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Washington - Tehran, Cat and Mouse Games!
(Then and Now)
Washington - Tehran, Cat and Mouse Games!
(Then and Now)
Ahreeman X
November 25, 2007


Why don't we do a political analysis about the Iranian Situation from a different angle, the political wide spectrum view?! Let's simplify and clarify the issues! Let's talk about then and now. We will analyze the issues in this order and manner:

I. Washington, Then (1979)
II. Tehran, Then (1979)
III. Washington, Now (2007)

* A Comparison
IV. Tehran, Now (2007)
* Political Opera: Cat and Mouse
- Act One
- Act Two
- Act Three
- Act Four

V. Analysis and Conclusion

So let the political analysis begin,

Washington, Then (1979)

CIA made the greatest miscalculated risk about the Iranian Affairs. Carter's Administration with absolute Foreign Policy Ignorance, had shown this miscalculated Risk, a Green Light and a Go Order to The Islamists. The results were catastrophic. On the paper, the plan looked logical, yet in practice, it became disastrous! Carter's Regime in association with wise advisors from CIA, Pentagon and State Department had decided to push the Human Rights Issue, not to support Shah of Iran, send Mixed Signals to the Shah about a Green Light or a Red Light to use extreme force with the so called Revolutionaries yet in fact Reactionaries, and ultimately to cause the Downfall of the Imperial Regime and Creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The plan was to create a Green Islamic Belt around the Communist USSR to protect the benefits of the West. This whole episode, had backfired in the face of America and excluded United States from the benefits of having a strong Ally such as the Imperial Iran in the region; furthermore, creation of a strong enemy as its replacement, the IRI in the region. Carter's Foreign Policy had led America to The Blind Alley!

This new enemy became the central heart to support the Islamist Terrorism in the globe and this new enemy was called, Islamic Republic of Iran! Both the creation of Taliban in Afghanistan and Zaleman (Oppressing Mullahs) in Iran had blown up in the face of America! The Green Belt around the USSR had formed and eventually ended in Disintegration of the USSR and Global Communism, yet instead, a various number of Ex Soviet and Present Independent Republics had formed; however, the religion of these Republics and their people were Islam. The nature of Islam is political and ultimately the creation of a number of Islamic Republics were in the agenda of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran)! Republics of Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, kirghizistan and Tajikistan were formed and now, the only issue was to convert them to Islamic Republics! Islamic Rebellion had even started in Chechnya, technically a part of Russia! CIA started the creation of The Islamic Belt (Green Belt) around the USSR, yet ultimately European Powers, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Italy became the Top Four Trading partners with IRI and benefited from the creation of all these republics! Japan was even cashing in on the newfound resources and fortune! It seemed like everything had backfired in America's face!

As soon as America started to Wheel and Deal with these newly found nations, she found an illogical theocratic Islamic Fundamentalist Adversary at the gates of all these Republics' Capitals, waiting to replicate the same format of the Islamic Republic in all of these newly found nations and ultimately to annex them as satellites, commonwealths or states of the Islamic Republic of Iran! So America went door to door, trying to control each of these Ex Soviet Republics, yet they found Islamic Republic of Iran nosing at each door!

Thanks to Carter, Democrats and CIA, the whole region was in shambles now! The police of the neighborhood (Imperial Iran) did not exist anymore, so, little Thugs like Saddam Hussein, risen up to swallow the region and endanger the flow of oil to America and the West. Much worst than that, was the active financial support, military training and political support of the IRI, behind all Islamist Terrorist Groups located in the Middle East and Near East! IRI had even created new terror groups such as Hezbollah of Lebanon! Imam Ruhollah Khomeini started the whole fad and hype of the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism in the world.

Suicide Bombing, Islamic Extremism, Martyr Attacks, Hostage Taking, Jihad against the West, Israel and America were baked in the bread ovens of Qom and Tehran by the Iranian Neo Imams and Iranian Hezbollah! Only then, these bread behaviors and acts had distributed and transferred to Hezbollah of Lebanon and other Terrorist Groups all over the region! Eventually Neo Wahabi Sunni Fundamentalism was also born and combinely with Neo Shiite Fundamentalism of Tehran, they supported all Islamist Terror Groups from Bosnia all the way to Tajik Fundamentalists or from Chechnya all the way to Palestinian PLO, Al Hamas and Al Jihad (both Egyptian and Palestinian branches)! The whole region was now infected with Islamist Fundamentalism. Communism died, yet a new hidden, covert, and much more dangerous enemy was created who did not even played by the rules and international laws! Islamic Fundamentalism was born and became West's Neo Nightmare, many thanks to idiotic moves due to Disastrous Foreign Policies of Democrats, Carter and CIA! Democrats always had a weak point (Foreign Policy) and it had finally caused a global disaster, which resulted in 9/11 and on going problems!

Tehran, Then (1979)

Shah had many dreams, big dreams of reaching the "Great Civilization", to recapture the Golden Age of the Persian Empire, to make Iran in the same level as Germany and Japan, to drag Iran out of Backwardness and push it towards the Industrial and then Information Age and ultimately Super Powerdom! Shah became too powerful, too independent, too progressive and indeed too fast to achieve his goals! Shah became too arrogant too soon. He clearly was speaking or more likely threatening United States, that if America would not obey OPEC's will (Ultimately his will, because he was the leader of OPEC), prices, and fork over the desired Jet Fighters, Tanks and other weapons, then by the will of all mighty, Imperial Iran would easily start shopping from the Soviets and trade with Tavarish Bears!

Shah clearly stated that Iran is a "Socialist Imperial" Regime, unique in the world! Shah had an interview which had published in major papers and in this interview, he openly stated that Iran's regime is a Monarchy, precisely Imperial, yet the social system desired and operational in Iran is Socialism. He stated that we can see Socialism in action in Iran and we are moving towards Socialism in the future of Iran, so indeed, this makes Iran a Socialist Imperial Regime, unique in the globe!

Shah was sending troops to Fight Yemenis Backed Communist Guerillas and to save Sultanate of Oman's Regime. Shah was the protector of Arabs of the Southern Gulf, police of the neighborhood, a balancing power and the mediator between Israel and Arabs, always playing the role of the great politician, police, Mediator Judge and Peace Keeper in the whole region.

At that time, Iran had more F 14 Jet Fighters than United States who created them! CIA became uneasy about the power of Shah and afraid that the Imperial Iran could even swallow the Middle East in whole and cut off the flow of oil to the West! Shah already controlled OPEC and raised the price of oil to a reasonable price and with his military might, he could take over the Middle East in a few months! What would have stopped him? West wanted cheap oil and wanted it now! So Shah had to go, Khomeini had to come, Imperial Regime had to go, Islamic Belt had to come, Iranian Nationalism had to go, little Toy Puppets and Tools as "Objects of Treason" such as Jebhe Meli Iran, Tudeh Communist Party, Nehzat Azadi, Fadayeen Aksariyat and other Mali Mazhabi Groups had to aid the engineering and creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran. All these criminals were used as tools to bring the Imperial Regime down and to create an Islamic Regime! Eventually Mother Islam (Imam Khomeini) had eliminated all these groups, one by one out of the Iranian politics and thanked them by mass murdering, jailing and exiling them! Since then, some of these groups turned against the Islamic Regime and joined the Iranian Opposition (Mojahedin, Fedayeen, etc.) but until this day, some of these groups had remained as puppet toys to the Mullahs (Jebhe Meli)!

Shah's problems were lack of secularism, federalism, democracy and most of all Education in Iran! Iranian people needed Education, way before Industrialization, Modernization, Super Powerdom Dreams, golden Age of Achaemenids, and his "Great Civilization"! Imperial Iran was a Golden Pot full of Shiite! It was Golden and Shinny from outside, yet flooded with Shiite Brownies from inside! Oodles and oodles of uneducated, superstitious, backwarded fanatical Shiites all over the nation and Shah was dreaming of the "Great Civilization"! No wonder Shah considered the masses as his children, himself as the Father and stated to Foreign Media, that his Children would be lost without their Father! Children need a Father to lead them! Shah was pushing the Education but obviously not hard enough, besides, Educating The Cattle (Gav o Guspandan) takes time! Unfortunately, Shah's reforms were too much, too fast and not digestible by the Reaction of Black (Shiite Islam) and Reaction of Red (Communism/Leftism)!

Many Democratic entities had sought Democracy and they were disappointed by oppression of Shah and that's why they were pushed to the wrong side to help the Reaction of 1979; however, they had a choice and the choice was to join the regime for mass education of the Iranians, before handing them Democracy! Criminals of Jebhe Meli or Hezbe Tudeh did not work with the regime to educate the Gav o Guspand and then hand them Democracy, but they preferred to Engineer and Blue Print the Reaction of 1979 and bring Khomeini and the Mullahs to power! This was their calling in life rather than working with the Imperial Regime to reform.

Imperial Regime, unlike the Islamic Theocracy, was reformable. Toy Puppets like Jebhe Meli Iran, preferred to Destroy a progressive regime of the "Imperial Iran" and bring up the reactionary regime of the "Islamic Republic of Iran"! These buffoons preferred to Destroy Iran, rather to Build Iran! What can we expect from an old feudal aristocrat land owner (Senior) Wanna Be Democrat, such as Mosadeq ol Saltaneh, who dreamed of closing down Majlis (Parliament), who dreamed of ruling Iran (and he did for 2 whole days), who dreamed of Fuhrer-ship in Democratic clothings, as their (Jebhe Meli's) Founder?! Eventually, when Shah committed his Land Reforms, the Feudal Land Owners (Arbab) who have been oppressing the Peasants (Ra'yat), were damaged economically. Due to distribution of lands by the Shah, feudals were hurt! Aristocrat Land Owners never forgiven Shah for the land reforms.

Jebhe Meli's history of crimes against Iran, did not start from 1979, yet it started in the 50s and specifically from 1953. History of Kachalan Criminals, goes all the way from 50s until this day. In-tell-egg-chew-alls of the Social Democratic type, always had put the benefits of their pockets above the benefits of Iran and always searched for position, money, opportunity, and power before they had searched Salvation for Mother Persia! The crimes started with Mosadeq ol Saltaneh, continued with Sanjabi, Boroumand and then Parviz Varjavand! Yes friends, who is a more direct threat to independence and prosperity of Iran, Jebhe Meli or Hezbe Tudeh?! Mullahs did not have brains, Jebhei and Tudehi were Mullahs' brains who engineered the Islamic Republic of Iran!

I used to say: "Shah, made many mistakes, but his positive actions put on the scale were much heavier than his negative actions. Overall, Alahazrat was a progressive factor, he was no Reza Shah The Great (Father of the Nation and his father), but he was a nationalist and a progressive man." So Imperial Iran went out of picture and Islamic Iran had replaced it and this move had backfired in the face of America, yet rewarding for the European Union!

Washington, Now (2007)

Today, due to Iranians' lack of education, the destiny of the Iranian Masses are being controlled by a Cat and Mouse Game between Washington and Tehran! Let me elaborate, Washington calls the shots by keeping Mullahs in their place and in line! How does Washington do it? By keeping Reza Pahlavi or Maryam Rajavi as "Scarecrows" or shall we say "Back Up Plans"! In Persian, the word is "LooLoo Khor-khoreh" meaning "The Bogeyman"! Even though, America lost the benefits of the Great Iranian Economic Markets and the Security of the Middle East (due to the ignorance and miscalculations of the Carter's Regime and CIA), yet today, Washington manages to somewhat leash Tehran and her support of Global Terrorism by a few Aces in the pocket! These Aces are certain so called Opposition Leaders, Groups and Media with very little backing inside Iran, yet on CIA's Payroll, also Scarecrows like Reza Pahlavi! Every two-bit, half-wit person in Iranian Politics, even Reza Pahlavi himself, knows that his followers and himself will never ever go back to rule Iran! They are well aware of this fact and the reason is not because Monarchists have no chance to rule Iran, yet it is because of the fact that Reza Pahlavi is not "Man of The Battle" and most important, he is not "The One" who can offer a Win/Win Situation to guarantee the benefits of The United States and Iran both! Reza Pahlavi, simply does not have it in himself to lead the opposition nor he has a great number of backing inside Iran. After his interview on CSPAN, if you have read my analysis:

Free as a Bird!

and if you have read my attempt to reason with him and his failing to respond:

The Dialogue Reza Pahlavi II Could Not Enter!

You can pretty much connect the patterns and get a conclusion that this man, even though a Nationalist, a Good Hearted Man, and a member of the Iranian Opposition, yet he is no Reza Shah The Great and not even Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi! It seems like this man has no trace of worthiness from his father or grandfather left in his genes! I do not want to put him down but I am a blunt person and masses do enjoy the bluntness in my words. Let's dig deep in to the history,

A Comparison

When Reza Shah, Father of Nation, was younger, he was a Cossack Guard riding horses, operating in tough conditions, roaming around the nation, bringing discipline to the nation as part of the security forces of Iran. In his older ages, before his public service in the office as the Shah, he was a rugged, tough, progressive, determined, secular, rough on the edges type of a person and man of the battle who had performed as a Cossack Guard Commander and later on Minister of Defense and War. Read:

Reza Shah The Great, The Real Story

When Reza Junior The Half Pahlavi (Nim Pahlavi) was a kid, he had a pet rodent, playing with his itsy bitsy Mickey Mouse, rat or whatever other rodent, impersonating a soccer player and also John Travolta in the Discotheques! Then he played the role of the Iranian Donald Trump in stock market and almost lost his Royal Ass and everything he owned, all due to bad investments, no economical knowledge, bad advice, and sad advisors and partners!

Our beloved Reza The Junior Mint, does not have an education, never ran a business, not even a small business, no heavy duty military or commando training, no knowledge of sociology, dead wrong in his analogies and the "As Is" and "To Be" Situations of the Iranian society. Today, he is a great Chef in the kitchen, plays the role of a HouseWife and Mr. Mom for his Lawyer husband, "Ms. Jasmine" (Yasmin) who has the pants on and is the BreadWinner and provider of the house!

Reza de Nim Pahlavi also made a deal with the Pahlavi Family and Some Iranian Wealthy Businessmen (of course under the supervision of Washington) to jump on the train of politics (after 20 years of silence) to create an image as an opposition leader and in return, the above groups will support his financial needs to go around and to conduct 5 minutes interviews with CNN and FOX or Iranian 24 Hour, Terribly Boring, Horribly Managed Iranian Cable Radios, Satellite TVs and Ragazines. He also has to drop by a university or two per season, to preach the speeches (pre written for him), about a couple of books supposedly written by him! The man is also religiously superstitious, simply because his Mother is also superstitious and in denial! To top of it all, a while back, he had become a Seyed Descendant to the Arab Prophet, Mohammed The Bandit (according to his mother's website), so this passive pacifist, non violent Seyed-e Olad-e Peyqambar, Seyed Reza de Nim Pahlavi, with his Tupperware, apron, kitchen recopies, Fragged Up sense of economy and pet mouse is the Iranian alternative to IRI for the creation of a Secular Democratic System! Vollah, I rest my case and here's your prince charming, pride and joy and hope for the future Iran. Here's your prayer! I may sound harsh but I am a blunt person, and being frank is my nature. Ball Polishing, Hand Kissing and Ass Kissing are not in my vocabulary, Honesty is my game and Ahreeman is my name!

The Persian Bogeyman (Looloo Khor-khoreh)

Washington has figured to keep the Nim Pahlavi as the Scarecrow for the Mullahs of Qom and as the LooLoo Khor-Khoreh or bogeyman and the back up plan to keep them Mullahs in line and in order to not exceed and expand their Terrorist Activities, allow the nation to move towards free elections and democracy a bit and if they step out of line, LooLoo Reza de Nim Pahlavi will erect up an interview or two with Media and threaten to land in Mehr Abad Airport! Of course when Washington doesn't call or loosen up the Gold Coin Bag's thread, LooLoo Reza Junior will disappear for 20 years at a time! Praise Allah! CIA money is what makes Reza Junior motivated!

Washington, also made this very clear to Ms. Maryam Rajavi that Mojahedin must disarm, put down all weapons, seek referendum (just like LooLoo Reza de Junior Mint), dismantle their army in Iraq (or As they say under lock) and struggle politically, so in return Washington will allow leaders of so-called NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran) including Maryam Joon, out of French Jails, maybe return their assets and dough to them and allow them to race for the future referendum and parliament! That's why all of a sudden, Mojahedin and their Side Kick Fedayeen Faction and other itsy bitsy Groups (members of NCRI), switched from Armed Struggle to Political Struggle! They moved from Extreme Overthrow of IRI to Referendum Referendum ........., this reminds me of the Theater play "Rochelle Rochelle" but it rhymes like "Referendum Referendum"! Give me a break! So, little by little, Mojahedin will move from Terrorist Status to Legitimate Opposition Status and of course French get to kiss up to America by playing the jail police and seize asset control agency for Mojahedin and their leaders in Paris, so they make it up to Washington for back stabbing of Operation Iraqi Freedom! One big Political Bull Shiite! By doing so, Washington had created her second LooLoo Khor-Khoreh in the form of "LooLoo-ette" or Bogeywoman and her name is Maryam Rajavi, president Erect and in Exile waiting to jump in office of the provisional government in Tehran! Now we got two Scarecrows for IRI:

LooLoo Reza de Junior Mint a la Nim Pahlavi
LooLoo-ette Maryam Joon-e Rajavi, The President Erect

Praise Washington and her architects in CIA, Pentagon, States Department, Senate and House!

...... and lets not forget the "Ashqal Goosht" (Left Over, Carved out and trimmed Fat from the Meat) Side Kicks like Iranian Junior Political Opposition Feeders (Leaders), Groups, 24 hour Radios, TVs, Ragazines, Internet Sites, and Forums in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. as Tofeyli Baby Joojoo Bears to El Grande Grizzly Bears, all and all on CIA's payroll! What an opposition (wanna be) manufactured in D.C. by the will of CIA. All these "Ashqal Goosht" chew each other's necks to get a piece of the pie from Mama CIA's coffee table! This is ultimate Low Life-ism, Iranian Style!

Now who's the Game Breaker? Who can change the odds and make a move for a change?

G. W. is! G. W. Bush is a mover and shaker and he is analyzing and doing some deep thinking on the future move in regard to Iran. He would like to make a move but he got his neck up to his chin in Shiite of the Iraqi and Afghani kind! No breathing ground or room to keep his nose above the Shiite Waters of Middle East; therefore, no more room to get involved in Iran! Sad news for Freedom loving Iranians!

Now who do you think is the Ace in the sleeve of G. W. Bush? Let's put it this way, who is the Game Breaker for Bush who acts as the Decision-Maker, Operating Hand, Engineer and The Foreign Policy Planer for The Washington?

Dr. Condoleezza Rice indeed! The Brain behind U.S. Foreign Policy (advisor) who basically offers and calls all the shots in regard to the Globe and of course Iran! Now this is very funny and hard to digest for Iranian Arrogant Aryan National Socialists and Ultra Nationalist Persians or Male Iranian Muslim Chauvinists! A Black Woman in The Yankee Land does ultimately decides on the future of Iran and how to go about it! Hee Hee Hee........... Condy Baby The Black Woman, ultimately will decides the faith of all these Iranian Aryan Nazis and Iranian Muslim Chauvinist Men! Hands of Destiny indeed! I bet with you, they are still choking on the idea or the thought of it! More power to Condy!

Tehran, Now (2007)

But does Tehran really gives a flying fandango about what Washington decides about the future of Iran? Tehran has been flipping the finger to US for decades!

What is Tehran up to now? Well, This is like a Cat and Mouse Game! This is the scenario of the Play:

Political Opera: Cat and Mouse (Washington = Cat and Tehran = Mouse)

Act One

Tehran becomes Bold! Tehran sends yearly salaries to Hezbollah of Lebanon, PLO, Al Hamas, Al Jihad (both Egyptian and Palestinian branches), Tajik Fundamentalists, Afghan Shiites, Iraqi Shiites, Bosnian Muslim, other buffoons......., Tehran trains Militant Muslim in Iran, Terrorist Training Camps gets built in Iran and all these Arabo_Muslim go to Iran, live in these camps, get trained by Sepah Pasdaran's (Revolutionary Guards) Elite "Qods" Force to become professional Terrorists, and go back to their lands to fight Global Zionism, Capitalism, and The Western Lifestyle. Tehran trains Terrorists or shall we call them Neo Islamist Martyrs (Shohada) to Jihad against The Great Satan, Zio Nazis and global Civilization to ultimately create the Islamic Empire and revive Caliphate or Imamate of Shiite! Tehran uses all tactics to achieve the desired strategy, including: Hostage Taking, Terrorist Training, Terrorist Funding, Turning Iran in to an Arab Terrorist Breathing Grounds, Suicide Bombing, Terrorist Political Supports, Sending Military Attaches to Arabo_Islamic Nations and Terrorist International Camps to supervise, train and organize the Shiite and Non Shiite Militant Islamists and other methods.

Act Two

Washington slaps IRI on the hand! Washington Erects Tool Toys as Scarecrows such as:

LooLoo Reza de Junior Mint a la Nim Pahlavi
LooLoo-ette Maryam Joon-e Rajavi, The President Erect

and of course Side Kick Iranian Junior Political Opposition Feeders (Leaders), Groups, 24 hour Radios, TVs, Ragazines, Internet Sites, Forums and etc.

Washington knows that Iranian Opposition has no FigureHead to unite them, lead them, nor has balls and/or being able to organize them; therefore, Washington creates LooLoo Sar Kharman or LooLoo Khor-Khoreh as Bogeymen and Bogeywomen to be pulled out (when needed) as Aces from her pocket, just to scare the Islamic Republic of Iran Mullahs to stay in line and behave like good Muslim boys! Sometimes Washington pulls some sanctions that no one follows or obeys, especially European Onion (Union)! Europe's Economy is strongly depending on the Iranian Oil, Natural Gas, Nuclear Metals, Precious Metals, Mining Products, Produce Products, Caned Food Products, Other Food and Non Food Items, ......... European Union will sell their mothers and peddle their sister's Asses to Mullahs, just to keep the Iranian goods to flow to Europe! They would never join sanctions against Iran, unless someone, basically the same person who offers Washington a Win/Win Offer, does the same for them. Japan is also following the same policy towards Iran: Wheels and Deals! European Union, Japan and Washington are looking for a stable Iran with safe markets to wheel and deal economic trades with, and until there is no Democratic, Stable Law Abiding, Internationally Accepted Regime in Tehran, then everyone will settle for Mullahs of Qom! Let the games continue, let the trades go on as usual...., at least Mullahs are better than Civil War or Anarchy, but who gets Fragged in the middle? Iranian Masses, that's right!

So at this point of the play, Washington slaps IRI on the hand or as we Persians call it,

Washington gets a needle and pokes Mullahs in the balls (Jiz-eshun mikone!)

It's like a Father punishing his Juvenile Lampoon Thug Son!

Washington does this by using threats, sanctions, UN Warnings, Erecting Opposition Leaders in Exile with non or very little backing inside Iran, publicity, Media Rhetorics and CIA Money! Of course today, Washington is slapping IRI for making Nuclear Bombs! Bad Bad Bad Mullahs, why don't you be good??? .......and here's your prayer!

Isn't it amazing how sanctions always occur but never being followed up?!

Act Three

As soon as Washington (Felix The Cat) pokes IRI (Mickey Mouse) in the balls with Javalduz (Thick Iranian Needle), then Mullahs of Tehran behave a little! Suddenly all the Anti American Rallies, Rhetorics in Iranian Media, Threatening Words of Mullahs towards America will completely stop, the flow of funds from Tehran to Arabo_Muslim Terrorist Organizations lowers down, and Ayatollah Rafsanjani and Imam Khamenei will put away their Fundamentalist Puppets like Mesbah Yazdi and Fallahian, away in their Aba (Islamic Robe) pockets and pull out their Reformist Puppets like Khatami, Junior Khatami (his brother in Majlis) and up and coming Shirin Ebadi from their Aba pockets and put them up for display as an Islamic Fashion Show made in Qom and on the Catwalks of Tehran for Washington to view! The fundamentalist face changes to the reformist face! Also along the way, some Muslim woman wins a Piss Nipple Price (Peace Noble Prize)!

IRI Mullahs start their massive propaganda machine (only second to Nazi Germany), louden up their speakers, turn up their Two Way Radio Volumes and sing to The West that: Hear Yee Hear Yee, Islamic Republic of Iran has a human face and it called "Islamic Democracy"! We hold Islamic Elections, Erect Presidents, Erect Parliamentary Representatives, Erect Reforms, even Female Reps in Majlis, Cabinet, or maybe presidency! We have the "Civil Society" and "Government of Law" of Khatami! We are Democratic in nature, but we been misunderstood! Can you Westerners understand this? Tehran and Washington are basically wanting the same thing, so work with us, we are good old Mullahs, why don't you give us a chance???? ......and here's your prayer!

Act Four

Everything becomes Honkey Dorey, Tangy Peachy, Cozy Comfy, and Mooshi Mamooshi for a while! It will be one Global Bangarooni between Washington and Tehran, they hold hands but too shy to kiss! They slow dance but too hesitant to move to the bedroom! They get all hot and bothered due to foreplay, but too doubtful to move towards intercourse! Cat and Mouse will play the game but they don't get too cozy with another! So things remain peachy for a while until the next explosive episode, usually getting started by Radical Fundamentalist Mullahs as a warning sign to Washington to make sure that Washington understands that they do not have Tehran in the bag as a toy puppet! Tehran puts up a show from time to time to tell the world, more like screaming to the world that They are Anti Great Satan and Global Zionism and by far Mouse Playmates to the Fat Cats of Washington! The show must go on......, Friday Prayers with Anti American themes, Reformists sending secret Love Letters to Washington while Fundamentalists do anti American Rallies in Tehran, Mixed Emotions, Good Cop and Bad Cop games played by Mullahs for their American Counterparts, same old shows, sell some tickets, make some noise, do some short term fondling and foreplay but never go all the way, so IRI will save face amongst the Anti American Muslim World and The Middle East and saves reputation as the Last Stand against The Great Satan and The Global Capitalist Imperialist Oppression! Washington also plays the game, simply because neither she is ready to invade Iran, liberate Iran and make a regime change, nor they have been successful to Erect a Unified Iranian Opposition in Exile!

So for the time being, Reza Pahlavi and alike Up-position seize entertaining you on CNN and FOX until the next show! They all go in to a political comatose and are put away as old toys until Baby CIA will feel like playing his next game!

Of course from time to time, some whacked job such as Ahmadinejad comes along and darkens the prospects of this entire Cat and Mouse Game with his psychotic speeches and behavior!

Analysis and Conclusion

...... and The Game continues and the Play will restart from Act One all the way to Act Four and then restart again over and over and over and over again! The Famous Cat and Mouse Political Opera at the cost of the prosperity and salvation and the blood of the Iranian Masses! What a show, please make sure to reserve a ticket for the next show! The famous CIA and Mullah Show!

Well, my friends, I believe I have made everything very clear and I have said what I wanted to say and I said it very comprehensive and for All to understand! So basically in short term (Tactical) no meaningful change will occur, unless:

a) U.S. Military Intervention in Iran (not happening now)
b) A United Iranian Opposition (not happening now)

However, in the long term (Strategical), I have definite visions that the change will merge and appears from the Iranian Opposition inside Iran, those who have been politically active, covertly active for years and those who always keep a low profile, those whom you never hear from in the international media or in Hotel Jails of IRI as Reformists or Meli Mazhabi aka Nationalo_Islamic (Oxy Moron) elements who win Piss Nipple Price (Peace Nobel Prize) in European Onion! Those silent voices inside Iran, The Real Active Low Profiled Iranian Opposition inside, will build the future of Iran and all that we can do (The True Opposition outside), is to support them. Otherwise, all these Erected Opposition Feeders, 1001 Prince Charmings of The CIA Cinderella,

shall not make effective changes in the future of Iran! Well, let's see what our comrades inside Iran will do next and of course, let's see what Condy will say next?!

Ain't Condy sweet? I just lovese lovese lovese loves Condy and so does G.W.!

Comrades, as I have always said, no one will help us, except ourselves and no one will take a step towards our salvation without us taking the first step! Let's keep the anxious eye to our strong arms to make a move rather than keeping it towards the direction of a Prince Charming on a White Horse coming from Washington D.C.!

Let's make our own revolution and stop begging US to do our revolution for us!

More power to The Iranian Resistance to Tyranny

A Lover of Iran,

Dr. X

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