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Graphics Sites

Adventures of Allahman
Allahman I: Allahman Comes Alive! (AX)
Allahman II: Allahman Degenerates the Persian! (AX & Bee)
Allahman III: Allahman’s Sermon (AX)
Adventures of Hussein Obama
Episode I: Obama bows to Abdullah! (AX)
Adventures of Porkollah the Pig of Allah
Porkollah the Muslim Pig Adventures (AX)
FemiTazis of IRI – Islamist FemiNazis
FemiTazis of IRI 1: Zeynab Sisters on the March! (AX)
Hillary Clinton Shows
That Wacky Tacky Hillary Clinton: The Hillary Clinton Show (AX)
Imam K-roach
Imam K-roach Doctrine (LOP & Bee)
Islamic Holidays!
An Islamic Halloween (AX)
An Islamic Christmas! (AX)
Reza Pahlavi Shows
Reza Pahlavi's Rat Show: 2008 is Chinese Year of the Rat! (AX)
Reza Pahlavi's Eggplant Show (AX)
Uber-Cows of Shiite - Halaal Meat and Friends
UC I: Halaal Meat and Friends: Got Quran? (AX)
Vipers of IRI
Vipers of IRI 1: An Islamic Passion! (AX & LOP)
Vipers of IRI 2: A Night at Jamaran! (AX & LOP)
Other Animations
Massoumeh Ebtekar Penguin Show (AX)
7 Deadly Sins of IRI (AX)
Alpha Universe Comes Alive: Outer Space Digital Animation (Mazdak)
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Muhammad and Aisha Graphics
Aisha: Muhammad’s Child Bride Graphics Part 1 & Part 2 (AX)
Ashura - This is Shiite Islam!
Ashura I: Banner Raising, Chest & Tit Banging, Head Banging (AX)
Ashura II: Chain Banging (AX)
Ashura III: Child Cutting, Dead Worship, Grave Kissing, Fainting (AX)
Ashura IV: Dagger Banging, Hot Coal Walking, Scream Mourning (AX)
Ashura V: Mob Gathering, Mourning, Theatrics, Mosque Eating (AX)
California Sanctuary Banana Republic
Chapter 1: Land of Stoners & Eco Wackos (AX & Cartoonists)
Chapter 2: Land of Illegal Aliens (AX & Cartoonists)
Conservatives and Liberals
How Conservatives & Liberals Celebrate 4th of July? Graphic 1 (AX)
How Conservatives & Liberals Celebrate 4th of July? Graphic 2 (AX)
Iran Political Graphic Art Galleries - Collage Graphic Designs
Iran Political Graphic Art Gallery 1: Neo Islamic Art (Admzad)
Iran Political Graphic Art Gallery 2: Neo Iran Flags (Admzad)
Iran Protests Political Posters
Iran Nationwide Protests Posters (AX & IPC)
Islamic Invasion of America
Ameristan! (AX)
Islamic Invasion of America: Step by Step Green Plan (AX)
Ilhan Omar vs. Ahreeman X on 9/11 (AX)
Islamist Evolution - Adventures of The Missing Link!
Islamist Evolution I: The Missing Link (AX)
Islamist Evolution II: Evolution of Islamist Tolab (AX)
Islamist Evolution III: The 2nd Link (AX)
KIR (Khomeini's Islamic Republic) - Adventures of KIR
KIR I: KIR in Skies of Iran (AX)
KIR II: Miracle of The KIR (AX)
KIR III: KIR Tower Lands in Washington DC (AX)
KIR IV: KIR Tower and Obama Dildo (AX)
Mullah Founding Fathers
Mullah Founding Fathers of IRI (AX)
Nowruz Persian New Year Graphics: Coronavirus & Liberals (AX)
Tech Giants Internet Censorship
Amazon Community ANTIFA Cyber Censorship! (AX & Cartoonists)
Then and Now
Then and Now I: Shah and Farah (AX)
Then and Now II: Iranian Hand Kissers (AX)
True Islam
There are 2 Types of Muslims! (AX)
Other Graphics
Google vs. Persian Gulf Controversy Graphic Designs (AX)
The Yellow Dog (LOP)
Dog of Kashan (LOP)
The IRI Equation (LOP)
5 Imams Islamic Gangbang! (AX)
Khomeini's Goals (LOP)
What is Islamically Halaal (Allowed)? (AX)
Alpha Universe – Digital Graphic Art Gallery [Spotlight] (Mazdak)
Iran Graphic Designs by Ahreeman X (AX)
Mandana's Graphic Arts (Mandana)
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Animation Sites
Iranian Sites
Qoqnoos Animation
Ali Jahanian Animation Site
3D Parse - Meysam Keshavarz
Abbas Shahriari
Cartoonamoon - Ali Soozandeh
New Dimention - Alireza Naderi
Bahram Arjamandnia
Jahangir Dermani
Jayron Zolfaghari
Digita.Kam - Kambiz Mahmoudi
Saeed Sarhadi
Animation Group
Alireza Golpayegani
International Sites
Joe Cartoon Co.
Memri TV
Liquid Generation
eBaum's World
AtomFilms: Short films & Animations
Cartoon Brew
Saddam Hussein / Iraq War Animated Cartoons.
Josh Lange Site
Off Site Animations
Military History Animations
Ancient Battles Animations
Persians vs. Romans
Persians vs. Muslim Arabs
Iranian Political Animations
Fight for Colors: Lipstick vs. Baton
My Grade Shool Friend = Yare Dabestani-ye Man (Fared Shafinuri)
IRI Power Cling
My Iran: Iranian Teen presents

Persian Gulf not Arabian Gulf
Ahmadinejad Animations
Ahmadinejad on Elections 1: 2009 Real Presidential Debate!
Ahmadinejad on elections 2
Ahmadinejad in Blender
Islamic Animations
Charlie Brown Jihad Xmas: Charlie converts to Islam!
Funny Iranian Animations
Maz Jobrani Watermelon Toon
Ferdowsi Circle Funny Anime - Reviving Persian Language!
Iranian Animations
Iran a Nation of Bloggers a film by VFS
Funny Animations
Kicked Dog
Sarah Palin, the Future President Interactive Game Animation
International Animations
Windmill Farmer (Joaquin Baldwin)
The End (Marie Anne Fountenier)
Sebastian's Voodoo (Joaquin Baldwin)
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Graphics Sites
Iranian Sites
Persian Graphic
Caroun - Iranian Graphic Designers
Qoqnoos Graphic
Iranian Graphic Designers Society
Persian Deviant Art
Adel3D - Adel Adili
8 Graphic Studio - Arash Sami
Off Site Graphics

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