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Trump Rallies Clashes are Organized by Whom?
Ahreeman X
March 13, 2016

Donald Trump Wants You!
Help Making America Great Again

Anti Trump Planned Attacks

On March 11 Donald Trump had to cancel his rally in Downtown Chicago due to security reasons. Police and Secret Service recommended Trump to do so. Trump has done it to avoid serious bloodshed and clashes between his over 25,000 supporters attending the rally and thousands of organized protesters and agitators organized by the

There was over 25,000 Trump Patriots awaiting his speech and about 15,000 Trump patriots waiting outside to get in. Between 3,000 to 4,000 Anarchists, Marxists, Muslims, Thugs and Low Lives drafted and paid by, Bernie Sanders’ Campaign and Socialist Supporters disrupted the Trump Rally.

Just before the Chicago Rally cancelled, Trump had a rally in Saint Louis, Missouri. In this rally a group of protesters tried to interrupt the rally, police directed some out, then clashes broke out. Protesters and agitators attacked the supporters and then supporters fought back. A full blown brawl broke out and 32 arrests have been made.

On March 12 Donald Trump held his first rally after the Chicago clashes in Ohio. After a few lone protesters interruptions here and there, suddenly a protester charged the stage trying to grab Trumps handbag and leg when the secret service jumped in between and secured the situation. Secret Service took him down right away. Afterwards Trump supporters surrounded Trump to protect him and pushed the agitator away from the Trump. Security and Police directed the agitator and other protesters out of the area.

Later on the agitator who tried to harm Trump was brought in front of the judge but the liberal judge let him go. After they let him go, they found out that he was ISIS related and trying to do serious harm to Trump.


Attack on Trump Rally in Ohio

Donald Trump Speech and Rally at Saint Louis Interrupted

Donald Trump on Clashes in Chicago (FOX - YouTube)

Donald Trump on Clashes in Chicago (FOX)

In Ohio rally, Trump clearly stated that a “Planned Attack” was conducted in Chicago.

Arrest the Disrupters

All disrupters of Trump Rallies need to be arrested and put in jail. If this happens, there will be no more protesters. These are not protesters, they are paid agitators, anarchists, communists and terrorists paid by and Bernie Sanders to disrupt Trump Rallies and some of these agitators are there to seriously harm the people and harm Trump.

Who Organizes Anti Trump Planned Attacks? finances, plans and organizes all of these Anti Trump protests and attacks. These protests are well planned attacks and the majority of these protesters are well drafted, well paid and well organized by is a Socialist Agitator Organization with a history of organizing large number of people to gather, protest, rally and vote. The problem starts when systematically plans interruptions of the “First Amendment” and “Freedom of Speech” of the right wing politicians. Move On drafts various tactics such as interruptions, protests, rallies, violence, crashes and clashes of the opposing party’s political rallies. Move On drafts any tactic to violently sabotage and cancel the opposing party’s rallies. Move On has been doing this for decades. Move On’s job is to disrupt the democratic process and deny the Right Wing Speakers and Right Wing Rallies’ right to free speech and assembly by all means possible.

Move - Wikipedia

Who Finances

George Soros the Liberal Democrat Billionaire and Special Interest Groups associating with him who lobby and run the Democratic Party are on top of the list. Hillary Clinton campaign is specifically financed and run by Lobbyists and Special Interest Groups. George Soros, Wall Street and Other Special Interests often own Hillary Clinton’s senate or presidential campaigns. They lobby and finance her campaign and in return, she promises them future perks, flexibilities and tax breaks.

George Soros

George Soros - Wikipedia

Move On Organization Endorsed Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders have been openly criticizing Trump. has endorsed Bernie Sanders. In each Trump Rally, drafts and organizes Bernie Sanders’ Socialist thugs to protest, interrupt and sabotage the speech and rally.

Bernie Sanders Campaign

Bernie Sanders - Wikipedia and Iran Lobby has close ties with IRI Lobby Groups. has been supporting all Anti Free Market, Anti Democracy and Anti American groups for decades; the IRI Lobby is no exception. has been openly supporting the IRI Lobby, drafting and organizing troops and supporters for them to rally and promote them. IRI Lobby in return promotes, donates to them and has close ties to them. and IRI Lobby in USA have a symbiotic relation to one another.

Iran Lobby Groups in USA

Here are some major IRI Lobby Groups in USA:




Iran Lobby Groups should not exist and Iran Lobby supposed be banned because IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) is a state sponsor terrorist Regime; however, during the past 8 years of Obama’s Socialist Regime, Hussein Obama (Closet Muslim) has been looking the other way and while flirting with the Mullahs and the Islamic Regime, also allowed the IRI Lobby in USA to bloom and flourish!

Hussein Obama’s Marxist Islamist Regime is a friend of IRI Lobby in USA and a sworn enemy of the Iranian Opposition to IRI. Throughout the past 8 years, Hussein Obama has done his best to destroy the Iranian Opposition inside and outside Iran. Hussein Obama has betrayed the Iranian Uprising in 2009 and the Iranian Opposition in 2015 by handing Nuclear Rights plus $ 150 Billion Dollars frozen assets to the Islamic Regime of the Mullahs.

If Obama could, he would have made the Iranian Opposition banned in USA and close down the IPC, voice of the Iranian Opposition; however, despite all Obama’s executive orders and socialist policies, we are still living in USA and America is still a Free Democracy; therefore, Obama cannot ban the Iranian Opposition, so he could openly and comfortably jump in a double bed with his Muslim brothers in Tehran!

For more on IRI Lobby Groups in USA read:

IRI Iranian Hezbollah Agents and Lobbyists in America: 3 Parts

Who Supports

Amongst the solid supporters of Move On Organization are:

New Black Panther Party (Black Extremist Para Militia Group), Nation of Islam (Black Muslim Racist Militant Group), Black Lives Matter, Communist Party USA, Socialist Party USA, Corrupt Labor Unions, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), IRI Lobby Groups, and Anarchist Organizations.

New Black Panther Party

New Black Panther Party - Wikipedia

Nation of Islam

Nation of Islam - Wikipedia

Communist Party USA

Communist Party USA - Wikipedia

Socialist Party USA

Socialist Party USA - Wikipedia

CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) Islamic Terrorist Sponsor Group

CAIR supports and funds Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. CAIR is a front business to collect donations for Islamist Terrorists overseas. CAIR is a typical Muslim front business in USA posing as a Public Relation Islamic Organization doing good for the Muslim American Community. CAIR has connections with Lobby Groups and strong ties and support for

CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations)

CAIR - Wikipedia

The reality is that CAIR is truly a Terrorist Organization openly operating in the heart of United States!

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a major group interrupting Trump Rallies. They are closely affiliated with, being supported by and thugs from this group are being drafted by to trash Trump Rallies.

What the hell is Black Lives Matter? Of course Black Lives Matter, actually all lives matter! Black Lives Matter is a gimmick, an excuse to riot, trash towns and burn cities to the ground! Almost every Black life lost due to cop shootings were justified and later on these Blacks were proven guilty.

In general I do not deny that there exists racial biased towards Blacks from some cops and that is due to the reason that Blacks hold the majority of the jail residents, committing crimes and having a history of violence against the cops.

Even though I believe that racist cops need to be punished and prosecuted, yet in general, I strongly support the cops. I have the highest degree of respect for the law enforcement which every day put their lives on the line so we can live secure and in peace. I love the police.

Black Lives Matter is yet another Black Para Militant group the same as Black Panthers and Nation of Islam, wanting to destroy every Fabric of the American Society!

I suggest the members and leaders of the Black Lives Matter, get a life, get a job and get a career! Why don’t you use role models such as great good old Black folks such as Dr. Ben Carson, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, or many other highly educated and hardworking Black people? But hey, I forgot, you refer to these successful Black people as “Uncle Toms”!

Why are your role models agitators, opportunists and charlatans who made tons of money by playing the “Race Card” such as Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter - Wikipedia

If I hear another punk ass black boy come on to me and ask me: “Hey bro, Black Lives Matter?”, I will just lose it, wrestle the boy down to the ground. Throw him on the ground belly down, like a flipped backward crucified Jesus, take his rapper baggy pants off his butt (which is already falling off his ass) and “Prone Bone” him deep in the Shiiter to specifically prove to him that Black Lives Truly Matter! I gonna dissect that Chocolate Boy so deep that he screams from the top of his lung “Honorable Elijah Muhammad save me!” and prays to Allah to come and save him from the “Haji Kuchike” (Junior Pilgrim) AKA the Ahreemanic Schlong!

Sex Change Operation by Dr. Haji Kuchike!
Adventures of Haji Kuchike and Haji Bozorge AKA Hojaj

OK you must Pardon me, the same as Trump, it seems like I have just lost control! Damn, that did not sound right! That sounded so gay! People might get the wrong ideas about me!

Dr. Sigmund Freud: Now admit it Ahreeman, that sounded like a late in life, middle age, deeply homosexual sexual regression which has been repressed for ages!

Ahreeman Joon: Now wait a second Dr. Freud, are you trying to call me some kind o faggot or sissy boy?

Dr. Freud: No but I am trying to tell you that you have very seriously deep subconscious homophobic homosexual, and highly sadistic twisted desires repressed by the social moral and norms!

Ahreeman Joon: But that was just a sort of speech and a metaphoric statement, I am no gay, not that there’s anything wrong with it (Seinfeld)! It’s just that with me it’s not about sex or gender but it’s all about power! Dear Lord, that did not come out right either!

OK seems like I have lost my chain of thought, temporary laps of rational speech indeed! Moving on, moving on ……

Obama the Great Divider

Obama came to office to do good for the Blacks, improve their economic status, provide them jobs, educational opportunities, and better lives; furthermore, to improve race relations in this country.

Not that he did anything for the Blacks, but due to his arrogant Marxist Islamist Policies and divisive nature, he has set back the race relations in this country, 50 years back in time!

Obama also divided the nation via social classes, political affiliation and religion.

Today’s America is 100 % more racially, politically, religiously and socially divided than 8 years ago when Obama took office! Obama is not just the worst president in the history of America but he is also the “Great Divider” and far from a “Uniter”!

Trump Rallies Interruptions

Trump throws rallies with 25 to 30 thousand people attending. He has the highest of attendance rate amongst all candidates from both parties. In each of his rallies, has tried to crash, clash and close down the rallies by interruptions. MoveOn.og has sent a handful, a few, tens, hundreds and in cases like Chicago thousands of protesters to disrupt the Trump Rallies!

People wait 5 to 7 hours to attend the Trump Rallies. People get tickets ahead of the schedule by dozens to attend with their friends and family. Then the moment of exciting Trump Rally comes and’s organized and planned disruptions, protests and attacks postpones the rally (like Chicago) or interrupts the rally (like Saint Louis)! members and sympathizers get tickets in advance pretending to be patriots and then hand them to paid thugs to disrupt these rallies.

Media Bias

American Mainstream Media (Drive-By Media) is liberal biased and Anti Trump. They are dishonest thus they do not report the news, yet they create the news! They take Trump’s words out of its context and twist and turn it in a way that they sound totally different!

American Media by majority is nothing but the mouthpiece to the White House, Washington DC Establishment, and Liberals.

Who Interrupts Trump Rallies? disrupts the democratic process, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly in America. They need to be arrested, tried and incarcerated. and affiliated organizations have taken solemn oaths that they will organize and interrupt all Trump Rallies. drafts, hires, well pays, plans and organizes attacks on Trump Rallies and other Right Wing events by drafting these groups:

* Anarchists

* Marxists

* Socialists

* Muslims with or without the garbs, head scarves and beanie hats

* Bernie Sanders Supporters

* Clueless high school and college punks with no lives and jobs wanting free money from government

* Career Welfare Recipients, food stamp abusers, Obama-Care lovers, Fraudulent Disability users, Section 8 Enthusiasts and Low Income Housing Duelers

* Intolerant young punks who graduated college 5 years ago yet still live in their parents’ garage or basement refusing to work and hold a lower pay jobs (not in their field) to start up and work their way up

* Black Wanna Be Militants still blaming all of their shortcomings, miseries and misfortunes on Slavery and Racism rather than their own laziness and lack of motivation to make something of themselves

* Neo Plantation Slaves belonging to Big Liberal Government New Plantations (housings) in the Ghettos, mostly on food stamp, welfare, healthcare, house-care, cab-fare, dick-care and vaginal-care (pregnancy pills) whom are lacking to show up in job-fair! Hey, News Flash, Slavery was over on 1865! Get a life!

* Environmental Wackos, Tree Huggers, Animal Right Psychos, Militant Vegetarians, Dying Skinny Vegans, Hippies, Liberal Yuppies, Left Overs from the 60s, Militant Gays and Rich Liberals with White Guilt!

* Black Muslims still searching for national identity and still ignorant of Arab Muslims in North Africa whom were their original enslavers who captured them, sold them to the white slave ship captains who in returns shipped them to America!

* Black Wanna Be Revolutionaries still in berets and black leather stinking from the 1960s, dragged out of the attic with much dust on them! These folks are frozen in time and the industrial revolution has passed them by!

* Do Gooding, politically correct, wishy washy gayish liberals on Prozac!

* Psychotic Teachers Union members and Indoctrinating Liberal School Teachers on Anti Psychotics, Anti Depressions and Laxatives due to sticks up their asses!

* Lazy High School Kids protesting as an excuse to skip school!

* Illegal Alien petty criminals now living in America illegally for decades!

* Latinos and Mexicans wrapped in Mexican Flags, waving Mexican Flags who never lived a day in Mexico and knowing nothing about the Mexico!

* Angry White Trash being angry due to their own shortcoming!

* Lost and Confused folks trying to find a home by belonging to a movement of protester thugs paid by!

* Mentally Challenged, Socially Unacceptable and Underachieving Eyesores living in communes as bums!

* Brotherly Loved, Cumbaya Singing, Bongo banging, Folk Singing, Bell Bottom Wearing, Hand Holding, Long Haired Wanna Be Activists Anti Socials!

* Grunge and Loud Gay Rock listeners with long hair, Che Guevara T-shirts and hemp beanies covering their dirty hairs, smoking Hookah, Hashish and Dope!

* Thugs, Low Lives, Criminals, Cutthroats, junkies, boozers, smokers, potheads, and other Street Animals!

* Eco Terrorists, Animal Rights Terrorists, Marxist Terrorists, and of course Islamist Terrorists!

* 30 year old kids still living in their mother’s garage, basement or bedroom!

* People with too much time on their hands killing time!

… and last but not least:

* People with No Lives, No Jobs and No Careers!

These are the fruits of the liberal garden and cream of the liberal crops! These are the results of your American Failed Liberal Educational System and children of the Every One Wins a Trophy Curriculum!

United Against Agitators We Stand


Now I would like to take a moment to ask you to come together, stand firm, hold your lines and do not allow these thugs to push you around for another 8 years. Your will, “The Will of the People” has been ignored in this country for decades. This is our moment of uprising. This is our chance. This is our election. Do not let it slide. Stand firm and fight these thugs. Do not allow these thugs to steal the election from you. They had their chance and 8 years of Obama plus 8 years of Big Spending GOP Establishment rule (Bush) is enough. Now it is your turn.

If you get pushed, push back, if they shove, you shove back, if they punch, you punch back but no way in hell stand by and allow these thugs to steal the election from you, steal your first amendment from you and steal your second amendment from you. As I stated before, these thugs need to be arrested by the police, tried by fair judges and incarcerated by the counties and states.

US 2016 Elections Thread

This is the moment of truth, this is our day.
If they push us around and silence us,
There will be blood in streets of America!
They have woken the Silent Majority!
This is a New Day
This is Our Day
This is the “Will of the People” …..


Dr. X

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