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Persian Miniature Comes Alive!
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Persian Miniature Paintings Come Alive!

Live Persian Miniature Paintings!
Persian Miniature Paintings Come Alive!

Ahreeman X
May 25, 2008

Qajar Princess

In the past we had various Persian Miniature painting galleries in IPC.

Mahmoud Farshchian Art

Mahmoud Farshchian Online Gallery

IPC Art and Literature

Persian Miniature Painting: Hasht-Behesht Palace Maidens

But what if Persian Miniature comes alive?! What if live Persian models act as Persian Miniature painting subjects and we input them in to live canvas of scenery and frame the whole package as a “Live Persian Miniature Painting”? How about a complete story about Iran acted out by a series of live Persian Miniatures?

Live Persian models, live Persian scenery, live Persian art, Persian Painting, Persian Photography and Hi Tech Software all put together as something totally different to truly make the Persian Miniature Painting to come alive. Well, it is not only an idea, but now a reality! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Welcome to the show, bon appetite.

Persian Miniature Comes Alive!

Gift Bearers

Tavern Girls

Qajar Maidens

Gol-e Qali - The Persian Rug Flower

The Flower Girl

The Village Girls

Saqi - Tavern Girl

Qajar Princess

The Hidden Treasure - Andaruni

Persian Tribal Girls at Persepolis

Palace Girls

Beauty of Hafez!

Glory of the Past

The Pasargad Maiden – The Custodian of Cyrus’ Soul

Gift Bearer Girl

Flower of Persepolis

Iran is in our hearts, Iran is eternal ......

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