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American Tea Party
Revolution has Begun!


American Tea Party, Revolution has Begun!
Ahreeman X
April 12, 2009

It’s Time for a New American Tea Party!

American Tea Party April 15, 2009


This is not the first and it will not be the last “American Tea Party” until we get results. The Revolution has begun. Hussein Obama, can you hear us now?

Allow me to remind you that America is the:

Government of the people for the people and by the people.
Government of Bureaucracies for the Dependent Welfare State and by the Bureaucrats!

American Tea Party Logo

We zoomed and we were destined for the “Shining City upon a Hill” but somewhere along the way we lost our way and fallen in to the dark well of Socialism and Dictatorship!

Yesterday, they came for higher taxes, corporations, small businesses, free markets and Capitalism.
Today they are coming for Talk Radio, Internet and Free Speech.
Tomorrow they will come for your guns and 2nd Amendment Rights.

Then you can officially call it quits and surrender America to the Socialist Dictatorial Regime.
They say it cannot happen in America!
This is exactly what they said in Communist Russia and Nazi Germany before Stalin and Hitler.
Stalin, Hitler, Khomeini, Chavez, ……. And now Obama!
America is the last stand.
Today we are fighting for the heart and soul, the fundamentals and the very fabrics of America.
Today we will make a stand to save America.

Rise up and revolt against Obama’s Socialist Dictatorship!

We used to live in USA but now we live in USSA (United Socialist States of America)!

Say No to this Kenyan born, Indonesian Citizen who fraudulently is occupying the office of American Presidency. Say No to Socialist Dictator “Hussein Obama”.

Taxation without Representation

On April 15, we will rush the streets of America and reclaim our republic. We will make a stand against “Taxation without Representation”. We will rally for Capitalism, Free Markets, Democracy and Limited Government. We will make a stand against the Government Control in every aspect of our lives. We will stand against the High Taxes and Obama’s Socialist Dictatorship. We will make a stand now because tomorrow it will be too late. They say it can never happen in America. I got news for you: It is already happening! Dictatorship of the Big Government, Nationalization of everything and Social Engineering of America is in the progress. We must make a stand against Obama’s Socialist Dictatorship before we lose all our freedoms.

Say No to Socialism.
Say No to Obama.

Protests, Rallies, Marches and mass Tea Parties will be held all across America. We will conduct Tea Parties by the millions. The silent majority is rising to reclaim our nation.

This is what we think of Obama’s Shovel Ready Stimulus (Spending) Package:
A Pile of Crap!
Got Shovel?

Obama’s Government will hear us and do as we claim. As our founding fathers stated, government is the servant of the people not vice versa!

If the government steps out of line, the same as 1776, the rebellion and revolution shall begin. We will defend our democracy by all means possible.

The Rebellion has Already Started!

State Controlled Socialist Media” AKA “Mainstream Liberal Media”, Obama, Liberal Congress and the Liberal Politicians don’t get it but the rebellion has already started! The Tea Party movement was originally inspired by Rick Santelli of CNBC, a household name in business and economy news. Rick Santelli screamed and shouted to the president Obama to allow people to hold an Internet referendum to see if we really want to subsidize and pay for the losers’ mortgages. On February 27th, 30,000 people gathered at 50 tea parties from Philadelphia all the way to Green Bay, Wisconsin to celebrate a tradition which has first made popular in 1773 at Boston. British colonial empire had raised the tea tax and American patriots decided to rise up rather to pay the tax! On 1773, patriots threw the British tea into the Boston harbor rather to pay the outrageous taxes. More rebellions followed and eventually a full blown revolution started which all and all they led to the war of independence and finally on 1776, United States of America was born.

Today the British colonialists are not in power but an irrational, unprofessional and Anti American “Boy Wonder”, Hussein Obama and his Regime are in power and they along with the Liberal Congress are taking the shirt off your backs and sucking the blood out of your veins!

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday we had the British Colonial Empire to fight for our freedom but today, we have Hussein Obama the Socialist Dictator’s Regime to fight for our freedom!

Tea Party Movement is full blown. It is all over the net. On YouTube and other video sites more than 70,000 so far have viewed “American Tea Party” proclaiming “freedom ain’t free” by Lloyd Marcus. Video of a Tea Party from the earlier time has over quarter million hits. This is a clear message to Obama, Liberal Congress and DC, but do they get it?

Obama, Can You Hear Us Now?

Review these videos:

Rick Santelli – Rant of the Year

American Tea Party - Rick Santelli and Lloyd Marcus

Tea Party Anthem by Lloyd Marcus

Remember 9/11 by Lloyd Marcus

Can’t Afford the Sunshine (Anti Illegal Immigration) by Lloyd Marcus

Ronnie Stayed the Same (Tribute to Ronald Reagan) by Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Marcus Site

Do not forget the April 15 Tea Parties and Protests. Show your resentment for Obama’s Administration and Say No to More Taxes. It is time for the silent majority to wake up. We will organize and we will protest nationwide. FOX News will cover the whole event nationwide. Throw the Obama Taxes in the harbor and say No to More Spending.

Lloyd Marcus rebel rousing the crowd by performing his “American Tea Party” song.

Hussein Obama, it is not your money, but you are spending our children and grand children’s money. You are spending the wealth which has not created yet, and you are leaving trillions of dollars of debt for our future generations!

Obama, can you hear us now?

Tax Day Tea Party Site

National Tea Party Official Site

America Screams (FOX)

Tea Party, a New Movement is Brewing (FOX)

Watch the American Tea Party protests live at:

FOX News

We Will Make a Stand!

On April 15, we will make a stand. We will rush the streets of America in solidarity against “Taxation without Representation”. Stand up to Obama’s Socialist Dictatorship now before it will be too late. Do not allow America to become the sequel to Nazi Germany and Communist Russia (USSR). Today he is taking over the banks, fires CEOs and runs corporations; tomorrow he will censor and close down Talk Radio and tax Internet. You say it cannot happen here? Well that is what they said in Germany before Hitler and in Russia before Stalin. Stand up now because tomorrow it will be too late. Say no to Socialist Dictatorship of Obama.

Don’t forget the Tea Party April 15, 2009
Protest against High Taxes
Protest against Taxation without Representation
Protest against Obama’s Socialist Dictatorship
Stand up against the Oppressive Government

Stand up for Land of the Free and Home of the Brave
Stand up for America


Dr. X

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American Tea Party, Revolution has Begun!

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