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Democrats & Mullahs Dirty Deals

Biden and Raisi Halloween Special
and Mullahs Dirty Deals
Joe Biden and Ebrahim Raisi Similarities
Ahreeman X
October 31, 2021

IPC Comics Presents:

Biden and Raisi Halloween Special
Big Guy Mobster vs. Mullah Massacre
USA Mafia Boss
vs. IRI Mafia Boss

Ebrahim Raisi
IRI President Erect
IRI Illegitimate Regime Leader
Alias: Mullah Massacre, Executioner Judge
* USA – IRI Dirty Deals Partner
* Democrats – Mullahs Sex Partner
* 42 Years IRI Swamp Service
* 18 Million Fraudulent Votes
* Illegitimately Erected by the Supreme Leader Khamenei as President of IRI
* Ex Head of Islamic Judiciary of Iranian Mullah Mafia
* Involved in Murdering 35,000 Opposition Activists in 1980s
* Corrupt Criminal Served as IRI Chief Justice and IRI Prosecutor General
* Corrupt Criminal Judge

Joe Biden
USA President Erect
USA Illegitimate Regime Leader
Alias: Big Guy Mobster, Diaper Joe, Shiite Bag Joe
* USA – IRI Dirty Deals Partner
* Democrats – Mullahs Sex Partner
* 50 Years USA Swamp Service
* 81 Million Fraudulent Votes
* Illegitimately Erected by the Deep State Swamp as President of USA
* Head of Biden Organized Crime and Racketeering Family
* Involved in Arresting 3,000 Patriots on January 2021
* Corrupt Politician Served on the China, Russia & Iran Lobbies’ Payroll
* Bull Shiite Artist

Raisi: Look, I don’t have blood on my hands, I just washed them! And I didn’t even touch the ballot boxes, it was all a rumor!

Biden: I’m not an angry boxer, I just have arthritis of fists! They get locked & I can’t open them! I have hollow fists!

Democrats & Mullahs Neo Nuke Deal

Hello Boys and Girls, come and get your Halloween Special,
Hot Out of the IPC Oven!
Let me tell yous a Real Horror Story & a True Tale of Terror!
It is the All-Hallows’ Night of Terror in Washington DC & Tehran!
All the Ghouls & Goblins with & without Turbans are here deep in the

Depths of the Swamp!
It’s a Crime Halloween Bang & Bologna Special!
Corrupt Regime Leaders in Both Iran & America Stolen the Elections

& Rule the Lands.
Now, Both USA Mafia & IRI Mafia are Going to Make More Dirty

Filthy Deals.
Democrats & Mullahs Neo Nuke Deal

Come & Get Your Nukes
It’s a Grand Auction by Globalist Establishment on Human Lives!
Criminals in Washington DC & Tehran are Having a 2 For 1 Deal!
4 Decades of Democrats & Mullahs Wheeling & Dealing is Paying Off!

Come & See the Crime of the Century!
Come & Hear the Bull Shiite of the Millennium!
Come & Feel the USA & Iran Drown in the Swamp, Firsthand!
Come & See the Build Back Better Transgender Bathrooms in USA!
Come & See Mullahs Banging Little Boys at the Backrooms of the

Holy Islamic IRI Mosques!
It’s a Dog & Pony, Democrats & Mullahs show!
Come & Get FAQed Over by the Democrats & Mullahs!
Come & Feel the Green New Bull Shiite, Deep in Your Buttocks!
Stolen Elections Have Consequences!

May Yous Get Out of This 4 Year Long Lasting Night, Alive!
We Will Be in The Dark Winter of Biden … Deep in the Dark …
Hallow is the Night!

Raisi: I’m not a caricature, don’t deny my humanity! My image is not drenched in blood; it is Ahreeman who painted me red! Don’t call me Mullah Massacre, it hurts my feelings, I am a human being!

Biden: I’m not the reincarnation of Bozo the Clown, That bastard Ahreeman dressed me like this! I am your president! Don’t call me the Regime Leader, it hurts my feelings! I’m not a vegetable, I am a human being!

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