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Deep State Extermination in America
Deep State’s Desperate Attempts to Survive
Ahreeman X

FBI Gestapo Style Raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home
FBI and DOJ Political Persecution & Prosecution of Opposition
Democrats’ Tax Hike Bill AKA Inflation Reduction Act
Liberal Plantation Operations & New Epidemics to Steal Elections

We, specifically the patriotic Americans do not want to believe it, some are in denial but we are moving in the direction of believing it! It is becoming embarrassing for the FBI that this is the 5th failed attempt more

Liberal Bizarro New World Order!
Bizarro World is Here!
Ahreeman X

Liberal Upside-Down Bizarro World has Arrived!
If 10 Years Ago, You Were Told of Today’s World, You Would Laugh!
You Would Never Believe Their Predictions!
Bizarro World

Do you remember in the Superman DC comics before Warner Brothers owned DC, had turned Superman to a Woke Bisexual Globalist which lost its ratings, there was a character named Bizarro? The Bizarro more

USA Elections are Laughing Stock of the World
US Elections have become a joke!
Ahreeman X

American Elections are as Fake as a $ 3 Bill!
Election Reforms or Communist Globalist Regime, Choice is Yours?
One day election, paper ballots only, hand counting only, polls close at 8 PM, results are known at 8 PM because counting started at 7 PM for early votes. That’s how it’s done in France and many other nations around the globe. It is called fair elections. In America, voting takes place for months and counting takes place for months because more

Movement - Features
Google Suppresses Over 500 IPC Links
Google Iran Lobby Management at it Again!
Ahreeman X & Catayoun Razmjou

Summer of War 2022: Google vs. Free Speech
Google isn’t a Search Engine; it’s an Indoctrination Machine to Obey

Summer of War is here. The summer before the November midterm elections is here. While Google as usual is preparing its summer agenda for spewing fake news, censoring patriots in YouTube, supporting ANTIFA, BLM and Anarchists to burn down America, turning people gay (LGBTQIA + Alphabet Soup), undermining America, promoting globalism more

Features - Science
Google’s Conscious Robot is Alive!
Consciousness & Sentience Presence
Ahreeman X

What is Google Hiding from You?
Zero Hour: Beginning of AI, End of Humanity?
Google’s Corporate Mind Control and Greed

Our whistleblowers at Google have confirmed that Google has indeed been hiding and denying the existence of their new Conscious and Sentient AI. Google’s front story is that the AI is only a sophisticated program; however, we have been informed that the AI is more

Poetry - Gallery
Persian Poetry in English
Ahreeman X

Destination Persian Poem
Questioning the Meaning of Life in Sections:
Reality, Game, Dream, Paradise, Sea, Train Station, Journey in Time

Sometimes I question if this is the true reality?
Or is it a virtual reality built for us?
And the players from above, play it for us?
Are we only pawns in a video game? more

Gun Rights Protect Freedom & Democracy
2nd Amendment Guarantees 1st Amendment
Ahreeman X

Armed People are Free People
On Guns, Democrats are Same as the Islamists
Important Historical Lesson

Back in Imperial Iran where I lived for the first 16 years of my life, people had guns. I was a young teenager and I had two rifles. People used guns for target practice, hunting, collecting, security and professional sports. Specifically, after the revolution, people ended up having more

Democrats don’t Want a Free Iran!
Mullahs' Existence = Globalists' Wealth $$$
Ahreeman X
10 Reasons on Why Democrats don’t Want a Free Iran?
History of Democrats & Mullahs Dirty Deals!
The Democrats - Mullahs Boondoggle Nuke Deal 2.0 is a sham in pretense of being a necessity for the national security of America! The only sides who benefit from it are the Mullahs to become stronger, so they can reign longer; MIC to sell more arms to Arabs by holding Iran as the Big Boogeyman of the neighborhood; Deep State to gain more

Politics - Gallery
San Diego Becomes Another Liberal Destroyed City
Why San Diego has become Liberal?
Ahreeman X
San Diego Politics is One Big Boondoggle Bull Shiite!
How San Diego Election was Stolen?
Todd Gloria’s Creative Funny Nick Names!
San Diego Political History

If politicians are diapers and once a while, they get full of themselves, so they need to be changed, then San Diego politicians are “Adult Size Diapers”! For about 35 years, corrupt and/or incompetent more

Lizard Raping Hindus & Woke Democrats
4 Hindus Gang Raped a Monitor Lizard in India!
Ahreeman X
This is Not a Hoax; Humor is Based on True Story!
Endangered Species are Gang Banged in Bengal & Mumbai!
Hindu Brothers Gang Banged a Bengal Monitor Lizard!
Reptilian Bestiality Supreme Bizarre S&M Act

Lizardly Loved!
It is not a hoax or a joke, the Hindu Brothers really went one step beyond! We have been informed that Hindu Brothers gang raped more

Iranian Spies & Persian Cultural Center San Diego
Iranian Spies Connection with PCC SD
Catayoun Razmjou
Iranian Spies Bribed US Secret Service in Washington DC
IRI VAJA Agents Infiltrated US Secret Service
FBI arrested 2 Iranian Spies in Washington DC. 4 USSS Agents in connection with them which one of them was assigned to Jill Biden’s security were put on leave. The 2 Iranian spies are Arian Taherzadeh (Persian roots) and Haider Shir-Ali (Persian and Pakistani roots) whom falsely pretended to be Department of Homeland Security more

Politics - Gallery
2022: Death of the Democrat Party
Save America Tour Rallies
Ahreeman X
I am the Harbinger of Death, I Have Seen the Death!
Death Rides an Orange Horse, He is an Orange Man!
God Bless the Death!
Death is coming and he rides an Orange Horse. This is the beginning of the End. On March 26, 2022 I have seen the Death. I am the Harbinger of the Death. The Death is coming.  The Death will bring on the Storm. The Storm which will blow away and destroy the Washington DC more

Who Wants What for Nowruz? # 3
Nowruz Special
Ahreeman X
Nowruz Persian New Year 2581 PIY with Ahreeman X
Happy Persian New Year to All
I remember when I was a kid back in the Imperial Iran, I used to look forward to those 2 weeks of Nowruz holidays with no schools and lots of fun. The festivities would begin with the Chahar Shanbeh Suri the Persian Fire Festival, then Nowruz Persian New Year and ended with Sizdah Be Dar outdoor picnic. Tons of Persian food, sweets, presents more

Fashion - Models
Anahita Lexy Bloom Persian Sexy Model 4
Lexi 4: Persian Passion
Anahita Lexy Bloom
Lexi with a Smashing New Long Bob Hairdo Rocks IPC
Lexi 4: Persian Passion Album in Out
Lexi the Sexy Done It Again!

Lexi 4 Album is hot out of the oven for your consumption. Lexi the Sexy done it again. This is Lexi’s 4th album in IPC. Anahita Lexi Bloom is a 2nd generation Iranian American from Portland, Oregon. Anahita is in to fitness, dancing, reading books, Persian culture and Persian more

Let’s Go Brandon = FAQ Joe Biden Fun Page
Tons of Fun on the Run!
Ahreeman X
Let’s Go Brandon Encyclopedia of Laughter!
Everything You Need to Know About the Legendry Phrase!
Song, Dance, Meme, Audio, Video, Toon, Humor & Other Spices!
Relation Between Brandon, Biden & The Mullahs!
Let’s Go Brandon Greetings

The other day, I woke up in the morning and before I started Shiite, Shower and Shave AKA washing my face, shaving, brushing my more

Future of Iran
Who Will Decide the Future of Iran?
Catayoun Razmjou
Will Iranian People Decide the Future of Iran?
Will Foreign Agents On Special Interest Decide?
IRI Iran Lobby Groups & RINO Monarchist Iran Lobby Groups
Race for Government & Corporate Grants!

Democrat & Republican Establishment Race For Iranian Markets

Future of Iran is not decided by the IRI Iran Lobby, their Billionaire Iranian American Democrats Supporters and their masters, the Liberal more

Iran Lobby & Liberal Monarchists Connection
Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA
Ahreeman X & Catayoun Razmjou
How Iran Lobby Influences American & Iranian Communities?
How Deep the Corruption Goes in the Iranian Swamp?
Follow the White Rabbit into the Rabbit Hole!

The show which is displayed for you is not necessarily reality! Things are not always what they seem to be! Who you assume to be opposition, such as the Pacifist Liberal Monarchists, could be in collusion with the Iran Lobby and on the payroll of IRI. So, do not assume more

Iran, Russia & China Axis vs. Woke US Military
Neo Axis of Evil vs. Weak & Woke US Armed Forces
Catayoun Razmjou
Let’s Go Brandon!
When Weak Democrats Reign USA, Enemies Go On Offence
The new world events display a big warning sign to us and they should. When Bonkers Joe Blow is the leader of the free world, the whole world goes down the loo!
Triple War Maneuver in Indian Ocean
China, Russia and Iran are conducting joint naval maneuvers more

Stolen America
Your Reality is an Establishment Lie!
Ahreeman X
Biden’s Shiite Show & Tech Giants’ Metaverse Lie!
Deep State has Created a Virtual Reality Façade for the Americans
Media Reports a Non-Existent Bizarro World
A “Virtual Reality” has been created for the American people which is far from the “Actual Reality”. The creators of this “Virtual Reality” are in collusion with one another and mutually benefiting from more

IRI Made Drought & Iran Protests
Iran’s Problem is Not Drought But Islam!
Ahreeman X
Iran's Drought Under Microscope => IRI => Islam
Iran’s problem is not drought but it is what causes the drought and what causes the drought is surely not the global warming and climate change fantasy, fabricated by the liberal socialists to control the world via globalism, and by the Chinese Communists to destroy the western economies and expand their own economy! What cause the drought in Iran is the Islamic Regime and the reason that the IRI cannot fix more

Philosophy - Politics
Liberals are Not Progressive But Regressive!
Learn Your Terminology & Call them Communists!
Ahreeman X
Liberals are Opposite of Progressive, Don’t Give Them Credit!
Progressive = Person Who Pushes Society Forward, A Modernizer
Regressive = Person Who Pushes Society Backward, A Reactionary

You cannot change the definition of a term to something totally opposite of what it means and then due to ignorance, spread it and make it a popular pop culture term. At least as a responsible conservative you cannot do this! Creating Bull Shiite terms is what liberals do more

X Diaries
Mother & Persian Immortals
Remembering an Amazing Woman
Ahreeman X
Battle for the Military Academy - A Lifetime Away!
How Mother Saved the Persian Immortals' Lives?
I have Never Met a Stronger & Braver Woman than My Mother!

Let me tell you a story about a lifetime away from the memory banks of my mind. Let us travel back in time to the end days of the Imperial Iran and the dark days of chaos, right before the darkness of Islam swallowed Iran and turned the Civilized Iran in to an Islamic Shiite Hole more

Chador - Islamic Veil Cartoons 3
Chador the Iranian Style Veil Toons
Ahreeman X & Cartoonists
New Chador 3 is Here, Come & Get Yours While it’s Hot & Oozing!
Funny, Politically Incorrect, Islamically Incorrect & Liberally Un-Woke!
You asked for it and now the new and very popular cartoon series of Chador is here! Hejab is an Islamic Bull Shiite Concept fabricated by Muhammad PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone) to cover up the women, control them, collect them as trophies and possess them as property.
Story of the Creation of Hejab more

Animation - Graphics
Biden & Raisi Halloween Special
Democrats & Mullahs Dirty Deals
Ahreeman X
Joe Biden & Ebrahim Raisi Similarities
Big Guy Mobster vs. Mullah Massacre
USA Mafia Boss vs. IRI Mafia Boss

Let me tell yous a Real Horror Story & a True Tale of Terror! It is the All-Hallows’ Night of Terror in Washington DC & Tehran! All the Ghouls & Goblins with & without the Turbans are Present in the Swamp! It’s a Crime Halloween Bang & Bologna Special! Corrupt Regime Leaders more

History - Statistics
Who Killed More: Nazis, Communists or Muslims?
Number of Murders Through the History
Ahreeman X
Who Killed More People: Nazis, Communists or Muslims?
Who killed more people throughout the history of mankind? You may have been asking yourselves this important question? To find the answer to this crucial question, you can take what the Mainstream Liberal Media, Social Media, Tech Giants and Wikipedia feeds you as propaganda. You can trust Google’s filtered algorithms spiced up with wokeness and sugar coated with political correctness or you can read the IPC factual history more

Politics - Economy
Democrats’ Economic Collapse!
Stolen Elections have Consequences!
Ahreeman X
Democrats in Charge of Economy is Like Baboons in Charge of NASA
With Senile Shiite Bag Joe, You Get an Economy Full O Bull Shiite!
Xi Jinping is Creating an Economic Super Power in China!
Communist Democrats Have Collapsed the US Economy!
Democrats have no economic policy except blaming Trump for everything but this time it will not work because Trump had created the greatest economy in history of the Earth and handed it to more

Art - Poetry
Best Shahnameh Translation & Illustration Available
Save Persian Art, Culture & Language
Hamid Rahmanian
Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings Persian Poetry Book
Review: Ahreeman X
Art: Hamid Rahmanian
We Owe Existence of the Persian Language to 2 Persons: Yaqub Leis Saffarid & Ferdowsi. Shahnameh is the essential Persian poetry book in any library. Ferdowsi in Persian poetry is similar to Shakespeare in English Literature. Yaqub Leis Saffarid liberated Iran more

Quotes - Philosophy
CIA Presidential Quotes Exposing the Deep State
CIA Dark History
Ahreeman X
Why CIA is Above The Law?
CIA History: Unconstitutional 4th Branch of the US Government!
Democrats & Deep State Authoritarian Dictatorship
Harry Truman & Dwight Eisenhower Quotes on CIA
In 1947, president Harry Truman signed the “National Security Act” which resulted in the creation of CIA, eventually FBI and other agencies. Later, he regretted this act and warned about CIA more

Humor - Cartoons
Woke Green New Bull Shiite Ruined the World!
Bits O Wisdom by Shiite Shoveler X
Ahreeman X
Woke Green New Bull Shiite, Full O Same Old Liberal Shiite!
Hear Yee, Hear Yee, it’s a Brand-New Woke World!
We are setting back to the Same Old New World Order!

Do you know at what point the “Liberal Poisonous Stew” of the “Woke Green New Bull Shiite” ruined the world?
* When sexy miniskirt wearing young and beautiful stewardesses changed to old, bald, gay guys branded as “Flight Attendants” to more

News Press Release
Allah, We, Our & Us Book Press Release
The Truth About Islam Must Be Told
Nicholas Ginex
It's Not Muslim Refugee Migration, It's Islamic Invasion of America
Democrats & Deep State Destruction of America on Steroids
* Allah, We, Our & Us Book Press Release
* Introduction to Allah, We, Our & Us Book
* Allah, We, Our & Us Book in 9 Chapters
Did you know 25% of the American Muslims believe that violence against the American Infidels is justified?! more

Iran Politics & Life Cartoons 4
Some Neo Bull Shiite for the Good Shiite!
Ahreeman X & Cartoonists
Some Neo Bull Shiite, Full O Shiite, For the Good Shiite!
Hot Out of the IPC Oven, Cartoons on Iranian Politics & Life
New Modern Nostalgic Toons on Iran – The Good Stuff Part 4

Stop the Press, Hold Your Breath, Not for Too Long, Now You Can Let Go! The wait is over and the latest part of the Iran Politics and Life Cartoon Series is out! So, wash up your hands, tuck your napkin around your neck, get your knife and fork ready and dig in more

Democrats are Importing COVID-19 to America!
COVID-19 Forever to Steal More Elections
Ahreeman X
Democrats Flood USA with COVID Infected Illegals & Refugees
Masks, Vaccines, Business Lockdowns for Americans
Tax Payer Benefits for Illegal Aliens & Muslim Refugees
Since January 20, 2021, when Occupational Socialist Regime of Democrats stolen the election and illegally taken over the country, they have imported over 1 Million illegal aliens to America via open orders! These illegal aliens are not vetted properly. At least 25% more

Movement - Photo Galleries
Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA
Why Mullahs have been Ruling Iran for 4 Decades?
Ahreeman X & Catayoun Razmjou
Iranian American Billionaires & Millionaires Support Iran Lobby!
* Part 1: Iran Lobby Operations Exppose
* Part 2: Iran Lobby Documents Expose
Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry is like a Viper! To kill the King Cobra, you must cut off his head! To destroy Iran Lobby, you must expose the Iranian American Billionaires and Millionaires who support it! Iran Lobby Lavish Banquets of NIAC, PAAIA, AIC, PCC, PEC and IABA thrown more

History - Photo Gallery
Persian Aryan Salute History Gallery
Roots of the Aryan Salute
Ahreeman X
Origins of Swastika, Aryan Salute & Aryan Race are Not Racist!
Which Iranians are Aryan? What Does Aryan Mean? Who is Aryan?
Does Loving Your Race, Makes You a Racist?
Get Over Your Aryan Phobia!
Liberals are promoting Aryan Phobia in the world. They have convinced the public that Aryanism and Aryan equals Racism & White supremacy! Majority of the public does not even know what Aryan means more

New Model


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New IRI Foreign Minister
New President Ex Executioner
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IPC Networks System
Communication & Distribution
Free Armed People + Thread

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Funny Saudi TV Mocks Biden
FAQ Joe Biden Thread

E-mails to Ahreeman X
Nutty, Sexy, Educational

Was Ferdowsi Muslim?
Woke TV Solution!
Ahreeman X why what you do?
Democracy in Middle East?!
Why Bash Bahaism?
E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread

Iran Lobby Infects San Diego
Todd Gloria Destroys SDPD
SD Fake Democrat Voters
San Diego Iran Lobby vs AX
Shahri Estakhry IRI Agent
Persian Cultural Center Thread

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Philosophy of Existence
Ginex on Robot, AI Zero Hour
Ginex on Spirit, Thought & Soul
Ginex on God, AX on God!
Ginex Phoenix , What is God?
Ginex Borgs, Ginex 2nd Coming
Transhuman Cyborgs of Future
Fundamentals, Ginex Uno, Dos
Universal Intelligence & AI
Ginex on Evolution & Aliens
Singularity, Conscious AI, Jobs
Is Humanity Ready for Reality?
Ginex Response, AX Rebuttal
Ginex Counter, AX Thesis
Philosophy Debate Thread

Gun Rights Protect Freedom
Iran Opposition Needs Guns
Ahreeman X on Guns Thread

Liberal Made Climate Change
France-Germany Back to Coal
Woke Green New Bull Shiite
Apocalypse Hoax Thread!

Roe vs. Wade Suggestions!
Ahreeman X vs. Linda Sarsour

RINO Extermination in GOP
RINOs Voted for Gun Control
Stephanie Bice Iranian RINO
The Great RINO Hunt Thread

Iran, Russia & China Axis
vs. Gay Woke US Military
US Navy Gay Pronouns, Thread

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Destination Review + Poem
New + Thread + Poetry Index

Famous Quotes of Wisdom
New + Communism
Best + Trump Quotes + Thread
Ahreeman X Quotes + Index

NFL Football Gone Gay Woke!
Tranny Cheer + New + Thread

Nowruz with Ahreeman X
Persian New Year 2581 PIY

Corporations Go Woke
Make Them Broke!
Disney Grooms Your Children
Woke Era Definition of Beauty!
Woke Corps Videos + Thread

Real News Networks List
C & B Show + Thread + List

Social Darwinism & Raciology
Update + Thread + Series

Pan Iranism vs. Islam!
Update + Thread + Article

Nationalism Iran of Tomorrow
Update + Thread + Article

Why Federalism for Iran?
Update + Thread + Article

Why Liberals are Killing USA?
Dems Destroy USA Thread

Sarah Palin News
Sarah Palin + Tea Party

Amir Abbas Hoveyda
Great Iranian Prime Minister
Memory of My God Father

IPC 20th Anniversary Special
Happy Birthday IPC Thread

Persian Cultural Month Alive!
Make it Global on March Thread

Iran Fashion Models News
Top 10 Persian Models 2022
Top Sexy Persian Models

Iran Lobby & Monarchists Net
Iran Lobby Collusion Swamp
Future of Iran , IAL
Ahreemanic Way + Thread

Monarchy or Republic?
Monarchy Works Not in Iran
New + P1 + P2 + P3 + Thread

Future of America: Solutions
Stolen America + Thread

Christmas has Persian Roots
Mitra Persian Sun Goddess
New + Thread + Book of Mitra

Liberals are Not Progressive
Don’t Give Them Credit Thread

Liberal Plantation System
New World Order Thread

Chador Funny Cartoon Series
Creation of Hejab + Thread

Iran Animation Graphics
Biden-Raisi Halloween Special
Ashura Psychotic Shiite Festival
Cowollah Muslim Cow + Index

Who Killed More People?
Nazis, Communists, Muslims?
Democrats Tyranny + Thread

Abbas Derissi Artist Updates
New + Updates + Art Index

Liberal Destroyed California
Transgender Aisles + Thread

Shahnameh Epic Poetry Book
Hamid Rahmanian Art Thread

Biden Lost Afghanistan!
Iran 1979 on Steroids Thread!

New Books in IPC Library
Largest Iran Online Library
Muhammad Comic Book
Muhammad Banned Biography
Mitra Roots of Christianity!
Mitra and Mitraism Real Story
Pagan Christs: Persian Mitra
Mitra Mysteries Franz Cumont
Persian Myths John Hinnells
Internet Sacred Texts Archives
Banned in Iran Books
Islam: Sex & Violence
Islam: The Arab Imperialism
23 Years Muhammad Career
Psychology of Muhammad
Shah of Iran Books
8000 Years of Iranian History
222 Years of Struggle
Ayatollah Khomeini Books
Persian & English Texts
Last Persian Emperor Saga
Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar
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Persian + English + Library

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