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Abbas Derissi Clay and Hay Art Gallery
Review: Ahreeman X
Art: Abbas Derissi
January 13, 2010

Once again Derissi is in the Spotlight. The IPC Spotlight is reserved for the best artists that Iran has to offer and Derissi is surely one.

Master Abbas Derissi is one of Iran’s greatest contemporary painters. Derissi’s paintings are basically divided to 4 different types:

* Surrealist
Surreal Abstract
Clay and Hay

In the past, we have published a selection of his Surrealist paintings in 3 galleries. In addition, we have also published a General Galery of his selected works.

To review Derissi’s past art galleries, interviews, art reviews and other works in IPC, please review his index:

Abbas Derissi Index


In the future, we will publish the best of his Abstract and the best of his Surreal Abstract works in 2 different galleries. But for now, we will concentrate on one of his famous, rare and unique line of works. Let’s talk about Derissi’s Clay and Hay paintings.

Clay and Hay Paintings

The Clay and Hay series are my favorite collection of works by Derissi. In addition to his masterful surrealist work, Derissi had created another unique style, which originally was a pilgrimage and a homage to the rural locations of Iran. Through the creation of realistic figures in landscapes and settings comprised of real clay and straw, Derissi speaks with the art observers and enthusiasts. The effect is magnificent, unsettling yet provocative and pleasing. When you look at Derissi’s Clay and Straw paintings, you get a warm feeling, the same feeling that you used to get while travelling the small villages of Iran. You can look at one of these paintings and suddenly feel like you are in some remote small desert village in Yazd or Kerman in central Iran or maybe some mountain village in Kurdistan, Iran!

Our Sweet Village

The Derissi Clay and Hay paintings are a unique mastery and blend of the natural Clay and Hay mixed with colorful paints. The 3D Realistic effects on these paintings are amazing and it gives them a natural realistic look. Glancing at one is similar to glancing at a live view of an Iranian village.

Urban Rural

Abbas had seized painting the Clay and Hay (Straw) paintings, and this is more reason for them to become classics. Presently, there are only a limited number of Derissi’s Clay and Hay paintings still available for sale, wither through the art market or his private collection. Clay and Hay Derissies are rare, unique and extremely valuable. If you own one, then cherish them, because they are a thing of the past and Abbas simply stopped painting them. They are truly a rare collection of an extinct art style!

Urban Rural 2

As a matter of fact, in my private collection, I own one of these Clay and Hay paintings. Actually I have an original Derissi Clay and Hay painting, one of his first Clay and Hay, ever made. I surely cherish and enjoy this piece very much.

Life in the Desert

If you truly want to own a Derissi Clay and Hay art piece and yet cannot get your hand on an original, then not to worry, there are always well-made and well-framed photo-print copies of the originals available to purchase directly through the Derissi Gallery-Studio, with a fraction of the price.

Country Boy

On the other hand, if you simply must have an original, then maybe you can convince him or bribe him or possibly force him to draw a custom-made one for you!

Doorway Girl

What I like about Derissi is that his paintings make you think! There is always a message imbedded deep in to each of his paintings.

The Two Men Standing on the Corner!

If you look carefully, you will notice that at some corner of all Derissi’s works, there are 2 little men standing next to each other! This is Derissi’s trademark and unofficial signature! By doing this, Derissi tries to tell us something: One set of hands has no noise, but two sets of hands make a loud noise. Team work is the key. Together, we can change the world! For more on Derissi’s point of view, read his interview:

Abbas Derissi Interview

Mountain Houses

For the first time on the Internet, we have managed to gather a selection of Derissi’s rare Clay and Hay paintings for the public display. None of these valuable paintings are in the market anymore; however, there are a few similar Derissi Clay and Hay paintings still available to view, appreciate and purchase at the Derissi Gallery.


Please enjoy this wonderful Derissi Clay and Hay art collection:

Desolated Village

The Choice

Home Sweet Home



Sand Village

Out View

Going Home

Mud Village


For more information:

Derissi Private Studio
(By Appointments Only)
1557 Avenida Ladera
El Cajon, CA 92020

Phone: (858) 551-4555

This would bring us to the end of our presentation. Stay tuned for future Derissi Galleries.

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