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Part 1: The Persian Gallery

Martin Armand Body Paintings
Live Persian Body Art
Part 1: The Persian Album

Art Review: Ahreeman X
Martin Armand
October 29, 2008

Faravahar - Pure Persian Pride

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Part 1: The Persian Album
Part 2: The Passion Album

L. Martin Armand
R. Crying Game (one of Armand’s creations)

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Martin Armand at work


IPC Spotlight is often reserved for the most talented Iranian and International Artists, mostly painters and sculptors. Iranian famous painters are basically canvas painters. The artist whom I am to speak to you about him does not paint on canvas but he paints on live bodies! You may consider human bodies as his canvas, board and frames! Welcome to live Persian body art!

Martin Armand on the Edge

It is time to recognize Martin Armand as a wonderful Persian artist and place him where he belongs, in the IPC Spotlight.

Persian Griffin

Martin Armand is a professional makeup, special effects, and body art artist. His bread and butter are beauty, bridal and special effect makeup and hairdressing, but his passion is body art. Martin has appeared in many publications, TV interviews and conducted various seminars. He is an established makeup artist. He has won many awards, conducted many shows, subject to many articles and the makeup artist to many stars but that is all business.

Shahyad Monument

The reason I am writing about him is his art. Martin is actually an artist and a talented painter. Many critics do not take him serious because he does body art and not actual canvas painting. The reality is that the human bodies are his canvas and three dimensional boards to create his art work on them! In a way his art comes alive (literally) and walks on two feet. Some may even consider this art form a revolutionary and a modern way of artistic expressionism. I certainly consider Martin a progressive artist and I believe his work has fundamental artistic value.

Persian Old Glory

In a way Martin breaks many taboos! In Islamic culture, it is surely hard to digest much of Martin Armand’s art! Just picture if Martin would throw a show in Qom, Islamic Republic of Iran! That would be last that we would hear from Martin! Of course before 1979 (Imperial Era), Martin could drag a number of his models, paint on them and throw shows and galleries in Iran, but today with Mullahs and Hezbollah, hey I would not recommend it, because I care for Martin’s health and I would like to see more and more of his art in the future. Besides, Martin is too young to spend a lengthy vacation in Hotel Evin or Qasr (Islamic Prisons)! So let’s hold on throwing shows in Iran until we free Iran and then Martin can throw all types of body art shows in the Free, Democratic Iran. Until then, you can enjoy his art in Americas and Europe.

Iran, Ancient Land
Martin Armand is a humble and smiling human being. He is easy to communicate with and he is open to ideas. He is a professional makeup and hair artist for Cinema, TV, and Print which is sought after by many major players including the film and commercial industries due to his exquisite abilities and attention to detail.

Happy Nowruz Persian New Year - 7 Sin

Martin is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He started as a hairstylist. Martin has education in makeup, hairdressing and art. While performing as a hairdresser and makeup artist, he has completed many courses in beauty and makeup, at institutions throughout Asia, Europe, Canada and United States of America.

Nowruz Persian New Year

He has been involved in the beauty industry for ages. Martin can quickly adapt to the new fashions and requirements as well as practicing the old ones.  He is a very talented artist with the vast knowledge of many styles and genres.


When it comes to Body Art, Martin has made a name for himself using his masterful artistic talents along with the cutting edge technology to illustrate grand designs on the human body by applying makeup with an airbrush; However, his main demand has been for professional makeup mostly for the commercial production industry.


Martin keeps his fashion and tech knowledge up-to-date. Martin has been an instructor, teaching his airbrush and makeup art to various students throughout Canada and United States. Today, Martin is an internationally known makeup artist.


Martin’s passion remains his airbrush and makeup body art. Martin’s body paintings are his way of expressing his emotions, talent and art. He does body art both commercial and artistic. Martin Armand’s Body Art is surely something revolutionary for the Iranian community and this is exactly why I am writing this review for him and to introduce him to a greater Persian and global audience.

Hafez in Love

 In Persian Culture, human bodies are sacred and beautiful. There is nothing wrong with the naked bodies and painting on them. It is the Islamic Sub Culture which had poisoned our beautiful Persian Culture and Open Minds. Hopefully once we get the religious fanaticism and narrow minded culture of Islamic theocracy out of Iran, then we can have our free minds and art appreciation back. Persian Culture is not about mourning, crying and celebration of death for the 12 Imams. Persian Culture is about beauty, poetry, art, laughter, passion and love. In the future, in the free Iran, we will celebrate art in our own homeland.


Let us celebrate our bodies through art. Let us celebrate human naked bodies. Let us together celebrate Martin Armand’s beautiful body paintings ……



Fruit Basket




Water Drops

Beauty and the Beast

The Eye

Crying Game

US Army, Man, Woman, Trans? Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!

American Bald Eagle


This brings us to the end of the “Armand Persian Gallery”. The “Armand Passion Gallery” is continued on the Next Page ……

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