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Abbas Derissi 

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Abbas Derissi

Abbas Derissi Timeline (1946 - 2020)

* Born in Tangsir, Bushehr Province, Iran 1946
* Raised in Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran
* Started painting at the age of 10
* Was the top student in Tehran’s Academy of Fine Art (Kamal-ol-Molk)
* Graduated from the Fine Art University in Tehran with honors
* Became Chairman of the Fine Art Department at Pahlavi University, Shiraz
* Worked as Decorator in NIRT (Imperial National Iranian Radio and Television)
* Worked in Rome, Italy as an Art Researcher at Bell Art
* In charge of Art Research in Paris at College Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
* Met Marc Chagall in Paris in 1970s
* Came under the tutelage of Salvador Dali at Rome in 1972
* Met Salvador Dali again at Chicago, USA in 1986
* Since 1972 Derissi has had exhibitions of his work in museums and galleries in France, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Iran, Germany, England, UAE and USA.

* Passed Away in San Diego, California, USA 2020

I am Abbas Derissi, painter, sculptor and graphic designer. I have begun my career in Iran as a realist painter. I started painting at age 10. My recognition in art had started as a student in Kamal-ol Molk Art Academy of Tehran and then at the Tehran’s Academy of Fine Art at the Tehran University. After graduation I worked my way up as the head designer of the Iranian National TV Broadcasting and the chairman of the Fine Art Department of the Pahlavi University of Shiraz. I have shared my artistic views and I have worked with various artists around the world.

I basically draw 4 styles of paintings:

* Surrealist
* Abstract
* Surreal Abstract
* Clay and Hay

In 1972 I met Salvador Dali in Rome, and worked with him. In a way this experience had changed my life and my style of painting yet my surrealistic world was not one of melting clocks and teapots with eyes.

My vision was my own. I saw man as pitted against the elements; a brilliant, blinding sun; the scorched earth; a windblown desert in which objects or people floated in a dream-like state. To view these luminous paintings was to inhabit the transcendent self, because of their rapt content and unique technique. I have exhibited my work in Iran, France, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, England and the United States.

I Migrated to USA in 1983 and I continued my work, conducted shows and expos in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego and Irvine.

As homage to the rural areas of my homeland, Iran, I started painting realistic figures in landscapes and settings comprised of real clay and hay (straw). The effect is unique, often unsettling, but always provocative and pleasing. It gives the viewer a kind of warm and homey feeling.

I developed my art and distinctive surrealistic style in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. In 1990s I was well known as an accomplished artist but in 2000s I established myself as the veteran creator of the Derissi Surreal Abstract Style.

In all my paintings except my abstract works, I have two small men standing at some corner of my art. This is my trademark signature. It means one hand has no noise but two hands make a lot of noise. I have always been against solo work and always have been pro cooperation and united work. Two is a union, two is togetherness, two is working as a team …

I am currently working on my paintings, sculptures, designs, and training art students at my studio in La Jolla, San Diego County, California. I am blending the surrealistic style with the abstract painting. I do my best to get charming results. My goal is to train and help as many students and colleagues as possible.

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Derissi Gallery is located in La Jolla, San Diego County, California, USA

Derissi Private Studio
(By Appointments Only)
1557 Avenida Ladera
El Cajon, CA 92020

Phone: (858) 551-4555

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Derissi Gallery is located in La Jolla, San Diego County, California, USA

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