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Mullah Founding Fathers of IRI
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Ahreeman X
May 22, 2019

No Mercy on the Beast
Mullah Khamenei Beast Iran Graphic

Mullah Founding Fathers of IRI are very persistent to keep IRI in power.
If you give 5 Cents to a Mullah, you’ll never get it back.
Now imagine that you gave one of the richest nations on earth to the Mullahs! Good luck taking it back!
Only a Bloody Revolution will Free Iran
Destruction of Islam Means Freedom of Iran

Kill the IRI Baby!
Mullah Khomeini Beast Iran Graphic

USA Flag Gun Pointed at Mullah’s Face
Mullah Iran Graphic

USA Flag Wrecking Ball Breaks the IRI Wall Flag - Free Iran
Destroy Allah Spider Logo
Bring Down the Wall

Kill the Allah Spider - Free Iran

Pictorial History of Iranian Flags – Chapter 10: IRI Flags

IRI Islamic Regime is dying, Long Live Free Iran!

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