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This is Shiite Islam!


Part One
Ahreeman X
September 24, 2007

Shiite Islam Bloody Psychotic Festival in 5 Parts
This is Shiite Islam!
Culture of Mourn and Death
Ya Hussein
An IPC Production

Ashura - This is Shiite Islam! Chapters Index
Ashura I: Banner Raising, Chest and Tit Banging, Head Banging
Ashura II: Chain Banging
Ashura III: Child Cutting, Dead Worship, Grave Kissing, Fainting
Ashura IV: Dagger Banging, Hot Coal Walking, Scream Mourning
Ashura V: Mob Gathering, Mourning, Theatrics, Mosque Eating

Banner Raising (Alam Afrazi)

Ya Hazrat-e Qater!
Bannering the Mule and Donkey on Ashura for the parade. An Indian Shiite Tradition!

All Animals are Welcomed!
India: All animals are welcome to march on Ashura. All animals are children of Allah! Humans, Donkeys, Cows, others ... and they can all wear banners!

Ashura Cattle in India!
Bangalore Shiite pinning the banners of Hussein on Elephants and Donkeys for the parade. There is no discrimination in Shiite Islam. All Muslims are Equal and can March together: Elephants, Donkeys and Humans, all are Herd of Allah! Good Muslim Elephants can participate in Ashura Ceremonies! Only in India baby!

Banners and Children!
Donkeys, Banners and Children, what a tradition!

Raising the Banner of Abbas.
Banner Raising is an ancient Shiite tradition of pilgrimage. Ya Hazrat-e Abbas! (India)

Ya Saheb ol Zaman!
Raise the Banners of Saheb ol Zaman boy! (India)

Banners of Ya Hussein!
Raise the banner of Hussein and go to Jihad with Infidels, a Shiite Tradition! Celebrating Ashura after a 30 years ban, what a Rush! (Iraq)

Big Banner Man!
The Shiite Muslim Big Man with his Big Banner is walking in front and the Little Women with Chadors are walking behind him, marching to Karbala Holy Grounds for pilgrimage! Little Women must walk behind the big man (same as cattle). An Islamic Tradition! (Iraq)

Haji get off the cell phone, ceremonies are in progress! Have you no religion or shame? Pay attention to Ashura!

Ashura in Lebanon (Hezbollah Style)!

Hezbo boys are Banner Raising!

Cattle of Allah Banner Raising in Lebanon.

Hezbo Chadori raising the Banner of Hezbollah for Ashura.
This girl probably doesn't even know that she is equal to cattle in Islam!

Muslim Evil Knievel
Hezbo is doing some acrobatic banner waving move (Holly Shiite) in front of a poster of his prophet, Ayatollah Khomeini, father of the Neo Islamic Fundamentalism! Ruhollah is surely proud of this Arab boy! Lebanese Shiite are some of the most amazing Shiite Kickers of the region! (Lebanon)

Ashura Banner Raising in Tehran, Iran

Breast Banging (Mame Zani)

Ya Hussein Ya Mame!
Breast Banging (Mame Zani), a fine Shiite Muslim Tradition!
It helps keeping Mame in shape and well squeezed!
Woman, beat that Mame in shape for Hussein!

The Eggplant March!
The Eggplants (Shiite Chadori Women) are Breast Banging and Head Banging on Ashura for sympathizing with Hussein's Martyrdom 1200 years ago in Karbala!

Cry for Hussein Sister!
Cry for Hussein Sister! Cry woman cry to share Hussein's left testicle's pain in Karbala! The more you cry, the more benefits in Heaven and Afterlife. Mourning is recommended and Halaal! .....and not to forget Tit Banging afterwards! (Iraq)

Soqra: Look look, I got a new Ya Hussein Banner!
Kobra: Wow, you had surely reserved your place as one of the 72 virgins in Heaven!
Soqra: I know, I even had a vision from Allah! It was like a wet dream!
Kobra: Where did you get the banner, Yve Saint Lauren Boutique?
Soqra: No, I performed a Halaal Blow Job on Imam (of course after reading Siqeh) and he gave me the banner!
Kobra: Did you have the Imam over for dinner?
Soqra: No, Imam was the dinner! I had Imam for Iftar!

Cry Sister of Zeynab cry!
You are as equal as Sheep in Islam!

Sakineh: Is that the beheaded head of Hussein or Abolfazl?
Robabeh: I don't know, I just wave the banner because Imam told me so!

Boy: I don't have any breasts to bang on for Hussein! What should I bang on?
Mother: On your balls!

Chest Banging (Sineh Zani)

Tehran's Hezbos
Real Sophisticated Fashionable Young Hezbollah Chest Bangers are parading in Downtown Tehran with their latest fashion of Red Headbands! A very chic addition to their costume, made by "Yve Saint Abdul" Designer, in Ashura-ye Hussein-i!

Young Chest Banging!
Young Chest Banger Boys are doing the Traditional Chest Banging (Front of The Mosque), so they can later on get banged by the Clerics (Back Rooms of The Mosque), a great Shiite Afghan Tradition! It's one Big Bangarooni Bone-anza! (BBB)

Banners and Parades!
Young Muslim Special: Banners, parades and some fine Chest Banging, who needs anything else? You can get an erection out of this recreational activity!

Chest Banging Recreation!
An original Ashura Tradition made by Mullahs to control the Shiite Cattle under their thumbs and to make obedient Cattle out of Muslims! The Theatrics are awesome!

Hairy Bear: Boy, don't beat so hard on that tity, cause later on I'm gonna lick it! Hussein will understand! Hussein himself had 1000 wives and a number of Pearly White Boy Toys! Allah is merciful!

Tehran Chest Bangers (Iran)
Boy: I'm gonna bang on my head and chest and drink my Halaal Milk, so one day I will grow up big and strong to become a Qods Special Unit soldier of Allah, so I can go to Iraq, Lebanon or Palestine and train more Shiite Arabs to suicide bomb and martyr for Allah and Islamic Republic of Iran!

Head Banging (Tu Sar Zani)

Bloody Head Banging
To bang the heads after cutting them with daggers, in respect for the Imam Hussein and his action of martyrdom of himself and 72 of his followers, is the key point to all this Ashura episode!
Young Cattle in Lebanon: Let's cry, mourn, cut our heads and rip apart our rectums, because over 1200 years ago, Yazid and Shemr had cut off Hussein's left ball in Karbala! Hussein Hussein, Ya Hussein!

Fatimah: Boo Hoo Barahoot …. Hey Zeynab, I have been banging on my head and tities for 2 hours straight but I still did not feel Hussein's suffrage! Have you?

Segregated Head Banging!
Even Head Banging is performed in separated and segregated sections! Male and Female Head Banging Sections are available! What a culture! Only in Shiite Islam!

They Killed Hussein!
They Killed Hussein 1200 years ago in Karbala, so bang on your heads for this catastrophe!

Check out the face!
1200 years ago, one Arab Murderer (Hussein) and his gang got killed by
another (Yazid), as his rival for position of the Caliph (Internal Arab Rivalry)! Hussein was selfish enough to also get all the women and children of his camp killed! That's how much respect he had for the lives of others! Now after over 1200 years, these Gav O Gusaleh (Cattle) mourn for Hussein! The funny thing is that they are not even Arabs (mostly) but they are Persian!

Cattle R Us!
Never a shortage of cattle in Shiite Islam! A good Shiite after a good Blood Shower due to self-mutilation!

Fine Ashura Head Banging in Iran!

Head Banging History
To bang heads and breasts, in respect for the Imam Hussein and his action of martyrdom of himself and 72 of his followers, is the key point to all this Ashura Bull Shiite!
You dumb Muslim Bimbette, why don't you cry for your situation in the Islamic world rather than crying for Hussein! The bastard is already dead but you are still alive, yet you live like a dog because your value in Islam is same as dirt?!

Boo Hoo Barahoot!
1200 hundred years ago a selfish, martyrdom-seeking, illogical, power-hungry, Arab rival for Caliph got himself and 72 others in his gang slaughtered in seeking political powers! Today, the Shiite world mourns for this stupidity!

Bleed Shiite Bleed!
Bleed Animals; bleed for some Self-Centered, power hungry Arab (Hussein) who martyred not just himself but his whole tribe for political power!

"Believers! Take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. They are friends with each other. Whoever among you seeks their friendship shall become one of them. Allah does not guide the wrongdoers."
(Quran: The Table: 5 - 51)

"It is not for any Prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land. You desire the lure of this world and Allah desires for you the hereafter and Allah is Mighty, Wise. Now enjoy what you have won as lawful and good and keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is forgiving, merciful."
(Quran: Spoils of War: 8 - 67, 68)

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