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Trump Rallies Begin the End for Democrats


Trump Rallies Begin the End for Democrats 2020!
Ahreeman X
June 24, 2020

Mainstream Media and the COVID 19 Virus Branco Cartoon
“Media was carefree of the COVID 19 Epidemic, Mask Wearing and Social Distancing during the protests and riots!” (Media)
“Media is very concerned about the COVID 19 Pandemic at the Trump Rallies!” (Media)
"Media is afraid of the Trump Rallies to begin!” (Media)
Media to Coronavirus: Thanks for staying away from all of the mass protests and riots. But now we need you at the Trump Rallies!

Why Media is So Afraid of the Trump Rallies?

Why Media is scared straight of the Trump Rallies? Why the Media had no care of the Coronavirus epidemic when it came to protests and riots all over Democrat run large cities but when it came to Trump Rallies, they are so concerned with Coronavirus epidemic? How come Pelosi and other Democrat leaders and feeders were not concerned with social distancing when they were protesting and kneeling with the Social Justice Mob? All of a sudden, every Deep State, Democrat, Media and Liberal Character in America is worried about the spread of the virus in the Trump Rallies!

Check the statistics about the infected and the dead in America, and you will learn that only 0.5 % of the COVID 19 Virus infected, had actually died! So, aren’t the extended lockdowns in Democrat run large cities and states, an overkill to destroy the Trump economy and the livelihood of the American people?

Coronavirus, IRGC & Chinese Mullahs: How did it Spread? Thread

CDC Center for Democrat Control Fear Branco Cartoon
“CDC spreading fear is a bigger threat than the COVID 19 Virus!” (Media)
Center for Disease Control or Center for Democrat Control?

Media Low Lives All Bruised and Battered by Trump!

After the successful Trump Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I monitored the Search Engines and the Media to see what was their reaction. When I punched in “Trump Rally Tulsa Oklahoma” for instance in Google, as expected Google filters the search and rigs it for the Democrats. The top links of the search, the first two were CNN, the second two were NBC, then MSNBC, then two links from NYT and then another two from WPO, then came the rest of the Fake News Liberal Media CBC, ABC, PBS and the rest of the garbage.

All of these links were basically the same because they got the memo from the Democrat party. They could not attack the content and the lively and lovely environment of the rally, so the only thing they found to criticize was that the Rally was a flop because not as many crowds showed up as Trump expected! That was their argument! This is coming from Democrats when Biden cannot even get 100 people in a small room to listen to his boring nonsense! Biden has not been out of the basement of his house for 100 days! He doesn’t even talk to the media!

Then came the mass tweets from the Hollywood low lives that yes, it was the mass fake reservations from the Korean Teeny Boppers agitated by the Hollywood Liberals that caused the Trump rally to have low attendance! The Hollywood was celebrating that the Korean Teeny Boppers on TikTok Chinese site made a bunch of fake reservations to the rally! In a way the Hollywood was celebrating that Communist China was meddling with the American elections!

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons Thread

Trump the Wartime President Branco Cartoon
Trump fights on many fronts and with many enemies included but not limited to the RINOs (Republican in Name Only) GOP Establishment, Coronavirus, Lockdown of Economy, Liberals, Human Trafficking, Mainstream Media Fake News and of course the Deep State!

I the Devil’s Advocate

Let me play the Devil’s Advocate here. For the argument’s sake, let’s say that the 1,000,000 people who registered for the rally were not that many, because many of them were fake Koreans! Even though the campaign said that they screen the mobile numbers to make sure that they are not fake.

Let’s say that no, 100,000 people did not show for the rally. Let’s say that the 45,000 people who supposed to hang outside the rally did also not show up. Let’s say that even the 20,000 who supposed to fill up inside the arena did not fully show up. Yet the reality was that the arena was at least 2/3 full. Let’s give a low estimate that probably about 13,000 people were there. Of course, the media lied again and said there were 6,500 people there!

You can watch the rally which I will post below and see for yourselves that there were about 13,000 estimated people attended the rally.

The point is that with all the hype that the media created about the dangers of the coronavirus, still 13,000 people showed up. This was the first Trump Rally which the arena was not full. Yet, this was the first Trump rally after the Coronavirus hit America and after the semi end to the liberal extended lockdown and still 13,000 showed up!

At least 13,000 showed up and they exploded the roof of the arena with laughs, cheers, slogans, shouts and love.

My question to the media critics is that how many people can your senile old fool candidate who cannot put 2 paragraphs or phrases together without a few gaffes, put together to listen to his nonsense blabber and mumble full of errors? How many people will attend to Biden rants mumbling 45 minutes full of incoherent boring nonsense full of gaffes? Can Biden even find 200 people to attend his events without gagging themselves with the spoon and die of boredom?

Anti-Trump Mainstream Media Cult Branco Cartoon
The Mainstream Media which is the extension of the Democrat Party is a dangerous cult!
Media, Hollywood, Tech Giants, Academia, Democrats, RINOs, Globalist Corporations and Military Industrial Complex, all and all make up the Deep State which is the Swamp fighting back to destroy Trump and the American People’s 2016 National Populist Revolution!

Joe Biden Babbling Nonsense

I dare you to listen and watch this complete video of Joe Biden babbling nonsense for 46 minutes:

46 Minutes of Joe Biden Talking Nonsense

Be honest, did you watch the whole thing? Don’t lie because I can see your eyes and faces? Did you survive the Bull Shiite? Did you actually make it through the video? Are you still alive in one piece or did the ambulance take you to the hospital to pump your stomach from watching the video? This video is not only boring to death but makes you wanna barf and die!

Biden vs. Trump

Now compare the above Biden video to Trump Rallies! It is like Howdy Doody vs. Queen in Concert! It is like Mr. Rogers vs. Pink Floyd in concert! It is like a Retarded Mental Patient with Tourette Syndrome vs. Elvis in Concert!

Trump Wants you!
Trump Man of the People and the Trumpists at a Massive MAGA Rally

Trump Rallies

Trump is a Rock Star, a Comedian and a Great Entertainer all in one. A Trump Rally is like a festival of blasting fun and love. A Trump rally is like a huge smashing event. A Trump rally is like an Explosive Rock Concert but this Rock Star doesn’t even play an instrument or sing!

Trump Rallies are addictive. Once you watch one to the end, then you get hooked and you must watch them all the times! I used to watch Trump Rallies at least once a month and at most 4 in one day! The atmosphere is explosive and the people blast the roofs of the arenas! That’s why people are constantly attending the Trump Rallies.

Trumpists vs. Democrats

Trump does not have fans but these people love Trump. These people worship Trump and do anything for Trump. The enthusiasm is sky high. These are the voiceless people, the silent majority, the forgotten Americans who have been ignored and pushed aside by the Establishment for decades. These are the people who were stepped on by the Deep State, Democrats and the RINOs for ever. They have found a voice in Trump. For the first time in history, they voted in 2016. For the first time in history, they found someone who represents them and for the first time in history they witnessed that for once, their candidate done not just what he promised but way more than what he promised. Promises made, promises kept.

These people are your Average Joe and Average Jane from heartland America. These people are the hardworking Americans who work very hard, obey the law and were not a bit happy with any politician and the way this country has been run! These people despise the Establishment. These people despise the media, Hollywood, Deep State, Democrats and RINO GOP Establishment. These people are the heartbeat of America. These people are the engine of America. These people are the Workers of America.

These people are not your typical Leftist Psychos, Hollywood Faggots, Woke Trannies, Media Whores, Liberal America Haters, Bull Dyke Marxists, Beverly Hills Boy Toys, RINO Neo Cons, GOP Establishment and Deep State shadow people! These people are not hairy legged men in skirts working for Google as Trans women! These people do not have time to get sex change operations off of boredom because they work their asses off, every day of their lives!

These people are the heart and soul of America. They are the silent majority who have been silent for too long. They hate the direction which this country is going and they have decided to do something about it. What they done is called the 2016 National Populist Revolution of Trump and the People!

Trump National Populist Revolution

Now compare the enthusiasm of these people with the liberal faggots, trannies, bimbos, and other punks from Hollywood, New York, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley! To liberals, this is another election, another political game, another socialist cause, another Woke Virtue Signal, another radicalization of America, another socialization of this shinning city upon the hill and another degeneration of this glorious nation.

Liberals hate America and they do everything to change it in the image of the Socialist Europe. Liberals despise everything American including the American History, Flag, Constitution, Founding Fathers, Statues, Culture, Ethics, Religion, Morality, Values and the concept of Americanism.

2020 is not about Republicans vs. Democrats. That is an old concept. Trumpists do not align themselves on party lines. Trump fans are Republicans, Democrats, Independents and not many are even political! Trump fans despise both Republican and Democrat Establishments. Trump fans despise Washington DC Establishment, Deep State, Military Industrial Complex, Politicians, Big Government and the whole Swamp.

This is not about Democrats vs. Republicans. This is about a fight for the heart and soul of America. This is a cultural war. This is about Globalism vs. Nationalism. This is about Deep State vs. American People. This is about the degenerated Hollywood, Silicone Valley and Liberal Pop Culture vs. Good Old American Culture.

People are awake. The silent majority have woken up. They are sick and tired of Tech Giants, Hollywood, Silicone Valley and Big Government pushing their world view on them. They are tired of Tech Giants mind control, media brain wash, Hollywood dictation, Academic indoctrination and Big Government’s disgusting degenerated immoral no values replacing their American values.

It doesn’t Come more Establishment than Joe Biden!

Joe Biden has been in DC for about 5 decades. Joe Biden has been a senator, a VP and a politician for 47 years. If he wanted to change anything for the better and for the people, he would have done it by now! Joe Biden is the epidemy of Establishment and everything which Establishment represents. Joe Biden wants to maintain the Status Quo. Joe Biden is here to save the DC Swamp, maintain Globalism, Wall Street, Global Corporations, Big Government Oppression, Black Slavery, Minority Dependency, and degeneration of the American Culture.

Joe Biden is in the pocket of China, in cahoots with IRI and friend of globalism. Biden family has already made billions from China, Ukraine, and Globalist Corporations. Joe Biden represents everything wrong with America which you the people want to change.

Under the Joe Biden regime, constitution will be shred to pieces, 2nd amendment will be gone, supreme court justices will be expanded, Tech Giants’ censorship will be enlarged, Academia indoctrination will go gung-ho, and Big Government control of your lives will be in full.

Joe Biden and Hussein Obama’s 8 years in office had put you in the poor house and bankrupted America! Are you forgetting the misery of Hussein Obama’s regime? Are you missing those times which you had to hold 2 jobs and still not making ends meet?

Media, Democrats and Deep State are Shaking in their Boots

Yes, they are dead scared!  They will put everything they have in the pot to win 2020. They will do their best to continue their control over the people. The Establishment will not hesitate to burn America to the Ground (as they tried with riots) only to cling to the power.

Establishment already knows that their candidate sucks big league! They have nothing to offer and have no solutions. They have no message and no enthusiasm. They want to keep the status quo. They want to continue the brain washing of the American people. Their last attempts to cling to the power was the riots.

They are perfectly aware that Trump is here to clean the Swamp and drain it to the bone. Trump has already more or less cleansed the GOP and cleaned up the leadership of FBI, CIA and cutoff the many tentacles of the Big Gov. Trump is here to slaughter the Swamp. Of course, Swamp fights back!

Do Not be Sheep!

Lower half of this county are products of the 3 decades of the brain wash by the Swamp. Decades of Indoctrination, Brain Wash and Subliminal Virtue Signaling from the Media, Academia, Hollywood, Tech Giants and the rest of the Establishment has formed their mindset and opinions. They conduct themselves as obedient liberal sheep! They are puppets and robots operating as pawns of the Establishment.

On the contrary, we have opened our eyes, we have woken up, we are alert and we are here to destroy the Establishment, their power cling and end the DC Control of the people. We are the National Populist Storm which is about to finish the job which we have started in the 2016. We are here to blow the Establishment out of existence! This is our battle to save America.

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People

2020 a Battle to Save America

2020 will not be another election. 2020 will be establishing what we have already started in 2016. We want to destroy the Establishment. We planted a tree, now we must care for it to grow. We want to return the power to the people. We want to revive America. We want to reject Socialism, Marxism, Anarchism and their creator, the Global Establishment and the Big Government. This holy task will not occur unless we cleanse the DC Swamp.

ANTIFA is Burning Down America

ANTIFA is Burning Down America and Democrats are Watching! Thread

Swamp creatures must be eliminated one by one. RINOs, Neo Cons, GOP Establishment, Democrat Establishment, Tech Giant Monopolies, Media, Academia, Hollywood and Deep State are all in cahoots and in it together. We the people only have each other to stand united and to fight and to destroy the Swamp.

If you like what you see in the streets of Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and Minneapolis, then by all means vote Democrat. If you like the way Higher Education trains your children and send them out the university doors as ANTIFA and BLM Terrorists, then by all means vote Democrat. If you like the way your businesses are burning and the police with their hands tied are watching them burn, then by all means vote Democrat. If you desire this whole glorious country to look like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York downtowns and business districts, then by all means vote Democrat. If you enjoy your history, culture and constitution to be ripped apart, your historical statues to be destroyed, your guns to be taken away, and your peace and prosperity to turn to Shiite, then I encourage you to vote Democrat.

If you truly desire the Tech Giants, Social Media, Hollywood, Media, Academia and Deep State to shove their world views, social virtues, mind control, brain wash and degenerated values in to your brains and your children’s brains, then by God, please vote Democrat! If you wish to remain a robot, a puppet and sheep in the Liberal Plantation, told what to do by the Tech Giants, Social Media and Washington DC, then be my guest, remain in the Liberal Plantation’s stables as sheep!

But, if you are a man or woman of dignity, justice, honor, decency, morality and courage and you want to remain a Freeman and a freewoman, not to bend over to the will of the Big Government and Deep State, then dump the Globalist Socialist Garbage in the dumpster of history and stand up to destroy the Big Government’s Mind Control.

I do not care what is your race, religion, political affiliation, ethnicity, background or sex, but if you love America and want for America to remain America, then vote for Trump and vote GOP all the way down the ticket. Vote for true representatives of the people. Vote for Trumpists. Do not vote for RINOs and GOP Establishment.

Liberal Race Card for Today, for Future and for Ever!

Immigrants Love America Most

Immigrants love America most because they came here to live free in a free market, democracy. Immigrants escaped Islam, Socialism and Communism to come here and to be Free Americans. Unfortunately, Democrat Party is solid behind changing America to a Socialist Police State and to create another Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua in the American Hemisphere!

Patriots, we were born here or came here for the American Culture and what it stands for. We did not come here to build America in the vision of Europe, Middle East, Asia or Africa! We came here for what once upon a time the visionary Founding Fathers created and it is called the Constitution of the United States of America which guarantees our freedoms as freemen and freewomen. Today, Democrats and Deep State with their Media and other allies want to make you slaves to the Big Government. Today, they are burning down your cities, defunding your police, ending law and order and destroying the historical statues of your Founding Fathers.

Democrats, what do they stand for?

Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims!

Islam Contradicts Democracy and US Constitution

Patriots, stand up for America today because tomorrow there will be no America left to stand for!

Trump Rally Tulsa, Oklahoma 2020

Observe for yourselves of what Trump Rallies truly mean:

Trump Speech at Keep America Great Rally in Tulsa, OK 6/20/20

Trump Speech at Tulsa Rally – Backup File

Eric Trump talks to Fox News from inside Tulsa rally site

Diamond & Silk Speech at Trump Rally in Tulsa, OK 6/20/20

Mike Lindell Interview at Trump Rally Tulsa 6/20/20

Trump Crowd Pours in as Doors Open for Trump Rally

Imagine Trump vs. Biden Debate!

Now imagine Trump in a debate with a senile old retard like Biden! It will surely be a bloodbath! Trump will swallow Biden alive and then spit him out to the ground! I almost feel sorry for Biden! The man will take the dream of becoming a president to his grave. For 50 years as a creature of the swamp, he tried to run for president and never got more than 1 % of the vote. 2020 will be a landslide defeat for Biden. Even with the help of the media and the complete Establishment, Biden will still lose, maybe a close loss or a land slide but he will surely lose because Americans started to open their eyes to the Deep State Brain Wash.

Trump Wants you!
Trump Famous Two Thumbs Up MAGA Gesture

Trump Rallies are Voice of America

Trump Rallies are hope, justice, liberty and patriotism. Trump rallies stand for rebellion against the tyrannical Big Government. Trump rallies stand for America and Americanism. Trump rallies stand for our American freedoms. Trump rallies are what the Establishment is afraid of because the rallies are the gathering of the silent majority and they are where American spirit roams free. Patriotism is not something you can find in Washington DC Swamp and Deep State Big Government. The Swamp are there for their own benefits, bank accounts and survival to cling to the power.

Trump Rallies are where you find true patriotism, American Flag and American Spirit. Trump Rallies are what puts the shakes in the bodies and fear in the hearts of the Media, Tech Giants, Hollywood, Academia, Social Media, Democrats, RINOs and Deep State. Trump Rallies are where the seed of freedom is planted.

Trump Rallies are the beginning of the end for the Democrats.

More Power to the People
More Power to the American Workers


Dr. X


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