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Part One: Persian Ancient Miniatures
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Hojatollah Shakiba Persian Miniatures
Part One: Persian Ancient Miniatures

April 23, 2009
Art Review: Ahreeman X
Art: Hojatollah Shakiba
Hojatollah Shakiba

Mitra, Persian Sun Goddess

Hojatollah Shakiba

This season’s IPC Spotlight is on Hojatollah Shakiba. IPC spotlight is reserved for the best Iranian and International artists. It is now Shakiba’s turn. Let us show our appreciation for this wonderful and talented Persian Miniature Artist.

Hojatollah Shakiba is one of the leading contemporary Persian miniature painters. Hojat studied art in the College of Fine Arts at the Tehran University. Later on he taught art as a faculty. Hojat has held a number of exhibitions and shows around the globe. Some of his exhibitions were held in Museum of Contemporary Arts at Iran, Basel International at Switzerland and Christies Gallery of London, England at United Kingdom.

Shakiba’s style is traditional yet with a spice of modern art. His art is a blend of old and the new. His coloring and scenery are unique to his own.

Persian Glory

Shakiba’s subjects vary. Shakiba does two types of work.

Shakiba’s Art Types

1. He duplicates various famous graphics and art works (including some of my work) and then he glamorizes them with his color patterns.


My original version of Artemisia and Xerxes

Shakiba’s glamorized version of Artemisia and Xerxes

2. He creates various subjects of his own (based on history) and brings all types of Persian characters to life.


Mitra, Persian Sun Goddess

Shakiba’s Published Art

Shakiba’s art has been published in a number of Iranian magazines, postal cards sets, art posters, collectors card decks, calendars, a pictorial art book named “Iran Dokht” and illustrated in a pictorial version of “Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam”.

At the present, Shakiba lives in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada; however, he has a studio and gallery in Tehran, Iran where his fans go to view his art and his students go to study art. Shakiba also holds various exhibitions and shows around the globe.

Persian Pride

To present his art work, now we will publish two sample albums by Hojatollah Shakiba:

Persian Ancient Miniatures Album
Concentrates on Achaemenid, Parthian, Sassanid and other ancient Persian art.

Persian Colonial Miniatures Album
Concentrates on Persian Colonial Empire, Qajar and other post Islamic period’s art.

Let’s take a journey on to Persian Ancient Miniatures Album:


Persian Achaemenid Princess

Parthian Noblewoman

Sassanid Empress

3 Tar and Pomegranates

A Glance in the Stream

Ancient Persian Collage

Awaiting the Savior on the White Horse

Deep Thoughts

Flower Girl



Persian Princess


Glory of the Past

Now on to Persian Colonial Miniatures Album on next page.

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