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Trump National Populist Revolution
Doctrine and Photo Gallery

Ahreeman X
August 15, 2016

Donald Trump with his American Bald Eagle Uncle Sam at Trump Office in Trump Tower
Making America Great Again

American Labor Party of the Future

The American Labor Party of the future will be built on the foundation of the old and tired GOP.

“In 5 or 10 years, GOP will become a different party; you’re going to have a Worker’s Party. GOP will be a party of the working people who have not had a raise in 18 years and they are angry.” Trump stated.

“GOP does not win anymore because the GOP establishment has been out of touch with the base of the party now for 15 years. I brought many more people to the party. My views differ from the traditional GOP Establishment. My views are driven from common sense and electoral map. GOP needs to expand her base.” Trump continued.

“GOP loses because she has a harder highway in battleground states than Democrats. The Democrats surely have more cushions but GOP has no cushion. I speak to the everyday people and I know what people want. My views are views of the people. This is a massive movement of people. I am only the messenger.” Trump added.

Folks, in 5 years GOP will transfer from the Republican Party to the Labor Party. Donald is a blue color labor in heart and I dig that because I am also a blue color labor in heart.

Donald Trump smiles with his Bald Eagle Uncle Sam at the Trump Office in Trump Tower

Blue Collar Trump

Trump is a type of billionaire who takes off his jacket, folds his sleeves, and goes in the field to drive and operate every bulldozer, bobcat and construction machine operating on the site. Trump relates with the common man more than he relates with the elite. Trump learns from the common man more than he learns from the elite. Trump respects the opinion of the common man more than the elite.

Donald Trump with his Bald Eagle Uncle Sam at the Trump Office in the Trump Tower

Why Trump?

In the past, Trump had mentioned that he will not enter the race for presidency unless things will become so bad that the country will become crippled due to sky high corruption.

Well now the corruption is sky high. When Clinton gets away with murder, theft, bribes, lies on national security, and deletes over 30 thousand e-mails to cover up various corruption subjects from negligence all the way to bribery received from Saudi Arabia, other Arab nations and China for perks, and then slush funds her foundation by bribe money collected from donors in return for government jobs, and now she runs for the highest office in the land, then it only means that the corruption has reached the level that everything is out of control; therefore, it is time for Trump to enter the race! This is the reason that Trump had entered the race. Trump is the only candidate who had no personal reason whatsoever to enter the race. Trump already got money, power, fame and the glory. Trump is only doing this to save America and make America great again.

Why on earth would Trump singlehandedly take on the corrupt GOP establishment, corrupt Democratic establishment, corrupt Washington DC Big Government establishment, corrupt Mainstream Media establishment, corrupt corporate establishment, corrupt Hollywood establishment and the Global Ruling Elite?

Trump has rolled up his sleeves and got in the race to change everything in America from top to bottom. Why you ask? Because he loves America, he loves the American people and her wants to give back to America who made him great. America needs an overhaul. People are angry, sick and tired of corruption. America is on the verge of Revolution. The Revolutionary Movement has started and Trump the patriot is the movement’s messenger.

Donald Trump with his Bald Eagle Uncle Sam

One can easily tell that Trump is right because when all the elite from the right, the left, the media, the wall street, the special interest, the lobbies and the Hollywood attack you at the same time, it only means that they are panicking! The elite panics when the elite are in danger of losing their power and money. The elite knows that business as usual will end if Trump gains power! Hey, you must be doing something right when everyone is against you!

Every 4 to 8 years, GOP or Democratic establishment gains control, they play along with the other team to share power, money and corruption. The game will continue on, the corrupt gets richer and the system becomes broker. The tragedy builds up at the expense of the American labor and middle classes’ broken backs!

Ahreeman X Endorses Trump

Sarah Palin Endorses Trump

Donald Trump with his Bald Eagle Uncle Sam at his desk

Trump Revolution

Well now the bottleneck has exploded and overflowed! This explosion has formed a patriotic movement which Trump is its messenger. Welcome to “Trump National Populist Revolution”!

National Populist Revolution

The era of traditional conservatism is over. The era of GOP establishment is over. The era of globalism is over. The era of Bush Family, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Neo Cons and traditional school of taught is over.

The GOP Establishment has lost her way with the people and the base of the party. Trump has brought millions of independents, democrats, libertarians and others to the party. The establishment has lost her grip on the power and the base of the party is taking over. The face of the party is changing and along with it changes the party doctrine.

This party will not remain as your grandfather’s GOP.  The GOP does not win anymore so it is time to change everything from the scratch. This will be Trumps party. This will be the future American Labor Party.

Donald Trump Casual Look
Making America Great Again

National Populist Ideology

What is Trump’s Ideology?

Trump’s ideology is National Populism.

National Populism = Nationalism + Populism


Nationalism comes from Nation and to love one’s Nation.

Nationalism is a shared feeling of a group of people for cultural, traditional and or ethnic independence due to the geographical, demographic and historical significance. Nationalism is one’s attachment to his nation and national identity versus internationalism and globalism. Nationalism is to protect, conserve and serve one’s heritage and culture.


Populism comes from Popular, Population, People and Will of the People.

Populism is a shared belief by the people that the rights of the people is being trampled upon and crushed by the corrupt elite who illegitimately suppresses the legitimate voice of the people. The illegitimate and corrupt elite can be overthrown if the mistreated people recognize their rights, the immediate danger and work together towards a political and a social revolution. Populism is about taking the power out of the small elite’s control and bringing the power back to the people. Populism is about taking away the power monopoly from the economical elite, social elite and the aristocrat elite and hand it to the mistreated legitimate people.

National Populism

National Populism is the marriage of “Nationalism” with the “Populism”. A “National Populist” is a person who loves his national heritage, culture and identity; furthermore, he is pro returning the power to the people and the popular vote.

Donald Trump the Blue Collar Man
Making America Great Again
The Real Trump is a Blue Collar Man in heart.

American National Populism

American Exceptionalism is not just a motto. America is the greatest and the most unique civilization which has ever been created on Earth. In over 240 years, America has achieved what 8000 years old civilizations such as Iran (Persia) could not achieve in millenniums!

American Exceptionalism

American Democracy, System, Society, Social Fabric, and Way of Life are unique to the world. This is called American Exceptionalism which is unmatched by any other civilization and is above all standards.

Donald Trump Perfect Sign Hand Gesture

My History

I feel Trump’s pain. I feel people’s pain. I feel National Populism. All my life I have been rebelling and fighting my own family’s aristocratic social class and status. I have been fighting the unworthy elite control in Iran and America.

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

What does Labor Day Really Mean?

Labor Day Special with Ahreeman X

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* Since childhood, I was rebelling against the corrupt global elite control.

* Before 1979, I was rebelling anti Imperial Iranian Regime’s corrupt elite control.

* After 1979, I have been rebelling anti Islamic Republic of Iranian Regime’s corrupt elite control.

* In America, since early youth, I have been rebelling against the corrupt social elite control.

* Today, I am rebelling against the corrupt American elite control.

Donald Trump famous Perfect Sign Hand Gesture

Let us together hold hands, arm in arm, fists formed and raised, work together, fight together and blow to hell the corrupt American Establishment.

Let us together,

Blow the GOP Establishment to Hell
Blow the Democratic Establishment to Hell
Blow the Big Government Washington DC Establishment to Hell
Blow the Tight Circle of Corruption in DC to Hell
Blow the Liberal Biased Big Mainstream Media Establishment to Hell
Blow the Wall Street Big Bank Establishment to Hell
Blow the Corrupt Special Interest Establishment to Hell
Blow the Lobbyists Establishment to Hell
Blow the Hollywood Establishment to Hell
Blow the Corrupt Unions Establishment to Hell
Blow it all to Hell

Blow the corrupt Elite to Hell and return the power to the people where it was originally intended by the founding fathers.

I am down with the Trump, with the People and with the National Populist Revolution.

More power to the people

Donald Trump Humble Populist Look!

Trump History

Trump is a Blue Collar man trapped in an elite’s body! I can directly relate to that!

Trump had created tens of thousands of jobs, many businesses and new wealth. Trump has borrowed a million dollar from his father and turned it to a ten billion dollar empire. Trump is an economical genius, hard working entrepreneur, and a job creator.

In heart, Trump is a blue collar man. He values the opinion of and mingles with the working people, technicians, technocrats and foremost labor.

Donald Trump Thumbs Up Smile

Labor doesn’t Mean Poor!

People are under the impression that labor means poor! On the contrary, in America, labor means hard working people who work hard, make a lot of money, save up their money, create their own business and create more jobs to hire more people. This is the American way.

American concept of labor is not the Marxist concept of Proletariat of the World Unite! Proletariat maybe poor and remains poor, but he American labor is about hard work and in America, hard work pays. Hard Work equals making money, saving money, creating your own business, creating more jobs, hiring more people and making more people to work hard, make money and make wealth.

In America, the conservative philosophy is to create jobs for everyone, so everyone works, enjoys fruits of their labor and everyone becomes rich. We want to raise everyone up to the level of becoming rich.

On the contrary the Liberal Socialism policy is to drag everyone down to the level of poor, unemployed, welfare, food stamp and housing so they will remain dependant voters to the Democrats forever!

In addition to import tons of new poor migrants and Muslims to America to compete in the already non existing job market with the American poor, so both the American poor, minorities and new migrants will all remain poor, relied on government benefits and remain dependant Democratic voters.

Donald Trump Double Thumbs Up Smile with Flags
GOP Style Glory

Neo Liberal Slave Plantations

This is how the Liberal Socialist machine works and keeps minorities and migrants as “Neo Liberal Plantation Slaves” dependant to the Big Government for their every need!

Socialism is great until the Big Government runs out of other people’s money! Then the spatula hits the bottom of the pot and they end up with 19 trillion dollars debt. Big Government never creates any jobs but it creates debt!

16 years of Obama / Clinton socialist policies and the same way, Bush globalist, outsourcing, big spending, big government policies, both on the left and on the right has resulted in the destruction of America’s labor force, manufacturing and economy.

Liberals and GOP have turned America to a 2nd rate Euro-Pee-On nation and they are planning to continue on the path to make America a 3rd rate Third World Nation! America is not Euro-Pee-On Onion (European Union) or Third World. America is America and unique to the globe. Socialism does not fly in America. American Exceptionalism is what made America great.

We, the National Populists are here to Make America Great Again!

American Exceptionalism first, America first, American Labor first, American ingenuity first and it is all about “Making America Great Again”.

Donald Trump Double Thumbs Up with Flags
National Populist Style

Opposite Directions!

Democrats burn the American flags outside their convention, we cherish the American flag, hold it high and kiss the American dirt.

The new trend and path of the Democratic Party is towards Socialism, Marxism, Anarchism, Black Lives Matter Hooliganism, Black Militant Leftism, Globalism, Chaos and Disrespecting the American Banner.

The new trend and path of the GOP is to destroy the GOP Establishment, promote National Populism, turn the GOP to the American Labor Party, commit to a National Populist Revolution, destroy Elite’s power, return the power to the people and worship American Exceptionalism and the American Flag.

These are 2 different directions in opposite side tearing America apart by the speed of light. Who wins? It is up to the people! Time will tell and Time will be the witness.

Donald Trump Kiss
Trump National Populist Style

National Populist Battle

The National Populist Revolution is a battle for the survival of America and Making America Great Again. In this Holy Battle, the People must fight the left, the right, the media and the establishment elite. In this holy battle, there will be only one path to the victory, the way of the people which will be imposed by the will of the people. This is the American Way.

Allow me to specifically quote myself:

“The Victory will be in the Way of the People which will be imposed by the Will of the People”
(Ahreeman X)

Take cover and hide or stand up and join the fight because win or lose, there is a massive new movement in America which is destined to blow the establishment elite to hell and return the power back to the people such as the founding fathers intended to do! Join the movement or duck and hide because the storm is coming to blow everything away to hell.

Donald Trump Smile and Style

People are angry, people are tired of corruption and status quo, people are demanding real change. Not Obama change but Real Change to change the complete system of corruption. The storm is coming baby, run and hide, duck and dodge because the storm is coming to blow everything to hell and start a new from the ashes of the old system.

National Populist Revolution is coming to blow the establishment elite and business as usual status quo system to hell. Everything will be destroyed and leveled. From the ashes of the old corrupt system will rise the Neo Phoenix of America. The America will rise again, the Americans will rise again and the American Banner will rise high.

Stand up and join to fight, go along with it or run and hide because The National Populist Revolution is here. The Storm is coming baby!

Donald Trump Wants You!
Join the National Populist Revolution Now!

Shining City Upon the Hill

Let us work hard,
Let us join hands,
Let us destroy the old,
Let us build the new,

Let us join hands and labor hard to Make America Great Again. Maybe just maybe by doing so, together we can reach to the shining city upon the hill … where we destined to be!

Will you help us to reach back to the shining city upon the hill?

Will you help us Making America Great Again?

Welcome to the Trump National Populist Revolution!

More power to the People ……


Dr. X

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