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Porkollah the Muslim Pig Animated Adventures!
Ahreeman X
March 19, 2016

IPC Comics Presents

Adventures of Porkollah the Muslim Pig!

Featuring Porkollah (Pork of Allah)

Qozroof the Islamist Pig and the Butty Pig Dancers

And here’s your host, the Muslim Porky Pig!

Abedy abedy abedy Allah-u-Akbar! Hello Kids, today, we have a grand extravaganza for you. Sit tight and please give a warm welcome to a rising star of the Crescent and Star world! … and now introducing the star of our show, Porkollah!

Hello Children, I am Porkollah, the Pork of Allah. I’m here to detest the fact that Islam and Muslims call pigs Haraam (forbidden to eat) and Najes (dirty to touch). It all started with that Delusional Muhammad and his friends writing that comic book “Quran”! Along with piles of other nonsense they shoved in there, it also mentioned that pigs, pork blood and meat are filthy! Hey, do I look filthy to you? I’m pretty cute. Actually I’m cleaner than most of these unshaved, baggy pajama wearing goons and sweaty, rag head packing wenches in Chador! I’m a darling!

Actually all animals have rights and they are good Muslims, may them be Muslim men in beanie hats and rags with beard, Muslim women in lachak and scarves flush sweating, dogs, cats, monkeys, cows and surely pigs! It's a Zoo out there!

Amen Brother!

Me too, I'm Ratollah, the Rat of Allah!

Porkollah for President, Long Live Porkollah!

Why has Muhammad in his Comic Book (Quran) had denied our human rights?! I detest that prejudice against the pigs! I am Porkollah, the pig of Allah. I’m a good Muslim and I demand equal human rights, the same as hairy men in dresses and sweaty women in burqa!

Me too! I’m Dr. Baboon and I’m as hairy as the next hairy man with beard in rags and dress! I demand equal rights as a Muslim!

Even Imam Khomeini in a desperate moment of passion stated that “In certain emergency situations in the middle of the desert with nothing else around, you can eat the pig and you can even have anal sex with him!” Imam states that “You can have sex with him and then kill and eat him or vise versa!”

Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, I am the Spirit of Imam Khomeini and I approve this message!

And now for something totally different, observe the “Islamic Evolution”!

Islamic Evolution – It starts from Fish and ends in Pile of Shiite!
Fish => Ape => Neanderthal => Jihadi => Muhammad (with Aisha Child Bride) => Pig => Skulls (Mass Murder of Christians, Jews and Persians) => Pile of Shiite (Final Islamic Evolutionary Step)!

And now a message from our sponsor, Mr. Lemmon Head, the Average Islamist Apologist Muslim with Shiite for brains! A Lemmon Head Full O Shiite!

Salamon Alaikom, I am Brother Lemon Head, the average Muslim Hassan or Hussein! Please enjoy the show!

I am Porkollah, the Pig of Allah! Why do Muslims discriminate against pigs? Why do Muslims discriminate against me? Muhammad said I’m filthy but I’m cleaner than your average smelly man with long beard in dress and your average sweaty woman with rag on the head in chador! Just go to any mosque and see who’s filthy!
They don’t take showers and they wear garbs, rags, pajamas, hejab and all kinds of heavy cloths in the heat of the summer which makes them sweat like dogs (no offense to brother and sister dogs) but I am US FDA Approved, I must be very clean and good enough to eat (literally)! Now, would you eat one of these guys in the mosque?
All the sweat, hair, dirt, filth, mushrooms, bacteria, cooties, and oozing odor, would you eat those hejabed women? Or men (Allah forbid)? But I am delicious and you eat me! I’m a good Muslim! Allah loves pigs! I demand equal rights with those jihadis and jihadettes in the mosque! I demand free entry to the mosque to sit and pray for life! Stop discriminating against good Muslim pigs!

I am Porkollah Piglet, the female cousin of Porkollah Pig. I am Halaal Certified and Islamically Correct to eat! So eat me Muslim, eat me! Porkollah dreams a lot, he will never get permission to sit and pray in the mosque. That Dhimmi Pig (2nd class Muslim citizen) dreams a lot! Free entry to the mosque? That will happen when pigs fly!

Porkollah Pig: And you don’t think pigs can fly?!

Boarollah Pig (Wild Pig of Allah): Actually pigs can fly! I am the squadron leader of the “Kamikaze Suicide Bomber Flying Pigs Squadron of ISIS Sleepers Cells in New York” awaiting orders from Allah and ISIS to blow the infidels to their doom! Allah O Akbar!

Qozroof Pig (Ligament Pig): They call me Qozroof because I’m tough and chewy like Qozroof! I’m no soft and juicy pork chop meat! I’m an Islamist Militant Pig!  Flying Pigs are Allah’s Air Force but us the “Ground Suicide Bomber Pigs” are Allah’s ground troops and we are very close and precious to Allah! Remember my name infidel, I am Qozroof, the tough and chewy pig and this is my sidekick “Abu Atta”! We call him Abu Atta because he wants to be a dancer but he got no beat! He wobbles around to the un-rhythmic beat of the Azan (Muslim Call to Prayer) from Minaret of the Mosque!

And now it is revenge time!

Porkollah the Muslim Pig: Revenge, sweet revenge! Beware the revenge of Porkollah, Pork of Allah! Burn Muhammad burn! We are now making Quran Burned, Slow Roasting Muhammad BBQ! Allah is my protector and I am getting revenge from Muhammad for centuries of slander, ill will and discrimination against my people! Free at last, free at last! Muhammad, burn in the ashes of your comic book (Quran), thus you have made my people suffer for centuries! Free my people, Free at Last, Free at Last!

 Yum Yum Gimme Some!

Little Pigs BBQ Joint
The Safest Restaurant On Earth!
No Muslims Inside!

“Porkollah is Banned from the Mosque!” (Media)
Qozroof: Now why would you go and do a silly thing like that?!

“Bacon is Pork Candy!” (Media)
Piglet to the Muslim: Would you like some Bacon Sampler Brother?!

Porkollah: This Comic Book (Quran) is full of Bull Shiite!

Piglets: We protest banning of pigs from Islam! Quran Comic Book is not word of Allah! Quran Comic Book is word of Delusional Muhammad, the hater of Good Muslim Pigs!

“Pigs for Sharia Organization of ISIS Endorses Muslim Pigs!” (Media)
Jihadi Abdul and Jihadi Porkollah: We the “Pigs for Sharia” endorse the Muslim Pigs; declare the Muslim Pigs Halaal, martyrs of Islam, good Muslims, close to Allah and as Islamic Warriors. We demand the end to discrimination of Muhammad and Quran Comic Book against the Good Muslim Pigs of Allah! Praise be Upon Allah!

“Muslim Pigs have been protesting and demanding equal rights to other Muslims!” (Media)
Porkollah: Muhammad, why hast though forsaken me? I am Muslim too!
Muslim Porky Pig: Allah bless you my brother! Pigs are very dear to Allah!

Porky Pig: Muhammad, why do you deny me my human rights?!

“Pigs for Islam Organization protests against the Islamic Establishment are escalating!” (Media)
Hambone: I’m a peaceful Muslim! Pigs are Muslims too! Pigs for Islam!

“Indonesian Muslim Youth have endorsed Pigs for Islam Organization.” (Media)
Indonesian Youth: We demand end to Islamic Prejudice against good Muslim Pigs! Pigs are Muslim too! We embrace Porkollah and his fellow piglets! C’mon touch the pigs!

You want evidence, you got evidence! Here is the evidence that Muslims love Pigs! Chew on that if you can:

Muslim Loves a Pig!
A Muslim (Hussein Obama) is kissing a Pig (Michelle Obama)!
Miracles can happen!

And in return ……
Pig Loves a Muslim!
Porkollah: When you see a Muslim bends over to Namaz Prayer, jump his bones! Lavat (Islamically Correct Anal Sex) is Halaal!
Miracles can happen!

Perfect Marriage!
Further evidence of the Muslims loving the Pigs!
Hussein Obama: Ain’t she (Islam) a beauty!

Piglet: Mummy, you have converted to Islam!
Qozroof: yes and she has seen the light of Allah!

The Most Interesting Man in the World: I don’t always leave bacon outside a mosque, but when I do, Radical Islam trembles in fear!
Miss Piggy: Life can be tough for a pig, I just found out Kermit is a Muslim!

Muslim Mother Pig and her Piglets!

Have you ever wondered what the Last Muslim on Earth be like?

The Last Muslim on Earth!
Jihad must go on, even if it means with one self!

And now for a musical break:

I am Kharollah (Donkey of Allah), Boy it's a Zoo out there! Now we will sing an Islamic Revolutionary Song!
Everybody grab somebody,
All together bang somebody,
Everybody sing along …
Takbir, ham-e ba ham …
All the Muslims together ...

Allah-u-Akbar, Allah-u-Akbar
Allah-u-Akbar, Allah-u-Akbar
Allah-u-Akbar, Khomeini Rahbar
Allah-u-Akbar, Khomeini Rahbar
Be Pa Khizid Mosalmanan, Be Pa Khizid Mosalmanan
Allah-u-Akbar, Khomeini Rahbar
Dambala Dimbool, Bedeh ye shoombool
Lala Lala La, Lala Lala Loo ……
Loo La Li Looleh, Lala Lala La ……

(Allah is Great, Allah is Great
Allah is Great, Khomeini is Leader
Muslkims Rise Up, Muslims Rise Up
Allah is Great, Khomeini is Leader
Bing Bang Bong, Give us a Schlong!
Lala Lala La, Lala Lala La  ……)

Jihadi: Ahreeman, for this grand insult to Allah, Prophet PBUH (Peace Be Upon Him), Quran and Islam, we shall kill you and shed your filthy infidel pig blood …

Who said I have insulted Allah, Prophet PBUHB (Peace Be Upon His Bone), Quran Comic Book and Islam? It’s a filthy lie made in Mecca! I would never! I did not insult them, but I have just FAQ-ed with them a little bit, Ahreemanic Style!
You shall shed my blood when pigs fly!

Now, on behalf of Catollah, Ratollah, Dr. Baboon and rest of the friends, I shall say goodbye and good night to all of you …

Abedy abedy abedy, Allah-u-Akbar!
Abedy abedy abedy, That’s all Folks!

And the Legend of Porkollah Continues to live forever …

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