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This is Shiite Islam!


Part Four
Ahreeman X
September 24, 2007

This is Shiite Islam!
Culture of Mourn and Death
Ya Abolfazl
An IPC Production

Dagger Banging (Qameh Zani)

Dagger Banging!
Boy, look at them heads split open to be blessed by Imam! Specific Ayatollah's orders!

My Blood is Thicker!
Abdol: Look Yadollah, my blood is thicker! I'm a better Muslim, maybe I'll get 73 Virgins in Heaven!

Ya Hussein!
Lamb of Allah: Ya Hussein, let me suffer instead of you, let me volunteer for Martyrdom and Martyr, Ya Seyed ol Shohada, do you hear me?

The Kiss After!
Akbar: Give me a kiss Asqar, you really cut that head wide open! What brave man you are! Afterlife, you will go straight to Hussein in Heavens. Ya Hussein ........

Double Blade Banging!
Check out the Double Blade Dagger Banging in Pakistan! Ain't Self-Mutilation for Hussein
Cool?! I'm telling ya, the only place that you can get some Shiites to Bleed to Death, is
Ashura! Ain't Ashura Cool?!

Git Some Blade Boy!
Git some, git some, kiss em, kiss em, kiss them blade boy! What an S&M Rush!

Scream to Allah!
Cut that head wide open and then scream to Allah boy! Allah is merciful! Check out Shiite Turkmen! Yes, there are Donkeys amongst Turkmen too!

Ashura Special!
Hear Yee Hear Yee, Ashura Special, some juicy blood shed, and self-mutilation by the faithful is going on in the Imam's Square! Please proceed for the Show!

Thank Allah!
Thank Allah I am a civilized, spiritually enlightened Shiite Muslim!

Lamb for Slaughter!
............and the lamb bent his head down to be slaughtered for Allah! Come now and cut me with your Holy blade, it has rewards in heavens for me to shed my blood for Imam!

After Dagger Banging!
Some fine Young Shiite Cattle of the Lebanese kind, after Dagger Banging on Ashura!

Cattle on the Loose!
For 30 years the Baath Party kept Iraqi Shiites on the leash. But as soon as the Americans gave them their freedom, the first thing the Shiites done was to go straight to
Karbala for an orgy of Mass Pilgrimage, Mass Self-Mutilation, Mass Bleeding and Mass Barbarism! Cattle need to be leashed! (Iraq)

Lovely Ashura Recreations in Iraq
Ali Ali Hussein Hussein! Ya Ali, Ya Hussein ........

Ya Hussein I Feel it!
Ya Hussein, I feel your pain, let it bleed, Ya Hussein .......... (Fine Iraqi Shiite)

Baba Qoli: I have been doing this Shiite for over 65 years! I'm beginning to like it!

Ya Hussein I'm feeling your pain!

Now boys, let's do some group bleeding! Kind o like Ashura Doo-Wop bands plus bloodshed!

Sineh Zani
Abol: Vay Hussein ro koshtand.
Ashura Doo-Wop Band: Khak be saram, khak be saram …
Abol: Vay Hussein o kardan.
Ashura Doo-Wop Band: Khak be saram, khak be saram …
Abol: Vay Dul-e Hossein o boridand.
Ashura Doo-Wop Band: Khak be saram, khak be saram …
Abol: Vay tokhm-e chap-e asb-e Hazrat-e Abolfazl ro ham boridand.
Ashura Doo-Wop Band: Khak be saram, khak be saram …
Abol: Invariya?
Ashura Doo-Wop Band: Hussein Hussein
Abol: Unvariya?
Ashura Doo-Wop Band: Abbas Abbas
Abol: Hama ba ham?
Ashura Doo-Wop Band: Hussein Hussein, Abbas Abbas, Abolfazl, Ya Abolfazl …

I'm going to Karbala to get me some infidel …

Pay attention boy, this is the proper way to dagger bang. After all, I have half a century of experience in this Bull Shiite! (Iraq)

Yadollah: Master, please make me bleed without permanent brain damage.
Hezbo Hassan: Not to worry, have no fear about brain damage, we don't need Muslim to think, we just need them to follow.

Qazanfar: No one can bleed like me. I can truly feel Hussein's pain! (India)

Hot Charcoal Walking (Pa Suzi)

Only in India!
Indian Shiites are some of the most devoted. They believe that great self-mutilation brings great salvation and rewards in the afterlife! Best way to buy salvation for afterlife is Foot Burning!

Bonfires to prepare the coal for the Shiites to get burned!

Hot Charcoal Walking!
An Indian Shiite Tradition! One must really prove his mourning, pain and respect for Hussein by walking the hot fiery coals!

Shiite on the Coals!
A Good Shiite burning his feet for Hussein's tragedy!

Coal Foot Burning in India
It is kind o like Jesus walking on water, except that it burns the Shiite out of your feet!

These good Shiites are awaiting their turn to get the skin of their feet to burn like Hell!

Scream Mourning (Zajeh Zani)

Boo Hoo Barahoot!
They killed Hussein in Biyaban-e Barahoot, the lifeless desert!

We are Cattle!
We are emotionally influenced by Mullahs to get a good tear and sympathy out of us! We do anything for Ayatollahs! We are the faithful Cattle!

Ya Hussein we feel your pain and more!

"Allah sets forth a parable: A slave, the property of another, has no power over anything, and one whom We have granted from Ourselves a goodly sustenance so he spends from it secretly and openly; are the two alike? Praise is due to Allah!"
(Quran: The Bee: 16 - 75)

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