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News Press Release - Book
Amen and Jesus’ Revelation Press Release
IPC Official News Press Release
Nicholas Ginex

Relation between Amen the Egyptian God & Jesus’ Revelation
A Break from the Tradition
Amen and Jesus’ Revelation Press Release
Amen and Jesus’ Revelation Book Introduction
Amen and Jesus’ Revelation Book
Amen and Jesus’ Revelation is another philosophical journey by Ginex but with a different twist of faith and adventure! Jump on the more

Democrats Will Not Support Iranian Opposition!
Democrats' Support is All Talk & No Action!
Ahreeman X

Democrats Will not Support Iranian People’s Fight for Freedom!
Democrat Bullets are Killing the Iranian People!

The bullets killing the Iranian protesters are made with $150 Billion which Hussein Obama gifted to the Mullahs. The $150 Billion which the $1.8 Billion of it was a plane load of cash to Tehran, has been used funding the manufacturing of the Iranian made machineguns and ammunition used to kill the people in the streets by IRGC, Basij and the Iranian more

Deep State Must Learn from Iran Uprising!
Death of Democrat Party & Deep State Coming Up!
Ahreeman X

Revolution in Iran Today; Revolution in America Tomorrow!
US Structure of Corruption: Uniparty, Deep State & Establishment

See the IRI Regime in Iran is crumbling piece by piece and fighting for survival? That will be the future of the US Deep State if they don’t obey the wishes of the people! Iranian people are rising against the oppressive Islamist regime; American people will also rise against the oppressive police state of the Democrats and Deep State more

History - Philosophy
India and Democracy
Roots of the Indian Problem
Anwar Shaikh

Indian, Pakistani & Bangladeshi Regimes don’t Want You to Read!
A Historical & Philosophical Journey in Time
Travelling Through Vedic, Greek, Roman & Islamic Principles
Are Indians Their Own Worst Enemy?
Lack of National Patriotism

The Hindus are not lesser sinners than the Muslims in partitioning their Motherland because they failed to match the Muslim hatred with more

Book - Philosophy
Amen and Jesus’ Revelation
Philosophy Book in 4 Chapters
Nicholas Ginex

Relation between Amen the Egyptian God & Jesus’ Revelation
Based on Dialogues Between Atheists, Agnostics & Theists
For the first time, this book is being published on the Internet. It is a philosophical adventure about Ginex’ original Egyptian God Amen and ...
Introduction by Ahreeman X
Book by Nicholas Ginex
Takes an open mind to go through the more

Iran Anti-Hejab Protests Intensifies!
Yes, It is About Hejab!
Ahreeman X

Don’t Steal the Iranian Women’s Anti-Hejab Protests!
A History of Hejab & Islamic Slavery of Women
Historical Persian Warrior Women & Today’s Warrior Women
Maryam Rajavi Must Take Off the Hejab!

Today, we can witness certain groups of Reformist and Moderate Fractions of the Regime, Iran Lobby in USA, and even opposition are trying to undermine the importance of the "Anti-Hejab" protests more

Photo Gallery - Sports
Iranian Sexy Soccer Babes # 5
Persian Football Fan Girls
Iranian Soccer Babes

World Cup 2022 Qatar Special Hot Out of the Oven!
Dedicated to the Brave Persian Women Anti-Hejab Protesters
Iran National Team Must Protest at Qatar in Solidarity with Women
Iranian women are on the frontline of the Iranian Anti-Hejab Protests and the General Protests nationwide. Persian women never accepted the Islamic hejab. Persian women said no to the Islamic hejab on 1979 and they are saying no to the Islamic hejab today in 2022 more

Philosophy - Politics
Globalist Billionaire Jews Who Rule the West
Hidden from You, Truth Hurts but Must be Told!
Ahreeman X
Who are the Liberal Billionaire Jew Masters Running the World?
The Great Reset is Designed by the Liberal Billionaire Jews!
Jews are Not the Problem, Liberalism is!

How can you publish this investigative research article anywhere else except in IPC? Even though there is nothing but facts in this article, yet it cannot be posted or talked about on the American and European Media and Social Media because speaking about Jews, Blacks more

Philosophy - Features
Justice Will be Served!
Ahreeman X
How can we bring back the justice to America & the world?
In this essay, we will speak of the Prologue to Disaster, New World Order Slavery, The Great Brainwash, Women, Violence, Elephant’s Grudge, Religion, God, Morality, Vengeance, Iran Lobby’s Future, the Upcoming Storm, How will the justice be served? ... and much more ...
Justice is a quality of fairness and being reasonable. Injustice is the lack of fairness and being unreasonable. Unfortunately, after more

Hollywood Iranians Shed Alligator Tears for Iran
Jumping On the Protests Bandwagon!
Ahreeman X
Hollywood Iranians’ Shiite Show on the Media!
Where have Iranian Hollywood Liberals been for 4 Decades?
4 Decades of Supporting Iran Lobby & Now Sympathy for Protesters

“Silicon Valley Persian Mafia” who run the American social media and tech giants, and the “Hollywood Iranian Democrat Celebrities” who love to shine on the public stage, are a representation of the Coastal Liberal Elite living in their mansions at Silicon Valley and Hollywood more

Don’t Let Iran Lobby Steal the Revolution Again!
Won’t Get Fooled Again!
Ahreeman X
Don’t Let Reformists & Iran Lobby Steal the Revolution!
Since 1979, we the Iranian Opposition and the Iranian People have been trying to bring down the IRI. On 2009, 2015, 2017, 2020 and now in 2022 we have been repeatedly organizing and funding protests, strikes and riots, hoping to create a full-blown revolution. Throughout these years, IRI Regime, Iran Lobby and the Democrats have done their best to sabotage the revolution of the Iranian people! Remember Obama more

Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters 2
Anti Hejab Protests
Ahreeman X & IPC
New 2nd Series of the Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters
Iranian Women Say No to Hejab, Arrests, Beatings & IRI Regime
Iran Nationalist Revolution Political Posters

Once again, streets of Iran are on fire and drenched in the blood of the Persians. 2022 protests are different than 2020, 2019, 2017, 2015, 2009 and other protests in this manner:
* Women raised the banner of freedom and are on the front line more

Iranian Opposition Missions Manual
Opposition Agenda Manual to Victory
Ahreeman X
How to Control the Streets?
Iran Politics Club Supports All Iranian Opposition Organizations
IRGC Foreign Legion
The worst of the worst of the IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) security forces are the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) Foreign Legion. They are the foreign paid mercenaries who shoot the Iranian Opposition in the streets because many of the Iranian security forces refuse to more

Persian Women Say No to Islamic Hejab
Iran Anti Hejab Protests
Ahreeman X
Iran Anti Hejab Nationwide Protests are Coming!
Reza Shah's Unveiling Persian Women Spirit of 1936 is Alive!
Persian Women Said No in 1979; Persian Women Say No in 2022
Mullahs don’t Get it, You Can't Force Islam Down People’s Throats!

For over 1,371 years, Arabo-Muslims and their Half-Breed Iranian Seyeds have been trying to shove Islam down the Persian throats! For over 43 years, IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) Mullahs, Hezbollah and more

Until there’s 1 Homeless in USA, No Immigration!
Take Care of Americans First
Ahreeman X
Over 27 Million Illegal Aliens in USA Feeding on your Tax $
America is the Dumping Ground for the Global Criminals!

Many of you know where I stand on immigration but for those who don’t, allow me to elaborate. I am against all immigration, legal or illegal to United States of America. Why you ask? “Until there exists a single homeless person or a hungry child in America, we have no business importing a single illegal or legal immigrant more

FBI Purge of the American Patriots!
Democrats’ Call of Arms Against the Conservatives
Ahreeman X
Fight for America While there is an America to Fight For!
America on the Verge of Collapse; America the Police State
Deep State’s Final Solution

The Democrats’ Final Stage of implementing Communism to replace the American Capitalism and Democracy is here and it is called Democrats' Final Solution! The Democrats’ Final Solution is creating a police state and drafting the Deep State’s DOJ, CIA, IRS and FBI against the more

Raisi Must be Arrested & Tried, Not Greeted at UN!
The Executioner Judge is coming to America!
Catayoun Razmjou
Iran’s Mass Murderer Genocidal President Comes to the UN!
Biden Throws the Red Carpet for his Fellow Usurper!
Democrats Welcome Wagon to America for Raisi!
Democrats & Mullahs Nuke Deal 2.0 or Other Dirty Deals?

On September 21, 2022 Ebrahim Raisi will address the UN in New York, USA.  A criminal mass murderer, a grand serial killer will lecture the globe on human rights! Democrats and Mullahs Show must more

Photo Gallery - Sports
Iranian Sexy Soccer Babes # 4
Persian Football Fan Girls
Iranian Soccer Babes
World Cup 2022 Special - Iranian Soccer Babes # 4
Part 4 is Here Hot Out of the IPC Oven Ready for Consumption!

Iranian Soccer Babes AKA Persian Football Fan Girls are some of the wildest, rowdiest, fanatical and loud female soccer fans in the world. Just go to the Iranian National Team AKA Team Melli games in the World Cup, Asian Cup or other tournaments and see for yourselves! Yes, IRI had finally and officially allowed women to attend to the soccer more

Biden Regime: Greatest State Sponsor of Terrorism
It’s Not Incompetence; It’s Treason!
Ahreeman X
Biden Regime is the Greatest State Sponsor of Terrorism
Agenda: Destruction of the American Capitalism & Democracy
Old Senile Corrupt Incompetent Usurper Demon Joe Biden

Yes, it’s treason, not incompetence! It is true that instead of competent technocrats and specialist experts, we have ideologue incompetent morons running this regime and that is why the Biden’s Regime is the most incompetent administration in the history of America more

Labor Day Special: Workers vs. Globalists
Happy Labor Day to All Patriots
Ahreeman X
UN, EU, WEF, WHO are Globalist Orgs. to Enslave the Workers
The hard-working days in hope of building a bright future, starting a business from nothing, the pleasure of having an honest job, the dignity of earning a dollar, and after all the hard work, sitting on the dinner table with the family and friends, having a labor day meal will relax your aching bones. Knowing that you are blessed, so you can work hard to provide for your family. That is what Labor Day means. We are more

Book - Philosophy
God, Us and the Universe
Explore the Universe with Ginex
Nicholas Ginex
Do You Know the Origin of God?
Are the Judaic, Christian & Islamic Gods the Same God?
Will Science and Religion Ever Be Compatible?

Introduction: Ahreeman X
Author: Nicholas Ginex
Has Jesus Always Existed or Was He Created?
Does Consciousness Pervade Our Universe? More

Liberal Made LGBTQIA+ 6 to 60 Genders!
Why Liberals are Forcing People to Become Gay?
Ahreeman X
Why Men Become Gay?
Relation Between the Gay Agenda & Climate Cult
Relation Between the Fall of Roman Empire & Homosexuality
Democrats are the Worst Enemy of the LGBTQIA+ Community
Ahreeman X Coming Out of the Closet!

Primarily to clarify any doubts in your minds, allow me to come out of the closet and confess that I am a proud member of the more

Chador Iranian Islamic Veil Cartoons 4
Chador Part 4 is Here!
Ahreeman X & Cartoonists
Politically Incorrect, Islamically Condemned & definitely Un-Woke!
Chador 4 of the very popular cartoon series is freshly backed, hot out of the oven, come and get it while its hot and oozing! Hejab is an Islamic Bull Shiite Concept fabricated by Muhammad PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone) to cover up the women, control, collect and possess them as trophies. Muhammad had 21 wives, many concubines and a few pearly little white boy toys! Allah been very generous to Muhammad more

Features - Science
Dismantle CIA Shadow Gov & Expose UFO Coverup
Dismantle CIA-Shadow Gov or Remain Fools?
Nicholas Ginex
CIA 2020 Coup Stealing the Election & Ousting Trump
CIA Murders of Whistleblower Scientists & UFO Coverups
CIA Crimes Against America & the American People

This article informs people of a CIA-Shadow Government that must be exposed and dismantled by the true patriots of the United States and around the world. CIA-Shadow Government must be eliminated to preserve our lives and indeed, our planet more

History - Islam
Tale of 2 Gujarati Saints: Gandhi & Jinnah
History they don’t teach you in school!
Anwar Shaikh
Anwar Shaikh Controversial History Essay Banned in Many Nations
Mahatma Gandhi and Muhammad Ali Jinnah, men of substance, fathers of the Indian and Pakistani Independence, and Legends, known to the world as heroes, or were they? Introduction by Ahreeman X
Part 1: Mahatma Gandhi
Part 2: Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Untold but True History more

Politics - History
How American Election was Stolen? Part 2
Navarro Report Volume 2: Art of the Steal
Ahreeman X
Why FBI Arrested & Shackled Peter Navarro the Patriot?
Navarro Report: Art of the Steal Review & Report
Blue Slave States vs. Red Free States
Let’s be realistic, before the end of the civil war in America, we had Blue Slave States as the confederacy created by the Democrats where they kept the Black Man, physically slave, and then we had Red Free States as the Union created by the Republicans who were abolitionists more

Deep State Extermination in America
Deep State’s Desperate Attempts to Survive
Ahreeman X
FBI Gestapo Style Raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home
FBI and DOJ Political Persecution & Prosecution of Opposition
Democrats’ Tax Hike Bill AKA Inflation Reduction Act
Liberal Plantation Operations & New Epidemics to Steal Elections

We, specifically the patriotic Americans do not want to believe it, some are in denial but we are moving in the direction of believing it! It is becoming embarrassing for the FBI that this is the 5th failed attempt more

Liberal Bizarro New World Order!
Bizarro World is Here!
Ahreeman X
Liberal Upside-Down Bizarro World has Arrived!
If 10 Years Ago, You Were Told of Today’s World, You Would Laugh!
You Would Never Believe Their Predictions!
Bizarro World

Do you remember in the Superman DC comics before Warner Brothers owned DC, had turned Superman to a Woke Bisexual Globalist which lost its ratings, there was a character named Bizarro? The Bizarro more

USA Elections are Laughing Stock of the World
US Elections have become a joke!
Ahreeman X
American Elections are as Fake as a $ 3 Bill!
Election Reforms or Communist Globalist Regime, Choice is Yours?
One day election, paper ballots only, hand counting only, polls close at 8 PM, results are known at 8 PM because counting started at 7 PM for early votes. That’s how it’s done in France and many other nations around the globe. It is called fair elections. In America, voting takes place for months and counting takes place for months because more

Movement - Features
Google Suppresses Over 500 IPC Links
Google Iran Lobby Management at it Again!
Ahreeman X & Catayoun Razmjou
Summer of War 2022: Google vs. Free Speech
Google isn’t a Search Engine; it’s an Indoctrination Machine to Obey

Summer of War is here. The summer before the November midterm elections is here. While Google as usual is preparing its summer agenda for spewing fake news, censoring patriots in YouTube, supporting ANTIFA, BLM and Anarchists to burn down America, turning people gay (LGBTQIA + Alphabet Soup), undermining America, promoting globalism more

Poetry - Gallery
Persian Poetry in English
Ahreeman X
Destination Persian Poem
Questioning the Meaning of Life in Sections:
Reality, Game, Dream, Paradise, Sea, Train Station, Journey in Time

Sometimes I question if this is the true reality?
Or is it a virtual reality built for us?
And the players from above, play it for us?
Are we only pawns in a video game? more

Gun Rights Protect Freedom & Democracy
2nd Amendment Guarantees 1st Amendment
Ahreeman X
Armed People are Free People
On Guns, Democrats are Same as the Islamists
Important Historical Lesson

Back in Imperial Iran where I lived for the first 16 years of my life, people had guns. I was a young teenager and I had two rifles. People used guns for target practice, hunting, collecting, security and professional sports. Specifically, after the revolution, people ended up having more

Politics - Gallery
San Diego Becomes Another Liberal Destroyed City
Why San Diego has become Liberal?
Ahreeman X
San Diego Politics is One Big Boondoggle Bull Shiite!
How San Diego Election was Stolen?
Todd Gloria’s Creative Funny Nick Names!
San Diego Political History

If politicians are diapers and once a while, they get full of themselves, so they need to be changed, then San Diego politicians are “Adult Size Diapers”! For about 35 years, corrupt and/or incompetent more

Iran Lobby & Liberal Monarchists Connection
Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA
Ahreeman X & Catayoun Razmjou
How Iran Lobby Influences American & Iranian Communities?
How Deep the Corruption Goes in the Iranian Swamp?
Follow the White Rabbit into the Rabbit Hole!

The show which is displayed for you is not necessarily reality! Things are not always what they seem to be! Who you assume to be opposition, such as the Pacifist Liberal Monarchists, could be in collusion with the Iran Lobby and on the payroll of IRI. So, do not assume more

New Model


Battleplan Against IRI Mullahs
In Biden & Democrats Era
Iran Revolution Hot On Fire!
Free Toomaj Salehi Rapper
More Protesters Defy IRGC
Democrats Betray Iran Again!
60,000 Persians Rally Wake
Universities Organized Protests
Don’t Steal Women’s Protests!
IRI Cuts All Communication
Trump Statement of Support
IRI Shoots High School Girls
Hollywood Iranians Shiite Show
Woman Life Freedom Song
Iranian Women Take Hejab Off
Iran Lobby Stealing Revolution
All 31 Iran Provinces on Fire
How to Control the Streets?
Persian Women Say No Hejab
Biden & Mullahs Shiite Show
Why IPC Publishes Taboo?
Iran Commands Instructions
Dems don’t Want a Free Iran
Surveillance & Espionage Ops
Iran - China Deal Details
IPC Networks System
Communication & Distribution
Free Armed People + Thread

Nicholas Ginex News
New + Updates + Index

US 2024 Elections Thread
Trump Speech Mar-a-Lago

Trump Rallies Post Coup
Trump Huge MAGA Rally Ohio
Trump Massive Rally Arizona
Rallies Post Fake Election

US 2022 Midterm Elections
Updates Maps Charts Thread

Biden Lost Afghanistan!
Biden Pays Aids to Taliban!
Iran 1979 on Steroids Thread!

Kari Lake the GOP Queen
The Destroyer of Media Thread

Globalist Billionaire Jews
Kanye West vs Ilhan Omar
USA or Democrats, Choose?
Join MAGA Not Church!
Can Christians be Trusted?
When Liberals Call You Racist!
We Can’t Generalize the Jews
Who Rules the West Thread

Iran Animation Graphics
Biden-Raisi Halloween Special
Ashura Psychotic Shiite Festival
Cowollah Muslim Cow + Index

Amazon Cyber Censorship
New + Update + Thread

Deep State US Coup 2020
Deep State & Iran Uprising!
Patriots Check Homes-Mobiles
DS Extermination + Thread

Why Islam Can’t Coexist?
Anwar Shaikh Best Writings
New + Thread + Index

Iranian Soccer Babes 2022
New + Persian Football Girls

RINO Extermination in GOP
Paul Ryan RINO Drowns FOX
Stephanie Bice Iranian RINO
The Great RINO Hunt Thread

Why Liberals are Killing USA?
Tulsi Gabbard Leaves Dems
Dems Destroy USA Thread

Iran Protests Political Posters
New + Part 2 + Thread

Famous Quotes of Wisdom
New + Best + Trump Quotes
Ahreeman X Quotes + Thread

Illegal Aliens Invasion USA
27 Million Illegal Aliens in USA
Law & Border: Ben Bergquam
Design by Democrats Thread

Biden Crime Family Enterprise
Biden State Sponsor of Terror
My Son Hunter Movie Trailer
Biden Gets $10% + Thread

Why Trumpism Works?
Kari Lake Educates the Media
Democrat High Taxes in 5 Min
Trumpism Works Thread

Labor Day Special with AX
Workers vs Globalists + Thread

Liberal Made LGBTQ Genders
6 to 60 Liberal Genders Thread

Is Google a Cult?
Google Mind Control Thread

Iran Lobby & Agents in USA
Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Inc.
Namazis aren't US Hostages
Iran Lobby Thread + Movement

Chador Funny Cartoon Series
New + Hejab Created + Thread

US Election Fraud Evidences
Selection Code The Movie
Peter Navarro Report Review 2
2000 Mules Dinesh D'Souza
George Soros Role + Thread

Coronavirus, IRGC & Chinese
How did it Spread? Real Story
Coverup + Maps Stats + Thread

Eye-Rainian & Iranian Comedy
Memories + Thread

Let’s Go Brandon Fun Page
Funny Saudi TV Mocks Biden
FAQ Joe Biden Thread

E-mails to Ahreeman X
Nutty, Sexy, Educational

Was Ferdowsi Muslim?
Woke TV Solution!
Ahreeman X why what you do?
Democracy in Middle East?!
Why Bash Bahaism?
E-mails to Ahreeman X Thread

Iran Lobby Infects San Diego
Todd Gloria Destroys SDPD
San Diego Iran Lobby vs AX
Shahri Estakhry IRI Agent
Persian Cultural Center Thread

Debate Nicholas Ginex vs AX
Philosophy of Existence
Ginex on Robot, AI Zero Hour
Ginex on Spirit, Thought & Soul
Transhuman Cyborgs of Future
Universal Intelligence & AI
Philosophy Debate Thread

Gun Rights Protect Freedom
Iran Opposition Needs Guns
Ahreeman X on Guns Thread

Liberal Made Climate Change
Apocalypse Hoax Thread!

Roe vs. Wade Suggestions!
Ahreeman X vs. Linda Sarsour

Iran, Russia & China Axis
vs. Gay Woke US Military
US Navy Gay Pronouns, Thread

Ahreeman X Poetry Update
Destination Review + Poem
New + Thread + Poetry Index

NFL Football Gone Gay Woke!
Tranny Cheer + New + Thread

Corporations Go Woke
Make Them Broke!
Woke Era Definition of Beauty!
Woke Corps Videos + Thread

Real News Networks List
C & B Show + Thread + List

Social Darwinism & Raciology
Update + Thread + Series

Pan Iranism vs. Islam!
Update + Thread + Article

Nationalism Iran of Tomorrow
Update + Thread + Article

Why Federalism for Iran?
Update + Thread + Article

Sarah Palin News
Sarah Palin + Tea Party

Amir Abbas Hoveyda
Great Iranian Prime Minister
Memory of My God Father

IPC 20th Anniversary Special
Happy Birthday IPC Thread

Persian Cultural Month Alive!
Make it Global on March Thread

Iran Fashion Models News
Top Sexy Persian Models

Iran Lobby & Monarchists Net
Iran Lobby Collusion Swamp
Ahreemanic Way + Thread

Monarchy or Republic?
Monarchy Works Not in Iran
New + P1 + P2 + P3 + Thread

Future of America: Solutions
Stolen America + Thread

Christmas has Persian Roots
Mitra Persian Sun Goddess
New + Thread + Book of Mitra

Liberals are Not Progressive
Don’t Give Them Credit Thread

Liberal Plantation System
New World Order Thread

Who Killed More People?
Nazis, Communists, Muslims?
Democrats Tyranny + Thread

Abbas Derissi Artist Updates
New + Updates + Art Index

Liberal Destroyed California
Transgender Aisles + Thread

Shahnameh Epic Poetry Book
Hamid Rahmanian Art Thread

New Books in IPC Library
Largest Iran Online Library
Muhammad Comic Book
Muhammad Banned Biography
Mitra Roots of Christianity!
Mitra and Mitraism Real Story
Pagan Christs: Persian Mitra
Mitra Mysteries Franz Cumont
Persian Myths John Hinnells
Internet Sacred Texts Archives
Banned in Iran Books
Islam: Sex & Violence
Islam: The Arab Imperialism
23 Years Muhammad Career
Psychology of Muhammad
Shah of Iran Books
8000 Years of Iranian History
222 Years of Struggle
Ayatollah Khomeini Books
Persian & English Texts
Last Persian Emperor Saga
Aqa Mohammad Shah Qajar
Trump MAGA Book New Edition
Persian + English + Library

Iran Politics & Life Cartoons
New + Iran Toon Series Thread

ANTIFA is Burning Down USA
Trump Remarks + Thread

Tech Giants Great Threat
Silicon Valley Mafia + Thread

Black Lives Matter Terrorism
Mark Levin Expose, AX Expose
BLM is a Terrorist Organization

Persian Aryan Salute History
Root Story & Photo Gallery

Reza Pahlavi - IRI Deal
Reza Pahlavi Flip Flops
2nd Iran Coup 1984 Thread

Why Iran Needs a Guardian?
Why Velayat-e Faqih?

Iran Protests IRI Got to Go
Palestinians & Rise of IRI
IRI Got to Go Thread

Why Socialism doesn’t Work?
Why Socialism is So Popular?
Explained in 5 Minutes Thread!

Trump Greatest US President
Trump Accomplishments

Why Iran is Backward?
Iran Cultural Problems Thread

Patriotism vs Globalism
What is Patriotism? Thread

Iran & America Cartoons
Ahreeman X Toons Chapter 2

FBI Most Wanted Posters
New Thread + Updates + Index

Who Knows & Who Not?
Original Poem + Thread

Only in Iran Funny Galleries
Persian Christmas + Thread

Democrat & GOP Party History
The Real Story Thread

Muhammad & Aisha Cartoons
Muslim Child Bride Thread

Black Lives Matter Cartoons
Best of BLM Toons & Graphics

Tofigh Best Iranian Cartoons
Restored 2 Galleries Thread

Why Moral Revolution?
Alternative Update + Thread

Shah's Wives, Lovers & Dates
Shah’s Love Life Thread

Democrats & Mullahs History
Iranian Democrats + Thread

Baha’i Cult Contradictions
Greatest One + Thread

Universal Intelligence vs God
Philosophy Thread

Fereydoun Farrokhzad Topic
Memorial Day Special Thread

Cyber Censorship Cartoons
Tech Giants Internet Filters

Fake News Media Cartoons
Fake News & Lies Central

Persian Slangs Dictionary
Duff Meaning + D Words
Jindagani Terms + J Words
Encyclopedia Ahreemanica

Reza Shah the Great Memory
Father of the Modern Iran

Ancient Aliens Theory
New + Thread + Philosophy

Nurollah X Humor Updates
Special + 72 Virgins + Thread

Historical Iranian Scientists
Iranian Masters of Science

Break IRI Internet Filters
IRI Filters + Update + Thread

Susa is not Elam Updates
Iranians aren’t Arabs + Thread

Iran Nazi Movement History
New Updates + Thread

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