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Khomeini's Goals
Lawrence of Persia (LOP)
March 3, 2009

Doctrine of IRI
The Untold and Covert Doctrine of IRI
written by its theoretician and founder Imam Khomeini

Phase 1 - Iran

  • Take political power in Iran.
  • Establish a "Government of Allah" in Iran that is based on the principle that sovereignty resides in Allah, not the people, and is exercised on Allah's behalf by the Rahbar Imam, Allah's senior representative on Earth.
  • Destroy groups such as MKO and the Bahai that use more modern mutations of Shiite (Shi’a) Islam, just as Shiite Islam itself is a more modern mutation of the original Sunni Islam.
  • Disable, imprison or kill all potential opponents and rival political leaders.
  • Use selective repression, imprisonment, torture and executions to cripple and disable opposition groups.
  • Handle dissident clerics so as to prevent them causing trouble.
  • Concentrate the prestige, power and authority of the "Objects of Emulation"
    (Marja' Taqlids) in the person of the Rahbar Imam.
  • Make the Rahbar Imam the modern equivalent of a Caliph.
  • Reverse the Westoxication of Iranians under the Pahlavi Shahs by brutal enforcement of Shiite law and punishments and turn it to Arabtoxication!
  • Suppress the influence of Western Civilization in Iran.
  • Suppress the last remaining vestiges of pre-Islamic Persian culture and replace them with strict observance of Shi'a Muslim culture.
  • Indoctrinate young Iranians to be docile and obedient subjects of the Rahbar Imam and the Government of Allah.
  • Make the Imamate of Shiite the leading religious, military, political and economic power in its region in preparation for taking control of the entire Islamic World.

Phase 2 - The Islamic World

  • Create, sponsor, encourage and support militant Islamist groups and movements throughout the Islamic World.
  • Export the Shi'a Islamist Revolution to other Islamic countries starting with Iraq, Azerbaijan, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Lebanon.
  • Help the Shiites in Saudi Arabia overthrow the Sunni Wahhabi Saud Monarchy and bring Mecca and Medina under Shiite control for the first time in history.
  • Acquire chemical, biological and atomic weapons and the missile capability to deliver them.
  • Vigorously support Islamist Palestinian terrorist groups in their attacks on Israel and violently oppose any peaceful Israeli-Palestinian political settlement.
  • Lead the Islamic World in destroying the state of Israel and bring Jerusalem and Palestine back under Islamic domination and control.
  • Eliminate American and European influence in the Islamic World.
  • Assume leadership of the Islamic World.
  • Convert the majority of the world's Sunni Muslims to Shi'a Islam.
  • Incrementally bring all Islamic countries into the Imamate of Shi'a under the ultimate control and rule of the Rahbar Imam in Tehran, thus creating a global Shi'a Islamic religious, military and political Superpower.
  • Greatly increase political and economic contacts with developing Third World countries in preparation for converting them to Shi'a Islam and bringing them into the World Imamate of Shi'a.

Phase 3 - Planet Earth

  • Wage relentless Jihad, overtly and covertly, against the Great Satan (US), the center of gravity of Western Infidel Civilization.
  • Use the oil resources of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to manipulate the world oil supply and bring devastation to the economies of the US and other industrialized countries.
  • Create, sponsor, encourage and support militant Islamist groups and movements in major Muslim communities throughout the Infidel World.
  • Convert the Third World Infidel peoples of Africa, South America and Asia to Shi'a Islam and bring their countries into the Shi'a Imamate.
  • Wage Planetary Jihad to conquer and subdue all remaining Infidel countries and bring them under the control of the World Imamate of Shi'a and its ruler, the Rahbar Imam in Tehran.
  • Brutally enforce Shi'a law and punishments across the planet to bring all Earth people into docile obedience to Shi'a Islam and the World Government of Allah.
  • Kill all Apostates and Infidels throughout the world who refuse to submit to Shi'a Islam and the World Government of Allah.
  • Rule Planet Earth on behalf of Allah until the hidden Imam Mahdi returns.

Support the fight to establish Freedom,
Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran.

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