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Derissi’s Final Gift to the Art Lovers

Abbas Derissi Graphic Arts Gallery
Derissi’s Final Gift to the Art Lovers

Art Narration: Ahreeman X
Graphic Arts: Abbas Derissi
March 17, 2021

Abbas Derissi Iranian Art Master (1946 – 2020)
Abbas Derissi Iranian Art Master Painter, Master of Persian Surrealist Painting, Creator of Hay and Clay Style of Painting, Abstract Painter, Sculptor and Graphic Artist. Abbas Derissi was a great humanitarian and he helped a great number of Iranians to build their lives and succeed in life. Derissi with his unique stylish outfits, colorful berets, pleasant smile, warm dialogues, Shirazi accent and charismatic personality was simply one of a kind. Derissi was a lover of art, humanity and life. Derissi had a shining aura which still can be felt after he is gone! Derissi was simply pure gold. Wonderful friend, I shall always remember you and preserve your legacy in IPC forever.

Abbas Derissi is known for his paintings, mostly his surrealist paintings. Derissi was a master of Iranian Surrealistic paintings. Derissi also done some sculpting and other art work but did you know that Derissi also was a graphic artist? Not many people are aware of Derissi’s graphic arts! As a matter of fact, Derissi graphic arts were superb, deep, metaphoric and even surrealistic! Derissi graphic arts are world class, even though he is not even known for his graphics!

Derissi graphics are basically limited to a short period of time around 2012 sketched in the Menlo Park, Palo Alto and vicinity in the Silicon Valley at the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

In each graphic, same as Derissi paintings, you can see the two little men on some corner observing the scenery subject. They represent togetherness and team work. One hand has no noise, two hands make a big noise! The two little men are the Derissi MO.

Cello Player
Lovely cello player fills the village with her notes. Cello is a part of her body and soul.

Everyone sees what they want to see in Derissi’s art! You can clearly see traces of Derissi surrealism in his graphic art.

In the past, I have named various of Derissi’s art paintings for him. Derissi wanted me to name them because no one could capture his artistic moods and put them in words better than I. I deeply understood Derissi.

Primarily, Derissi wanted to visit iran again and that is why he was hesitant to publish the graphics because they were political criticism, but later on, he changed his mind and told me to go for it. Priority is art, not pleasure of visiting the motherland. In later years, Abbas had become more outspoken!

We had future plans and projects to do, but Derissi was deprived of having the chance to fulfil his future plans. One of these future projects were his graphic arts to be published. Derissi specifically wanted me to name these pieces because he felt that I have artistic connection with him.

Stairway to the Shiraz Wine
Everyone tries to reach to the Shiraz Wine!

In the future, I shall write an article about my relationship with Derissi. I will publish it along with our photos together. Derissi was an IPC author, a valuable artist, a world class surrealist painter, master of Persian surrealism, creator of his own style of clay and hay painting, a dear friend and family. My deep respect for this man was not only due to his super artistic level, yet due to his numerous humanitarian acts and nature. Derissi helped so many Iranians in so many ways to build their lives. So many people globally will miss Derissi for what he had done for them. Derissi literally took his shirt off his back and gave it to the people! Everything I had to say about Derissi was said here:

Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter Left Us!
Tribute to Derissi: San Diego and Shiraz Went Dark!

All of his interviews, reviews and galleries are also here:

Abbas Derissi Index

In a sea of Iranian Charlatans, Opportunists and Fakes, Derissi was a Persian Jewel!

I shall forever preserve his legacy and keep him alive in IPC.

Dehydrated Fish
The Dehydrated Fish try to get to the glass filled with water. The glass is cracked and dripping water drops which makes a stream, and the fish will swim in this stream …

I was just looking at the pictures, so many pictures of different occasions, parties, formal gatherings and friendly meetings between us. I cherish every moment spent with Derissi. I miss him dearly and I miss him on weekly basis.

World lost a great humanitarian,
Iran lost a great Persian,
Art lovers lost a great artist,
But I,
I lost a dear friend, a jewel of a man …

I can never write about this man without losing all control and shedding tears! Every corner of my estate has a memory of him! Right now, I can see him sitting next to me in my office! Precious memories, irreplaceable memories of a fabulous jewel of a man!

Stairway to Catch the Sun
People of the village climb the stairway to catch the sun with the hooks! People of the village were always trying to reach the sun …

So, at last, I named the graphics, enhanced them with photoshop to the best possible quality and now I am publishing Derissi’s final gallery in IPC.  These graphics are amazingly bold, meaningful, idealistic, metaphoric and deep. These graphics are Derissi’s other side of the coin full of social criticism, political protests and artistic surrealism. This gallery is totally different than any other Derissi gallery.

You will now witness Derissi’s final art gallery which is his rare graphic arts. Each piece is named by me and listed with brief narration under it. I dedicate this gallery to all of his students, his followers and the art lovers, globally.

Derissi, your place is always empty and I miss you dearly,
May your great spirit rest in peace my friend …

I will now put this moment over here …… right over here:

Reaching for Freedom
He stands above the skeletons of those who sacrificed to reach the freedom! He uses them as stepping stones to reach for the freedom. Now he can see the freedom beyond the barbed wires, so close, yet in distant horizon …

Forbidden Legs
What a lovely sight to see the lovely legs, but if you want to see the rest of the body, you must go beyond the barbed wires … so close, but so far away to reach … maybe one day, we can reach it …

The Green Knot
He is minding his roots because by watering the tree, he keeps the knot green, the knot which is tied to the rope, the rope which is tied to his neck … he is chained to the tree … that is why he is minding his roots!

Author’s Pen
Author has a wonderful pen which he has written many books with this pen, but the pen can also become the object of his demise! Authors are endangered species in this village … suicide by pen!

Book Bridge
Books are man’s best friends. Book can be used as a bridge to cross from the desert to the tropical island above the sea … no bridge is too far to cross …

Book Worm
The Book Worm is loaded with books stored in the archives of his mind … right on!

Catching My Heart
I went to catch a fish from the lovely stream coming from the mountain, but I found my heart … now, I am catching my heart!

In Chains
We are climbing to reach the chain. We are in chains of an earring on the earlobe of a beautiful girl, to reach to the other side … they say the other side has houses upon the cliffs with bay view … the ocean front view to the heavens!

Ants’ Feast
Persian Poem states:
From the moment that my lips touched the lips of the opium pipe,
I declined and my foot reached the edge of the grave.
From my body which broken apart,
Only a locust leg had remained which fed the ants!

Wish Our God was American
Broken heart cries:
This land is built on dead rocks deep underground; Wish our God was American!

Chaos in Time
The clock is broken, the time had stopped, the crow mourns the death of the time and the people aimlessly drag the broken hands in different directions … we have chaos in time …

Time’s Up
Don’t be amazed, ants are walking over your life’s clock! The village and the stream are still there but you are in the hole, underground … Time’s Up! Feel you had something more to say?

Constructive Mind
I have a vision …

Crack in the Sky
Sky is cloudy, there is a crack in the sky, I’ll carry my umbrella when climbing the ladder to the sky!

Dark Smokey Forest
Our village has a dark smokey forest, don’t get lost in it! The forest is full of ladders for those who wanted to climb to the sky but got lost in the dark forest!

Deadly Freedom
The bird beaked at the cage to free himself, finally got out, but he ended up getting hung … it was a costly freedom!

Drying My Notes
My instrument is not broken, I’m only hanging my notes to dry! In this land, you must dry your notes!

Eye of the Beholder
People are trying to reach the eye of the beholder!

People are dying in this land, each in isolation in their own cylinder space, but they still fight each other under their own banners in different fractions!

Higher Plains
People are trying to get to the higher plains, but the higher you get, the closer you get to the sun … be careful, the sun can burn you!

Cat’s Tail
Be careful birdy, you are sitting on a thin cat’s tail in between two tall cliffs!

Tug of War
Tug of War on cliff-tops! Story of our people’s divisions!

Iran in Chains
Persian cat is hung in chains, there is no wine in the bottle of her heart, only blood drops of the hung people from the bottle neck! The bottle in the heart of the Persian cat is bone dry!

Mullahs’ Draught
There is no water coming out of Mullahs’ faucet! Pondering what to do?

Mullahs’ Prayer Beads Gallows
Mullahs’ prayer beads operate as people’s gallows!

Islamic Art Urination
It is Eid Al-Fitr, the festival of breaking a month long fast of Ramadan in Tehran, There is an art show for Eid Al-Fitr. Make sure to urinate on the Islamic Arts!

Lonely Heart
Sitting Alone!

Our Lips are Sealed
Our lips have been sealed for decades!

Opening the Zipper
Pulling to open the zipper, so we can see the new horizons!

Pulling the Sun
Pulling the sun in to our lives!

Reaching for True Love
Reaching for true love in the sky. Our ideals are too high!

Shelter Nest
You are my nest! Give me shelter?

Sitting on Top of the World
Today, you are sitting on top of Iran and top of the world but be careful and look down, your foundations are very thin!

Stairway to the Cage
Looking for the stairway to heaven?

Ties that Bind
The tree and the water are tied together in our village. Even their shadows are tied together!

War Generation
Long road ahead, crippling around the desert, story of the war generation ….

We Carry the Village
We carry the village, we have always carried the village, we are a small minority of thinkers and doers who always carried the village on our back!

Hey kid, if you can’t have a window, at least you can have a picture of it to look outside!

Village Foundation
Our village casts a large shadow but it has a thin foundation! We are on shaky grounds!

Owner of a Lonely Heart
Climbing for our heart!

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