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Why must you support IPC?
Are donations to IPC, safe?
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* Why must you support IPC?
It is crucial for any true American Patriot, Iranian Nationalist, friend of Iran, and freedom lover to support IPC. When you donate, advertise and affiliate with other sites, you are basically supporting the lifestyle of a fat-bellied Iranian webmaster, his luxury house, luxury automobile, champagne, caviar, Chelo Kabob and …..

When you support IPC, you support American Patriots, Iranian Nationalists and the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

When you support IPC, you support Iranian Resistance and "All" Iranian Resistance to tyranny, because IPC advertises, promotes and supports "All" Iranian Opposition political parties and organizations of Iran. When you support IPC, you support The Opposition to tyranny.

When you support IPC, you support the survival of Iran's culture, heritage, traditions, history, celebrations and "Persianhood". Westoxication outside Iran, promotes Westernization and Arabtoxication inside Iran promotes Arabo_Islamization. IPC promotes Iranization, Persianhood and keeps our culture alive.

Who watches out for your children? By supporting IPC, you help your children to grow up as Iranians. Our culture and language is on the verge of collapse, inside Iran by Arabtoxication and outside Iran by Westoxication. Do your children speak Persian? Do they know their own culture? Do they even know where Iran is? An 8000 years old culture is under threat of destruction, help us to save our culture. We fight for the survival of our culture. Help us to help you!

When you support IPC, you support the future of your children to live as proud Iranians. IPC educates and informs the future generation of Iran, and expands their horizons to "Persianhood". IPC introduces the Iranian Culture, to the future generation.

As an Iranian, It is your national duty to support IPC.
As a global citizen, and a freedom lover, it is your human duty to support IPC.

So put them in a scale:

Should you support IPC or should you support some Iranian Tabloid?
Should you support Iranian Culture or should you support some webmaster's fat belly?
Should you support freedom of Iran or should you support financing some webmaster's new luxury house?

We believe it is a no brainer!

We are here to keep the Iranian Culture alive and to free our homeland. How about you?
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* Are donations to IPC, safe?
Donations to IPC are of the highest level of security and confidence, so have no worry, IPC Network is safe and secure.
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* Are donations to IPC, tax deductible?
No they are not. We are a global network and our readership is also global. So, to make donations tax deductible, we have to register IPC as a non-profit organization in "All" countries.

Doing so, would be extremely costly, not to mention, it would put IPC Operation members' lives in danger! Donations are not that large to be worth it!
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* How can you support IPC?
. Join IPC Club (Forum), say what's on your mind, post your work and input, and debate issues.
. Word of mouth, tell everyone you know, about IPC.
· E-mail everyone in your list and inform them about IPC.
· Write about IPC and post links to IPC in the social media, other forums and websites. Spread the word.
· Mention IPC to media, websites, webmasters, authors and journalists.
· Inform the public by printing flyers about IPC, and distributing them.
· If you are a student, print and distribute our material in universities.
· If you are a good writer, author, cartoonist, graphic designer, photographer, animator or an artist, then send your material to IPC. For more information, read Write for IPC.
· If you are a business, write us to affiliate as an affiliate program with IPC.
· Advertise in IPC, for more information read Advertisement.
· If you own a website, post IPC banners and buttons in your site and link them to IPC (look below).
. Purchase IPC recommended books and other merchandise through ads.
· Donate to IPC, use our secure and confidential system.
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Secure and Confidential

Donation System Instruction

We are in the business of security. IPC is a highly secure organization. Your donation is secure and confidential. Your private information will only stay with us. We will never sell or reveal your private information to anyone outside the IPC Operations. Our lips are sealed. Once you donate to us, we consider you as our brother or sister and one of our own. We never betray one of our own. We take a solemn oath of honor that your private information is safe with us. In return, we must be assured that you are you and not an IRI Lobbyist, an IRI agent or an Islamist wanting to collect information on us, sending us bombs, anthrax or other goodies!

* Donors can be billed for donation amount and pay online With Credit Cards, Debit Cards or e-Checks.

* Donors inside USA can send Personal Checks, Certified Checks, Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders.

* Donors outside USA can send Certified Checks, Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders (no Personal Checks).

For your security and our security, we collect private donations. This is how the system works, follow these steps:

I. You will send an e-mail to titled “IPC Donation” or it will move to the spam folder and get deleted. Write your information as below:

Donation Amount: (Donation amount in Dollars + if outside USA in other currencies)
Donor’s Name: (Your First Name + Your Last Name)
Donor’s Location: (City, State, and Country)
Donor’s Phone Number: (Area Code + Phone Number)
Donor’s Address: (Your Complete Mailing Address)

II. We will research and check if you are who you are.

III. We will e-mail you with an online bill and you will pay online or we will e-mail you a name and an address to mail your donation Certified Checks, Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders to IPC under this name and address.

IV. Pay online or mail your donation to IPC.

Remember, the donation e-mail is:

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To link to IPC, you can either save below images on your computer, upload them to your site, and link them manually to:

Or you can copy and paste below HTML codes into your text editor:

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