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Tech Giants’ Mind Control of the People
Ahreeman X
September 8, 2018

Google Spy, the Big Brother Ben Garrison Cartoon

Background Information

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Nature of the Tech Giants

Hi-Tech Giants are part of the problem and part of the Establishment Swamp. They draft hi-tech methods such as net censorship, rigged search system, filter the search and programming algorithm to silence the conservatives, national populists or any group who does not think like them (Group Think). They do their best to make conservative, nationalist, Anti Islam and other Truth Exposing Websites to disappear in the search engines. They are actively censoring and silencing the opponents in the Social Media. They Shadow Ban or actually Ban anyone who does not fit the Liberal Narrative which they consider Morally Proper!

Hi-Tech Giants believe that they are above the People and they know better than the people, so they will decide for the people on what is wrong and what is right! They are self-righteous global systems of mind control with their own leftist set of rules created by them to rule the world. You can live in this world (Cyber Space) and operate in actual world (Real Space) as long as you follow their moral codes.

The Swamp

Tech Giants, Establishment, Deep State, Hollywood, Media, Democrats and Globalist Corporations are all in cahoots with one another, their agenda is in Antagonistic Conflict with MAGA Agenda of Trump and the People; therefore, all and all in combination, they create the Swamp in DC which needs to be drained. The Swamp is the Enemy of the People. They do their best to eliminate the Alternative Media online and silence any opposition to the Swamp.

Google Spy, FBI Big Brother Cartoon
Big Brother is tracking you and watching your every move.

The same as the Mainstream Media, Tech Giants are also a wing of the Democrat Party. I refer to them as the Democrat Party (not Democratic Party) because they are not Democratic. They are Socialist Fascists. This is not your grandfathers Democrat Party but this is the party of Socialists, Anarchists, Communists, ANTIFA and Leftist Psychos.

Look at what Google displays on its front page to celebrate every day! It is often about some unknown character from some irrelevant country, simply due to the politically correct policy of the Google. These characters are often Muslim, Gay, Transgender, Some Indian from some little country in South America, some African form some little country in Africa or some minority who done something insignificant in America.

On the contrary, we had to bust our butts for years, so Google would finally display a Nowruz Google Doodle on its front page. Picture that Nowruz is the Persian New Year (Major global Holiday) and celebrated by hundreds of millions of Persians (Iranian or Iranian Rooted People) all over the world including in Iran and many of the ex-states of Iran (present independent countries) such as Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizstan, Georgia and so on. There are millions of Persians in Americas, Europe, Russia, China, India, and so on. Google wants to mainstream what she believes should be mainstreamed. Major American Historical Figures are ignored but some sissy boy in Bang and bologna-ville is celebrated!

Hi-Tech Giants indoctrinate you, program you and guide you to think what they want you to think or else, you will be forced to obey and be reprogrammed by them so you can become a Good Sheeple!

Obey the Tech-Giants or be censored, banned and isolated. This is the Modern World programmed by the Tech-Giants for the Sheeple to Follow! Unfortunately, the majority of the people are still sleep but a great number yet minority are waking up from the Mind Control which is being imposed on them.

Great number of publics like fools and sheeple, are being programmed, domesticated and framed into a desired politically correct mindset, programmed by the Tech-Giants for them. They have become mindless robots, cattle and sheep. The funny part is that they do not even know it!

Like Zombies, the uninformed public follows the set of rules created for them by the Social Media, Search Engines and in general Tech Giants. They believe Google is Absolute Truth and Word of God! They believe in everything indoctrinated by the Google and Social Media. Leftist Politically Correct Globalist News and Information is being injected in to your brains as propaganda and you are not even aware of it!

By a fat chance, if one day you wake up, try to rebel against the machine, they will try to censor, silence and if that does not work, ban you and isolate you! Alex Jones and Info Wars, wrong or right, look what they have done to him! They banned him on all social media. Who the hell are the Tech Giants to decide who can write what on the net?! I am no fan of Alex Jones but I defend his 1st Amendment right to Free Speech which was taken away from him by the Tech Giants. If they can do this to Alex Jones, then they can do it to all of you!

Info Wars

Alex Jones

Intellectuals and Intelligent people are waking up to the reality of the mind control but the majority like fools are still dueling in the social media and searching for every answer in the Google and Search Engines!

The Cattle is guided, directed, brainwashed, molded and framed in to “Group Think” in the Social Media via Hollywood Mindless Stars, Mainstream Media Fake News Characters, Establishment, DC Swamp and Tech Giants.

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity!

Experiment yourself and try to state anything or criticize these groups on the Social Media, Web Hosting and Search Engines and see what happens to you:


So, on ….

Multiculturalism and Multi-Genderism but Group Think is the Norm of the Society and it is forced to be taught in schools and indoctrinate on the net, so it is shoved in to your brain as the mainstream moral reality. If you disobey or disagree with the Establishment Swamp, they will primarily try to reprogram you, then censor you, then shadow ban you and ultimately ban you, isolate you and make you disappear in the deserts of the search results, web hosting, social media and cyber space!

Cyber Censorship is the Neo Information Age Mind Control and Tech Giants are the Neo Totalitarian Global Oligarchies. Tech Giants are in the business of Global Conquest via Mind Control. As much as I am against the government regulations, but if in anywhere regulations are needed, is in the Cyber Space and the way the Tech Giants operate. It is simply too much power, too much monopoly and too much control to the point that they can propagate lies, reprogram minds, change election results, create a fake mainstream sub-culture, and reshape the world.

The Answer

I said my farewells to the Social Media long time ago. Actually, I never had a personal account on any social media but IPC did. Social Media is basically garbage in and garbage out! It is simply a waste of time and mind.

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Be smart, be wise, trust your brain, not the search engines, social media and everything you read on the net. Before releasing your verdict on various subjects, research for yourself from various sources including various valid resources on the net. Be a Thinker, not a Sheeple and part of the Herd!

Mind is a terrible thing to be wasted on the Social Media.
Self-Educate Yourself because your Schools and Tech Giants will not!


Dr. X

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