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Trump Iran Visa Ban: Pros and Cons
Part 1
Ahreeman X
January 31, 2017

Trump is an exception to the US Office of Presidency! Unlike politicians, he is actually doing everything that he promised in his campaign. Unlike the politicians, Trump is All Action and No Talk! Trump stated: “I am smart; I do not need daily briefing by the security services. I only need weekly updates!” That is absolutely true because unlike politicians, Trump has been living and working in the real world as a businessman! Now he will run America as a business and a corporation, Making America Great Again. When the country is under 20 Trillion Dollars debt, destroyed and due to open borders, infested with terrorists and IRI Lobby Groups, then it is time for “Extreme Vetting” so we can finally find out “What the Hell is Going On Here!”

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It is time to unveil the truth about the Trump Iran Visa Ban and state its Pros and Cons.

Once a while there comes a man from the breed of the Great Men of History whom despite all the adversity and animosity are willing to stand up against the popular fad of the day and the political correctness to do the right thing, do the logical task and progressively advance the society towards the bright future and the right path.

The USA – IRI Zipper is finally falling apart!
The Obama – Mullahs Islamic Flirtations is finally halting to seize.
The Era of the IRI Lobby Glory in the “Obamic America” is over.
Welcome to the New America!
Welcome to the National Populist Movements’ Victory.
Welcome to MAGA (Making America Great Again).
Now it is Our Turn, The Iranian Opposition’s Turn!

When everyone surrenders to the popular fad and darkness, this man stands firm on his stands because as a patriot, he has a higher duty to his land than to the popular fad and the political correctness. His duty is to his people, to his country and to his conscience. This great man of history despite the mass resistance of the corrupt popular culture, will push the culture, the country and the masses towards the great shining future and the advanced civil society. One man in the shadows will bring on the light because this man will not surrender to any will except the “Will of the People”, thus he is the Messenger of the People to reestablish the Government of the People, by the People and for the People. This great man of history is the Leader of the Revolution, Donald John Trump.

Coming to America is not a Right, but it is a Privilege!
Hussein Obama’s “Obamic Era” is over.
Welcome to the New America! Love it or Leave it!
We will not Mix and Match Islam with American Values no more.
You will accept Democracy, US Constitution and American Values or else, do not even bother to get in! The Key Word is “Extreme Vetting”, get used to it! Another Key Word you need to know is “MAGA” (Making America Great Again), learn it and earn it!

Post National Populist Revolution

After establishing the first Government of the People by the People and for the People since Ronald Reagan era and returning the power from the corrupt Washington DC Establishment to the people, President Donald Trump started taking steps towards the systematic trimming of the Rat Tails! The Rats are the corrupt:

Enemies of the People
Big Washington DC Government Establishment
GOP Establishment
Democratic Party Establishment
Mainstream Corporate Media Establishment
Wall Street Establishment
Global Corporate Establishment
Hollywood Establishment
American Liberal Education System Establishment

Other Cronies

Next, the Leader of the Revolution and the Leader of the “National Populist Movement”, the Great Visionary, President Trump had released a series of Executive Orders, mostly not to apply new laws, yet to enforce the old laws which have never been enforced before!

End of the “Obamic Era” has come, say goodbye to “Hussein Obama”, the first “Muslim American President of USA” (in Sharia’ Islamic Law, if your grandfather and father are Muslims, then you are a Muslim)! 8 Years of undermining America and praising Islam is over. 8 Years of flirtations with the IRI Terrorist Regime of Mullahs is over. It is time to cleans the “White House” from the “Obamic Odors” and turn it to the “People’s House” again! Shall the MAGA Rule Forever.

In one week, Trump has accomplished more than what Obama had demolished in 8 years! In one week, Trump had built more than what Obama destroyed in 8 years! In one week, Trump had revived America more than what Obama annihilated America in 8 years!

Now that the first “Muslim American President” (Hussein Obama) was out of the White House (according to the Sharia' Law, when your Grandfather and Father are Muslims, then you are a Muslim), then Trump could concentrate on taking America off of the Coma and the Life Support created by the Muslim Hussein Obama!

It was time to repair the “Obamic Damage” of the 8 years and to remove the “Obamic Odors” from the “White House”, cleanse the White House from the “Obamic Garbage”, sweep the “Obamic Rubbish” out and return the “White House” to the people. Once again the “White House” became the “People’s House”!

Time to once more rise up and raise the Persian Lion, Sun and Sword Emblem of the Good Iranians and Dump the disgusting Arabic Allah Logo of IRI, the Filthy Islamic Republic of Iran’s Terrorist Banner in the dumpster of history; Persians, celebrate because it is now our turn and our day of glory. Together, we shall bring Death to IRI and IRI Lobby in America! Long Live Iran and Iranians.

The Marxist Islamist Regime of Obama got destroyed and America had been revived. Hopefully after the first 100 days of Trump Presidency, we will erase the Obama Legacy in total from the history, like a “Bad Nightmare”. The only Obama Legacy left, will be the Trump Presidency!

Trump Temporary Refugee and Visa Ban

The keyword is “Temporary”. Trump has temporarily seized the flow of Refugees, releasing the Visas and started the “Extreme Vetting” of the Green Cards Holders from the citizens of the 7 countries. They include: Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Iran. The ban will avoid entering the citizens of the above nations to US for a temporary limit of a 90 Days and suspends the admission of all refugees for 120 Days. In the future, the administration will decide to extend the ban and / or to add more countries to the ban.

Why Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan are not on the List?

Because despite the fact that many terrorists originated from these countries and we have clearly found evidence that some government officials from these countries had supported and had ties to the terrorists, yet as of now, they are still our allies and we need them in the fight against terror. Depending on their attitude and cooperation, it is possible that in the future we will add them to the list.

CNN Fake News Lies: Garbage in, Garbage out Cartoon (Benjamin Garrison)!
Thanks to Julian Assange and proven by the WikiLeaks, American Corporate Media Establishment is in cahoots with the Liberals as a wing of the Corrupt Democratic Party. American Media is the Enemy of the American People. American Media (except FOX, Few Talk Radio Shows and Few Websites) has a job to spew lies and broadcast Fake News to deceive the American people. Be smart and be aware. Get your news elsewhere. A smart person watches, hears and reads all types of news before he makes up his mind. Smart person watches, hears and reads: American Mainstream Media, BBC, Russian TV, Chinese TV, Persian TV, FOX, Rush Limbaugh Talk Radio, Sean Hannity Talk Radio, CBC and IPC before he makes up his mind and releases his opinion.

What is the Reason for the Ban?

To keep America and Americans safe and secure; furthermore, not to allow America to become Europe, the “Killing Field” of the “Innocent People” by the hands of the “Muslim Terrorists”.

Unlike the American Media Lies, this ban is not a ban upon people’s religion, nationality or ethnicity; however, this ban is an “Extreme Vetting” to strain the people who enter America and seize the unwanted “Islamic Terrorists” and “Prospect Islamic Terrorists” from entering to destroy our land.

American Media is the Enemy of the American People

Unfortunately the American Media (except FOX, Few Talk Radio Shows and Few Websites) is the “Opposition Party” and the extended hand of the “Democratic Party” who refuses the election loss and vengefully continues to not report the news but to create the news out of their rectums!

The American Media reporting the “Fake News” had seized to play the role of the journalists and now they behave as the resistance to the “Will of the People” which is the Trump Administration! In other words, American Media has been (for decades) and is now the enemy of the American People and in cahoots with the Big Corrupt Establishment. Maybe it is time for the American Media to shut their mouths and open their ears to the “Will of the People”: News Flash, Extra Extra: You (Big Government, Liberals and the Media Establishment) have lost the election and the “People” have won (Trump Administration). Shut your mouth, stop spewing lies, and listen to the “will of the People”! Maybe you will learn something for a change!

Trump Refugee and Visa Ban Law in a Nutshell

The executive order temporarily bars all migrants and refugees flooding to America from Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Iran. The executive order exempts diplomats and members of the international organizations from the ban. The order also directs the secretary of Homeland Security to conduct a 30-day review to determine which countries do not provide "adequate information" for its citizens to be issued visas to enter the US.

Are these people what you want to allow in to USA?
Will they accept the American Values?
Will they assimilate in to the American Culture?
Will they become parts of the Melting Pot or will they blow up the whole pot?!

Trump Administration also stopped the admission of all refugees to the United States for four months. During that time, Trump's secretary of state will review the application and screening process for the refugees to be admitted to the US.

Trump more than halved the number of refugees who could eventually be admitted in 2017 to 50,000 from the 110,000 cap established under the Hussein Obama.

Muslim Immigrants
How about these lovely girls?
Would you allow them in to USA?
They allowed them in to Europe and look what happened to Europe!
Will they make Good Americans?
Are they even capable to comprehend what it means to be American?

Trump states in the order that refugees should be prioritized for entry on the basis of religious persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a “minority religion" (Christian, Jew, Baha’i, Zoroastrian, etc.).  

Extreme Vetting

Extreme Vetting is needed to keep America and Americans safe and secure or else America will become Europe, an open border to welcome the Islamic Invasion to destroy the Western Civilization! The executive order calls for the secretaries of state and homeland security, the director of national intelligence and the FBI director to develop and implement new immigration screening procedures.

Trump called for developing new "extreme vetting" screening procedures that would weed out the present and future potential terrorists from visa applicants by asking questions about their views on America and the American values.

President Trump states:

“In order to protect Americans, the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not bear hostile attitudes toward it and its founding principles …

The United States cannot, and should not, admit those who do not support the Constitution, or those who would place violent ideologies over American law. In addition, the United States should not admit those who engage in acts of bigotry or hatred ... or those who would oppress Americans of any race, gender, or sexual orientation."

These are the Iranians we do not want to migrate to USA!
Iranian Hezbollah proudly celebrates the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran at Tehran, Iran. IRI Lobby loves to allow these people in to USA! How about you?

It is Not a Muslim Ban, but a Terrorist Ban

Despite the great attempts by the Lying American Media in bed with the Democrats spewing “Fake News”, it is not a Muslim ban but it is a Terrorist ban. Now it is not Trump’s fault that almost all terrorists are Muslims! Let’s face it:

“Not all Muslims are Terrorists but almost all Terrorists are Muslims!

Americans specifically liberals are ignorant to the global affairs and the reality of Islam! They have no studies about the history of Islam. They still assume that there is such a thing called the “Moderate Muslims”!

As a historian, I have studied the complete history of Islam and I have lost a country to Islam and Muslims (Iran). Let me tell you all about Islam and Muslims.

Now these are the Iranians we want to migrate to USA!
Anti Hejab Protest of Iranian Girls in Stockholm, Sweden
That’s what I’m talking about!

Islamic Facts

Islam is the Terrorist Doctrine
Quran is a Terror Manual.
Muhammad was a Terrorist

Types of Muslims

True Muslims
ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, IRI and so on are True Muslims because they obey and enforce Quran, word by word.

Ignorant Muslims
What Westerners refer to as the “Moderate Muslims” are in fact not even considered by the “True Muslims” as “Muslims”! They are considered as “Ignorant Muslims” because as the majority of Muslims, they have never even read Quran but they believe in Quran! This makes them the “Ignorant Muslims”. If they would have read the Quran, then they would have also become “True Muslims” or as the civilized world refers to them as the Terrorists. This group of Muslims are “Confused Morons” and “Ignorant Muslims” who follow Quran blindly, not even knowing of what they believe in!

Islam in its nature is Terrorism and True Muslims are terrorists but the Ignorant Muslims whom are in majority and never read Quran or try to justify it are referred by the Westerners as the “Moderate Muslims! In reality, there exists no “Moderate Muslim”.

Radicalization or Islamic Enlightenment?

Inside every “Ignorant Muslim” there is a “True Muslim” waiting to be born because at some point of his life, he will read Quran and become a True Muslim (Terrorist). This does not mean “Radicalization” (referred by the Western Media) but it means “Islamic Enlightenment” and it can happen at any point of a Muslim’s lifespan!

Of course these are also Iranians we want to migrate to USA!
Even though these girls wear hejabs, but check out these hejabs and Hezbollah Chadori hejabs! If all hejabs would come like this, I would surely be 100 % Pro Hejab! These are not hejabs but they are Blue Heaven! These are not girls but they are peaches you want to eat!

Islam is Anti Democracy and Anti US Constitution

Many Americans are ignorant to the fact that Islam in its nature is Anti Democracy and US Constitution, so please self educate yourselves because the Liberal Media will not do it for you:

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected 1

Islam is a Disease and Muslims are Infected 2

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology! 1

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology! 2

Quran on Non Muslims!

Quran on women!

Ban on Green Card Holders

A “Temporary Ban” is set on the non US citizens from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen from entering the United States, until we figure who is who and why is he entering the United States?
This law covers the permanent residents, green card holders and visa holders from the above seven countries who were out of the United States. They cannot return to the US for 90 days.
There is an exemption for the immigrants and legal permanent residents whose entry is in the US national interest. The visa and green card holders already in the US will be allowed to stay. Customs and Border Protection is notifying airlines about passengers whose visas had been canceled or legal residents scheduled to fly back to the US, and the airlines are being told to keep them off those flights.

Rouhani receives American Dollars and funnels them in to Uranium!
IRI does not like the US Visa Ban because during the Obama Regime, IRI used to send tons of Iranian Muslim agents, spies, lobbyists, front businesses, arms dealers, tech dealers, petty snitches and terrorists to USA! Under Hussein Obama’s administration, IRI received 1.7 Billion Dollars from USA in ransom and gladly directed these funds in to her nuclear program, also funded every single Islamic Terrorist Proxy Organization such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Jihad, Iraqi Shiites, Yemenis Shiites, Bahrainis Shiites, Afghan Shiites, Muslim Brotherhood, Bosnian Muslims, Syrian Regime and other Good Muslims and People of Allah!

IRI Retaliation

IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) slammed Trump's immigration order on Saturday as an "insult" and a "gift to extremists" and said it was considering its response.

"The US decision to restrict travel for Muslims to the US, even if for a temporary period of three months, is an obvious insult to the Islamic world and in particular to the great nation of Iran."

Iran's foreign ministry said in a statement Saturday: "Despite the claims of combating terrorism and keeping American people safe, it will be recorded in history as a big gift to extremists and their supporters."

In return, IRI will ban the US citizens to travel to Iran.

Not a New Law but Execution of the Original Law

Many do not comprehend that this executive order is not truly a new law but the execution of the old laws which never have been executed and enforced before. It is not a new law but it is the old laws which the incompetent liberal or republican administrations refused to enforce. Let’s review some history:

1952 Law

There has been a 1952 Law which has not really been enforced, thanks to the liberals!

President Trump clearly states that he has the power to enforce “Extreme Vetting”, pointing to a 1952 law that allows the president the ability to “suspend the entry” of “any class of aliens” that he finds are to be determined as possible threats to the interests of the United States.

The Law

U.S. Code § 1182 - Inadmissible Aliens

Classes of aliens ineligible for visas or admission except as otherwise provided in this chapter, aliens who are inadmissible under the following paragraphs are ineligible to receive visas and ineligible to be admitted to the United States:

(1) Health-related grounds
(2) Criminal and related grounds
(3) Security and related grounds
(4) Public charge
(5) Labor certification and qualifications for certain immigrants
(6) Illegal entrants and immigration violators
(7) Documentation requirements
(8) Ineligible for citizenship
(9) Aliens previously removed
(10) Miscellaneous

2015 Bill

There has been a 2015 Bill which did not go anywhere and has not been really enforced, thanks to the liberals!

In 2015 the House easily passed a bill that would suspend the program allowing Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the US until key national security agencies certify that they don't pose a security risk. The vote was 289 to 137, with 47 Democrats joining the 242 Republicans in favor of the bill, creating a majority that could override Hussein Obama's promised veto. It also faced an uncertain future in the Senate, where the back then Minority Leader Harry Reid tried to block the bill.

The high number of Democrats who voted against the Obama’s White House was a clear sign that Obama is increasingly isolated in his position on the refugees in light of the ISIS terrorist attacks.

Republicans were determined to move quickly. House Speaker Paul Ryan told the reporters:

"This is urgent. We cannot and should not wait to act, not when our national security is at stake."

“The administration's veto threat "baffles me," Ryan said, "especially given the fact that his own law enforcement top officials came to Congress and testified that there are gaps in this refugee program."

Obama administration officials have been lobbying Democrats to oppose the measure.

So as you can see, what Trump has been imposing is not really a new law but the enforcement of old laws which have not been enforced by the past incompetent administrations.

Cons of the Trump Visa Ban Law

There are unfortunate cases amongst the people included in this law but please have in mind that these cases are temporary and they will also be judged upon case to case circumstances; therefore, if you are not a threat to the United States, the ban will be lifted from you, so no room to panic. The Liberal biased Media wants the people to panic when there is really no need to panic. The officials are not idiots; they will do the ban temporarily to determine who is who?!

There will be some discomfort to these groups of people:

Affected Groups

a) Iranian Refugees trying to enter US

b) Iranian Immigrants wanting to migrate to US

c)  Iranian Green Card Holders who do not live in US but travel back and forth

d) Iranian Green Card Holders who live in US but were outside when the law passed

e) Iranian Tourists wanting to travel to US

Do Not Panic

Please do not panic, the administration is well organized and they are on top of it. For the first time in the history, the country is being run by not corrupt politicians but by a businessman who knows what is he doing! The country is being run as a business, the way it should have been.

We must do the ban to sort out people and pull the weeds. We must know who is coming and who is going to know what the hell is going on. Either we have borders and a country or we don’t?

Let us review:

a) Iranian Refugees trying to enter US

If you have a legitimate reason and base (religious minority, political opposition, life danger situation, etc.), eventually you will be allowed in US; however, if you want to slide on in as an IRI agent, then you will be stopped.

b) Iranian Immigrants wanting to migrate to US

If you are beneficial for the US (business investment, technocrat, specialist, etc), eventually you will be allowed in but if you are trying to get in to sabotage, then you will be weeded out.

c)  Iranian Green Card Holders who do not live in US but travel back and forth

- Parents, Grandparents and family of Iranian immigrants and citizens visiting them
will be allowed after extreme vetting

- Businessmen going in and out
If your business is legitimate, then you are welcome
If you are laundering money for IRI to support IRI Lobby Groups, you will be weeded out

- Travelers and people living part time here
If you are legit, then you get to pass
If you are IRI agents, spies, lobbyists and sleeper cells, you will be weeded out

d) Iranian Green Card Holders who live in US but were outside when the law passed

After the extreme vetting, you will be allowed in if you are legit.
After extreme vetting, if you are of IRI 5th Column (lobby, agent, front business, spy, terrorist, so on) you will be weeded out.

e) Iranian Tourists wanting to travel to US

If legitimate tourist, be patient, this is a matter of national security, once we sort out the situation, you can travel as pleased.
If IRI agent, we will weed you out.

Iranian American Citizens

Iranian American Citizens are not affected by this new law.

Pros of the Trump Visa Ban Law

Due to the new law, which in fact is an old law which has never been enforced, we will finally have borders, vetting and a country. We will have a secure country, knowing who is coming and who is going and what are they doing here. One way or another, we must figure out what the hell is going on here and it is about time to do it right.

This is the price you pay to live in a safe and secure democracy.

Sacrifice for America

I personally have family and friends who are affected by the new law. There have been interruptions in their travels to visit family and friends. Some are visiting family, some are tourists, some visit friends, some live in both places and some even live here and they are affected by the temporary ban. They are not happy about the situation but they perfectly understand the situation and so am I.

I am willing to do the sacrifices for the security of America. World does not end and the life will go on. Eventually everything will be back to normal, better than before, safe and secure.

If I am willing to do the sacrifice, then so should you.

Frustrated Iranians

Some Iranians get frustrated by the new law. Obviously they care more about their time which gets wasted by the airport wait, airport search, extreme vetting, visa delays and interruptions of their travel plans, than the national security of America and Americans! This is pretty selfish of the Iranian American Citizens and Residents. This is a small price to pay for the national security. Stop being selfish and think of all the people and the whole country. Mostly Iranian American Liberals are so selfish and careless about other citizens’ needs for security.

Angry Iranians

Many Iranians inside Iran, Iranian Residents of America and Iranian American Citizens are angry about the new law.

If Iranians are so against it, then uprise and overthrow the terrorist regime of IRI and free the country! Gain some prestige for Iran like it used to have during the Imperial Iran!

Why are you angry with America and Trump? You should be angry with IRI and the Mullahs! The problem is not Trump Administration for wanting to provide security for America and Americans, but the problem is you and your laziness and indifference to uprise, revolt, make a revolution and overthrow the Islamist Terrorist Regime of IRI and come out from under the Mullahs’ oppression. Build a free and democratic Iran, so America and the world will respect you as human beings and do not look at you as terrorists!

Iranian American Opposition to IRI

During the past 38 plus years, every time there has been a riot, revolt or revolution attempt against the IRI, it had been started from here; we the Iranian Opposition in Exile started them all.

It is time for you inside Iran to jump start a revolution and free your country. Throughout the history, the Iranian opposition in Exile and Inxile (in exile inside their own country) has started the riots. The “silent majority” inside and the “career exilists” outside have always been silent! Well, maybe it is time to take a good look at yourselves before pointing fingers to Trump and USA!

Iranian Silent Majority

Both silent majorities inside and outside Iran are responsible for this mess. Point the fingers to yourselves instead of pointing fingers to Trump!

Rise up, revolt, free your country and establish an internationally respected regime in Iran, so the US government does not have to list you as Terrorist Sponsored Regime!

Enough is enough; we have done our share for decades. As the Iranian Opposition, our conscience is clear and we can sleep at night, how about you the Iranian people? Are you dead? Where have you been for 38 plus years? It is your turn to uprise.

With Iranians it is all about give me this and give me that, free Iran for me, provide me security, let me in America, make the opposition to free Iran, give me and give me and give me more!

You have no one to blame but yourselves. Rise up and overthrow IRI. Establish a human regime instead of IRI. Stop keeping an eye to America, Iranian Americans, Iranian Opposition and God to do your dirty work! For once in your silent lives, do something and say something so we know that you are still alive!

Obama’s Crimes against Humanity and Iranian Opposition

Once in 2009, Obama did not back the Iranian opposition (during riots and revolts); furthermore, he backed the IRI Regime, flirted with the Mullahs and kissed up to Ahmadinejad! The revolts failed, many arrested and many died!

Once in 2015, Obama handed 1.7 billion dollars to IRI and the Mullahs! This money from the 150 billion dollars was the Imperial Iran’s money, the Iranian people’s money and if anything, it had to be handed to the Iranian opposition, not the Mullahs of Tehran! Once again Obama betrayed the Iranian opposition and the Iranian people.

Obama has caused the death and mass arrests of the Iranian opposition. Obama is responsible for the death of Iranians and their incarcerations. Obama had done crimes against humanity.

Hussein Obama needs to be tried for “Crimes against Humanity”. Point fingers at Obama, not Trump!

IRI Lobby Throwing a Hissy Fit!

Let’s face it that with Trump’s new law, IRI Lobby in USA gets terribly affected! Tons of so called businessmen, who used to come and go back and forth between Iran and America, are now banned so we can figure what the hell is going on!

These so called businessmen are all doing money laundry for the IRI Lobby. They are front businesses for IRI in America, some are military, weapons and technology part dealers, some are spies, some are agents, some are petty snitches, some are espionage cells, some are sleeper cells and some are IRI Lobby and Media.

All of them are IRI 5th column in America. Thanks to “Extreme Vetting”, now they are in suspension until we figure what the hell is going on! Please observe the depth of the IRI Lobby and espionage in America:

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America 1

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America 2

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America 3

Evolution of Iran Lobby under Obama
From a Pressure Group to a White House Partner

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America! 1
Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

Hezbollah's Front Businesses in America! 2
Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise!

IRI, Anti Opposition Activities in Southern California

Trita Parsi Iranian Hezbollah Agent in America

Enlightening indexes, read more:

Iran Movement Index

Shiite of the Season Index

Iran Politics Index

Now these Iranians are surely what we need to allow in to United States!
They are healthy, wealthy, happy, giddy, juicy and full of passion!
Do you see nay hejab? Do you see any trace of Islam?
Then for God’s sake let them in, let them all in!
Welcome to America babes!
Land of the Free and home of the Brave!
C’mon in!

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