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Episode I - Obama bows to Abdullah!

Adventures of Hussein Obama
Episode I - Obama bows to Abdullah!

Ahreeman X
May 8, 2009

IPC Comics presents:
Adventures of Hussein Obama
Episode I
Obama bows to Abdullah!

Hussein Obama: I gonna exercise hard and I gonna get me ready
for some seriously severe bowing, hand kissing and ass kissing!

1st Presidential Bow Blow

Course: Severe Bowing and Hand Kissing of Arab Masters 101
Hussein Obama withholds the dignity of US Presidential Office

Prince Ahmed: Bow in front of your Master, Bow Chocolate Boy, Bow …
King Abdullah: We are pleased, Chocolate Boy knows his place …

Hussein Obama: I is mighty happy foe Arab Massar to be pleased with me. I ain’t no amateur, I’m a mighty professional sucker! I blow them bones like there ain’t no tomorrow! Yas-sir Massar … In a Socialistic Regime, all we do is blow to them Arab, Chinese and Venezuelan Massars to buy out our debts! Welcome to USSA (United Socialist States of America)!

2nd Presidential Bow Blow, One Moe Time

King Abdullah: Suck it Chocolate boy, suck them Arab bone!
Hussein Obama: Yas-sir Arab Massar, yas-sir ….
King Abdullah: Harder Boy, faster boy, deep throat that Baba-Ghanoush!
Hussein Obama: Yas-sir Massar, anything to please you Massar! Yum yum, gimmie some!
King Abdullah: Do it right Boy! It is payback time for all the Arab Oil money paid for your presidential campaign funds to stop drilling and delay American Energy Independence.
Hussein Obama: Ummm…Yummm ..Hummm…Ummm… hows-at Massar?
King Abdullah: That’s better Chocolate Boy, hey, yo, yo … don’t bite! Easy does it ….
Hussein Obama: Yas-sir Massar, sorry Massar …guzzle guzzle ….Oq, oq, Oho oho …choke ….
King Abdulla: Don’t choke on it boy, take the bone out and continue blowing …
Hussein Obama: Yas-sir Massar, yas-sir Holy Arab Massar!

Hussein Obama: All this gossip must be a right wing conspiracy, cause I ain’t bending over and bowing! I’m just waiting for the Massar Doctor to finger me! That’s foe sure, … Yas-sir ….

3rd Presidential Bow Blow, One for the road

King Abdullah: OK Boy, that’s good enough, I came, Prince Ahmed also came, even Sarkozy standing behind me came! You sucked the bone marrow out of my Baba Ghanoush! Allah bless your jaw muscles, you must have been practicing a lot!
Hussein Obama: Yas-sir Massar, thank you Massar ….
Prince Ahmed: Baba that’s enough, let go of Malek Abdullah’s Schlong! Malek fountained all over your face. That’s enough! Did you wash and rinse your filthy infidel mouth and lips with distilled alcohol before you blew Malek’s Halaal Schlong?
Hussein Obama: Yas-sir young Massar, I brushed and rinsed and scrubbed me jaws before choking on therm bone. I is mighty clean Massar … I rinsed and gurgled and …
Prince Ahmed: OK Boy, wrap it up, we are pleased. Pack it all up and go back to DC. You have our blessing. Malek Abdullah blessed you with his Holy Water! Allah is also passionate! Allah blesses you Chocolate Boy!

“Obama has ordered a custom-made IPod.” (Media)
Obama’s New IPod = IBow

A Jigaboo Jimbo Production
in association with IPC Comics

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