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Masters of Persian Art Series

Abbas Derissi Surreal Abstract Persian Paintings Art Gallery
Masters of Persian Art Series
Forewords: Ahreeman X
Art: Abbas Derissi
Abbas Derissi
August 15, 2015

Distant Observer
Abbas Derissi’s Surreal Abstract masterpiece: Distant Observer

Today, our Spotlight is on a lovely wonderful man, a great human being and a Persian Art Master. Let’s celebrate the art of Master Abbas Derissi.

Derissi’s masterful creation: Parched
Parched is a valuable Surreal Abstract everlasting Persian art piece

Let us keep the Persian Culture alive. To keep the Persian culture alive, we must keep the Persian history, philosophy, language, literature, traditions, celebrations, dance, music and art alive. To keep the Persian art alive, we shall remind the future generation of Iran, the student movement and the Iranian youth about their rich Persian art and their Persian art masters.

Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter at his studio during an interview

Abbas Derissi Interview with Ahreeman X

Let me tell you about a humble Persian man, a simple Persian man which you can often find out and about the local Persian community of San Diego, helping people, creating a new, and trying to put a smile on people’s faces. You can always recognize him by his fashionable and colorful beret artist hats and garments. He walks down the street with a broach on his beret and a smile on his face. His long hair, beard and mustache give him a look like the mighty Persian Lion but with a heart of gold.

Abbas Derissi the Persian Lion look

Every time I see Derissi, he is helping a few Persians to make it in the society or get back on their feet. He always helps the new comers, students and old timers down on their luck.

Every time I see Derissi, he has a few guests living at his house for months and he helps them to become productive and successful members of the Persian community. Students, artists, musicians, colleagues, friends, family and strangers off the street are all around him in his house, getting lessons, enlightenment, love, aid an help from him. Derissi is a true humanitarian.

Derissi is also a great chef! Abbas throws massive Kabob Parties in which he is the chef and makes great variety of Persian Kabobs on Traditional Persian Charcoal Grill. Derissi’s Kabob Parties are legendary and major Persian local personalities and some International Persian personalities are always present in these parties.

Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter at his studio

Let us remember our beloved Persian art masters, cherish them and celebrate their hearts, souls and art while they are alive! One of these Persian masters is our beloved Abbas Derissi.

Derissi is a musician, graphic artist, sculptor, and a master painter.

Derissi Iranian Master Painter
Derissi playing Zarb (Persian Percussion) during a private Persian Traditional Music Trio Concerto with Atari and Ahreeman X

Derissi’s signature brand is “two little persons walking” (or standing). At some corner of all of his paintings, you can witness two humans are walking together which represents “togetherness” and “unity”. Abbas emphasizes:

“One hand has no noise, but two hands make a lot of noise together.”

Abbas Derissi’s Surreal Abstract famous painting: Together
Look at the center of the piece and you will see “two little persons walking” together. That is Derissi’s signature brand which exists on all his paintings.
Two Persian girls observing together and two little persons walking together …

Abbas Derissi is one of Iran’s old school master painters. Derissi is a Persian Art Legend. Derissi’s art is basically divided in to 4 branches:

* Clay and Hay
* Abstract
* Surrealist
* Surreal Abstract

In the past, we have done interviews and articles on Derissi. We have also published the best of Derissi Clay and Hay, Abstract and Surrealist art in a number of galleries.

Abbas Derissi Index

Now we will focus on his “Surreal Abstract” art and publish the best of this branch in a special gallery.

Abbas Derissi Iranian Master Painter working at his studio creating art

Derissi’s bread and butter and cream of the crop is his “Surreal Abstract” paintings which are an amazing celebration of art, via a mixture of Abstract and Surrealist styles, plus a spice of Neo Revolutionary breathtaking patterns and colors unique to Abbas!

Abbas Derissi Iranian Sculptor and Painter while sculpting in his art studio

Derissi is a Persian living legend and art master residing in San Diego, California, USA but his heart and soul still lives in Shiraz, Iran! If you look carefully, you can often see Derissi walking up and down at the La Jolla art district and La Jolla cove and shores; however, this is not the real Derissi; this is only Derissi’s empty shell. Derissi’s heart and soul burns bright in Shiraz and Persian creative art ignite from the flames!

Abbas Derissi, the Misty Blue outside his studio
Body and Mind in San Diego, America but Heart and Soul left in Shiraz, Iran!

Allow me to quote from the humble Derissi:

“I am currently working on my paintings, sculptures, designs, and training art students at my studio in La Jolla, San Diego County, California. I am blending the surrealistic style with the abstract painting. I do my best to get charming results. My goal is to train and help as many students and colleagues as possible.”

Lonely Heart
Derissi’s surreal abstract popular painting: Lonely Heart
“Lonely Heart” meaningful and mystical
Observe Derissi’s signature brand “two little persons walking” together in the center of the piece and two ducks together at the right corner of the piece while the “Lonely Heart” sits on the pedestal stool, yet with two flowers growing out of its top! Check the shadow of the “Lonely Heart”!

Derissi’s work is deep, theatrical, symbolic, sentimental, metaphorical, and heavily encrypted with hidden meanings. Put it on the paper, dissect it, analyze it, study it and only then you can cherish it and enjoy it.

From Derissi to you the beloved Persians, please enjoy the best of Derissi Surreal Abstract Gallery:

Dreamy Face

A Little Picnic

A New Life

Bay and the Fence


Looking Back at Life

Our Village


Royal Splendor

Serenade of Color

Serenade of Colors

Silent Melody

Sun Flowers

The Fence

Then and Now

Derissi Private Studio
(By Appointments Only)
1557 Avenida Ladera
El Cajon, CA 92020

Office Phone: (858) 551-4555

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