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Trump to NFL: Respect America
Cartoonists: Ben Garrison & A F Branco
Ahreeman X
September 27, 2017

NFL Football, Oscar, and Emmy Irrelevance Park Ben Garrison Cartoon
Q: Why Oscars, NFL and Emmys ratings are down?
A: Trump Bashing, Kneeling during National Anthem and Disrespecting the Flag.
American People have spoken!

Football and I

IPC is a global media; therefore, many of you beloved readers residing outside the United States may have no clue about what we refer to as the “Football” which you call “American Football”.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Football, in the future I will publish a piece about it to get you more familiar with the sport. All I have to state for now is that Football is the most exciting team sport in the globe and is the most tactical and strategical team sport in the globe. Football is like Field Chess and every move is a calculated tactical plan for the strategical goal which is to win the war. Yes, Football is more like War. For those who do not know the rules to the game, it may look like a bunch of guys, some fat ones (linemen) jump over each other, beat the crap out of each other and then every few seconds the game stops and they line up in front of each other, and then once again they beat each other up! Even the ball may look odd to you (oval) and the complete sport may look bizarre and twisted!

The reality is that Football is the most violent team sport; however, it is also the most tactical, strategical and exciting team sport in the world. You must know the rules and play it to enjoy it or understand it.

NFL Football Kneel on Fans Branco Cartoon
NFL is crushing the fans and turning them away by mixing politics with football.
NFL will lose due to political correctness!

I started studying, understanding and playing Football since I was in Middle School (Junior High) in Imperial Iran! Barely anyone in Iran knew what the hell was American Football, set aside to follow it and God Forbid to play it! I was following it on American TV NIRT (Imperial National Iranian Radio and Television), reading magazines and books. We were playing it for fun and since then, I was a hardcore Pittsburgh Steelers fanatic.

So I played the game in Junior High (just for fun), High School, College, University and Semi Pro. I had a path to NFL but I decided to go to another path (science and academic). I decided to have sports as a hobby and go full blown in Computer Science and Education. I have been playing Football all my life as a Right Outside Linebacker. To cut the story short, I love Football. I eat football, drink football, breathe football, live football and love football. This is a side of me which many of you are not familiar with!

NFL Football Black Lives Matter League BLMFL Ben Garrison Cartoon
Cartoonish Millionaire Football Players scream Social Justice!
“Zero” Players (# 0 Jerseys): There’s somewhere some inequality in America, so let’s sit down during the national anthem!

After the Trump vs. NFL incident, I was willing to leave football alone and boycott NFL. Just picture that my love for Trump and National Populism is so deep that I was willing to abandon my original love which is football!

Ahreeman X Endorses Trump

Trump’s National Populist Revolution and Movement

Luckily, Steelers and NFL are changing their path due to heavy backlash from the American people; therefore, I may not have to abandon my original love!

NFL Football Colin Kaepernick Safe Space Branco Cartoon
Colin Kaepernick is the modern symbol of oppression in America!
With a bottle in hands, pacifier in mouth and Millions of dollars NFL contract sitting on his Safe Space bench screaming Social Justice!

Football or Wussball?

People watch football for violence or else they would not call it football but wussball! Everyone who plays football (like boxing and UFC Mixed Martial Arts) knows that it is a contact sport and by playing it, you risk getting knocked the Shiite out, getting crippled or even death, so make it clear to the people: Don’t play it or know the risks before you do. No pain, no gain. That’s why you make millions of dollars by playing football. Stop turning the Football to the Wussball!

It is bad enough that NFL has made the game less exciting by making it less violent due to new rules and regulations but now they are mixing politics with football! How can NFL fine players for touchdown dances, stickers on helmets, un-tucked jerseys, designer cleats, and custom cheek liners but not for kneeling during the national anthem?!

NFL Football Teams Politically Correct Names Ben Garrison Cartoon
Safe Football + Transgender Football + Feminized Football + Social Justice Football = Fan Boycott

Trump Speech and Protests

On September 22, 2017 during an Alabama Rally, President Trump stated:

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when someone disrespects our flag (kneeling during the national anthem) to say get that Son of a Bitch off the field right now, he’s fired? He’s Fired!”
(Donald J. Trump)

Trump NFL Remarks

Trump NFL Remarks (Backup File)

Trump Rally in Alabama September 22, 2017 – Full Speech

Trump Rally in Alabama September 22, 2017 – Full Speech (Backup File)

Crowd blasted cheering and this started a controversial debate which resulted in 200 players to kneel during the national anthem on that Sunday. Some sat down and some kneeled but Steelers did not even stepped on the field (Except Alejandro Villanueva an ex army ranger) to avoid the controversy and to save the unity amongst the team (this way they would not have some players kneel and the rest stand). The infamous opportunist NFL President Roger Goodell along with the majority of the owners all together went against Trump’s remarks and shown opposition to Trump’s statement. In solidarity with the Black players who kneel, owners, managers and coaches all together released statements and Dallas Cowboys owner the infamous Jerry Jones even kneeled during the anthem!

NFL, ESPN and Media obviously took the politically correct stand in solidarity with the kneeling and sitting Black players. This episode and shenanigan was all fine and dandy until after the pre game theatrics by NFL officials, there came the backlash from the people.

NFL Football Fans Finger Flip Branco Cartoon
NFL Flips Flag = Fans Flip NFL
= NFL Bankruptcy

By next day, Alejandro Villanueva’s # 78 Jersey had become the top seller as the symbol of respect to the American Flag and the American Anthem. Alejandro Villanueva despite the Steelers agreement to remain in the tunnel during the anthem, stepped outside standing to respect the flag and the anthem! Of course later on he tried to justify his action as not willing to disrespect his teammates but we all know that this was nonsense! Ben Roethlisberger the Steelers quarterback stated that he regretted to remain in the tunnel during the national anthem. Villanueva stated that the whole offensive line and practically the whole team except a few wanted to stand with him but to have unanimity and to avoid split decisions and display (some stand and some sit), they decided to remain in the tunnel during the national anthem.

Even though Pittsburgh Steelers’ action was most likely the best method to avoid the politics and show solidarity (by avoiding to come out during the anthem), yet the fans’ backlash was astronomical.

Trump doubled down on his remarks on Twitter because Trump never backs down and he stands his ground (that’s why we love him)! The NFL and Media assumed that this event was a show of force by solid NFL stand against Trump’s remarks and they assumed that this would be a great punch in Trump’s face.

NFL Football Jump the Shark Ben Garrison Cartoon
Kneeling was the Jump the Shark (broom) Moment for NFL
At that moment NFL completely sold out (the fans) and submitted (married) to the Big Global Corporate Media (NBC, CBS, ESPN), Big Global Business Cash, Liberal Establishment, Political Correctness, Liberal Social Justice Agenda, Feminization of the Sports Cause, and the Leftist Politics.
At that moment, NFL betrayed the National Anthem, the Flag, the Armed Forces, the Veterans, The Americanism, the Patriotism and the American People!

People’s Backlash against NFL and Media

It did not even take one day after the event for the people to backlash against the NFL and the Media! NFL never expected such a backlash! One by one the team owners started to release apology letters to the fans, trying to justify their action not as a stand against the Flag, Anthem, Veterans, Troops and America but as a show of solidarity with the kneeling Black players demanding social justice! In other words the NFL owners tried and are trying to put Shiite on Shingle! They tried to avoid further damage to their shattered relationship with their fans!

The fans already hate Roger Goodell and the NFL Owners for trying to fundamentally change Football to make it less violent, impose unnecessary rules and regulations and tolerating disrespect for the flag by allowing Black players to kneel during the anthem; therefore, this was the last straw which broke the camel’s back! Beware the backlash of the American people.

American people by majority supported Trump’s remarks and unanimously stood against the NFL and the Media. Once more the American people flipped their middle fingers to the NFL and Media for their politically correct position!

NFL Football Colin Kaepernick Jackass Ben Garrison Cartoon
US Flag: Whadda Jackass!
Colin Kaepernick the Liberal Plantation Negro with his BLM Tattoo sitting on a bag of Millions protesting for Social Justice!

Worry about the huge backlash of the people, afraid that the people will turn off the TVs during the games and not attend the stadiums; the NFL owners started to abandon their so-called political solidarity with the kneeling Black players, abandoned ship and started kissing American people’s ASS!

NFL Owners, Managers, Coaches and other hypocrites, one by one started to justify their action, apologize and kiss ass. The justification speeches and letters are almost cartoonish and humorous! It is amazing how these charlatans can change position on a blink! After all $ American Dollar has amazing powers!

Charlatan NFL Owners with no principles have obviously underestimated the power of the American people and the wrath of their backlash. Of course the American Media is well aware of the people’s backlash but they never learn, simply because the American Corporate Media is not here to serve the people but they are here to serve the global corporations’ dirty deeds and agenda. Media is always on the People’s Shiite List. Majority of the American people do not even watch the media nor do they believe in them. They get their news from the Alternative Net Media.

Obviously the Media lies and NFL Owners’ calculations backfired and the backlash of the American people shook the very ground under the NFL Teams’ buildings! NFL owners lost face and became Shiite Faced!

NFL Trump vs. Roger Goodell Ben Garrison Cartoon
Trump Always Wins!
Trump Wins for the American People
Roger Goodell Loses for the NFL
Roger Goodell Shiite Faced and Shaken but Trump is Victorious
Do not underestimate the Backlash of the American People!

What Have We Learned?

Trump won (once again)!
Media lost (once again)!
NFL got Shiite Faced (once again)!
More power to the people!

Rooney History

Rooney Family runs Pittsburgh Steelers and their word carries a lot of weight in NFL. 4 generations of Rooneys:

Art Rooney (team founder) was old school
Dan Rooney (former chairman) was a RINO Republican (Republican in Name Only)
Art Rooney II (current president) is more moderate
Art Rooney Jr. (vice president) is remained to be seen how he turns out

Dan Rooney was pretty big in NFL but he was responsible and was the mastermind behind:

I. Rooney Rule (Affirmative Action in NFL)
II. Salary Caps (Artificially Equalizing All Teams)
III. Appointment of Roger Goodell as the NFL Commissioner

Which I disagree with all of them; therefore, I am not a big fan of the departed Dan Rooney. What kind of a conservative votes for and supports Hussein Obama for the perks of becoming the ambassador to Ireland (his ancestral country)? Everything Dan Rooney has done screams as “The White Guilt” for a “Rich Old White Liberal” but it does not smell or resembles conservatism! May his spirit rest in peace but I was never keen on him and his policies.

I believe in:

I. Merit based employment not affirmative action
II. Worth based caps not Salary Caps to limit powerful teams’ capabilities
III. A decent NFL Commissioner not that Buffoon Roger Goodell

So you can figure that I barely have anything in common with Rooney Rules and Policies!

However I have to admit that I am a big fan of Rooney discipline, family environment, fairness and organizational system which made Steelers the best organization in NFL.

Noticeable Observations

Billionaire owners and millionaire players kneel in solidarity for being oppressed! They kneel while the tax payers fund their billions of dollars NFL business on their $ 40,000 salaries.

NFL billionaire owners and Black millionaire players kneel and disrespect the American flag and the National Anthem at the cost of blood, sweat and tears of our military and veterans who fight and die so these losers have the right to protest and disrespect America!

American People have clearly sent a message to NFL:

You don’t stand for our national anthem and flag,
We don’t attend your stadiums and we don’t watch your games on TV.
Simple as that!

Alejandro Villanueva’s # 78 jerseys had become an overnight best seller because he stood up for the flag and the Americans appreciated that.

NFL Will Lose this War!

Is it cost effective for NFL to drag this war?

“Efficient” means achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

Is it efficient for NFL as a multi-billion dollar business to play this game with Trump who is representative of the American people?

The answer is “No”; it is not efficient for NFL to mix politics with football. NFL cannot afford to play the Social Justice games!

It is so cartoonish to see how all of these NFL owners and players, even Bob Kraft (Patriots owner)  and Tom Brady (Patriots Quarterback) who are Trump supporters, attempting to falsely show solidarity with the millionaire Black players screaming social justice in America! As soon as the backlash started, they have Shiited their pants! Next thing you know, they’ll switch position!

How is it possible for NFL to continue playing politics?

NFL will never expand, prosper and win by using Football as a political tribune to promote Social Justice.

NFL will lose this war because:

I. NFL started the politics in Football

II. Football players are hired to play football not to protest

III. People want to see Football to get away from Politics not to see more politics

NFL has the right to free speech.
People also have the right not to support NFL!

Who is responsible for the Football Conflict?

Who Started the Politics in Football?

Was it Trump who started this shenanigan?
Hell No!
It was that baboon Colin Kaepernick who started all this by insulting Trump, police, flag and anthem! That Jigaboo wore pig faced cop sox on the field for practice. That afro haired, nappy headed, liberal plantation Negro millionaire who wears Che Guevara T Shirt and raises his left fist (Black Power, Black Panther Style), sucks in football and is trying to create a platform from football and politics to be relevant. Do you really believe that he cares about that hungry black child with no diapers and no food in the ghetto? Hell no!

Do you know who cares about that hungry black child with no diapers and no food in the ghetto? Trump does! Because Trump is actually doing something to create jobs and security in America and in the ghetto so that black child will not remain hungry and will not get shot while going to school!

Trump is the protector of the Black people.
Colin Kaepernick is the protector of his bank account!

Trump creates hope and puts his money where his mouth is!
Kaepernick creates Bull Shiite because he is Full O Shiite!

What the hell is the difference between raising left fist (Black Panther Racist Style) and raising the right hand (Nazi Salute)? What is the difference between Black Power Fist and the White Power Nazi Salute? Black players may want to think about what the hell they are doing during the national anthem!

Why Kneeling during National Anthem is Wrong?

If you want to protest police brutality, then protest against the police, but do not disrespect America by sitting the FAQ down during the national anthem and waving of the flag!

Our troops are fighting and dying for that anthem and that flag so baboons like Kaepernick and these Black imbeciles have the right to free speech and to protest.

If America is worth defending then it is worth honoring.

So get the FAQ up, stand like a man and honor America by honoring our flag and anthem.

Racial Distribution in NFL

NFL Players are:
Blacks 70%
White 25%
Hispanics, Polynesians, Orientals and Mix 5%
Total 100 %

A Word with Black NFL Players

Majority of the Black players in NFL are hardcore patriots with love for the country, anthem and flag. Only a slim minority are in to BLM (Black Lives Matter) garbage and Social Justice Bull Shiite. The majority knows that you cannot change anything with kneeling and sitting during the national anthem. Police Brutality will not go away by kneeling but by dialogue and action. The police is there to protect these Black players and if there is brutality in the Black community, then that is by a slim minority of the police force.

NFL has produced more black millionaires than any other entity in America. American people buy tickets, buy products and tune in on TV so these Black players can become millionaires.

American soldiers are fighting and dying for that anthem and flag which you are disrespecting, so you have the right to kneel the FAQ down or sit the FAQ down and disrespect it!

You want social justice? Then help Trump who is actually doing something for the social justice!

Liberal Plantation Negroes

Majority of Blacks in this country have been slaves and are still slaves!

In old times, they were enslaved by Democrat Slave Owners.
Democrats enslaved their Black bodies.
Democrats made Blacks to do free labor in the plantations.
Blacks were nothing but Liberal Plantation Negroes.

Today, they are enslaved by Democrat Slave Owners.
Democrats enslave their Black minds.
Democrats are keeping Blacks slaves and dependant to welfare, food stamp and housing.
Blacks are nothing but Liberal Plantation Negroes!

Lincoln and Republicans gave you freedom and emancipation!
Democrats kept you and are keeping you slaves.
Yesterday your bodies were enslaved.
Today your minds are enslaved.

No matter what, the Democrats will always own you and you will always remain a “Liberal Plantation Negro” unless you break the chains!

Candace Owens unveils:

Leaving Liberal Plantation

Candace Owens at Water’s World

So instead of kneeling, sitting and disrespecting America by disrespecting the American National Anthem and the American Flag, get your Black Ass up, count your blessing because that Flag is the reason that you are a millionaire; therefore, go and actually do something positive for the Black Ghetto Dwellers by helping Trump to make the Ghetto wealthy with jobs and safe with arresting gangs! Get your Funky Black Ass up, stand up like a man and help Trump to Make America Great Again, so the Ghetto will once again work, prosper, be safe and be secure.

Stop being a “Liberal Plantation Negro” and start being a “Productive Black Folk”! Help Trump to help Black people and the Black community and for God’s sake stop moaning and bitching and kneeling as a bunch of Spoiled Black Millionaires bitching about Oppression and lack of Social Justice! Shut your mouth, stand up and actually do something about it. Democrats have always used you for your votes and Republican Establishment are a group of leeches. The only hope you have is Trump and his National Populist Agenda. Get your Black Ass up and help Trump to improve the Black community and Make America Great Again!

Be a proud Black Man and an American Patriot; seize being a Spoiled Millionaire Jigaboo!

NFL Football America’s Far Left Future Ben Garrison Cartoon
Ideal Liberal Future Vision for America:
* Banned Old Movies
* Banned Free Speech on the Net (by Tech Censorship of the Net via Net Corps.)
* American Icons Statue Removals
* Mount Leftmore
And indeed …
* BLMFL (Black Lives Matter Football League)
Social Justice for All
Marx Bless America!

Trump Wins Again

Once again Trump wins because Trump is not about Race, Politics, Money and Power. Trump is about People, America and Making America Great Again. MAGA is the message and MAGA is the reason that Trump ran and we elected him. MAGA is why Trump is here. Black, White, Yellow, Brown or whatever the hell you are means nothing to Trump and us the National Populists. We accept you, love you and respect you as Americans. This is the movement of the people and Trump is man of the people, so let us all get with the program.

Making America Great Again

And there’s your prayer …


Dr. X

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