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Part 1

Abbas Derissi Surrealist Gallery
Part 1

Abbas Derissi
September 17, 2008

Derissi Surrealist Gallery - Part 1
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Derissi Surrealist Gallery - Part 3

Glimpse of a New Life

Derissi Surrealist Gallery

Derissi Surrealist paintings are known for the unexpected juxtapositions and elements of surprise. They are expressions of his philosophy. They are results of his revolutionary movement.

9-11 (Jamshid Karimi, Derissi's colleague and friend)

Derissi’s vision is unique and his style is wonderful. He sees man as pitted against the elements; a brilliant, blinding sun; the scorched earth; a wind blown desert in which objects and/or people are floated in a dream-like state. To view these luminous paintings is to inhabit the transcendent self, simply because of their rapt content and brilliant technique. Derissi’s art takes you away in a dream-like surrealistic world!

A Morsel

Derissi had developed his art and distinctive surrealistic style in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. In 1990s he was well known as an accomplished artist but in 2000s he practically had established himself as the veteran creator of the Derissi’s wonderful Surreal Abstract Style.

Amorous Peeking

In all of his paintings except his abstract works, he has two small men standing at some corner of his art. This is his trademark signature. It means one hand has no noise but two hands make a lot of noise. Abbas has always been against the solo work and always has been pro cooperation and united work. Two is a union, two is togetherness, two is working as a team, two is good …

Amorous Peeking 2

Derissi's art makes you think. You can stare at a piece for hours and ponder about the depth of the meaning! With Derissi's art, you have to pay attention to the details. Derissi’s art is out of this world. By viewing his art, you are practically entering another dimension where surrealism takes the place of realism. Everything is exaggerated yet beautifully placed. Everything is bizarre yet symbolically poetic. Everything is twisted yet wonderfully decorated. Welcome to the amazing world of Abbas Derissi. Take a sit and allow Derissi to take you away on a ride. This strangely wonderful surrealistic ride will change your perception of the world and everything in it! Enjoy the ride.


Ballerina 2

Ballerina 3

Beauty in the Clouds

Candle of Life

Caught in Love


Cough in Love


Different Life

Discovering Self

Endangered Species

Essence of Life




Fragile Edge

Good luck

Happy Go Lucky

Happy Hour

Happy Shadows

Have a Heart

Holding on to Life!

Holding on to Life!  2


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