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A Hezbollah – IRI Production

Voices for Peace Iranian Video, a Hezbollah – IRI Production
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: June 7, 2008
2nd Edition: February 28, 2017

"Publisher’s Note:
February 28, 2017

Important Note I

To view the original removed web pages, websites and videos (mentioned below), go to

Internet Archive => Way Back Machine

It is possible that you will find the original material. After all, nothing gets totally eliminated from the Internet and your computer. There are ways to recover anything and everything!

Internet Archive

Important Note II

Since the original publication of this article:

Voices for Peace Iranian Video, a Hezbollah – IRI Production

to fraud the public, the producers of this video:

Voices for Peace YouTube (edited)

Voices for Peace YouTube (Final Cut)

In this order:

a) Made this video private to watch on Youtube.

b) Removed Jahanshah Javid’s face from the cover of this video.

c) Edited the video and removed Jahanshah Javid’s part from the beginning of it.

d) Removed it from, YouTube and also removed their site on the net.

Removed Videos, Pages and Sites:

Voices for Peace on (original)

Voices for Peace on (edited)

Voices for Peace YouTube Version a (edited)

Voices for Peace Site

To watch the new edited version, go to:

Voices for Peace YouTube (edited)

Voices for Peace YouTube (Final Cut)

IPC Office"

We are discussing this video:

Voices for Peace YouTube (edited)

Voices for Peace YouTube (Final Cut)

At the first glance, this video seems to be a genuine effort for peace and the creators of this video seem like outstanding and brave people who are speaking out for peace. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and everything is all honky dory. Brotherly love and happy happy joy joy all the way in wonderland. Everyone loves peace and everybody is happy to be a part of one large and happy family; however, things are not always what they seem to be! Sorry to bust your bubbles and crush your beautiful dreams! Now I will make two different points here.

I. This Video is a Propaganda Piece for Hezbollah – IRI Lobby Groups in USA.

II. Pacifism is Poison for Iran and Iranians.

Are you curious now? Have I got your attention? Allow me to elaborate.

This Video is a Propaganda Piece for Hezbollah – IRI Lobby Groups in USA

To better understand the purpose of this video, we need to ask these questions:

Who planned the production of this video?
Who created this video?
Why this video was created?
Who produced this video?
Who performs in this video?
Why these people performed in this video?
Who benefits from the production of this video?
Why this video is a block on the way for the Nationalist Revolution of Iran?

Who planned the production of this video?

Schauleh Sahba

Schauleh Sahba, also known as Schauleh Vivian Sahba an Iranian female architect from San Francisco claims to be the sole planner, creator and producer of this video. Schauleh Sahba claimed (on May 15, 2008) that she had created this video because ….

“In the U.S., there are Americans who hate Iran and anyone who has anything to do with her. This is largely due to the countries' political history since 1979, the resulting vacuum of information about Iran in the U.S., and negative stereotypes fueled by the Iranian government's propaganda.

As an ordinary Iranian-American, I sensed how President Ahmedinejad's visit to Columbia University fueled a heightened level of animosity last year. The ensuing media coverage left me wondering, "Where is the voice of reason?" I felt outraged that his was quite possibly the only Iranian voice that many Americans have ever heard. I imagined what people who have never had an Iranian-American friend, neighbor, or co-worker thought of Iran. I wanted them to see a different side of Iran -- that of its people and culture -- to foster understanding and promote peace.

So I started a project to create a public service announcement about Iranian-Americans: who we are, what we believe in and why we are against attacking Iran. I wrote a script, showed it to friends, family, peace activists, and scholars. After receiving their feedback and doing some tweaking, I emailed it to Iranian-Americans, of all walks of life, asking if they would like to participate. A few said no, but the vast majority, including the first person I asked, Anousheh Ansari, said yes.

To date I've filmed over 30 people and have produced a first cut which I would like to share with you:

I am still looking for 16 people to film, so that each person appears just once. I am also looking for music, help with improving sound quality and adding Persian subtitles. The goal is to create three broadcast quality versions of this public service announcement (one with out any subtitles, one with English subtitles and one with Persian subtitles) and get it on national TV as soon as possible. So if you agree with the message, would like to participate, and live near the San Francisco Bay Area feel free to email me at

Another way you can help is by writing to PBS and asking them to air this announcement.

PBS Blog - Voices for Peace Video (Removed)

At this point, I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped get this project to this point.”

Schauleh Vivian Sahba

This is all fine and dandy but there are two possibilities:

a) Schauleh Sahba created this video.

b) Schauleh Sahba was used as a tool in the production of this video.

Schauleh Sahba created this video.

What type of name is Schauleh Sahba? Is Schauleh Sahba in fact the German Yiddish Arabic way of pronunciation for the Persian name “Sholeh Saba”? The pronunciation “Schauleh Sahba” sounds like a Jewish Yiddish German on crack who was just converted to Islam and screams her name as

Schauleh (German Yiddish) + Sahba (Arabic) = Schauleh Sahba

Well Gesundheit!

In short form, she calls herself “Schauls”! That by itself sounds like a Jewish Rabbi from Leipzig! Either that or Shauls may be a small “Shambool”!

So if Schauleh Sahba is indeed Sholeh Saba, then she is a female Iranian woman. But then again she is from the famous Gay Liberal university town of Berkley, San Francisco, so one can never know for sure unless we lift up the skirt and well examine her …..! Shauls also sounds like a Transsexual Transgender German, Yiddish, Jewish, Arab sex freak on crack cocaine!

But then again I could be all wrong and Schauleh Sahba could be a good Jewish well-circumcised man! Only Allah would know for sure!

Now seriously, if Schauleh Sahba had truly planned, created and financed this video, then why would she have Jahanshah Javid’s face (Hezbollah) on the front cover of her video?

Schauleh Vivian Sahba’s Youtube page

In this condition, we can only assume that Schauleh Sahba (whatever her gender, bi gender or no gender may be) must have an infatuation and admiration for Jahanshah Javid!

Now the question is:

Who on earth would have a crush on Jahanshah Javid?
Probably only her ex wife (Zahra Pirani) and his present wife (Javaneh Khodabakhsh), and even these two had it out of desperation!

Jahanshah Javid is a short, dark, fat, ugly and hairy troll looking male pig! I don’t even have the stomach to look at this hog! Who on earth would have sex with this creature, set aside develop admiration and infatuation for him, like Schauleh Sahba had developed?!

Jahanshah Javid
Publisher of (past) and (now)
Hezbollah Front Business in USA

That is the only condition, which in it one such as Schauleh Sahba would go through all this length and then put Jahanshah Javid’s face as the front cover of her video!

Jahanshah Javid
The weasel face of an opportunist propagandist
Ex Fundamentalist Hezbollah and present Reformist Hezbollah
Publisher of, a tribune for Reformist Fraction of Hezbollah

This would bring us to the second possible condition:

Schauleh Sahba was used as a tool in the production of this video.

Now this makes more sense. Let’s get down to the roots of the issue.

These are different versions of the video:

31 people version (version 1) (Removed)

49 people version (version 2) (Removed)

Who is Schauleh Vivian Sahba?

Schauleh Vivian Sahba is the Spokeswoman – Architect for the “Siegel & Strain Architects” in Emeryville, California which is a suburb of Oakland and yes you guessed it, San Francisco (Gay Liberal town)!

Siegel & Strain Architects

Ms. Schauleh Vivian Sahba is a Berkley liberal girl. A good Persian liberal Jew from San Francisco. But then, things get hairy ….

Ms. Schauleh Vivian Sahba, a member of (Removed)

Who is the owner of Jahanshah Javid, which is also originally from, you guessed it, the Gay Liberal Town of San Francisco!

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise
Hezbollah Front businesses in America

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise – part 1

Jahanshah Javid, Hezbollah in Disguise – part 2

Jahanshah Javid Hezbollah IRI Agent Cleans Track on Internet

So Jahanshah Javid is on the cover of Schauleh Vivian Sahba’s video:

Schauleh Vivian Sahba’s Youtube page

Jahanshah Javid’s job is to publish the Iranian Magazine, an online magazine and a tabloid (for the dumb and the dumber) to promote:

a) Reformist Fraction of Hezbollah
(Seyed Mohamad Khatami, Jebhe Mosharekat, Akbar Ganji, Shirin Ebadi and crew …)

b) IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Lobby Groups in USA
(Trita Parsi and NIAC, Houshang Amir-Ahmadi and AIC, other organizations)

Hezbollah and Suspected Hezbollah in America!
New Tactic: IRI Lobbying in USA!

Hezbollah – IRI Lobby Groups in USA

For complete record of IRI Lobby Groups in USA and Europe read:

IRI Lobby and Agents in USA (3 chapters)

Let’s move on through the facts from bottom to the top:

Ms. Schauleh Vivian Sahba is a member of
Ms. Schauleh Vivian Sahba is so found of Jahanshah Javid that she has him on the front cover of her video.
Jahanshah Javid is the owner of
Jahanshah Javid’s job is to provide a tribune and to promote Hezbollah and IRI Lobby in USA.

Jahanshah Javid promotes:

Trita Parsi (The American Connection of Oil Mafia)
Trita Parsi (at
Trita Parsi
Trita Parsi and NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

Siamak Namazi (The Iranian Connection of Oil Mafia)
Siamak Namazi (at
Siamak Namazi and Atieh Group
Atieh Group

Houshang Amir-Ahmadi (The Original IRI Lobbyist in USA)
Houshang Amir-Ahmadi (at
Houshang Amir-Ahmadi and AIC
AIC (American Iranian Council)

And many other IRI Lobby Groups.

An Amazing Coincidence!

Isn’t it amazing how every petty servant of IRI also happens to be an author?!
Allah works in most peculiar ways!

Hezbollah – IRI Lobby Groups in USA

Where does all the backing, support and directing comes from?

Alavi Foundation of New York

Iman Cultural Center of Los Angeles

Where does all the money and orders come from?

IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Now, you can see clearly. Now you can see the bigger picture.

Who created this video?

Supposedly Ms. Schauleh Vivian Sahba, a good Liberal Democrat, Peace Loving Persian Jewish woman from Berkley, San Francisco, but …… Things are not always what they seem to be!

Islamic Republic of Iran works in mysterious ways:

Jahanshah Javid, Trita Parsi, Hezbollah, IRI Lobby Groups, Local Liberals, Local Reformists, Local Hezbollah, ……

IRI propaganda is only second to Nazi Germany!

I have to admit that choosing a Persian Jew girl as the front, was a great touch! Bravo Hezbo boys Bravo, I am truly impressed with the degree of your intrigue, cleverness, treachery, and trickery!

Why this video was created?

To propagate appeasement policy through pacifism via drafting a bunch of naïve Iranian Liberal Democrat Celebrities, Wanna Be Celebrities and other politically ignorant and naïve average Iranian Hassan, Hussein and Sakineh’s in the central heart of Liberalism, San Francisco, hence to pretend to the world that this video is the voice of the average Iranian which is against all types of wars declared on IRI, including but not limited to: An American Invasion-Liberation of Iran and/or An Iranian Resistance and Opposition war-liberation of Iran or a bloody revolution.

This video is the neo tactic by IRI to prolong its life via usage of pacifism and by infiltrating the US Democratic Party and the American Political system with its fifth column, the IRI Lobby Groups in USA; therefore, using the Iranian American Liberals as a tool to promote appeasement and peace policies.

Liberalism and Islamism go hand in hand and once more Liberalism becomes Islamism’s best friend!

Who produced this video?

Supposedly Ms. Schauleh Vivian Sahba, a good Liberal Democrat, Peace Loving Persian Jewish woman from Berkley, San Francisco, but …… Things are not always what they seem to be!

Once more, Islamic Republic of Iran works in mysterious ways!

Who performs in this video?

These people performed and worked on this video:

Jahanshah Javid (Old Site)

Jahanshah Javid (New Site)

Jahanshah Javid is an old IRI Agent which like a chameleon, often changes colors, shapes and sites to lose track, but we manage to find him around the net!

Shahrnush Parsipour (at

Behrang Barzin (at

Anousheh Ansari

Maz Jobrani

Arash Sobhani

Mina Bissell

Enayat Katouli, Maryam Katouli, Nazy Kaviani, Ahmad Kiarostami, Sanam Kordestani
Alexander Koumis, Farook Afsari, Mahvash Afsari, Nealan Afsari, Banafsheh Akhlaghi
Mehran Ebrahimi, Alex Fatemi, Sassan Ghasempour, Salomeh Ghorban, Terri Griffin
Jackie Horridge, Ron Itelman, Rosha Jones, Shabnam Karimi, Guillaume Lebleu
Alidad Mafinezam, Giselle Miraftabi, Erika Moye, Niosha Nafei-Jamali, Noushin Navidi
Iman Novin, Shiela Rahimian, Layla Sabourian, Mahtab Sadrameli, Ali Salahshoor
Goli Sahba, Iran Abdi Sahba, Lili Sahba Williams, Ken (Kavous) Shagagi, Elica Vafaie
Bella Varda, Stephanie Yang, Eiman Zolfaghari, Rebecca Arnold

From Access San Francisco Community Media:
Dina Boyer, Bud Dillon, Mathew, Arron, Fleisch, Gary, Jim, Kim

Shannon - Trimble (Braunstein/Quay Gallery)
Shahram (Family Market)
Behnam (Family Market)

And others ….

Also Taqi (Halaal Chelo Kabobi Restaurant), Morteza (Shambool Market), Robabeh (Joojoo Hair Design), Abdul (Local Mosque), Sakineh (Local Sisters of Zeynab), Yadollah (Local Hezbollah), …… Nah, just kidding folks!

Who are these people?

One Third are members of (Reformist Hezbollah, Liberal Reformists)
One Third are members of Billionaire Special Interest George Soros’ (Radical Liberals)
One Third are members and Sympathizers of NIAC (IRI Lobby Group)

Why these people performed in this video?

Political Ignorance and Illiteracy
Conned into participation, assumed they are promoting peace!
Liberal Pacifist Agenda
Reformist Islamist Agenda

A Word with Some of the Participants

Ms. Shahrnush Parsipour

Shahrnush Parsipour

As an author, your Liberal Reformist agenda is obvious to all. To maintain Status Quo in Iran and to Reform the irreformable Islamic Republic of Iran, under the Islamic Constitution (Shirin Ebadi Style), is the same old garbage known to the Iranian people. You and your kind are part of the problem.

Ms. Anousheh Ansari

Anousheh Ansari

It is really awkward, ironic and funny for you to support this type of garbage! You of all people! Islamic Republic of Iran did not even allow you to study engineering (back then IRI disallowed girls to study many men’s only majors). You left Iran, studied engineering abroad and in a way, as a symbolic protest, you flipped your finger to IRI! You had proved to IRI, Mullahs and Islamists that women can be all they want to be. You become one of the best in your field (Computer Science), one corporation after another, moved from the technical world in to the business and financial world. Then you joined the Iranian Billionaire – Millionaire Club and even took a space leisure travel. You spent millions on this trip and other fun and joy episodes.

Certain questions come to mind:

When Hezbollah openly discriminated against you via Sexism and denied you the education you desired, then how could you show up in the same video with Hezbollah, promoting appeasement policy and prolonging the life of IRI and status quo?

With your endless fortune, stocks, commodities, real estate, corporations, precious metals, and other wealth, have you ever spent a dime for the cause? Have you ever spent a dime for freedom of Iran? Have you ever spent a dime to promote democracy, human rights and secularism in Iran? Have you ever donated a dime to any Iranian Opposition Group? Have you ever spent a dime to help free Iran from the same theocratic regime who spitted in your face?

It is ironic that I even used to lecture some of my Computer Science classes about your story and how you ended up having the last laugh and flipped your finger to IRI. I even included your name amongst many other great names for the optional subject titles of the final projects for 3 different classes of mine!

A few years ago, the final projects for 3 of my 5 classes at the university (Computer Animation, Computer Web Design and Computer Technology) were to make a project on one of the great names in the filed. One of these names was Anousheh Ansari.

Some of my students had actually made their final animations, web sites and hi tech presentations about you! They were so impressed with your life story (told by me) that they did their finals on you.

Originally I wanted to drop you a few lines and inform you about these assignments. I wanted to even send you a few of them. Imagine a young mind made a complete animation, presentation or a website about you! I believe I still have these projects.

Unfortunately due to lack of time (politics, IPC Website and two jobs) I never got in touch with you, until today that I am writing this article on the web.

You were named as a role model for young Iranian and American female university students of mine. I was so proud of you.

Today, I am ashamed of you. Not that you had never spent a dime to free Iran from IRI Regime (who oppressed you), but you even hurt the Iranian Resistance and Opposition to IRI by participation in garbage such as this video! Due to political ignorance, you align yourself with Hezbollah and IRI Lobby Groups to prolong IRI’s life! This is called a stupid act due to political ignorance.

Ms. Anousheh Ansari, you surely flipped your finger to IRI and become all that you could be. You piled up money on top of money and presently you are one of the wealthiest Iranians in the world. You were famous before your leisure space travel, but afterwards, you become a celebrity.

But what good is all this fame and fortune when not a dime of this fortune, nor your fame has ever been used in a positive way to free our chained land? Furthermore, you are now promoting Hezbollah agenda and perform in the same video with Hezbollah (Jahanshah Javid)! Ms. Anousheh Ansari, for 30 years you have never spent a dime to free Iran, you kept silence and you avoided politics. Please continue shutting your mouth now! If you can’t help the Iranian Resistance, then at least don’t hurt us!

What is True Accomplishment?

Ms. Anousheh Ansari, Unlike yourself, I do not have a faction of your wealth, but all my life and for 30 years, I have been using my wealth, my social status and efforts to fight Islamic Republic of Iran and to support the Iranian Opposition and masses of Iran.

I could easily pile money on top of money (same as you) and become an Iranian Billionaire, but in my book that is not called accomplishment! Instead of attending to self-benefits, I attended to Iran and Iranians. I have created a virtual empire (IPC) at the disposal of the Iranian Opposition for education of the youth and masses of Iran to discover their own culture and roots. This to me is a noble cause. The fight for our cultural survival is the noblest of all causes. This is what I call accomplishment. Piling money on top of money for self-interest is not accomplishment.

Ms. Anousheh Ansari, Reformist Fraction of Hezbollah is not considered as an opposition group to IRI. They are part of IRI. They are a fraction of IRI. Due to internal power struggle and rivalry between different fractions (Fundamentalists, Moderates and Reformists), they are now opposing the Fundamentalists. This does not make them opposition to the regime, but it makes them a part of the regime who would like to take back control. Reformists: Khatami, Ganji, Ebadi, Javid and alike are part of Hezbollah. To align yourself with them and release a Piss (Peace) video is a crime against the masses of Iran who have been suffering for 30 years under this blood thirsty regime.

Maz Jobrani

Maz Jobrani

You have been sending e-mails to public, promoting NIAC. We have warned you and provided you with information about Trita Parsi and NIAC. We made it clear to you to not risk your job and reputation to support Hezbollah and IRI Lobby Groups.

We made it clear to you that you the same as many others are being used for your celebrity status to promote Hezbollah, draft members for Hezbollah and finance IRI Lobby.

In your e-mail, which went around on the net, you wrote something like this:

“NIAC is the Iranian version of NAACP who promotes and defends the Iranian American Civil Rights and warns about human rights issues in Iran.”

Trita Parsi and NIAC had never spoke a single word about the Human Rights violation in Iran!

Trita Parsi Exposed on IRI Human Rights Violations - Video

Hezbollah – IRI Lobby in USA (Hassan Dioleslam) - Video

Hezbollah IRI Lobby in USA - Videos
Parts: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6

Maz Jobrani, use your brain and ask yourself:

How can Trita Parsi and NIAC be so concerned about Iranian Americans’ civil rights in USA, but never spoken a word about human rights violations in Iran?

How can Trita Parsi and NIAC never speak a word about over 30,000 political prisoners in Iran and another 30,000 who murdered by IRI?

How can NIAC not be a Human Rights Organization (according to Trita Parsi) and not have “Expertise in Human Rights Subject” (according to Trita Parsi), but then again sit on the same table with Amnesty International as the representative organization for the Iranian Human Rights?!

Maz Jobrani begins to ponder!
Bells are ringing: Ding Dong, Dalang Dooloong …

What is happening to Amnesty International?

Using “Human Rights” to better serve a dictatorship

So US Democratic Party is obviously infiltrated by IRI Lobby Groups:

Democratic Party and the Mullahs’ Lobby

Even in San Diego, the vultures and Payrolees of IRI are active:

Shahriar Afshar and Iranian American Democrats of San Diego

Iranian American Democrats of San Diego

IADSD Events
(Note: Please notice Shirin Ebadi’s and other Reformists’ events!)

Shahriar Afshar and IRI Episodes

Shahriar Afshar and ITA

Trita Parsi and NIAC are vastly described, documented and exposed:

Iran’s Oil Mafia Penetrating the US Political System

Trita parsi, Secrets, Lies, and Manipulation - 2003 Grand Bargain

Mr. Maz Jobrani, you are not an uneducated child. You are an entertainer with brains. You have been presented with evidence, not to become a puppet as a brainless celebrity in the hands of NIAC (Scientology Style)!

NIAC policy, the same as Scientology Cult is to go after the celebrities and make them members of NIAC, so the public would follow these celebrities like cattle and join NIAC.

You have been informed. But what did you do? Not that you continued your association with NIAC, yet you went one step further and participated in an Hezbollah – IRI Co Production of this video!

There are no excuses for this behavior. You are an adult who has been presented with documents and still you chose the path to align yourself with Hezbollah and stand against the Iranian Opposition.

Is this the behavior of an intelligent Entertainer and a responsible entertainer?

Mr. Maz Jobrani, you are a talented comedian and you are good in your field. You are to play comedy movies and stand up comedies. For 30 years, you have not spent a dime for freedom of Iran and never spoken a word for the cause. Please continue your silence and close your mouth about politics!

A politically uneducated entertainer does more harm than he does good. You are here to make us laugh, so do your job, get paid, make a living and stay off the politics. Keep your opinions to yourslef; you are not paid by the Iranian Community to preach political rhetorics.

Jahanshah Javid’s salary comes from Qom and Tehran, but we the Iranians pay for your salary. Be a responsible entertainer, stick with comedy clubs and stick with comedy. You are not paid to align yourself with Hezbollah and IRI Lobbyists and to star in a propaganda video.

If you can’t help the Iranian Resistance to Tyranny, then at least don’t hurt us!

Arash Sobhani

Arash Sobhani

Babak Khiavchi, your fellow Kiosk band member and manager of

Bamahang Productions

Were vastly informed by myself about the history of Jahanshah Javid. What step did he take? He went directly under the protection of Jahanshah Javid. Next thing you know, Jahanshah Javid promoted and thrown a concert for Kiosk!

Babak Khiavchi

I had originally supported Kiosk and specifically I supported Babak Khiavchi and Bamahang Productions, because it was a positive move, an independent move, a great musical move and a revolutionary move.

Kiosk, Persian Hardcore Blues Band!

Kiosk Speeds Up from Underground to Above the Ground!

Let me be frank with both of you (Babak Khiavchi and Arash Sobhani). I support revolutionary movements and breaths of fresh air in Iranian politics, art, entertainment and music. Bamahang and Kiosk seemed to be of such category.

Arash Sobhani and Kiosk’s success and fame is originally because of musical talent. Kiosk is a good Blues band and there is no doubt about it; however, the fame and the success of the Kiosk is due to many factors. One of the most important factors for your success and fame are my articles.

Arash Sobhani of Kiosk Band

My audience are primarily Students (High School and University), Student Movement, Young Professionals, Young Intellectuals and Youth in general. These are people who buy your concert tickets and CDs. They had no clue about your existence until I introduced you to them and I officially supported you. Why have I supported you? Because Kiosk was a Revolutionary Move in the Iranian music.

I had huge plans for you guys. We have over 70,000 Persians in San Diego and I could easily drag 20,000 of them to your possible concert in San Diego. I had big plans for Kiosk. Primarily I wanted to throw a massive concert in San Diego, then Orange County and next Los Angeles and then …

Unfortunately after all my lectures to Babak Khiavchi, he turned out to be yet another sellout!

Babak Khiavchi (at

He preferred to go under Jahanshah Javid’s balls rather than sticking with the Revolution and the Revolutionaries (IPC). Not that he sold out to the Iranian Media Mafia, Yet he sold out to Hezbollah and allowed Jahanshah Javid to conduct and promote a concert for Kiosk! After all my promotions for Bamahang, Bamahang Bands, Kiosk and Babak Khiavchi, he basically spit in my face and sold out to the worst possible party!

Iranian Media Mafia

He put Jahanshah Javid’s links all over Bamahang and Kiosk website as a “Friend” but no trace of the IPC link anywhere. In a way, I am not surprised because this is typical Iranian degenerated behavior and well expected from the average Iranian career exilists like Babak Khiavchi!

I am not the one who lost in this episode. Babak Khiavchi and Kiosk are the ones who lost financially and they also lost a great partner and publicist (IPC). This is called ignorance and treachery.

Babak Khiavchi is not the first Iranian and will not be the last Iranian whom had been hand fed by my hands and then he bitten the hands which fed him, like a rabid dog!

To All the Iranians Whom I Helped to Grow, and in Returns they have Bitten My Hand Off!

I do not care and I will continue to support all talented and non-talented Iranians to grow and I shall always help fellow Iranians. It is in my blood.

Mr. Arash Sobhani, the most important reason in which I supported you is because you were on the side of the Iranian people. Now you participate in a propaganda piece by Hezbollah and IRI Lobbyists, along with your buddy Jahanshah Javid.

Responsible and Irresponsible Entertainer

Once more, I need to remind to you and all other Iranian Entertainers that this is not activism, but this is committing a stupid act due to political ignorance.

A Responsible Entertainer studies his options before participating in them. A responsible entertainer does political activism for the masses of Iran and in support of the Iranian Opposition to IRI:

Siahpushha (Ebi)

Khane Sorkh (Dariush)

Khak (Amir Aram)

For more songs:

Iran Multimedia Index

Responsible Entertainer is on the side of the masses (Mardomi). Responsible Entertainer like Ebi, Dariush and Amir Aram who are political activists are well aware on where to stand. Are you?

Responsible entertainer does not align himself with Hezbollah!

Masses of Iran are the ones who brought you up.
I am the one who brought you up.

Masses of Iran are the ones who can bring you down.
I am the one who can bring you down.

I am representing the popular and independent Iranian media. You need me on your side. The minute you cross the line and stand against the masses, then on that minute, you are standing against me!

Same advise for you, stick with music, sell tickets, sell CDs, play the Blues and make a buck. You are here to entertain us. You are here to play the Blues. No one cares to hear your politics. Keep it to youself.

You have never spent a dime to free Iran. You have kept silence. Please remain silent and don’t lecture about politics. If you can’t help the Iranian Opposition, then don’t hurt us.

Who benefits from the production of this video?

Do I really have to spell it out for you?

The Pig (Jahanshah Javid) and The Weasel (Trita Parsi)!

L. Jahanshah Javid (Reformist Hezbollah)
R. Trita Parsi (IRI Lobbyist)

The Pig (Jahanshah Javid) meets the Weasel (Trita Parsi)

Jahanshah Javid visits Trita Parsi

MoveOn Liberals, NIAC IRI Lobbyists, Hezbollah Front Businesses in USA and Islamic Republic of Iran are the beneficiaries of this video.

To use a Jew girl as the cameragirl is a great move to cover the traces but at the end of the day, you will notice the invisible hands:

The Iranian Magazine


Why this video is a block on the way for the Nationalist Revolution of Iran?

During the research period to write this article, we dropped by the Youtube page and posted comments to give a fair chance to the video makers and to hear their side of the story. Rather than civilized behavior, primarily they ignored our questions. Only after they found out that we e-mailed all major Iranian political parties, organizations, personalities, media and American media, then they spit it out and came up with some half-hidden remarks to our questions.

Voices for Peace YouTube (edited)

Voices for Peace YouTube (Final Cut)

Some gave us false names of the participants in the video.

My Original E-mail

Originally I had posted this note in the IPC Club:

Voices for Peace Video, Information Needed?

“Friends and Comrades:

I have sent an e-mail with this content, to all major Iranian political parties, organizations, personalities and media and I am awaiting their response. I am also asking you that if any of you has any information about my questions, please post here.

Voices for Peace Video, Information Needed?

Greetings Folks:

I want you to watch this video and if you have any information about:

I. Who made this video?
II. Who funded this video?
III. The names of all the people in the video?

Please send them to us.

I do not have much information about this video. I am trying to figure who is behind it, so I can officially write a piece about it. I cannot release assumptions and I cannot make accusations, but one thing is for sure. The style of this video is similar to the style of IRI Lobby Groups in USA. They use a bunch of celebrities (Anousheh Ansari, Maz Jobrani, etc.) and they draft a bunch of celebrities (Scientology style), so they can convince the public about their legitimacy, so the public will join them.

On the other hand, this could be a sincere effort by various people to keep peace.

However, when one sees Jahanshah Javid in this video, then one automatically wonders if IRI – Hezbollah Lobby Groups in America are involved?!

The title says:

Public service announcement about thirty-one Iranian Americans: who we are, what we believe in and why we're for peace.

I want your input and any information, which you may have about this video and the creators of it? At this point, I am only collecting information and taking names down. Your help is appreciated. E-mail us please.

Ahreeman X
On behalf of IPC”

We have received a good amount of information from various Iranian political organizations and media. We have received a great amount of e-mails and we also gathered a great mount of information via research.

Millionaires and Billionaire liberals in the video who take leisure space travels

Have you ever spent a dime of your dollars for the freedom of Iran and to support the Iranian opposition? Have you ever slept hungry at night like millions of Iranians inside Iran?

Well I done both!

All my life, I have spent my fortune for the Iranian Opposition and to fight the IRI.

Founder of IPC

I had my share of hunger, poverty, ups and downs.

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

So dear Millionaires and Billionaire liberals in the video who take leisure space travels:

If for 30 years you have never spent a dime to free Iran, you always kept silence and you were never down like below poverty level, same as millions of Iranians, then what gives you the rights to publish pacifism and appeasement policy garbage on Youtube and align yourselves with Hezbollah (Jahanshah Javid) in a propaganda video? The starving Iranians inside Iran don’t need you, go bleed your liberal hearts elsewhere. Iran does not need you.

So you ask that why this video is a block on the way towards the Nationalist Revolution of Iran? Because this video promotes prolonging the life of the IRI Regime, promotes appeasement policy, promotes Hezbollah, promotes IRI Lobby in USA, promotes anti violence against IRI, and mostly it promotes pacifism. Planners, Makers, Financiers and Stars of this video are anti war and anti violence in general. They are against any force including United States Armed Forces, Iranian Opposition and Iranian Resistance to commit any attempt to end the reign of IRI in Iran. They are pro status quo. This brings me to my next subject that why Pacifism is Poison for Iran and Iranians?

Pacifism is Poison for Iran and Iranians.

Today’s Iranians are not Yesterday’s Persians.
At what point in history we seized to be Persians and become Iranians?
At what point in history we become pussywhipped?
At what point in history we become degenerated, pacifist, sissy, faggy liberals from San Francisco?
Freedom and democracy is not possible without sacrifice, bloodshed and war.

Typical Iranian comfort seeking lifestyle, kun goshadi and pacifism doesn’t bring freedom to Iran.
We already have a pacifist Geisha (Gay Shah) Reza Pahlavi II, gay liberals, gay pacifists and 1001 various Piss (Peace) organizations. We don’t need anymore pacifist liberals to collaborate with Hezbollah and create more pacifist videos!

We need freedom fighters to liberate Iran.
We need people who put their money where their mouths are.
We don’t need millionaire pacifists releasing piss (peace) videos.
We need freedom fighters who are willing to fight for Iran and make her free.

Iranian pacifists don’t seem to get it, so here you go, let me put it in a formula form:

No War = No Freedom => IRI Forever

Freedom Does Not Come Cheap!

Freedom does not come cheap, freedom takes blood. To gain freedom, human rights, secularism, federalism and democracy, one must spend efforts.

It takes efforts, hard work, struggle, money, courage, organization, discipline, and large size balls to commit to a political revolution or a coup to end the reign of Islam and Islamists in Iran.

Today’s Iranians by majority have become degenerated, comfort seeking, pacifist, satisfied with so little and Qane’ to even make a move for the betterment of their own lives!

Stockholm Syndrome, the New Iranian Disease!

First we had the Old Iranian Disease

The Iranian Disease

Stockholm Syndrome is when the captive has been in chains for so long that he identifies with his captor, idolizes him, cheers for him and assumes that his captor is his hero! In this situation, the captive has become so powerless, so enslaved and dependent that a sense of fear and admiration for the captor develops in him. In Stockholm Syndrome, the captive becomes absolutely dependent and slave to the captor. In this condition, the captive will never dare to even think of disobedience set aside rebellion against his captor.

Iranians by majority have Stockholm Syndrome. 1400 years of slavery to Islam, another 30 years of slavery to IRI, and submission to Islam, Imam and Quran had turned them to obedient slaves to Arabo-Muslim and Mullahs rather than creative entrepreneurs and independent Persians!

No one in Iran knows who was Yaqub Leis Saffarid (Liberator of Iran from Arabs) but everyone knows who was Hussein, Hassan, Ali and other Arab murderers!

222 Years of Struggle for Independence of Iran (651 AD - 873 AD)

By majority, Iranians are ignorant to their own history! For 1400 years, they have been taught in schools that Arabo-Muslim had liberated them from Sassanid Persian Emperors! For 30 years, IRI have been teaching them that before Islam, they were Fire Worshipers and history of Iran basically starts from 1400 years ago when Islam invaded and occupied Iran! According to IRI, the most important part of the Iranian history starts on 1978 when Khomeini and Mullahs successfully committed to the Islamic Revolution and established the 2nd AIOG (Arabo-Islamic Occupational Government). Once again the 2nd Invasion Occupation of Iran by this time Half-Breeds, becomes the “Liberation of Iran”!

Iranians by majority are historically illiterate! They need to study their own history:

Iran History Index

Even their well schooled liberals, such as a cute chunky woman in this video, claims that Iran has 5000 years of history. This Schauleh Sahba obviously wrote the script and she is also historically illiterate!

8000 Years of Iranian History

Iranians by majority are unaware of the latest scientific, archeological, and historical discoveries about their own history! When you don’t know your own history, and past, how can you build your future?

Baba jan, read a page of IPC a day, it would keep the ignorance away!

The most schooled but not educated liberal Iranians in the west assume that pacifism is great and a noble cause!

The reality is that pacifism is similar to syphilis! It eats your brains out! Pacifism is the reason that IRI is still in power! It took Ukraine 2 weeks to overthrow the Russian backed occupational dictatorial regime and now on daily basis they are moving towards the true democracy. It has been 30 years and Iranians due to Stockholm Syndrome and Syphilis of Pacifism cannot get rid of IRI!

Freedom requires War

Iranian Americans must comprehend that they live their beautiful and free lives in America and enjoy their 1001 freedoms in America because the founding fathers such as Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, and tens of thousands of other Americans had fought with their blood and skin of their teeth with the Imperial British Armed Forces for independence!

You live in America and enjoy your freedoms because of War, not Peace. No freedom can be gained by peace. No where in the history of the world, democracy was built via peace, not even in South Africa.

To gain democracy and freedom, you must fight, kill, shed blood and commit to War.

Pacifism is not noble, but it is disgraceful.
Pacifism is not intelligent, but stupid.
Pacifism is not glorious, but a disease.

War is noble, smart and glorious.

Of course sissy, faggy, queer loudmouth pacifists of Berkley and Gay Town of San Francisco do not have the courage, conscience, guts and balls to commit to a war, a revolution or a coup to overthrow IRI. They prefer to maintain the status quo and bang each other’s butts and choochools! They are corrupt, despicable, degenerates and the dirt bags of the Iranian Community.

How the hell are we going to free Iran by pacifism?

Imagine if Cyrus The Great was a pacifist! The Persian Empire would have never been born!
Imagine if George Washington was a pacifist! United States of America would never been formed!

Hezbollah (Jahanshah Javid) and IRI Lobbyists (Trita Parsi) know exactly which buttons to push with these liberals! They throw out words like:

Brotherly Love
War Mongers
Hate Groups
Make Love, Don’t Fight
War is not the Answer
Don’t be Sexists
Don’t be Racists
And other Bull Shiite …..

They know what terminology to use in and NIAC to attract these wanna be intellectuals but in fact "In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls"!

These liberals feed on these cheap words, just throw a bunch of these cheap words at them and they follow you like a pack of buffaloes or a herd of sheep!

Jahanshah Javid and Trita Parsi know exactly which buttons to push and then they got these cheeseball celebrities or wanna be celebrities in the bag! These liberals have no brains of their own; they are incapable of thinking independently, logic and analysis of the big picture. They want to be popular, cheer for peace and be branded as the intellectuals and the “In Crowd”. They are nothing but tools in the hands of Hezbollah.

Let’s dig deeper

When first we went to their cheesy Youtube page and with us we brought massive viewership from around the world, they just stood there amazed like typical dumb liberal cheeseballs in a field of prairies with their right hands’ thumbs in their butts and their left hands’ pinkies in between their teeth, wondering what happened?!

They patted on each other’s backs for the sudden jump in their viewership; little did they know that we caused the jump by mass e-mailing the Iranian and the American media, also the Iranian political parties!

Primarily they released no information to us. Then they blocked freedom of speech and marked a few opposing voice in the comments area as spam so no one would read them! Only after we exposed them for double standards and allowing their buddies to speak out but opposing voices to shut out, then suddenly they allowed some to talk.

They Say – I Say

Liberal Reformists say majority of Iranians are Anti War, Anti US Invasion-Liberation, even Anti Iranian Opposition to take on the IRI! Iranians will take care of their own problems.

I say,a big No, Iranians could not taken care of themselves because after 30 years, IRI is still in power and country is practically destroyed. Iranians inside have Stockholm Syndrome. All the Iranian brains had moved out or are moving out.

Liberal Reformists say that they represent the majority of the Iranian people! In fact this video represents the majority of the Iranian people!

I say
, Iranian Opposition to IRI, Iranian Student Movement, Iranian Resistance and Masses of Iran who are Anti IRI, makeup 80 % to 90 % of the Iranian population in exile and inxile (exiled inside Iran in their own nation)! Liberal Pacifists, Liberal Reformists, Fundamentalist, Moderate and Reformist Hezbollah, IRI Lobby Groups and other Hezbos makeup only 10 % to 20 % of the Iranian population in exile and inxile.

Introducing Different Faces of Iran to America!

I simply could not end this article without mentioning this issue. This is so politically incorrect, but then again since when have I ever given a rat’s ass about political correctness?!

During our trade of words with these liberals on the Youtube video page, one Liberal Bimbette (not a fully grown Bimbo, but a small one) came up with this logic (it went something like this):

“The purpose of this video was to show different faces of Iran to America. The average American sees Ahmadinejad as the face of Iran. So we wanted to show them the different faces of Iran. Have you guys (IPC crew) ever lived in small town USA? They are hostile towards Iranians, so we wanted to display different faces than Ahmadinejad for them to see, to better understand Iranians.”

Then suddenly one smart mouth stated:

“I have never seen so many ugly people in my life!”

As soon as he said that, they censored him, blocked him and marked him as spam! That’s how democratic the liberals are!

Basically anyone who said anything against these liberals were marked as spam, blocked to talk and shutten up! This is typical liberal behavior:

Control the people and individual rights by creation of the big government and then take away their rights one by one: rights to free speech, freedom of press, rights to own and carry guns, rights to …

But seriously, these people in the video (mostly) are some of the ugliest Iranians that I have ever seen (riot, killer)! Where the hell did Ms. Shambool (Schauleh), the Jewish Queen, had found these people?

I got a theory. These people are all from San Francisco Bay Area and we’all (that’s southern) know that liberals are ugly (need government handouts for plastic surgery), so that’s why all ugly Iranian liberals had moved over there! Poor Ms. Shambool (Schauleh) could not find any pretty Iranians! Ms. Shambool (Schauleh) herself is not bad looking, maybe she had to play in her own video to show a different face of Iran to America?!

For God’s sake one guy looked like Hitler on crack, One woman scared the BeJesus out of me, Shahrnush Parsipour scared me straight, Jahanshah Javid looked like a escaped wild Hog from San Diego Zoo who ran away to San Francisco, One guy looked like Genghis Khan the Mongol, One woman looked like the Night of the Living dead, one guy looked Zambo (Mix of black and red Indian), and then we’all (that’s southern) know that Maz Jobrani looks like a fashion model (riot, murder, killer)!!!!

No wonder the small town USA freaks out! I mean they call me the Redneck Iranian, so if I was living in a small town USA and I had never seen Iranians before, just one look at this video and I would panic! I would develop a Racist bone against these people! For God’s sake, these people are not just foreign looking but they are alien looking and out of this world!

Oh Lordi Lordi Lord, save me from them God Damn Ugly Eye-Rainians, hallelujah!

Eye-Rainian and Iranian

Surely we cannot stereotype Iranians. Iran is basically an empire of races. We have White Aryans (Persians, Parthians and Meds), Mixes, Orientals (Turkmen), Blacks (South), Arabs, Jews, Indians (South East), and so many races in Iran. One can’t say that this or that is a typical Iranian look. But hey, these people in the video were abominations!

If there is a general definition for “Ugly”, then these people are it! If I was a typical Redneck from small town USA, I would become racist against these people! For God’s sake haven’t you heard about plastic surgery? Get Anousheh Ansari to pay for everyone’s plastic surgery bills!

It is amazing how Iranians are so shallow, superficial and so concern about their looks that right and left they are visiting the beauty parlors and plastic surgeons, but these people in the video must have been living on the other side of the mountain and never even heard of a hair stylist or conditioners!

The funny thing is that after hearing these comments, right away they went and created the second version of the video and added a few bleach blondes to the crew! This supposed to make Iranians to look Anglo-Saxon! Why not use real blonde Iranians? This made the situation worst! Now the video could be named:

The Ugly, The Uglier and The Ugliest (An Iranian Western)!

There is a Persian Expression, which goes like this:

Shashideh taresh kardeh, rideh bad taresh kardeh!
(First she pissed and made it wet, but next she shiited all over it and made it worst!)

Praise be upon Allah!

Dear Ms. Shambool (Schauleh) the Jewish Queen, for Yahweh’s sake don’t make Americans more prejudice against Iranians than they already are! Don’t show this bloody video to anyone else! For Moses’ sake get some good looking or at least normal looking Iranians to play in your video! The video is called:

Voices for Peace
The Iranian Halloween!

I was scared Shiite-less just looking at your video! There are no shortages of handsome and gorgeous Iranians! I am one and Haji Kuchike is another! Let me check on Haji Kuchike, wait let me grab him down there, get a good hold of him and pull him out, oh …. Yeh, yeeeeh here he is, let me check out his face, yeh he is still as gorgeous as ever! So Haji and I are two good looking Iranians that can be starring in a Hollywood production (Iranian Style)! I am sure we can manage to find more!

What did you say? Trita Parsi? No Noooo For God’s sake not him! That is the only thing missing in this video! Wolfman, Frankenstein, Dracula, Igor and Ivan are present, only Trita Parsi was missing! With him, it will be a complete video of the “Iran’s Most Ugly People”! Trita Parsi, the Weasel in action! Let me grab my silver bullet!

Trita Parsi of NIAC
The Rare Specie of the Persian Weasel
Top IRI Lobbyist in USA

So folks, as you can see, these liberals are basically damaging our reputation in the world. We are a nation of beautiful people, but what they show to the world are our rejects!

They want to cure America from looking at Ahmadinejad’s face, but they are replacing:

Death with the Disease!
Death (Ahmadinejad) with the Disease (Iranian Liberal Reformists)!

You be the judge!

End Notes

Basically Iranians would do anything to get rid of this regime. This garbage (video) does not represent the thought patterns of the majority of Iranians. This video is a Hezbollah, IRI Lobbyists and Liberal Reformists' joint production.

Anyone who is willing to pick up a pen or a gun to fight IRI is my brother and sister. Iran needs freedom fighters with balls, not ignorant celebrities who align themselves with Hezbollah to create garbage such as this video.

At the end of the day, you are either on the side of the masses of Iran or on the side of Hezbollah. These celebrities may want to watch very carefully about what they preach today, because tomorrow after the liberation, they have to answer to the masses of Iran about this video.

They refused to answer our questions and they become flat out hostile. Then they censored freedom of speech (liberal style)! The point is that who really benefits from videos such as this? You guessed it, Hezbollah and IRI Lobby Groups and surely the Islamic Regime.

Allow me to clarify this issue for once and for all.

I am Not a Pacifist

Not that I am not a pacifist, yet I believe that Pacifism brings misery, death and disease and general poverty to Iran. Pacifism causes the status quo to maintain. Pacifism guarantees IRI to remain in power for another 30 years. Pacifism is a disease.

I am a Proud War-Monger (Bleed Liberals …. Bleed)

Let me put it this way,

I do not preach and support the US Invasion of Iran. I believe it is a tactical and strategical mistake to invade Iran.

I do preach for US Government to support the Iranian Opposition, so we can take on the IRI on our own.

I don’t believe that Iranians on their own can remove IRI from power. They need help from everyone. How can disarmed masses of Iran who had lost their will to fight or make a slight move against the IRI, commit to an uprising against the most blood thirsty regime in the world only second to Nazi Germany?

That is why we moved on to

Moral Revolution, the Alternative Tactic

I believe that Iranian Opposition should educate the Iranians to the point that they will be ready for an uprising, rebellion and a political revolution.

On the other hand, even though I am not pro US Invasion-Liberation of Iran, yet if it will occur and if the land invasion starts, then I would be the first to jump in, go to Iran, and fight side by side the US Troops against IRI Armed Forces. I will gladly slaughter as many Hezbollah, Basiji, Revolutionary Guards, Qods Units and other IRI Armed Forces as I can. I do not consider these people Iranian. They are half-breed Arabo-Muslim occupiers of Iran.

It is their sons and daughters in America who create this type of video, lobby for IRI, publish pro Reformist Hezbollah online websites and preach pacifism! These are sons and daughters of Akhunds, Mullahs, Haji Bazaaris and Oil Mafia living in USA and posing as Iranian Americans. These people are neither American, nor Iranian. They are traitors to America, Iran and the Free world.

Soon or late, all thinking Iranians at some point of their lives must decide between:

Islam or Iran?

You can’t be both! You can’t be an Iranian and also a Muslim! Same as you can’t be:

A Black KKK!
A Nazi Jew!

No everlasting peace is possible without the war. Reforms under the framework of Islam is a joke and impossible (Reformist Nonsense). The only way to remove IRI is by force. Sheer hardcore violence is necessary to remove IRI. Islam came to Iran by force and will leave Iran by force.

Freedom requires sacrifice and bloodshed. War guarantees freedom and democracy.

Liberal Pacifist mentality is the reason that IRI has been in power for 30 years. Liberal Pacifists had never before and can never now and surely shall never in the future establish anything, aside prolonging the life of IRI.

War is great. Iranians need a good war to become strong again. War builds character. War avoids one to become a fat, chubby, spineless, liberal reformist. War is good. War, Bloodshed, Hate and Anger are necessary to make a “Change”.

War creates Change
Change creates Revolution
Revolution creates Evolution
Evolution creates Progress

Change is good, War is great.

Freedom, Human rights, Secularism, Federalism and Democracy will only become established in Iran via massive revolution, coup, war and bloodshed.

Liberal Pacifists who believe that petitions, peaceful protests, holding hands and singing Kumbaya, peace videos, gay activism and sit-outs would do anything, are dreaming fools.

A general strike and work out by most majority of the Iranians can make a change, but Iranians are too pussywhipped to do so. This leaves us with a War, a Revolution and a Massive bloodshed.

Dear Liberal Pacifists, please stop collaborating with Hezbollah and IRI Lobby Groups, creating cheesy peace videos. Go join hands with Michael Moore, George Soros, Jane Fonda and Cindy Sheehan in a fine session of Kumbaya My Lord Kumbaya songs, pray to your God to bless America, Iran and the World, and for your God’s sake do some Gay marriage and get it over with!

Dear Liberal Pacifists, leave the politics and Revolution to us, real men and women of Iran with gigantic size balls, size of the Empire States.

Always Remember …

Always remember that the reason that Iran of yesterday was the Persian Empire and the Iran of today is a measly terrorist state is because of your pacifism.

Always remember that Pacifism is a disease. War is good, builds character, makes you strong and liberates you from dictators.

Always remember that you have your freedoms in America because brave men and women fought wars.

And finally, always remember that:

“Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated.”

Read a page of IPC a day,
It will keep the Quran away.

Folks, these Reformist Hezbollah, IRI Lobby Groups, Liberal Reformists and video makers are trying to get PBS and other stations to air this video as a public service announcement. I don’t know public service to who? Hezbollah or Islamists? Anyone who participated in the making of this video is a traitor to America, Iran and the Free World.

Political Ignorance is no excuse to align yourself with Hezbollah!

Expose Reformist Hezbollah and IRI Lobby

Expose these people any which way that you can, inform America that these people do not represent Iran and Iranians, and surely these people do not represent Iranian Americans. These people are only a small margin of the Iranian population inside and outside Iran. Post Anti Video statements and Anti Video articles in PBS blog section made for this video:

Hezbollah – IRI Lobby Groups’ attempt for PBS to air this video

Make your voice to be heard. Follow up on their links in and Youtube, so anywhere they show up to pledge to any other American Media to air them, you can also be present to show your disgust and opposing voice.

Ms. Schauleh Vivian Sahba, a member of

If you are too lazy to post your voice, then all you have to do is to just post the link to this article in the blog. But mostly expose, inform and educate the American and Iranian public about the nature of IRI Lobby Groups, Hezbollah and their attempts such as creation of this video to prolong the life of IRI.

We (IPC) are here to support:

Iranian Democratic Movement
Iranian Student Movement
Iranian Opposition

IPC Iran Movement

More power to All Freedom Fighters of Iran

Pure Persian Pride

Dr. X

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