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War on Iran
Yani Nikolai
June 8, 2008

These days it is common we see in the news; of Iran and its nuclear affairs, we see Iranians both for and against the western policies on the nuclear program, but the question is do Iranians know what they are talking about when answering to this issue. I have noticed also people say that no military action should be taken against Iran, but again let’s analyze this clearly and see if this can make full sense with Iran’s current situation, and also do Iranians know what they are talking about when they call for “democracy”; the question is what “democracy” and what is “democracy”? All in all should the world unite against Islamist Iran, both Iranians and non-Iranians in and outside the country fight against the tyranny, intolerant and mischievous government in Iran?

An Islamic Republic, which bases its ideologies on the theocratic politics of Islam SHOULD NOT by any means be trusted with nuclear power. Although Ahmadinejad and the clerics claim it’s for peaceful purposes only, these are the same people who follow a religion of intolerance spread by the sword, the same government that said “Israel should be wiped of the map”, the same government that has persecuted Jews, Christians and Baha’i’s in Iran and the same government who denies the holocaust of innocent Jews (not necessarily Zionists).

Many people claim that depriving Iran of nuclear power is unjust and makes the people suffer not the government. The answer to these people is, that is the price Iranians will have to pay because of their government, if Iranian people really want something done about it then they should do it by putting their words into actions, stopping support for their government, and stop laying back in fear of what might happen, because if everyone had thought this way then the whole world would run on dictatorship. This is not to be harsh on fellow Iranians but why should the world suffer in fear from Iran’s behalf given also that it was the fault of foolish Iranians back in the late 70’s who believed an Islamic Republic can be “democratic” and yet all these years haven’t been successful in over throwing them. It’s time for Iranians to have less talk and more action, if Nepal can do it then so can Iran.

People often say that the Western powers like America and Britain are bullies and do not allow for other countries to have their own cultural policies. If this was the case then why are the West allied with Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and why is it that Israelis hate Muslim yet they too are allied with Turkey (with a 99% Muslim population), almost all of Turkey’s government officials are Muslims. Therefore saying the West have a war with Islam is thus nonsense. Without countries like the USA and the UK this world would be more astray than it is today, we need countries like the USA and the UK in order to keep some kind of justice flowing in this world. This is not to say however that America and Britain are perfect, they have made their fair share of deceits and mistakes, e.g. Jimmy Carter’s government betraying our Shah and the lack of thought going into Iraq.

Why I criticise the Iraq war is because although I believe Saddam should have been overthrown by whatever means necessary as he was a tyrant, killed many of his own people and persecuted thousands, Iraq has now got an uphill task of fending off Islamic theocrats wanting to turn Iraq into another Iran. Iraq therefore was much better off under Saddam than any Islamic government; let’s not forget under the Baath Party of Iraq, Iraq’s men and women were made completely equal (read the 1970 Constitution of Iraq), it was also not compulsory for Iraqi women to wear hijab. What about Tariq Aziz a high-posted official, the deputy Prime Minister to be exact he was NOT Muslim he was Christian and allied to Saddam. Let’s not forget also who were the real instigators of the Iran-Iraq war, need I remind anyone that when Khomeini came to power he said he wanted to export the Islamic Republic to Iraq.

In Iran’s current situation, Iranians for nearly 30 years have not managed to pick themselves back up for fear of the outcome and for pure neglect, I believe military action against Iran from the west should be considered. Many (but not all) Iranian youths are beginning to care less about politics and lack understanding of what is truly best for Iran, many Iranians fear the loss of innocents in war, however if everyone kept thinking about innocents getting killed all the time then again this world would run on dictatorship in almost every nation. It is a sad and harsh reality but in war people get killed, but this would be fighting for the freedom of our country and bringing about a security for our country’s future were at the moment hundreds die and get tortured in persecution every year. Why shouldn’t the west invade Iran, we haven’t managed to do it ourselves and more people are getting brainwashed by other so-called “freedom fighters” of the regime itself, aka the Reformists. As an Iranian I would die for my country’s freedom alone, where I know I could set a path for future generations of Iranians who can live the lifestyle of any citizen of a true democratic country. Should Iran like Iraq have divisions after a war it is still our chance to bring about democracy, the root of the problem is over once the Islamic Regime is out and further guaranteeing that no other will come in its place with the aid of the west. In Iraq the problem is with the Islamic Theocrats particularly Shia’s however in Iran this is already the problem thus anything after this would make us better off either way.

Given all this I did however FULLY support and still support the war in Afghanistan, I believe the Americans should not leave until Taliban is completely obliterated, this is a situation just as bad a Iran (not worse as many claim). Let me outline why it is not worse, because on one hand the Taliban are straight forward with who they are and people although hide their opinions from them, the vast majority disagreed with them and their regime. In Iran however the Reformists paint this picture of an “Islamic Democracy” giving young Iranians (who know of no other life to live outside Iran) a false sense of security within their nation, by giving them a few extra liberties they think this is democracy or something that leads to democracy, this has caused a culture clash among young Iranians.

Cleverly the regime allowed some materialistic possessions (which were originally opposed by the Khomeini government) which obviously grabbed the attention of many young Iranians who wished to be westernized, the Reformists now had the ammunition to aim their policies on the youth and keep themselves in power, not necessarily as just a party but as a regime. Many young Iranians now believe that the Reformists can bring about democracy in the Islamic Republic, which not only keeps the Islamic Republic alive but also keeps the immoral standard of Iran as an Islamic State through its constitution, therefore no matter how Liberal Iran becomes, it is still a theocratic state but this belief that Iran can become more liberal under Islam is also a myth. This is the fault of Iranians trusting modern Islamists like Shirin Ebadi and Khatami. It does not matter how moderate they are or portray to be, if they are both supporters of the Islamic Republic that is enough to say “no” to them, they are nothing but gimmicks to brainwash the Iranian public into sticking with the regime by whatever means necessary.

With the implementation of materialism relaxed by the government of Khatami and through no choice of Ahmadinejad in order to keep the regimes popularity (although his ideology is pro-Khomeini from the time of the revolution) many Iranians now claim they could not care less about politics but now just wish for some freedom of speech and a few extra liberties to keep them going, which thus makes both sides “happy”, the problem is when youths go off politics in the globalised materialistic world, it is hard for them to understand the implications behind their ignorance and lack of understanding. The mind of the young going astray from politics is exactly what the government wants or in fact needs in order to keep their heads above water.

Another example of the government’s efforts to get people’s minds off politics is to get their youths on drugs (although claimed to be illegal) this has been practised in Iran since the time of the revolution. This is not to suggest that materialism in general is totally a bad thing but just the way the Islamic regime have used it to their advantage by luring in Iranians for their own gain and of course many of the Iranians who fall for it start believe in it. Iranians must therefore learn not to give into the government or fall for anything that it does or says, or get persuaded by anyway that can lead into the government’s grips.

Any country can call themselves a “democracy”, even countries in similar positions like Iran such as North Korea, they call themselves the ‘Democratic People’s Republic of Korea aka the DPRK, but North Korea runs on complete tyranny and personality cult which if anyone answers to, would be heavily persecuted. They have one form of government and no regime has the right to complete control, similar to what happens in Iran. Therefore those who claim Iran should be or is an “Islamic Democracy” are only reiterating the same form of government we have now, where all political parties are bounded by the SAME regime no matter who anyone votes for, it’s just a different party within the same Islamic regime, so you have different parties but the same (overall) rubbish. Realistically Iran does not even fall into this category; the amount of Reformists that have been put in jail by conservatives are phenomenal. In a real Democratic system one can say as they wish of any parallels of governments with the freedom and dignity that a country deserves, and although one has the right to an opinion no one has the right to violate the democracy that provides everyone with a freedom of rights, choice, expression and equality, this is what democracy really stands for and real democracy itself should NEVER be violated.

Therefore a Reformed version of the Islamic Republic is not enough, if Iranians are not willing to stand up and revolt themselves, then I believe we should make way for the West to annihilate the regime once and for all. This then brings me to my next opinion, Iranians of America should vote for no other than McCain in the next presidential election, the Republicans are the only party that will keep the pressure on Iran and defeat the Islamic regime by whatever means necessary. Need I remind Iranians that the democrats have betrayed us in the past under Jimmy Carter and it looks as though the current leader of the Democrats; Barack Obama is looking to compromise with the Mullahs, so if Iranians in the USA wish to guarantee a relaxed Islamic Regime for the next 4 years (at least) then carry on.

Iran is not an Islamic country; we have had different religions over the course of thousands of years, particularly the main ones such as Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Baha’i so who has the right to say we are a Muslim country given also these religions still exist today and were greater in number in pre-revolution era? 1400 years of Islam forced on us in the 7th century does not justify this, we are multi religious, multi ethnic and multi cultural Persian nation, and demographics means nothing other than numbers. What Islam has done to our nation is unforgivable, what the “prophet” Mohammad did to the world is unforgivable, Iranians who claim themselves to be Muslims should really start looking into their history books and ask themselves can they truly be Persian and Muslim at the same time without at least accepting what Islam has done to us over the years?

Many claim fighting for Democracy for our troubled nation!

Yani Nikolai

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