah (Pahlaviism) has no respect for Secularism.

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi was a superstitious fanatical Muslim. His religious beliefs were laughable. He used to claim that Hazrat-e Abbas came to his dream and lent him a hand and dragged him off the ground to put him on his horseback. This was an omen for Shiite Islam to be his protector; therefore, Allah is behind him to protect his monarchy!

Tofiq, the caricature magazine wrote: "Hazrat Abbas had no hands. They were both cut off during the battle in Karbala! How come he lent you a hand?"

Next day SAVAK closed down Tofiq for 3 months! This was freedom of speech, Aryamehri Style!

Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi believed that the Imams Ali, Hassan and Hussein were constantly coming to his sleep, make revelations and openly support him and protect him from the Bad Eyes! Shiite Islam is there to protect Alahazrat from "Kharab-kars" (Saboteurs), Marxists, Marxist Islamists, Mosadeqists, Republicans, and every other group against the Pahlavis!

The funny thing is that Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi, at the same time, had given a Green Light to the Mullahs, Ayatollahs and Muslim to do as they please in the Mosque. Political sessions and sermons in the mosques were legal. Clerics were openly criticized him and drafted brain drained Muslim to overthrow his regime! No Ayatollah was getting arrested and no Mullah was put to jail!

By disallowing the rest of the opposition to do political activity but only allowing Muslim to do as they please, Shah had caused an environment of ignorance in Iran. The pro democratic forces were not allowed to draft the masses in to their ranks but the Mullahs were allowed to draft more Ignorant Muslim in to the mosques to overthrow the Shah! The idiotic thing was that Shah himself was the greatest advertiser for Islam by freeing the hands of Ayatollahs to do as they please!

Shah believed that if he would antagonize the Ayatollahs, then Shiite Imams would seize supporting him and protecting him! Just picture the depth of Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi's superstition and religious infections!

Mohamad Reza Pahlavi Regressed All Secularist Efforts of Reza Khan!

Every single progressive secular reform which had made in Iran by Reza Shah The Great, a devout secular man, was pushed back in to dark ages by his unworthy son, Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi, an ignorant superstitious fanatical Muslim! If this was not bad enough, in addition he divorced a semi bright woman (Fawziyah) and a bright women (Soraya) and married another brain dead superstitious Muslim the same as himself (Farah)! Now to make things perfect, a Superstitious Religious Shah (Mohamad Reza) and a Superstitious Religious Shahbanu (Farah), combinely ruled and infected Iran and transformed their religious superstitions to their son (Reza Pahlavi II). This is the reason that today, we have a lazy, indecisioned, useless, superstitious, tumor in the Iranian politics' brain, named Reza Pahlavi II and his brain dead followers (Monarchists).

Farah Pahlavi did not use to reveal her reactionary religious face in Iran. In exile, she fully portrayed her true face! She created that cheesy web page in her site and connected herself and Reza Pahlavi to Imams Hassan and Hussein. She claimed that Diba Family are indeed the Tabatabaei Akhund Family of Iran with roots going back to Ayatollah Haj Seyed Tabatabaei the Constitutionalist and all the way back to Mohammed the Prophet. Farah openly declared that she is a Seyedeh, Reza Pahlavi is a Seyed and they are divine people, both Seyeds of Hassani and Husseini! Of course back then, this was yet another tactic to sell Reza Pahlavi and Pahlavis to the ignorant Muslim masses of Iran! This was yet another tactic by Farah and the Monarchists to brand the Pahlavis as Holy Seyeds, so the Muslim would worship them and back them against the Evil IRI. Farah wanted to ride the Gav O Guspand, Hee Haw, but it backfired!

This tactic backfired in Farah's face! Why you ask?

a) By majority, the today's Iranian population are youth under 35. By majority they are either not religious, secular or Anti Islam. Farah Pahlavi and Monarchists mistook today's Iran with the Iran of pre 1979! This Bull Shiite Seyed Episodes, made the Pahlavis more hated than they were before! Now they were also known as opportunists who wanted to fish from the muddy waters!

b) I, personally exposed Farah Pahlavi, Reza Pahlavi II and the Monarchists for trying to connect Reza Pahlavi II to Prophet Mohammed! This was such cheesy attempt to once more use religion for political advancement! Once again Pahlavis tried to use the Religious Card! I exposed them so bad that Farah Pahlavi ended up taking that whole web page off the Internet! After that disgraceful episode, Farah Pahlavi never talked about her Seyed roots in public! Read and learn about Pahlavi Opportunism and Farah's cheap attempt at Seyed-dom:

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!

So basically every secular progress made in Iran by Reza Shah the Great:

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

was suppressed and regressed by his religiously superstitious brain infected son Mohamad Reza Pahlavi and his Seyedeh wife Farah Pahlavi! By any standards, this was a disgrace to the name of Reza Khan and his family, the Pahlavis.

Reza Shah the Great used to order the police to cut turbans and chadors of the brain dead Muslim at all the major street intersections of the cities of Iran. Reza Khan shoved secularism down the Brain Drained Muslim's throats, but Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi had one foot in Mecca for Haj Ceremony and one foot in Persepolis praising Cyrus! He left the hands of Ayatollahs open to develop the Shiite Islam!

When Saudis executed an Iranian pilgrim for barfing in Kabbah (due to sickness), Reza Khan stated:

Reza Shah the Great:
"It is a shame that Arabs have become so bold to allow themselves to execute an Iranian citizen due to their silly and primitive Tazi Superstitions! It is sad that a simple vomit of a sick man is interpreted so offensive to their Islam and Allah!"

But what did Mohamad Reza Pahlavi do? He went to Kabbah. He Bent over up and down reading Namaz (Salath) and walked around Kabbah many times bowing to Arab Gods and Prophets! If this was not a spit in Reza Khan's face, then I do not know what is?

Mohamad Reza Pahlavi was a disgraceful and unworthy son to Reza Khan, Father of The Nation.

Shahollah (Pahlaviism) has no respect for Federalism.

During the Pahlavi Dictatorship, the monarchists had established one of the worst Centralist states in the history of Iran! As I have explained, Federalism is an invention by Iranians (in its primitive form) and Centralism is an invention by Islam.

Grand Admiral Artemisia of the Imperial Persian Navy (The Lioness)

Iran was a Federal Empire during Achaemenids and somewhat during Sassanids. By entrance of Islam to Iran, like every other good thing about Iran, federalism also had disappeared.

Centralism and Slavery are Islamic presents to Iran!

The Pahlavi Dictatorship had established one of the worst Centralist states in history of Iran. They had openly disregard the ethnic rights in Iran to govern themselves. This had backfired in their faces and it had caused deep resentments amongst the minority groups and states of Iran to become against the regime. This mistrust of Pahlavis by the minorities had fully blown up in their faces on 1978 during the revolution.

During the Pahlavis, we had continuos rebellions and unrests in Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Khuzestan, Baluchistan and other states. Pahlavis' respond was to ruthlessly suppress the rebellions by mass slaughter of the rebels!

Rather than killing all the minorities, wouldn't it be more logical and simple to grant them autonomy in their own state affairs? Wouldn't it be easier to allow the minority states to have internal autonomy in all their affairs and to only be dependent to Tehran for International Trades, Political Policies and Military Decisions?

A Federal Iran would have never fallen in the arms of Islam on 1978. Federalism is our Iranian tradition and it had started by Cyrus The Great, but Centralism is a foreign doctrine, which had entered our culture through Islam. Centralism is everything that Pahlavis are all about. Federalism is everything that the Iran of the future will and must have. One of our most important goals is to establish a Federal State in Iran of the future. This would guarantee no more ethnic unrests in Iran.

Shahollah (Pahlaviism) has no respect for Human Rights.

Do I even have to go there? Just go and read the history of Iran and you will see that Pahlavis were one of the greatest violators of the human rights in Iran, second to Islamic Republic! Human Rights were a joke in Imperial Iran and that is why it gave people like Carter a gimmick and a weapon to bang Shah on the head! Shah had put every single opposition group members that he could find in jail except the Ayatollahs and the Muslim! Jail terms for crimes as low as for carrying a political paper or a book were given! Political prisoners, torture, long prison terms, executions, creating a police state and of course the champions of Human Rights, Aryasmehri Style was SAVAK, the Imperial Secret Police!

The SAVAK Police State of Iran!

I am not even going to discuss this issue because the Imperial Pahlavi Iran was the joke of the neighborhood for having one of the darkest records in human rights. But picture if by average we had 3000 hard core political prisoners in Imperial Iran, now we have over 30,000 in Islamic Republic! So things got worst! To have only 3000 political prisoners in Imperial Iran, did not mean that shah was a great humanitarian, but it meant that he had created such a police state that no one dared to even think about opening their mouths to speak a word against him! Anyone dared to try, was tortured, murdered, exiled, prisoned or simply disappeared in the middle of the night dragged out of their homes by SAVAK!

Shahollah (Pahlaviism) has no respect for Democracy.

Is this a joke or what? Democracy Pahlavi style? Don't make me laugh! In Imperial Iran, there were the "Haves" and "The Have-Nots". You could be well fed like a good cattle and graze around the land with fat bellies, as long as you did not peep a word about democracy! This term, Democracy was a step short of illegal in Imperial Iran! This was a foreign term in Imperial Iran! The same as the Islamic Republic, in Imperial Iran, the term Democracy was a foreign and a strange word, which we had to consider taboo and never talk about it!

In fact, lack of democracy and stepping on all democratic institutes by the Imperial Regime had resulted in the 1978 revolution and the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran which is far worst in trashing the democracy than the Imperial Iran! Shah's disrespect for democracy resulted in the birth of Islamic Republic of Iran!

Rastakhiz Fascist Party of Iran

Shah went as far as banning all political parties and creating a single political party (Rastakhiz) to rule Iran as a fascist state. Then he forced all government employees to join the party and conduct mandatory and superficial parades and party congress attendants by the members. If you were a government employee during the Pahlavis, then you had two choices:

a) Attend and participate in Rastakhiz Party meetings, congress, parades and assemblies.

b) Get fired from your position and be added to the black list of SAVAK.

My Mother's Personal Experience with SAVAK

In Imperial Iran, every single person in government or private sector who was a working man or woman, had a file in SAVAK. Every neighborhood had a local SAVAK personnel. SAVAK had a file on everybody. It is amazing that how sophisticated were their system and how much information they used to gather. The simplest things in one's life would be in there! After 1979 (so-called Islamic Revolution), my mother had a chance to review her SAVAK file! Now picture that my mother was a Big Shot in Imperial Iran but always a rebel. Same as Hoveyda brothers, she was a firm believer to change and reform the Imperial Regime from the within rather than a revolution. My mom would openly stand in the face of the Imperial authorities and the officials above her!

When she had read her file, she was simply speechless! The slightest episodes which she caused at workplace or every single statement that she had made, which could be considered democratic and Anti Pahlavi, was in there! The only thing not written in her file was the color of her shorts! My mother could not believe it! She looked at a various different files of different people and they were all so detailed. All of these files were reviewed by SAVAK and Information Chiefs and officers. All important files were reviewed directly by Shah.

My mother had a sensitive position in Ministry of Health and she was also Farah's assistant in one of her organizations. It was known that my mother was a trustee of Pahlavis and the regime, but they kept a close eye on her and written and reported every move which she made in her SAVAK file! Here are some of SAVAK's final analysis written in my mother's file:

SAVAK Analysis on my Mother:
"This lady, due to her studies abroad (Germany), has a head full of western values and democratic values. Even though not active but she is a potential agitator against the regime. She is a high-ranking trustee of the regime but in her heart, she has reformist tendencies. She has no respect for authority figures and those above her. She is forcing the administration, hospitals and the medical doctors to visit the poor patients for free. She has revolutionary ideas but they are suppressed. Must keep a close eye on her. Under surveillance at all times!"

After reading her file (post 1979), my mother said:

My Mother:
"If these guys (SAVAK) had collected so much information and made such a thick file on me, a known trustee of the Pahlavis, then imagine what kinds of files and how much information they had on the people opposing the Pahlavis! I reviewed a great number of files and I could not believe how detailed they were!"

What Goes Around, Comes Around!

The reason my mother had access to review SAVAK files (post revolution), was because of all the good she had done for the poor during the Pahlavi Regime! When she was in power, she used her power to aid the poor. She was in the position, which she forced the administration, hospitals and medical doctors to visit the poor patients for free and do surgeries for free. She had forced the hospitals to accept the poor in-patients to occupy their beds for months! Even though she was hated by many in the Ministry of Health and the Medical Field, yet she became the working class and the under class heroine! She helped many poor people and she used to drag the poor from South Tehran, other cities and even Dahat (small villages) to big shot doctors and hospitals and then force them to visit, do surgeries and then be admitted to the hospitals for free.

After 1979, many of these lower class or under class people became very important and in charge of the sensitive positions. For instance a Grocery Store owner became a Pasdaran Commander, a Tea boy Servant became a local Hezbollah leader, a servant in our house became head of a committee and my mother's mechanic became head of the Imam's Committee and the personal body guard to Khomeini, an errand boy for my mother became in charge of the airport and a prostitute became head of the Zeynab Sisters Central command, a petty troublemaker villager became a top administrator!

These were the lower classes, which my mother always helped them financially and forced the Imperial administration, hospitals and doctors to visit them and their families for free. My Mom used to get many of these poor people out of jail. She used to provide health care and VD Tests for prostitutes of south Tehran. She used to assist the poor with housing, aids and pregnancy protections and family planing.

After the revolution, these were the same people who took position in all sensitive revolutionary government's high places. These were the same people whom later on aided my mother to escape Iran.

You see, these people were the lower class and under class and were ignored like cockroaches in the Imperial Iran. People like Amir Abbas Hoveyda and my mother were the only saviors that these people had. My mother helped these people with her heart and soul. What goes around, comes around. After the revolution, they helped my mother because they were clearly in her debt. My mother was the reason that many of them were released from jails, medically attended, given funds and clothes and family assistance. For more information on Amir Abbas Hoveyda read:

The Orchid Man - Amir Abbas Hoveyda

Yes, while the thieving Pahlavis were robbing Iran blind and up to their necks in corruption, many people like my mother, had used their position and power in the Imperial Regime to help the masses.

After the revolution, some of them became powerful people placed in powerful positions and this is how my mother ended up having access to her and others SAVAK files hidden from her all her life!

When one is on the side of the masses, rather than the Dictatorship of the Pahlavis or Islamists, then she will always be popular in any regime! The regimes come and go but people are the same and people will take care of the people. Do good to others and others will do the same to you.

So my point is that Democracy was a strange term in the Imperial Iran and also in the Islamic Iran of today!

End Words

Folks we are stating that:

Iran Politics Club supports the fight to establish Freedom,
Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

This means that we cannot make deals with any fascist and undemocratic group. Why? Because we are going to build the future of Iran based on our principles and our principles are the above.

Shahollah has a history of violating everything in which we believe.
Shahollah of today, is also standing for everything that we hate. Shahollah is the same Shahollah of pre 1979 and nothing has changed. Take one look at the Shahollah Satellite Televisions, Radios, Rag Papers, Ragazines, Websites, Blogs, Internet Forums and Media. You will notice that just like pre 1979, the Shahollah is shutting everybody else in exile, so they can scream: Javid Shah and bang on people's heads with Chomaqs! Shahollah wants to talk and shut everyone else up!

Shahollah may scream democracy but in one hand they carry a baseball bat and in the other hand a picture of Aryamehr (The Head Fascist). Their goal is to return Iran to the pre 1979 situation, yet this time erecting Reza Pahlavi II as the neo Shah! This is called Reaction and regressing the history to the past. We will not go for that. We are all about Future and Futurism. We are all about Freedom for all.

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead Iranian Opposition?

Hezbollah is also the same crap but with a spice of Islam and theocracy! Democracy is a strange word to them! They are suppressing all freedoms. But no matter how cheesy, at least some kinds of elections are existent in the Islamic Iran, but there were no elections existent in the Imperial Iran! The problem with Islamic Republic is Islam. If we take away the Islam from the Islamic Republic, then everything else can be reformed. There are freedoms existing in IRI that were never existed in Shah's regime! The best example is that everyone in Iran can openly say whatever they please right in the streets and nothing will happen to them! In Imperial Iran, you would get arrested for speaking one politically incorrect sentence or carrying a politically incorrect magazine! Some may say in many aspects the IRI is more open than the Imperial Iran! Suppression exists in both regimes but the dictatorship of Pahlavi has been replaced with the Theocracy of Islam! As I have always stated:

Dictatorship is dictatorship, may it be with a crown (Shahollah) or with a turban (Hezbollah). We seek an end to all dictatorships.

Shahollah, the same as Hezbollah violates everything that we stand for. They violated our principles pre 1979 and they are doing it right here in exile. Therefore, Shahollah cannot be considered as a part of this opposition.

If The Iranian Monarchists do not believe in the fight to establish Freedom,
Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran …

Then they are not part of the Iranian Opposition! They are a part of the Reaction.

Reaction of Black and Reaction of Green

Monarchy is a Reaction of the Black, back to the 18th century!
Islam is a Reaction of the Green, back to the 7th century!

We, the Iranian Opposition are against both, the Reaction of Black and the Reaction of Green. Shahollah and Hezbollah, makes no difference. Down to Dictatorship.

Future Flag of Iran

Monarchy and Islam must both end in Iran and never control Iran. This is our fight and this is our struggle for freedom. Iran will be free and we will establish a Free, Secular, Federal and Democratic Republic in Iran. This may take 10 years, 20 years or 70 years (like Russia) but it is the historical destiny of Iran and it is the political evolution for Iran to occur. Evolution cannot be stopped. Evolution has no heart, Evolution is pure logic.

Shahollah and Hezbollah are doomed to die out and be dumped in trash-can of the history. Shahollah were practically died on 1979. A small minority of them are still making noise in exile and getting erections just thinking that one day, they will get back to power!

We will do our best to kill this erection by cutting off their sexual organs! We will make sure to choke the monarchy in its weak sickly life form in exile so they will never again revive the dictatorship of Pahlavis!

Stop the Dead Worship

Stop creating a saint out of Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi. Stop worshiping Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, the same as Russian Communists used to worship Joseph Stalin! Stop your saint making and dead worship. Open your eyes to the history and see Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi for who he was. He had done a lot of good for Iran but at the end of the day, his legacy will be always tainted and remembered by:

The Weak Shah who suppressed Democracy.
The Weak Shah who jailed his own comrades.
The Weak Shah who in times of need could not make a decision.
The Weak Shah who in times of need, like a servant kept an eye to USA for orders.
The Weak Shah who betrayed his comrades to save his own neck by escaping Iran.
The Weak Shah who handed Iran to Islam.
The Weak Shah who is responsible for the birth of Islamic Republic.

This is the true face of Mohamad Reza Pahlavi. They say you (IPC) are damaging the Iranian monarchy. We are not the ones who are killing the monarchy. Mohamad Reza Pahlavi was the one who killed the monarchy and handed Iran to Islam!

We will also continue the struggle to end the life of the Islamic Republic of Iran and squeeze the life out of Islam to revive our Persian values.

L. Future Generation of Iran
R. Future Flag of Iran
Shahollah and Hezbollah will play no roles in the future of Iran.

Our glorious battle to end all dictatorships in Iran will continue. We say No to Shahollah and No to Hezbollah. We say never again, 100 times never again to the Black Reaction of Shahollah and the Green Reaction of Hezbollah! We shall bury both Shahollah and Hezbollah in the graveyard of history and allow them to rest in peace.

Say it loud and say it with pride:

"No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man


Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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