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Abbas Derissi New Hope Gallery


Abbas Derissi New Hope Gallery
Review: Ahreeman X
Art: Abbas Derissi
November 24, 2019

Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter

Abbas Derissi in one of the most internationally known Iranian American painters. Derissi is one of the Iranian Art Masters. Derissi is famous for his Surrealist paintings; however, he is also known for his Abstract, Surreal Abstract and his special blend of “Clay and Hay” paintings in which he actually uses hay straws to portray the clay and hay built villages of Iran.

Abbas Derissi Clay and Hay Art Gallery

Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter and his Ballerina painting

With his art, Derissi brings forward the social and human issues. He uses art as a way of communication to metaphorically display the various critics and topics of today and yesterday. Derissi transforms his message via art.

Far but in Reach

A Derissi MO is the 2 tiny humans which he always draws standing next to each other, observing the paintings. In each of his paintings, you can see these 2 small characters standing at some corner of the picture. I asked Derissi what is the meaning? Derissi stated: I always believe in 2, not 1. One is a lonely number. One hand has no noise, but two hands make a much louder noise and together we can do anything. Look for these 2 little characters at some corner of Derissi paintings.

Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter with Jamshid Karimi's (his colleague and firend) famous 9-11 painting

Abbas Derissi Timeline
* Born in Tangsir, Bushehr Province, Iran 1946
* Raised in Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

* Started painting at the age of 10
* Was the top student in Tehran’s Academy of Fine Art (Kamal-ol-Molk)
* Graduated from the Fine Art University in Tehran with honors
* Became Chairman of the Fine Art Department at Pahlavi University, Shiraz
* Worked as Decorator in NIRT (Imperial National Iranian Radio and Television)
* Worked in Rome, Italy as an Art Researcher at Bell Art
* In charge of Art Research in Paris at College Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
* Met Marc Chagall in Paris in 1970s
* Came under the tutelage of Salvador Dali at Rome in 1972
* Met Salvador Dali again at Chicago, USA in 1986
* Since 1972 Derissi has had exhibitions of his work in museums and galleries in France, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Iran, Germany, England, UAE and USA.

Derissi playing Zarb during a private Persian Traditional Music Group Performance
Abbas Derissi is not only an Iranian Master Painter but he is also a sculptor, decorator, graphic artist and musician. His favorite style of music is “Persian Traditional Music” in which he plays various instruments including Zarb (Tonbak). I am also a fan of Persian Traditional Music and I play instruments. I had the pleasure of having a number of group performances with Derissi and other Persian masters.

One of Derissi’s most interesting interviews has been done by me. Here is Derissi’s interview and a photo gallery of Derissi at work in his studio:

Derissi Interview with Ahreeman X

A Day at Derissi Art Studio - Gallery Part 1: An Interview with Abbas Derissi

A Day at Derissi Art Studio - Gallery Part 2: Derissi at Work

Here is a video interview with Derissi:

Derissi Video Interview

To view Derissi’s galleries and art, visit:

Derissi Index at IPC


Derissi Site
Studio E-mail:
Private E-mail:
Phone: (858) 551-4555

Derissi Private Studio
(By Appointments Only)
1557 Avenida Ladera
El Cajon, CA 92020

Derissi at work at the Derissi Studio

Derissi is one of the most humble, friendly, hospitable and honest human beings which I have ever met. Derissi is one of the most talented painters which I have met. What makes Derissi special is the way that he displays his intellectual criticism or message through colors, patterns and art.

Through the decades, Derissi has been a great service and aid to the Iranian American Community of San Diego.

Great Migration (Self Portrait of Mind)

This gallery is a new collection of Derissi’s works. In this gallery, the artist portrays a new outlook to society, life and love. We name this gallery, “New Hope”. Enjoy the new Derissi gallery in IPC.

Ballerina on Dome Breakthrough

Carriage of Love

Ever Lasting Love

Hidden Love

Border of Flowers

Finishing Touch

Forbidden Fruit of Love

Genesis of Music

Guitarist in Daze

Stream of Life

Transcending Wisdom

Village of Gray and Village of Color

Ladder to Life

Village of Love


Derissi painting at his studio

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