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Trump is an Existential Threat to the Global Elite
Trump is an Existential Threat to the Establishment’s Rigged System
Hegel’s Dialectic and the Trump Problem!

Dr. Ali Sina
July 26, 2016

Dr. Ali Sina the Persian Author

Jang-e Zargari is a Persian term that means money exchangers’ price war. In the old days when merchants travelled to other countries, money exchangers colluded to squeeze them out of their earnings. They would set up shop in different corners of the market and gave the impression of competing with each other when in reality they were members of the same family. The travelers would go from one to another bargaining and in their mind getting the best deal, and often going away happy, when the whole thing was rigged.  They were fleeced with a big smile on their face.

Hillary Clinton Scandals and the Media Cover Up Cartoon

Hegel’s Dialectic and the Trump Problem!

Now that you are on your way to become a scholar in Persian language, let us study a page from philosophy. According to the 19th century German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, societies evolved through a form of dialectic. Prevalent ideas (thesis) will not change unless they are challenged by contradictory ideas (antithesis).  This will create a conflict. The contradiction is then reconciled by a third proposition (synthesis).  The synthesis then will become the new thesis until it is challenged by a new antithesis and the process will perpetuate itself.

Donald Trump Look

While some people like to attack Hegel for this theory, he only described the mechanism through which societies can change. The world is constantly changing and therefore its norms must also change accordingly.  Old ideas must be challenged and where there is freedom of speech truth will eventually prevail.

The alternative would be to ban new ideas and protect the old ones by force. Societies operating under Islamic laws follow this latter model.  The laws are given by a deity and no one can change them. As the result the laws of the 7th century Arabia are canonized for eternity.   Under Islamic law, women’s right and their worth will forever be half of the men. They must cover themselves, not go out of the house without a male chaperon and their testimony against their rapists cannot be accepted.  Non-Muslims must be subservient to Muslims, never to occupy positions of prominence where they could be perceived as rulers.  Gays must be put to death. Those who leave Islam must be killed, adulterers must be stoned and those who drink alcohol or eat in public during the month of Ramadan must be lashed.

Given the alternative, I prefer the Hegelian dialectic. Let ideas collide because truth can shine forth only through the clash of opposing ideas.  Unless people are indoctrinated and hence incapacitated to think on their own they want to be able to choose and browse through the marketplace of different ideas.
In Hegel’s dialectic the thesis is challenged by the antithesis and after some insults are exchanged and dust is settled, the outcome or the synthesis is allegedly something better for the society.  This is true, only if the process is not rigged. You can go to the market and get the best deal available but if the market is rigged, you may think you got a great deal when you have been duped.

The marketplace of ideas can also be hijacked. If you own the thesis and the antithesis, you control the synthesis.  The Islamic regime has turned Iran into a giant prison. They reduced the country that issued the first charter of human rights written some 2500 years ago into the foremost violator of human rights with the highest per capita executions and political imprisonments in the world.   So how such a repressive regime has survived for nearly four decades?   Through jang-e zargari!

The whole political system is rigged. The Supreme Leader is the supreme leader.  He decides for everyone. Opposition to him means imprisonment, torture and death.  However, people are given the illusion of freedom. Conservative and reformist parties are created and every four years they stage a jang-e zargari, fighting among each other keeping people busy for a while giving them big promises and false hopes and after the elections everything remains the same.  The irony is that the masses of people, or better called sheeple, don’t realize this is all staged.  It makes no difference whom they vote; the Supreme Leader is always in control.

If you think that you are lucky because you live in a real democracy, you are gravely mistaken.  A country does not become democratic just because its citizens get to vote.  While the dictatorship in Iran is more conspicuous, represented by a bearded guy, in America, Europe or other western countries, it is more insidious, operated by faceless moguls.  In these countries, political parties are set up representing left, right, back and front, up and down, some red, some blue, some orange and some green and you are given the illusion of freedom.  Crisis are manufactured and solutions are proposed, the ultimate goal is to take away your freedom.

Take the example of abortion, gay issues, gun control, or even bathroom use. The truth is that these are all distractions. The only persons who win are those who control the dialectic or the discourse.  Think of billionaires like George Soros, Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, Koch brothers, and Anne Cox Chambers who support Democrats.   Why? If they really care about the workers, why don’t they share their own money?

Despite their claim that the Democrats are the defenders of working people, there are more millionaire Democratic senators (37) than Republicans (30).  In 2015, the median net worth of Senate Democrats was likewise higher: $2.69 million compared to $2.43 million.

These millionaires and billionaires could not care less about the working people. They are not clamoring to distribute their wealth with you, but to take away your freedom. their promises of equality are just bates. They play this game so they can control the dialectic, i.e. own the marketplace of ideas. They introduce crisis and “never let a serious crisis go to waste” so they can introduce their solution (antithesis) and arrive at their desired outcome (synthesis).  They are after complete power and the way is to take away yours.  The “issues” are jang-e zargari.   Whether it is the Clintons, the Bushs,  Hussein Obama or Mitt Romney, it is all the same. Those who control the dialectic control whoever is the face of the government.

Take the example of Muslim crisis.  This is not a complex problem and if there is a will it can be solved overnight.   Why Muslims hate us? Why they want to kill us? Because it is a requirement of their faith. It is written in their holy book. They say it openly.  It is the sacred duty of every Muslim to fight and to kill non-Muslims. Those who can’t wage jihad personally, must delegate and finance someone else and if they can’t do that they should wage the jihad by their mouths, i.e., deceive the victims, present Islam as peaceful and themselves as friendly, so the victims lower their guards and can be overcome and subdued treacherously.  One does not have to become a scholar of Islam to know this. These teachings are in the Quran and plainly translated.

What would you do if someone comes to your home and says he wants to kill you? You would do what any living being, from insect to reptile to bird to mammal would do instinctively.  You will chase him away. But this is not what is happening. Millions of Muslims are pouring into the western countries, many of them with the intent to kill us and all of them with the belief that they are superior to us. That they are the best of the creation and we are the worst of the beasts. That they are pure and noble while we are filthy by virtue of our disbelief, hated by God and destined for hell.  All of them believe that our wealth belongs to them to take, that our women belong to them to rape, and that we must toil and serve them as masters.  The claim that not all Muslims hold such beliefs is baloney. This is what their religion teaches and Muslims believe in every word in their religion. Most are ignorant of the tenets of their faith, but that is hardly a consolation.  We can’t bet our lives and the lives of our children on their ignorance.

Muslims cannot become our friends because the Quran prohibits them. They cannot integrate nor will ever accept our laws because the Quran prohibits them.  They come to conquer as they did everywhere they set foot.

It is clear that Islam is incompatible with democracy, with human rights, with women rights, with children rights and even with animal rights.  Islam is the enemy and Muslims are its soldiers.  So it makes no sense that our politicians, instead of chasing the enemy away, should opened the gates and let them in by millions. It doesn’t until you understand Hegel’s dialectic.

Unless you start a social networking site like Facebook and become a billionaire by sheer luck, you must have some intelligence to make tons of money.  So how can all these billionaires from both sides of the political spectrum can’t see something so obvious and elemental?

The truth is that they see it perfectly. They know well that this unprecedented migration of millions of uneducated, uncivilized sex starved men can only result in the biggest human crisis in the history of mankind.  These economical refugees will bring unemployment, crime, rape and mayhem.  They will destroy the economy, the safety and the fabric of their host countries.  So why? Because for these power hungry elite, crisis means opportunity.  It gives them the chance to control the dialectic, to introduce their own antithesis and arrive at their desired synthesis.

The goal is to create a super police state with worldwide tentacles where ordinary folks will gladly relinquish their freedom in exchange for their safety.  For order and for the safety of the collective, you must surrender all your rights — your right to freely elect who should rule over you, your right to defend yourself and even your right to free speech.  These freedoms are already being taken away in most countries and the noose is tightening.

People in Europe have lost their freedom a long time ago.  European countries are controlled by faceless unelected members of the European Commission who have complete power with zero accountability.  This is the text book definition of dictatorship.

Guns are banned in nearly all the countries of the world, with the exception of a few such as USA. The fight is on to ban it here too. For that crisis are created and sometimes like in the case of Sandy Hooks elementary school the shooting is staged and actors are brought in to play as parents of the victims. Too bad no one told these actors that they should not joke and smile so much in front of the camera when their children are gunned down. But most people bought that charade and those who didn’t were ridiculed into silence.  This is how the dialectic is controlled.

Your free speech could hurt the sensitivity of Muslims who may be encouraged to become violent, so you should relinquish your freedom of speech.  In Europe, in Canada, in Australia, in India, you can be prosecuted and go to jail if you speak against Islam. Even if you are not convicted you will lose thousands of dollars in legal fees and that serves as deterrent for others.  If you don’t care about being ridiculed and won’t shut up you will be censored. I am banned on Facebook for things that I wrote in this article.

If you cannot toe the lines of political correctness, for example, refuse making wedding cake for a gay couple because it is against your religious belief, you can go bankrupt with lawsuit fees and pay hefty fines for causing emotional and psychological damage to the gay couple. Screw the home, the education and the future of your children because the feelings of the gays are more important.

This is how the elite controls the dialectic.  They create crisis where there is none.  So what if someone does not want to take your order? Take your business elsewhere. If these are the only bakers in town, do as what you would have done if they did not exist.  But that would be commonsense.  The goal is to create crisis.

The political debate between the left and the right is a distraction, something that gives you an illusion of freedom so the old men behind the curtain can chip away at your freedom.

Here comes along Donald Trump, swinging like a bull in a China shop, giving no regards to the years of work the elite has done and is threatening to hijack their dialectic.  The problem with Trump is that he is uncontrollable. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and many of the other candidates were also outsiders and not part of this ruling class, but they were controllable. They understood reason.  Trump does not.  He does not want to play by the rules.  He is a new money exchanger in town that may not want to be part of the collusion. This is a serious threat to the entire clique.

I don’t think Donald Trump expected to win the GOP nomination. I believe he ran to improve his “brand.” That has been Trump’s objective in everything he has done.  Not expecting to stay in the race for long, he was careless in his speech.  He wanted to generate news. so the more outrageous the better.   As the result he said things that no one dared to say.  He broke all the norms and could not care less about being politically correct.  When you care for nothing, you fear nothing.  That was the source of Trumps courage.  And that was exactly what the public was hungry for.

People are not looking for a holy man. They remember the disastrous presidency of Jimmy Carter a devout Christian and along with Barak Hussein Obama, the worst president America has ever had.  The Islamic terrorism owes its renascence to him.   He made the Islamic revolution in Iran possible, which kindled this Islamic fire worldwide. The voters also see how Angela Merkel, another do-gooder much like Carter is destroying Germany and Europe.   A leader of a great country like America must be astute and capable.  Trump is both. He must be able to think with his head and not his heart.  Trump can. But more importantly they want someone who is not afraid of speaking the truth. Trump does not mince his words.  He is the one who called the emperor naked and no one can take that back.

All is left is to vilify him and slander him with baseless charges of misogyny and racism.  But people are smart and can see through these lies.  So they call him names. Sam Harris calls Trump a buffoon.  It is not that Harris is part of the elite or that he wants to control the world.   He is just a liberal projecting his own attributes.  He says Trump is racist and misogynist. Where is the evidence?

Harris’s thinking is as shallow as a puddle of cat pee on the bathroom floor. But he is hailed as an intellectual among the liberals which tells you about the depth of their thinking.  They can’t see beyond the surface of things because that is all that is visible to their eyes. This is how the brain of materialists is structured.

However, the problem is not just the liberals.  This left and right charade is only a diversion.  The goal is domination.  Trump poses a threat to their entire existence.  They will do anything to stop him. Just remember what happened to JFK when he threatened to expose what he called “shadow government.”  These are the same people and their modus operandi is not changed.

Let us see what may happen if Trump bans Muslims to enter America and appoints a commission to study what the hell is going on.  It won’t take long to find out that Muslims must kill us if they want to be faithful to their religion.  It is their god given right and sacred duty. So how can you reconcile Muslims’ right to kill us with our right to live?  You can’t.  It is either one or the other. If you recognize Islam as a religion you must also recognize the rights of Muslims to kill you and to rape your wife and daughter.  Once this knowledge becomes public, the public will demand to ban Islam.  Muslims will be given the choice to leave Islam and we will embrace them as brothers and sisters if they do, because we are all children of One God who loves us equally, irrespective of our race and color or they will have to pack and go to where they or their parents came from. This is simple and commonsense.  As long as you believe in a religion that instructs you to kill me, stay out of my house.

Many Muslims will leave Islam.   This will end the problem of Islam worldwide. Muslims will start leaving Islam even in Islamic countries, which will bring freedom and prosperity to them and peace to the world. But that is the problem.  If that happens the crisis will be solved and the power hungry elite will lose the dialectic. Without control over the dialectic they can no longer control the world.   That is why they fear Trump. Trump can expose the whole apparatus of the behind the curtain operators.  This is something they can’t tolerate.  They are so close to control the world and will not let someone like Donald Trump to undo all their hard work.

Trump: Double Thumbs Up Ali!

Trump is the biggest threat to the monopoly of the political discourse.  Therefore, he must be eliminated one way or another.  If slanders fail maybe ridicules work. If ridicules fail maybe a bullet will do the job.

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