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Trump Iran Visa Ban: Pros and Cons
Part 2
Ahreeman X
January 31, 2017

Trita Parsi IRI Lobbyist and Iranian Agent in USA
Lobby for a Terrorist Sponsor State is illegal in USA.
Then how come Trita Parsi is not in jail?
He walks the streets freely in DC and lobbies for IRI!
IRI is the largest Terrorist Sponsor State in the World!

IRI Lobby Anti Trump Tactics

So as long as the flood of IRI money from Tehran to the IRI Lobby in America is cut (thanks to Trump) and the IRI Lobby’s tail is under surveillance and investigation (thanks to Homeland Security), also the IRI Lobby’s finances are under close look and investigation (thanks to Treasury Department and FBI), then the IRI Lobby feels suffocating and fund-less!

Trita Parsi and NIAC Anti American Sneak Tactics

Trita Parsi is taking advantage of the Trump visa Ban situation to direct the Iranian American community’s anger towards Trump Administration and distract and divert their attention to Trump’s New Law!

Trita Parsi is taking advantage of the situation to gain some support and collect some money from the gullible Iranian American Community! Trita Parsi’s salary from Tehran is cut off; therefore, he need money to run his grocery store (Dokan) referred to as NIAC. Trita Parsi is begging for $ 300,000.00 to continue his illegal lobby for the terrorist regime of Iran.

Trita Parsi with Iran Delegation and Abbas Araghchi (IRI Deputy Foreign Minister) at Switzerland 2015
IRI – USA Nuclear Talks in Switzerland 2015

Follow the Money Trail

Trita Parsi and NIAC money comes from Iran. The money is being laundered via so called Iranian American Businessmen going in and out of Iran to America. Funds laundered through a great number of front businesses bank accounts in USA. Now the visa ban and “Extreme Vetting” disrupted Trita Parsi’s money!

NIAC is conducting a vast campaign against the visa ban. Follow the money and the money is being cut from Iran via so called businessmen who laundry the IRI money for NIAC due to the visa ban, so now NIAC is begging for money. NIAC opportunism takes advantage of some Iranians’ panic to make some money.

Read how Trita Parsi tries to mix up the issues, distract attention from the fact that he is a petty IRI Lobbyist, Spy and Agent; therefore, he can become the hero of the Iranian American community, taking a stand against the Big Bad Wolf Trump and the Racist Trump Administration to Free the Iranians from Trump’s Evil!

This yesterday’s IRI 5th Column and today’s great human right advocate, Trita Parsi will do all of this great effort for the Iranian Americans, out of the goodness of his heart, and oh yeh, I almost forgot, for a little amount of $ 300,000.00!

Trita Parsi with the Iran Delegation and Fereydoun Rouhani (President Hassan Rouhani’s brother) at the Switzerland 2015
IRI – USA Nuclear Talks in Switzerland 2015

Please read Trita Parsi’s attempt of distraction and diversion of the Iranian American minds from IRI crimes by pointing fingers to Trump and peddling his petty espionage little tush for money:

NIAC Announcement

Note: Many grammatical errors have been corrected by me, because Trita Parsi was in such a rush to publish this post begging for money, so he wrote this piece carelessly!

NIAC IRI Lobby Organization
From NIAC Site



Urgent Update: Final Executive Order Analysis

We have reviewed the final text of the Executive Order signed by Donald Trump to bar entry to the U.S. for nationals of seven countries, including Iran. Our updated analysis is here.

The final executive order is worse than the leaked draft, and the Trump Administration has implemented the order against Iranian nationals, Iranian dual nationals, and even U.S. permanent residents who were born in Iran.

If you are an Iranian national outside of the U.S. with a valid U.S. visa, you will not be able to enter the United States.

* Iranian nationals who are also citizens of a 3rd country (e.g. Canada) will still be barred from entering the United States, according to the State Department.

* U.S. permanent resident aliens (green card holders) from Iran who are outside of the United States will be barred from reentry, according to a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson.

- Green card holders must apply for a case-by-case exemption from the Department of Homeland Security to be allowed reentry to the United States.

* U.S. citizens will not be directly affected by the ban.

* There is nothing to indicate that persons on valid visas inside the United States will be expelled so long as they do not leave the country and have a legal basis for remaining in the U.S.

We are committed to utilizing every resource available to fight and reverse this shameful action. There are several options and we are pursuing all of them:

1) Congressional action. Congress can pass legislation to revoke the order, revoke the President’s authorities to carry out such an order, and/or block funding for the implementation of the order. NIAC Action is organizing NOW to convince lawmakers to take on such an approach.

2) Legal actionWe are currently evaluating a lawsuit to reverse this Executive Order, including working in-house and with legal experts in private practice and at other civil rights organizations to pursue the most effective legal path forward.

3) Public pressure. We must mobilize our membership and beyond, make sure our message is in the media, and that the impact of this action is understood by the broader American public broadly. This may not be sufficient to convince Donald Trump, but these actions will be critical in channeling public opinion and bolstering all of our efforts. 

All three of these elements of our strategy are going to require significant time, resources, and expertise. 
To succeed in our efforts, we are aiming to raise $ 300,000 before February 15 in order to hire additional staff to bolster our in-house legal expertise and manpower, and to cover potential costs associated with legal action. 

To be clear, success is going to require more than this. But this is why NIAC works – and wins – through coalitions. We work closely with allied organizations such as the ACLU, develop strategy with members of Congress, and ensure all resources at our disposal are fully utilized. We are part of an active group of organizations, lawmakers, and experts who are already working to overturning this action. While most of those involved are not focused on the specific impact for Iranian Americans, we are – and we will ensure that your interests are represented.

We will have additional updates over the weekend or by Monday. In the meantime, please make a financial contribution to this effort that is appropriate for you – whether it is $ 50 or $ 5,000 – so that we have the resources necessary to win this.


Trita Parsi the IRI Agent is excited for the Obama’s IRI - USA Nuclear Deal
Trita Parsi is the head of Iranian 5th Column in America
Trita Parsi’s Sabotage Organization is NIAC
NIAC workers and members are IRI Agents, Spies and Front Businesses in USA

Remarks on NIAC Announcement

NIAC wants to bend the will of Trump, the National Populist Movement and the American People via these tactics:

Congressional Action
Legal Action
Public Pressure

Let’s dig deep:

Congressional Action

Trita Parsi cannot go anywhere with this option because we (GOP) own the House and the Senate; furthermore, we own the White House and Gubernatorial. The people have voted and they want a secure and safe country.

In addition, soon Trump will pass another law to avoid the senators and representatives to lobby for a foreign country set aside a terrorist regime like IRI.

Legal Action

NIAC wants to take legal action and congressional action against Trump! Trita Parsi could not even win legal action against Hassan Daioleslam (Iranian Opposition investigative author) and he is scared shiiteless of me like a little rat in his rat hole, yet now he wants to take action against Trump, leader of the Free World and leader of the National Populist Movement!

Before he takes action against Trump we need to clarify that lobby for a state sponsored terrorism is illegal in America, then how come Trita Parsi is not in jail?

Let’s manage to get Trita Parsi in to jail or deported back to Sweden where he used to peddle his butt in the streets of Stockholm for a few dollars before Mullahs hired him and sent him to America! Once we get that out of the way, then we continue with the rest of NIAC agents of IRI in USA. There are no shortage of IRI whores and servants in USA!

Trita Parsi has no base for the legal action and it will go nowhere.

Public Pressure

Public pressure from whom? A bunch of IRI Lobbyists, IRI Agents, Iranian Liberal Kooks, Socialists, Marxists, Anarchists, Muslims, Liberal Biased Media Psychos, Hollywood Crowd and Wacked Jobs screaming in the streets will go nowhere!

This is not Iran that Hezbollah can throw protests and scream fear in to the hearts of people! Just a few days ago over half a million Hollywood Crowd, celebrities, lefties, anarchists, and “Vagina Wavers” threw an Anti Trump rally in DC and used the most foul language even threatened to kill the president! Where did it go? It all summed up to nothing! In other words, the American people flipped their finger to Madonna and Ashley Judd and the rest of the Hollywood Crows who live in the bubble and are out of touch with the average American who voted for Trump!

America clearly sent a message to Hollywood and the Liberals: F you!

Now that was a hundreds of thousands of misfits, retards, parents basement dwellers and psychos led by Hollywood Celebrities storming the streets and making some noise; however, it died out and no one cared and it did not go anywhere!

Now Trita Parsi (Mullah Agent) and his little gang of sissies and whores on the payroll of Tehran wants to gather a bunch of Iranian and Middle Eastern degenerates including but not limited to Anarchists, Marxists, Muslims, Socialists, Hezbollah Agents, Islamist Thugs, IRI Spies, Environmentalist Whackos, Eco Terrorists, Animal Rights Retards, Rag Heads, Bearded Baboons, Sissy Lefties, Tree Huggers, Communists, Kool-Aid Drinkers residing in the Liberal Plantation Housings and other degenerates maybe a few hundred in all to march beginning from the Mosque of Imam Yadollah Vali to the outdoor toilet stalls placed outside the White House (to not mess the White House Lawn)!

These Residues want to put “Public Pressure” on Trump, leader of the Free World and the leader of our Revolution and our “National Populist Movement” who is in the White House because we the American people put him there!

Avoid Charlatans like Trita Parsi


Save your money and do not hand it to charlatans like Trita Parsi and NIAC because it is the same as throwing your money in toilet or burn it! Actually it is worse because your money will go to support the IRI Agents in America, thus their funds from Qom has been cut off!

A Word with Trita Parsi!

Hey Trita, save face, time and efforts and stop bamboozling Iranian Americans for money! You know and I know and everyone else knows (that has not been under the Rock) that your days and IRI Lobby days are numbered in USA.

To lobby for a Terrorist Sponsored Regime is illegal in America. The law has always been there but not enforced by your Butt Buddy Hussein Obama. Now, your Muslim President, your benefactor who made a giant out of IRI Lobby and made it grow is out of the picture.

Evolution of Iran Lobby under Obama
From a Pressure Group to a White House Partner

Now, you have to deal with harsh and firm hands of patriots like Trump and I. Save youself the headache and pack up your grocery store NIAC, go back to Sweden where you used to work the streets for a few dollars shaking your tush! Before that, you were going belly down, buttocks up for Haj Aqa Mullah at the backrooms of the Mosque in Qom (Sandoq Khuneh)! You used to be the Boy Toy of the Mullahs named “Little Weasel” (because you look like one)! Then they played around with you a little bit, used and abused you, sent you to America and promoted you from “Boy Toy” (Bache Kuni) to IRI Lobbyist in America! Samad be Madreseh Miravad (Hick Boy goes to town)!

Stop embarrassing yourself because by the day it gets worst and Trump Administration will not allow IRI Lobby in USA, so you have to go back on peddling your butt for money in Hollywood Boulevard or Stockholm or Qom, take your pick?

You can’t keep on writing Kos O She’r (nonsense) books that no one buys, receive money from Tehran and hand money to your proxies in San Diego, LA and NY! Money pot is dry and no prospect of getting any more, so back to being an Anal Boy Toy of the Mullahs you go in search of Mullahs Schlong in the backrooms of the mosque at Qom!

Boro Baba jan, boro khoda ruzi to ja-ye dige havaleh koneh! Boro bezar Haji o Hojaj yek hali taki o dast-e jami’ bokonan. Boro yek hali bedeh be Haji ke Allah dar biyabanat dahat baz! Kos o Kuneto jam’ kon o boro Qom pishe Imam!

Translation for Non Persian speakers (Why don’t you go learn Persian?):

Go back to giving away your little tush to the Mullahs at the backrooms of the mosque to gain rewards and benefits from Allah in the desert or afterlife, either way it comes first!

Trita dear, the Hussein Obama years are gone. We have suffered for 8 years. Now it is our turn, the Iranian Opposition’s turn! We will cut your hands short of funds from Iran. Your espionage nest of NIAC will be dried out! Stop nagging and moaning like a weasel in heat! Be a good little “Weasel” and go back to Qom, IRI! Welcome to the New America, say hello to Uncle Trump. The gravy train is over! Jump on the Hell Airline, Ahreeman will be your pilot straight to Hell baby!

IRI Lobby Groups in America

To lobby for Terrorist Sponsored Regime specifically the largest Terrorist Sponsored Regime in the globe, the IRI is illegal. The funny thing is that Obama’s regime never enforced the law! Here is a small list of IRI Lobby Groups in USA which technically they should seize immediately to lobby or go to jail. All of these groups are on the payroll of IRI and Mullahs:

IRI Iranian Agents in America

IRI Lobby Groups in USA




IRI Backed Media in USA


Iroon Magazine

Iranian Magazine

We shall do our best along with the Department of Homeland Security and FBI to “Follow the Money Trail”, seize the flow of the money from Iran to these groups, make them starve and die in a dark and lonely place in America!

IRI Iranian Lobby Groups Choices

Choice 1
Exist without receiving funds from Iran.

This option is very hard to do because no one really hands money to the servants of Mullahs unless they are IRI agents too! Vast majority of Iranian Americans despise IRI and IRI Lobby in America.

Choice 2
Seize Activities and / or Move Out of USA

This is a logical choice because IRI Lobbyists have no talents and know no trades besides lobbying for the Mullahs. Once the lobbying stops, the money dries out and they have no means of supporting themselves, so they have to either find a legitimate job in USA or move out to lobby elsewhere for IRI or move back to Iran under the balls of the Mullahs!

Choice 3
Go to Jail

This is the alternative choice and the well deserved choice for the IRI Lobby groups which have been illegally lobbying for the terrorist regime of Mullahs for years and decades in America.

Future of IRI Iranian Lobby Groups

Near Future

In America
Seizing all activities or dying in a dark lonely place
Jail for crimes or deportation for treason
Ultimately Starvation and Death

Distant Future

In Future Free Democratic Iran
I will gladly and personally drag you from America or anywhere else in the world back to the Free Democratic Iran. I will put you on public trials for crimes against the Iranian People. After convictions, only by permission from the masses of Iran:

If a man (like Trita Parsi):
Public Ball Hanging!
I will hang you upside down by the balls from the strong Persian branches of the tall trees of Kakh Avenue, Tehran, Iran.

If a woman (IRI Servant Whores of NIAC):
Public Ankle Hanging!
I will hang you upside down by the ankles (because you do not have balls) from the strong Persian branches of the tall trees of Kakh Avenue, Tehran, Iran.

I believe we will have a month of recreational activities, celebrations and shows in Kakh Avenue, Tehran and most likely telecasted live on the future Iranian pay per view!

Iranian Hollywood

One of Iran's loud mouth movie scarlet stars stated that she's giving up her seat at this year's Academy Awards as a "protest" against President Donald Trump.

Taraneh Alidoosti, whose drama "The Salesman" is nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, announced on the social media that she's skipping the Oscars next month because "Trump's visa ban for Iranians and others is a racist move and unacceptable."

Asghar Farhadi the director of “The Salesman” and the Oscar nominee has also being critical of the Trump visa ban in his inner circles!

Ahreemanic Message to Iranian Hollywood

Ladies and Gentlemen, over here, we have plenty of “Snow Flakes” Hollywood Crowd, living in their liberal bubbles, out of touch with the American people and realities of America. They are bleeding heart liberals whom have been bleeding from everywhere (hearts and elsewhere) lately (due to Hillary’s landslide defeat); therefore, we have plenty of our own garbage here, so please do us the favor to keep your own garbage in the Iranian Hollywood and Tehran! Thank you for your cooperation! I will make sure to ship your possible Oscar statues to Tehran to shove it up where the Allahic Sun won’t shine!

There Exists No Iranian American Lobby but Only the IRI Lobby

There exists no Iranian American Lobby Group in America. Iranian Americans are not an independent country or corporation to have a lobby group. All of these so called Iranian American Lobby Groups are in fact IRI Lobby Groups and they do not even deny it. They are openly lobbying for IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) and her faithful citizens (Hezbollah)! They are openly lobbying for the terrorist sponsored regime of Iran and the Mullahs.

IRI Lobby Groups are openly meeting with the IRI Diplomats in UN and they go back and forth to Iran. These groups are funded by IRI and supported by IRI.

So stop fooling yourselves with the word games. Any organization (profit or non profit) who is being endorsed or is endorsing NIAC and the other IRI Lobby Groups is a proxy of IRI and her members are IRI Agents.

Stop supporting the NIAC and other IRI Lobby Groups because this is called Treason to Iran and Iranians and it is also called Treason to America and Americans.

No decent human being can support the Lobby of Islamic Republic of Iran which has been illegally occupying Iran since 1979. This is support for the Terrorism, more specific, Islamic Terrorism.


All good things come to an end. I know you are truly enjoying my lovely rants and raves but we have come to the end of our presentation because Papa Ahreeman gots to go to attend to other tasks.

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that:

I. Iranians who are mad at this new law, please do not blame Trump but blame yourselves that after 38 plus years, you were not worthy to make a revolution and overthrow the inhuman IRI Regime of the Mullahs and for 38 + years you were cuddling happily under the balls of the Mullahs. You live as slaves under the Mullahs’ Theocratic Dictatorship (if living in Inxile) or nag bitter complains (if living in Exile) but in total you give yourselves the right to spew rubbish (racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, etc.) about the most popular President elected by the American People in a Democracy! Get over your anger towards Trump and direct it towards the Mullahs, maybe you do something constructive and establish democracy in Iran!

II. Iranian IRI Lobbyists, Agents, Spies, Parts Dealers, Arms Dealers, Front Businesses, Media Mouthpieces, Thugs and Other Petty Snitches in America who fear that the end is near and business as usual is over, also running out of the Mullahs’ dollars sent from Iran must comprehend that protests, tantrums, and hissy fits will not do because you simply have no rights in America! You are petty criminal low lives and traitors. Death is too good for you but we settle for jail or deportation! Obey the Law, shut your mouth and live in America without lobbying for a terrorist nation or just pack up and get the hell out of America!

III. Iranians who are unfortunately mixed up in this episode and are truly decent and good members of the society, please be less selfish and more patient. Everything will turn out good and everything will be fixed. This is an unfortunate situation and my heart goes out for you. I feel your pain but I am willing to do the sacrifice and so should you. Everything will be back to normal and in addition, government of “Law and Order” will be established. No one has a greater heart than Trump does and he is perfectly aware of the situation but this has to be done to create the government of “Law and Order” which has been ignored for decades both by the Republicans (such as Bush Family) and by the Liberals (such as Obama and Clinton). Be patient, it will worth a wait. Welcome to the New America!


We are entering a new age. The National Populist Revolution has been established and the Leader of the Movement is in control of the Presidency.

Now we will move on to MAGA (Making America Great Again). Now we will move on to better days, to government of “Law and Order” and to recreate an independent nation with secure borders and blooming economy.

Trump the Captain steers the American Ship Inauguration Cartoon (Benjamin Garrison)
Trump steers the American ship towards the “Shinning City upon the Hill”!
Direction of the wheel is from Globalism towards MAGA (Making America Great Again)

We are moving towards greatness and towards that shining light on top of the hill, the “Shining City upon the Hill”. There will be adversity, diversity, distraction and development but at the end, we will reach that “Shining City upon the Hill”. We will get there because if anyone can do it are the Americans and if any leader can do it is Trump. The Leader of the National Populist Movement, the Great Builder and Fixer is the Captain; he has been finishing projects ahead of the schedule and below the budget!

Now Trump is the Captain and he will run this broken nation like a business and a corporation. Trump will succeed because he is a master businessman and he is one of us (the People) and not one of them (the Establishment). The Captain will get us through these hard times and dark times created by the Big Incompetent Government, GOP Establishment and Democratic Establishment. The Captain will lead this broken ship to salvation.

There will be darkness, hardship, trouble times and misery but at the end of the tunnel, there will be light. We will get there because our leader is Trump and we are Americans who are taking our country back. We the People have reestablished the Government of the People by the People and for the People. Now we will ride this ship along with our Captain, towards the light, can you see the light? The gleams of light, the shining light ……

The Trump Victory Wave to the Masses
One Man against the World
One Man stands firm by his word
One Man with “Will of the People” behind him

Let us together move towards the “Shining City upon the Hill”!

Future is Bright ……

More Power to the People


Dr. X

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