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Final Farewell to the Iranian Master Painter

Derissi and I: Tribute Gallery to a Friend
Final Farewell to the Iranian Master Painter

Ahreeman X
October 26, 2021

Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter Artist

Derissi, Just You and I


Same as you, I have lost many families and friends, but you know there is always a few people which you cannot get over their loss! Derissi was one. I have hundreds of family and friends around the world, around Iran, around USA and particularly in Southern California; however, due to who I am and what I do, I simply have no time to hang around with the people. I look at the issue from this point of view: I have a very limited time on earth and I have a lot of untold to tell. I have books, articles, history, poetry and stories to write and to tell. If you think of it, I truly do not have time to waste! I do not want to sound arrogant but a person must be someone very time-worthy and special for me to consort with.

Abbas Derissi’s “Still Searching” Painting
2 Small Standing Men (right Side) were always at some corner of Derissi paintings. They were Derissi MO for togetherness and team work. Derissi used to say: 1 hand has no sound but 2 hands make a lot of noise by clapping and applauding. 1 little man is alone but 2 little men, can make a movement and can be start of a something which can change the world!

I do not classify people by the amount of money they own (unlike your average Persian) or the type of position or job hey have. I absolutely do not care how much money you have, what type of work you do or what type of business you own. I do not care what is your race, ethnicity or status. The only factor in which I classify people is the amount of brain and gray matter they own. You can be a tycoon and may not have anything interesting to offer me but you can be a simple labor of the lower class but you could have a lot of things to offer me!

Labor Day and Aqa Nuri

I have been upper class and I have been under class; I have been on top of the world and I have been down in the gutter, I have seen it all. You must have something worthy for my time, for me to consort with you. I have no time to waste. I value people due to their brains!

From Homeless to Corporate Manager, My Life

First, it was only him …
Abbas Derissi Persian Master Painter

In this manner, I use to throw many bashes and I used to attend many bashes but that was when I was younger. Today, I do not have time to waste in balls, bashes, galas, events and parties of the formal or the informal kind. Well, unless I have to! I have a schedule from here to the moon which I must attend to rather than attending to mindless fun, consorting with hundreds of people.

Then, it was I
Ahreeman X, Founder of Iran Politics Club

Derissi was Gold

Derissi was one of those people who was worthy of consorting with. The value I had for Derissi was due to the fact that he was a world-class artist, a bright intellectual and a humanitarian. Thanks to him, many Persians came to America, got a job and a life, got settled and started a family. Derissi helped so many people to get on the right track. Mostly, Derissi was interesting because of who he was.

Everything I had to say about Derissi, I said it here:

Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter Left Us!
Tribute to Derissi: San Diego and Shiraz Went Dark!

To me, Derissi was not just another IPC author, family and friend. Derissi’s inner person and his character was what I liked. Amazing sense of humor, so funny, so modest, humble, intelligent, sentimental, artistic and a great human being. People die every day, but this is why when Derissi died, a piece of me died with him!

A Day at Derissi Art Studio - Gallery
Part 1: An Interview with Abbas Derissi

Finally, it was the 2 of us!
Like the 2 Little Men (Derissi MO in his paintings), together, we made a lot of noise!
Ahreeman X in traditional outfit with Abbas Derissi at the Derissi Beachfront Hilltop La Jolla Villa, San Diego County.

Derissi used to refer to me as a Dooli (Dicky) Friend and Dooli (Dicky) Family! Why you ask? Here is a conversation which once we had:

Derissi: You know that you are a Dooli family and a Dooli Fiend, right?
Ahreeman X: Why?
D: You call yourself a family and a friend?
X: Why on earth?
D: What the hell kind of a family and friend are you that never attends any gathering?
X: I’m here now!
D: Thanks a lot! I guess 1 out of 10 events, you just have to attend or else, they would put a bayonet behind your neck and shove you in to the events by force!
X: Haji (pilgrim), I am busy, I work a lot!
(We called Derissi, Haji because he was always on the pilgrimage to something and somewhere, searching for truth and love … today, he is on the pilgrimage to eternity …)
D: You never show up to family gatherings, friends gatherings, public events or anything else!
X: I swear to you, I don’t have time to even shower or scratch my head, set aside attending events (Persian expression)!
D: Then show up without showering or scratching your head (Abbas Humor)!
X: Seriously …
D: Seriously Bull Shiite!
X: OK, I try to attend more events …
D: Don’t try, just do it …
X: But I am so damn busy …
(Then Abbas said something that formed in my brain and registered until this day!)
D: Listen, work is always there to do but family and friends will not always be there!
X: True, you are correct, I’m sorry, I love you and I try harder!
D: People have created a nick name for you, “Hamisheh Qayeb” (Always Absent)!
X: You are funny …
D: It is not funny, it is sad. Think about it?
X: Yeah …
D: I better see you for my upcoming show, gallery event, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Nowruz Bash!
X: I try …
D: At least I know, if I attend to your parties, you will be there!
X: You are funny ….
D: I mean it would be really sad if you don’t show up for your own party!
X: I love you…
D: Don’t love me, show up… everyone is asking about you?
X: Will do ….

Abbas Derissi was a lively, funny, humorous soul
Derissi at a party at the Ahreeman X estate
Derissi creative display of 2 eyes and a nose or 2 testicles and a penis, which is it, you be the judge?!

Abbas was right. Work is always there but family and friends will not be!

Today, I miss him dearly, I blame myself for not spending enough time with him because as a fellow artist, colleague, IPC author, family, friend and a fabulous human being, I had so much respect and love for him. I truly valued his friendship. Today, I can only wish to see him but too late, Abbas is gone forever …

You know, maybe Abbas was right, I am a Dooli Fiend, I am far from a good friend but Abbas was one. He was jewel of a man.

Abbas Derissi at work in Derissi Studio
Derissi Interview by Ahreeman X
Derissi Art Gallery and Studio, La Jolla, San Diego County, California, USA

Derissi is a Jewel Star in the Dark Sky

In the past, I said everything which I had to say about Derissi. Today, I want to cherish his memory in pictures. This is not a mourning for his death but it is a celebration of his life. This is only about Derissi and I, a gallery only about Derissi and I. Others are excluded due to security reasons. Tons of people are always around me but they do not want their pictures with me to be published in public. I do not have to remind you that I am a very controversial person! But Abbas never cared about that then, and surely, he is now gone and does not care about that now! The only thing he cared about was the truth, love and friendship. Actually, he lost his life due to friendship and partying with friends and being amongst them! Abbas was all about friendship!

Derissi making his famous Persian Kabobs for the guests on his handmade special constructed Persian Grill Manqal at a Derissi party at the Derissi La Jolla Villa.

Derissi, may your great restless spirit, rest in peace. You will always remain a star in dark of the night. A piece of my heart will always be with you. Farewell my beloved friend. Until somewhere, sometime and somehow in the future, we see each other again!

This is not a mourning, this is not a eulogy, this is not a wake, this is not a lecture, this is not an article, this is a gallery only about Derissi and I, the two of us, just you and I baby …

Ahreeman X with Derissi next to the Persian Grill Manqal at a Derissi Party at the Derissi La Jolla Villa

Abbas Derissi as Zeus God decorated by the Greek Aphrodite Belly Dancers at the Zorbas Greek Restaurant. Derissi’s resemblance to Zeus which was the ancient Greek God of the sky and the father of all Gods, made the belly dancers to honor him as the Zeus and dance around him at a party.

Derissi Zeus God with Greek Aphrodite Belly Dancers at Zorbas Greek Restaurant of Chula Vista, San Diego County. Abbas made the party a hoot and a smash.

Derissi Zeus God with Greek Aphrodite Belly Dancers and snake at Zorbas Greek Restaurant party

Abbas Derissi with Ahreeman X at the Nowruz Persian New Year, Sizdah Be Dar (13th Day of the holiday picnic) Persian event, during the Persian New Year 2 weeks holiday period at the La Jolla Cove Beach, San Diego

We had our share of laughter
Accidentally we both wore green at the party!
Abbas Derissi with Ahreeman X at a party at the Ahreeman X Estate

Abbas Derissi with Ahreeman X at a costume party at the Derissi La Jolla Villa

Abbas Derissi with Ahreeman X at a pool party at the Ahreeman X Estate, San Diego

Let the Good times Roll
Abbas Derissi with Ahreeman X at a grill party at the Ahreeman X Estate, San Diego

Good Old Time with the Good Old Boys!
Abbas Derissi with Ahreeman X at a patio party at the Ahreeman X Estate, San Diego

Abbas Derissi at his studio always working, always creating, always exploring new horizons

The Studio Gallery is empty without you!
Derissi Gallery and Studio, La Jolla, San Diego, California

Abbas Derissi Tomb Stone (April 15, 1946 – December 30, 2020)
2 little men are standing straight on duty, guarding the tomb and saluting Derissi
Derissi Tomb, San Diego, CA, USA

Abbas Derissi Tomb Stone View
1 minute you are here, the next minute you are gone …
What you have left behind is based upon what you had done for the humanity!
Abbas had done a lot for so many to remember his legacy.

Abbas Derissi Tomb Stone Closeup View
Ashes to Ashes, Paint to Dust …
Abbas was his name; painting was his fame …
Bringing Joy to people’s lives was his occupation!

Remembering the Lovely Derissi full of life and passion!
The Unique Classic Derissi Style!
C’est La Vie!

Abbas Derissi’s The Great Migration Painting
Self Portrait with 2 small standing men as Derissi MO on the bottom left corner of the painting as the symbol of togetherness and team work. And Abbas the same as the birds, migrated away to the beyond.

Abbas Derissi cheers to Ahreeman X
Ahreeman X Estate, San Diego
Salute my friend, you were always the life of the party, loaded with humor and fun. Now you are looking down at us from the above with your watchful eyes. Derissi, you have become eternity. My hat is off to you. Derissi was jewel of a man. May your great restless spirit, rests in peace.

remembering a great friend … I shall always keep your memory alive …

With tears in my eyes, every week, I am thinking of you.

Farewell Derissi

Dr. X


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