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Iranian Painter and Master Artist

Abbas Derissi Persian Abstract Art Gallery
Iranian Painter and Master Artist
Review: Ahreeman X
Art: Abbas Derissi
August 19, 2012

Master Abbas Derissi is one of Iran’s greatest painters. Grown up, worked and lived in the beautiful city of Shiraz, the center of poetry, painting, music and art, Derissi bloomed to become one of Iran’s most unique and eccentric artists.

Abbas has studied art in Shiraz, Tehran, Rome and Paris. Abbas has studied under great grand masters such as Hussein Sheikh and Bahram Alivandi. Abbas has artistically consorted, worked, and painted with valuable international artists such as Salvador Dali.

Derissi Art divides in 4 different categories:

Derissi Paintings

  • Surrealist
  • Abstract
  • Surreal Abstract
  • Clay and Hay (Traditional Persian Style)

Derissi uses his special artistic flavors and details in all of his four styles of paintings, these flavors are unique to him.

In addition to painting, Derissi is also familiar with the traditional Persian music and instruments such as Tonbak (Zarb) and Ney. Derissi studied and plays traditional Persian music.

In the past we have published his Surrealist Gallery and his Clay and Hay (Straw) Gallery. Now we will publish his select Abstract works in the Derissi Abstract Gallery.

Derissi Persian Abstract Art

Derissi Abstract art is basically using the form, line and color creating a composition independent of the visual references to the world. They are full of social, intellectual and visual turmoil, Derissi style!

Please enjoy Derissi’s Abstract Gallery:

As Life Goes On

Dancing Lady



Fire Girl


Liberated Woman

Birds of the Feather


Floral 2

Flower Girl Portrait


Moody Blue





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Derissi Information

Derissi Private Studio
(By Appointments Only)
1557 Avenida Ladera
El Cajon, CA 92020

Phone: (858) 551-4555

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